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I like the gameplay and sounds are awesome. Maybe I would have installed a few variants with the click sound. But definitely cool and unexpected!

Thanks for the detailed feedback and also very cool that you liked it. I will possibly develop this idea in this or future games, if it should be feasible with the controls. :)

Very cool, I'm happy about that and yes, maybe I should have mentioned the complete control of the player, but it's good that the GIFs helped you as well.

Absolutely okay, sometimes it's difficult with the time in jams. I'm not trying anything complex for that reason, but that's why it's all the more exciting when someone else tries it.

The game looks a bit like a sandbox. So I don't know exactly what the goal is because I'm missing the tutorials. But looks promising as a complex building game. :)

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The classic. I would have thought it would be cool if you could maybe use a knife or a bigger weapon than the mouse instead of the mouse. Especially because it's fun to flatten many beautifully presented insects.

Maybe two more notes: Once you've lost, there's no way to get the game over away. The other note. You don't have to do anything until wave 7 because you have enough life by far. :)

Yes, that's the most typically ant game I've played here so far. Even difficult after a while. And you did everything perfectly with the choice of music!

Hey cool and interesting game and the ants are also well integrated.
Bit difficult because of the design. So you always have to be in the line of fire. But it's fun!

The game is unconventional but fun. I just couldn't read every text because it was distorted. And if you click right away, the next scene starts small without the previous one stopping. But a fun short game nonetheless!

Very cool game. The graphics and animations feel very appropriate and good.

I adjusted the balance and made the game more difficult. If you like, feel free to play it again. ;)

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I just played the game and it was good!

Despite the low resolution, the game is very nice. There is one point that struck me and definitely needs to be adjusted: If you hold down the left mouse button, you are invincible and maybe you should limit that with time or energy.

I forgot to leave my comment here, played it again and have to say:

It's a lot of fun and is also varied due to the machine gun and the Space Invader opponents. It would be cool if the player could maybe use the X key to shoot as well, as some people have a different keyboard layout. But otherwise everything was very good (I don't mention the slide on the paddle, there have been enough others who have noted).

Very cool game. And you did it really beautifully with these lighting effects and the good gameplay loop it feels really complete. The slow motion effect is very cool too, but I don't know how to make it and if there is any way to trigger it. That would be handy sometimes. ;)

If it was a conscious choice, then all is well. Even found it very useful because I could estimate where I could stay in which shallow water despite the warning, as well as see the effects of an upgrade. To the music. Personally, I think that even if it only lasts 10 seconds, if it fits and is not annoying, then it's actually quite good. I fail at both points, so I use what already exists. The changes in the music are not actively noticeable, but neither do they have to be. ;)

PICO-8 is of course more difficult with less programming experience, but the game is very good for that and maybe you can share it in the Lexaloffle forum for more feedback and players. :)

The game is very cool and has depth with this integrated shop system and the wide sea area. And you met the limitation very well. The music is also pretty well done (especially in the short time with programming and art) and relaxing. One fun thing that I came across by chance is the debug mode when you press Z + X or C + V. I don't know whether on purpose or not, but you could define a boolean variable that you can toggle on and off for the release version that prevents this. :)

Thanks for your feedback and these are good ideas that I can maybe add for long-term motivation. ;)

Because of the 3 days I didn't have time for more. Was already at the limit, but maybe I can reuse code for menus and collisions in future jams and then integrate a shop. :)

So for 7h the game turned out really great. Maybe not based on the sprites and graphics, but on depth, features and opponent variants. Maybe I would increase the game speed and make the tutorial doors and texts more recognizable, but as I said, it's pretty good for 7h. The music also makes it pleasant.

Very good score. Will work on balancing after the jam, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway.

The game is awesome and a lot of fun. So far the best game I've played so far. I can't think of anything that I would improve and that is very rare. ;)

I rarely download games too, but this time it was worth it. :)

Cool and interesting game and a nice coincidence that its name is exactly the same. I didn't manage to get ahead with the double jump, but it has a cool Metroidvania style.

Very cool and yes, choosing colors is a difficult thing too. Very cool that you liked it and being a pacifist is also possible. ;)

Thank you and I'm glad you like it!

Thanks, also a possibility to adjust the balancing. I'll check it out and adjust it later (after the jam). Have fun in the jam and thank you for your feedback!

Thank you very much for your feedback! Yes, the balacing has to be adjusted in any case. Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to do this. Was too focused on a lot of less important little things, but unfortunately that's how it is. I was restricted to the colors by the Fantasy Console PICO-8 (limited to 16 colors), but of course there are other ways to adjust this. Thanks for your suggestion and have fun in the jam.

Thank you very much for your feedback! In fact, there is an increasing difficulty, but it is barely noticeable and I wanted to add achievements for fun.

Thank you for playing and hope you enjoyed it. :)

I also noticed the glitch mentioned by BarioIDL, but otherwise great game. Quite enjoyed it and your presentation is pretty good too!

Interesting concept. Had difficulty aiming and guessing how far a shot would go. I was also often hit while charging. Could be because I'm too slow with a touchpad, but I like the idea and the art of the game. The notes on control are very helpful. Personally, however, I would place these a little more prominently or larger. Only read it halfway until I died a couple of times.

Cool game. As Chirpy said, a little more speed wouldn't be bad, but overall a nice and relaxed game with a great concept.

For the best gaming experience, you should play the game in full screen (on the browser) or locally (see downloads) on the PC!

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Small note for PC gamers: To click a menu item, you have to select it (arrow keys) and enter it with Z / X / C or V. The key Enter itself pauses the game. I hope this helps prevent confusion.

Very cool. It's fun and the sound is good too. I'm excited to see how the game will continue.

Yes, I think the walls can be more than just black lines. But your game is very good regardless. By the way, I think it's great (I noticed when playing again) that the opponents can kill each other themselves.

The game is really fun and the necessary and limited shots that you can collect give you more depth and more tactics. If you want to improve something, the graphics or the animations wouldn't be bad. But otherwise, it's really addicting!

Interesting story as well as a great and full-fledged, but also short game. The sound effects are great! I liked it.

Nice game. Reminds me of selecting multiple files in Windows :D. You were very creative here and the particle effects are great too. Great work!

Thank you very much and the focus was on simplicity, even if more features wouldn't be bad either.

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Thank you. I am very happy that you enjoyed it!