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So glad to hear that <3 Really happy that you enjoyed it!

Thank you for those words! I'm really glad you enjoyed it :D that change of pitch during intro was my little experiment, so glad it did it's job :D

Oh wow, this game is absolutely trippy XDD

That's actually an awesome idea for a game! Got 373 points :D

I will probably thank you in every possible place, but I truly appreciate this game!

Can't believe this game is from the game jam :O it's so good! and cozy :D

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed :D

Such a cool game! If it was a steam version, I would defo buy it :D so enjoyable to play

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Beautiful as always. I kind of felt the pressure of gamejam in this one, as there were some moments I felt you wanted to show much more or keep it slower, but there was so much to do that you had to sped up T_T (at least I felt it that way). Great story and visuals anyway :)

No, we actually made so it's just a beginning of the story

It is up :P

It was just for registering for jam. I will fill it up in couple hours

Glad you like it :D 

Great game :D Was more pleasurable than original imo!

Very chill game :D I wish you had more time to polish it as it was really pleasurable to 'walk' :D
Good use of low poly too and very fluent movement!

Nice :D I didn't know about this game, but friend of mine told me after we've created Make'em Cringe. Btw it seems that this game is on steam now :D In case you want to recall some memories :P

oh that's amazing, thank you so much :)

oh that's amazing, thank you so much :)

Oh that's a great video, thanks a lot for playing! It was a pleasure watching you :) 

Game itself was twice as long, but due to how game jams function, we've decided to shorten it so that most of the people can make it to the ending. 

Also we had plans for making a second floor, so that we need to manage much bigger building, but as for a bit less than 72h game (we had to finish it quicker), we thought that it's wiser to make game smaller, but more polished. 

Anyway, thanks a lot for your feedback and if we ever decide on building upon this idea, we will surely make it a longer experience!

I'm really glad that you find this review helpful :) 
Probably I've mentioned most of the things I had in mind in the feedback itself (I wish I could make it even longer and give better tips, but firstly I would probably need to develop myself into storytelling a bit to do that, so maybe with some future projects of yours :P)
Also I wanted to ask you if there is a way to hear the soundtrack of the game, as I would really love to do that in some free time :)

Thanks again for this experience :)

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I herebly announce that you were worthy of hearing my critisms on this game.


You made a wonderful take on the theme, I for myself could just feel the cringe in all the dialogs and (apparently not in singing as you wrote on discord, it was really cute :3) character development. 


Characters are really well drawn, backgrounds are pretty good fitting (I was so into the story, that actually I forgot I will be rating the artistic part too :P). Maybe the only concern I had were the options we had on the bottom of the screen (they were a bit too overwhelming, before I've learned to just ignore them) and maybe it would be great to add some more character expressions, or pictures (like the pond).

oh, meteor was really cool, sad that he wanted to use it only once :P


You could say that visual novels don't have much of gameplay aspects, but it's not true! I really loved that I had some options to influence the story and that they really had a meaning (I've missed understood what 'I like the Adam' means in terms of just that I wanted to ignore that other girl and ended up getting on him and it really made me giggle a lot when I understood what this option really meant :P). 

I wish there were even more interactions, but I know how it is with the time on the game jam and so it's totally ok :) I'm already impressed on how much content you have in it!


Music is great, I've loved all the music parts that were used, transitions between them are great! And it's probably the first game jam game I've seen that has vocal song! And that's amazing, it went really well, especially with ending when you sing together <3 That was really something.

Game Design:

Game itself is really well written. Story starts interesting because of the idea itself and great jokes, dialogs and just character development (the way Robin starts to look at the world with every attempt is really fascinating). I was never good with writing stories for games (I envy you :P), so I'm really impressed how well you engaged me and that I really wanted to make Li happier this all time. 

Game ended much faster than I've expected (even tho it was much longer than I've expected before playing :P), but ending is really heart-lifting and you left the smile on my face, so it's already a sign of an amazing game, when you make someone happier even a bit.


Well, thank you. I'm really glad I've played your game and I just wish you all the best!

Thanks a lot, I'm glad you find it as a challenge and not as disadvantage, as it was kind of out concept, to make people learn the game by the feedback we give them. 

And yup, it's not just a typical, egocentric and naughty ghost, it's a lonely and actually good-hearted one (might not look like that from visitors perspective tho) :P 


Ok, time for some serious critisizm!


Can't describe how beautiful it is. Just pure masterpiece!

It really has a lot of calming atmosphere in it and you just feel like exploring the world (seriously, you could just make a huge map without any interactions and I would just spend hours exploring it :P)

If I were to advise something, maybe it would be about consistency of art. For instance stars we are collecting are much different from the one that is shown in the UI, so it confuses a bit (it's good to stick to 1 version as message can be a bit unclear). Also I kind of felt like the button was a bit too out of this underwater world (hmm maybe if it was blue?). But apart from that masterpiece! I wish you win the graphical part of the competition.


