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It was a great approach then :) you will create some amazing games one day 

It was good anyway :) just after playing a lot it got a bit repetitive.

That was funny ;) I didn't expect that, but truly it was one of the best games I saw on this jam :P

I couldn't really beat the part where you had to jump on these platforms and on the short one there was an enemy, but it seemed to be fun. I really enjoy graphics, music and mood of it.

It would be nice if you could skip the texts as I read them 3 times faster than narrator and I just wanted to go to next part already. It would be good to make level difficulty progress a bit slower as I couldn't beat that fragment (I know I'm not really good at platformers.

Anyway, solid work :)

Really decent entry ;) Probably a bit inspired by Fez or monument valley, however it was done really well. 

I definitely enjoy your UI, great idea with hiding all the options. Graphics are smooth and controls are responsive (I don't like the fact you can't change direction while you jump, but it's probably what makes controlling so accurate). 

Good job :)

I probably got trolled :P

I will give it another try then :p

Oh, that's a really interesting concept. It took me a while to get how to play it, but when I did it was really enjoyable. It's some kind of a strategic shooter.

If you upgraded it with some variety of obstacles/enemies/powerups it would be really nice. 

I like your particles and screen shake, however I missed some HP indicator as I didn't know when I was going to die. If health regenerates then you could think of something that is used in Gears of War, so some kind of shader that makes screen fade or bloody and when it regenerates it dissappears a bit. 

Music was really simple, but as game requires a lot of focus I didn't even felt that, so that was good.

Nice work :)

Hmm, that was a quick gameplay.

I will try to find solution then. Good luck with working on it, it seems pretty promising!

A really good submission :) 

I really love the graphics, idea and excecution.

It would be nice if sound of interaction was not as high, and then give this sound to collecting keys or something. That would fit much better. 

Great job :)

Ehh, what a masterpiece... you don't even need feedback, just release it.

Thanks :)

I won't give a rating as I couldn't understand what to do exactly ;/ However making an operating system in a week is a really big achievement :P 

From what I understood I should log into User and then I should get access to other commands, tho I don't know where to get pass :P

Also I found the UI a bit unintuitive, like this notepad. It took me some time before I realised how to exit it.

Anyway. That's the game I want to try again as it seems to be really well made :) Good luck!

PS: PLS hint xD

Thanks :D that's really great to hear. If you want to follow the fates of it, I'm going to post news on my twitter.

What a game :P It must have been a lot of work. 

There were some minor things that could be fixed like transitions between music, a bit more detail on minigames, walk speed, but game was really great. I love that you juiced every minigame.

Great job :) I wish I could beat that bulletstorm game so that I could get further in plot, but I couldn't ;/

Good luck!

That little cute ball got me ;/ I can't forestand it...

Anyway, a really nice and well made game. I had a lot of fun playing (throwing money is so much fun). You did great job with the design and graphics. If there was anything to critic, I would say that beginning was a bit too slow and putting all that coins 1 by 1 for kind of boring, but later it got funnier. Also it would be nice if there was more music variety.

A really cute... I mean great submission.

I didn't have a team, but I really enjoyed my game (even tho, I thought it's not going to be that good, so I wrote spaghetti code), so I want to work on it and make a full release one day :D And ye, it was a lot of fun. So many amazing games were created on this jam.

Oh that's really wise. I love your puzzles, they are really creative.

Game is really well made, however I lacked music (if you missed time you could always try Ecrett, it's very simple). 

Graphics are minimalistic and pretty. You could add just little particles while moving, it might give some magic touch to it.

While being in this reveal box, there should be a possibility to jump again so you leave it. As sometimes you wanted to just have a short glance.

Anyway, great submission :)

Oh cmon, that was fenomenal! 

I really loved that game from the very beginning when you have to play pong and then suddenly you get brought into the plot. Great visual novel that is designed perfectly so I didn't get bored at any part. Most of jam games were lying in almost everything, while playing yours I had to be really cautious to consider what is a lie and what is not, so it was really entertaining. 

Also graphics are amazing, I really like the mood and your style. Voices are really nicely made and they are creepy at times (like they should). There might be more variety of music, but it was really cool anyway. 

I want to be critical, but I just can't. Great job :)

(1 edit)

Too be honest, even though this game is on an early phase, it has a great potential :D

Game design:

I probably see what you wanted to do there, however there would need to be applied some changes. 

At the beginning, when there is a white screen I thought that my game didn't load (it also might be a part of lie theme, however it's good practice to make game as much playable as possible, so never block person playing). So there might be a line saying: "Press space", that would be enough to me understanding controls. 

I'm really interested what was your concept for game, as your intro was short, but intense in some way ;)


Hmm, there was not much happening,  but if it's your one of the first gamejams, then you did great work on controls, AI and scripting other details. If there were more things happening and there was lose/win conditions, it would be a lot of fun.


It's hard to say anything as I couldn't see entire scope of your project, probably due to time.


I really like how game has 3 platforms: text, intro and then dungeon. It was really hard to predict what it will be, so that actually got me.


You did great use of graphics. Perfectly chosen font, cool minimalistic intro, really well looking glow on objects + not bad pixelart. I really enjoyed mood of it. You don't need pro graphics to make a cool looking game, simple shapes or low-res pixelart, that are well used are enough and you did a good job with them :)


As I remember there was a sound on intro that got more and more intense and it was something really cool, but I really hoped there was even a simple music in the game. Music is really important in making games feel good. If you were short on time or don't have enough skills for that, you can try Ecrett, it's a program that helps you make a really well fitting songs in around 30 seconds.

I didn't expect that, but I really enjoyed your game and I hope you will finish it one day :) Good job! 

also I want to change graphics a lot for full release, so colors will also be included

Thanks a lot :D I will try to make levels a bit more generated so that when you die, you have to make a bit different decisions, great idea :D

I wanna do a full game from mine after the jam.

I found several bugs :P (Can't send gif of the another one, too big)

Anyway. That's a really decent game :D It does keep similiar atmosphere to Portal series and that's a really good achievement. There are many ways to bug the game, but it's understandable as some mechanics (grabbing crate) are not that easy to program, so that's fine.

I really enjoy music and artstyle. Not sure if I can criticise it in any way.

Design and theme are really well caught, so it's also hard to get any problems. I would just suggest to make dialogs appear entirely after second click, as it's a bit frustrating when you have to go through all the dialogs again waiting for them to finish.

Great job ;)

I created tons of cool looking particles and challenged myself to make a gamejam game at most limited time possible (so just nights). Was fun.

I really enjoy the design and art, however I couldn't get through jumping on bookshelves, it's really hard to jump so far and it gets really irritating when you fall. Also some music is lacking in menu and intro. The tutorial is really well made and I easily got the controls and usage of room elements is also wise. 

Overall, a good game ;) Good luck!

Wow... it looks amazing, I need to play it before deadline :D

Hmm what