Very smooth and adorable, it was a pleasure to move around, bounce of those cute animals and probably nothing to add here. I just wish the game was longer so that I can dive into it for much longer time.


Oh, that's one of the best game jam soundtracks I've ever heard, just wonderful job! I'm listening to it all the time now :P

It's so well fitting, beautifully made and just perfect.

If you could make the transitions between music fluent, it would be just so wonderful. While scenes were changed you could get taken away from the climate for a bit, because of sudden music change.

Game Design:

I love that very delicate story and how nicely it's presented in gameplay and art. Really makes it a whole! World is interesting enough to just wander around and enjoy your time :)


One of the best games I've played in a last time, just made my mood much calmer :) Thank you!

Thanks a lot for playing :) 
Ye, it's probably my fault (I was designing introduction), so definitely need to think on some more detailed one.

Thanks a lot! 
Ye, definitely I should explain the game a little bit more. But I'm glad you enjoyed it anyway :) 

Oh so glad you like it! It was a lot of fun to watch you play it :D Thank you

Really fun game, I wish I was patient enough and good at platformers to go the end.


Definitely minimalistic game, it's not a perfect theme interpretation, but works :)


Visually game is beautiful, I really like postprocessing and glow you have used, it really makes this minimalistic game beautiful. On jump character squeezing is also great idea, adds a lot of life. If I were to advice something, maybe it would be good to add some screen shake on landing and hitting objects like spikes, opening doors. Also some particles while moving, landing might be a good idea. Apart from that really nice.


It was pretty ok, maybe if you could make the music loop a bit better it would be perfect.


Very enjoyable, I like the movement and challanges we are facing. Maybe it would be good to make falling a bit faster, as it was sometimes annoying (or add contol on 'S' to quicken landing).

Game Design:

Game leads player pretty well, puzzles and levels are interesting. I would just suggest to make checkpoints room related. When I was dying on these wall jumps with spikes, I was taken all way back to previous checkpoint and had to go far way before reaching next point, and I've died many times there. It caused me eventually to quit the game. If there was 1 more checkpoint, it would totally change my attitude (it's not good to make player repeat part of the level he already beat.

Very nice submission, I wish you had more rates. Good luck :)

I'm really sorry, but I couldn't finish this game (I'm probably bad at games like that, so I've died like 6-7 times and watching this cutscene over and over without a possibility to skip made me too impatient).

But I really enjoyed the idea and that part of the game that I've seen, was really something.


I think that theme interpretation seems good, I've rated even more, because your game definitely is (less deaths, more pleasure), so I've found an additional theme interpretation :P


They are great! Minimalistic, but well drawn, stylized, with interesting cutscenes and nice particles.

Great job on that :) Not much to add here.

PS: If you made that glass shatters into smaller parts it would be amazing.


Your game feels really unique, even tho it's mix of some game ideas like MGS (hiding in a box), but that's really well made and I had fun with all the referenced you have used.


Sounds are really good, I had problem with the music as it sounds a bit like some random notes, but at the beginning when I was doing music for game jams it sounded similiar :P so I know how it is to create for game jam. I'm really glad you made it yourself instead of downloading, that's really impressive.


Gameplay is smooth, not buggy and well fits the plot itself. I've enjoyed that there are decisions to make, it adds a lot of depth to the game. Maybe if there was some indicator about reload time for our shots, it would make game even more understandable, as we know what's the cooldown etc (it can be simple loading bar or sth.

Game Design:

You lead the player well (arrows are great idea), story seems simple, but is very fascinating :P

But you made it really punishing for people that die often. Dialogs should have an option to skip them, or there should be some checkpoint system, that would respawn us before the decision to kill or take. That would minimalize ragequits like in my case :P 

Anyway, amazing entry (hope to play it to full extend one day :P) and thank you for putting so much work into it :)

Got 1272 points :D Pretty addictive, had to spam space bar to make me stop :P


Superb approach to the theme, you can definitely feel how intense the game gets when there are too many boxes. Good job :)


Simple, but clear and you did some polish like particles, so that's good :)
Actually not sure what to add, maybe some post processing would make it more graphicly appealing.
You can also try to change on the style and do something more glowy. So that all the cubes have their color, but they got emission material attached to them. It could also look nice :)


What a cheerful idea. I've seen many color related games, but this one really got me. Great experience.


Also simple, but very well made, both sounds and music. Ear-catching definitely :P


Fun, no bugs. A lot of variety and requires thinking, what else you need :)

Game Design:

Also pretty good. I really like the tutorial (having a preview of the mechanics there is a great idea!), you really need to learn management to get into the rhythm and ye, I love the option with space to spawn, really helpful.

Maybe at lvl 10+, 20+ etc you could add something that was in Tetris, so that boxes are spawned quicker and music speeds up a bit, so that you cant play this game forewer and it gets intense ;)

Anyway, amazing entry! Good job

Very slimy entry (positively ofc). It's already good, but there are so many things you can upgrade to make it even better :D


Without a doubt a great theme interpretation. Apart from the obvious one, I liked to think about one more. "Less slimes is more eyes xD" 


Great job here. Models are great, slimes are totally cool (I love that they get bigger and get more eyes), animations are fun. You played a bit with particles, and they are also nice, tho you can do some amazing things to improve them. First is I would reduce their lifetime a bit as on some maps you can see how they are falling beneath the map. The other thing I would do is to improve these slime particles with some decals on collision with ground. So that when this green ball falls into ground it creates a green splash sprite on collision (and it changes size to 0 overlifetime), if you don't know how to do it, you can PM me, so I can show you. 
The other idea that could be nice, would be a screen shake while slimes collide or fell (just a little screen shake), it might add some weight to them (the bigger slime the stronger shake).

And it would be good to work on a UI, making it more of a cartoonish rather than default and add some postprocessing effects (vignette, grain, maybe color corrections and bloom).

I know that it was for the game jam so, it was not really possible to do much more (you did great job!), but just giving some advices on what you could do if you were eager to work further on the game.


What a great idea for a game, very entertaining and puts a smile on your face while playing :)


Music and sounds were great, they blended with gameplay so well, that I even forgot to focus on it :P


Controls are really fine, sometimes I've mistaken split with next slime, but not really sure how to improve on that.

Game Design:

Very good level design, you teach the player in a right order and interestingly. Every level seems to be unique and while playing I've wondered what next you will show me :)

As for beginning or ending, this game by itself asks for some cute opening and ending, but as I've mentioned before, it's for a game jam, so I imagine it would be pretty hard to do (I enjoyed the ending texts tho :P)

That was a pleasure to play and rate this game. Keep up the good work :)

I've added it to my collection :) Still got many games to play in a queue, but will try to also play yours before the jam ends :)

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Wonderful game, but I would love to see where it continues. You made a fantastic format for story-telling (need to check your other games too, as you seem to create games with pretty covers, so they are very tempting :P)


I have really enjoyed your theme interpretation and that it really affects your story and art style (getting darker). Also, not sure if it was intentional or not, but I've found the other way to interpret it (less story, more wondering :P as I felt like the story was cut off a bit early and had to think myself of how it went further).


Your art style is beautiful! Love how well you are maneuvering with colors, light and cute art.

You also had a great idea with those particles that are in the background/foreground and with their parallax. However, maybe it would be good to consider modifying them a bit. For those that were at the background (the smaller ones), they seemed like stars, or some little lights floating in the air. If it's how you imagined them, I would suggest making them spawn a bit higher (so they don't appear on the ground tiles)(also you can duplicate it and make another, even smaller version that moves slower on parallax), or use some layer mask for the ground and for those bigger ones that appear more rarely. It might be good if you tried spawning just a little more of them, and they can overlap ground. It might give a beautiful multi-layer effect, that might look a bit more natural.

One more thing that I would recommend is the jump animation. I felt personally like there were 1-2 frames not enough to make it as the same fluency as walk animation (he basically teleports his leg while in jump, and it would look really well if it was a bit smoother).

PS: Beautiful font choice and I love your text boxes and text shake, it looks amazing!


There are many story-telling games, but yours feels truly unique. I really enjoy the idea with Valorie actually hating light and (at least how I've felt that) how it influences her behavior (aggressive, anxious, like many people that are insomniacs or spend their entire time apart from the entire world (like me basically :P)) I also very enjoy the motive with lighting off the lights. In many games it's usually the opposite (to make graphics pop up more and more throughout the game).


Amazing sounds, they fit game really perfectly. Great job on changing the pitch, so they don't repeat and make the game very depthful.

As for music, I've noticed you didn't make it, so unfortunately it lowers the score a little, but choosing the right music for your game is also very challenging and when done properly, gives the game it's wholeness. And I have to say that you did that perfectly. Music is beautifully chosen :)


Even though your game is not about gameplay itself, you've connected it with the story really well.

Obstacles are not frustrating, and they are also ideally challenging, so it adds a little of variety to your game :)

Game Design:

Again, beautifully made. You lead the player well, interactions are interesting and story gets you into. I just wish it was even a bit longer, and so we can see how to progress (maybe one more event after this tree, like walking in complete darkness and maybe realizing how lonely it gets (just one of my interpretations after the game)). I really appreciate the last line you write at the ending. There were some games that didn't give any feedback at the end, and so I felt a bit unsatisfied. Just this one line was enough for me to feel that 'ok, it ended, what a calm-hearted story', so thank you a lot for that :)

That was an amazing, pretty short, but intense experience :)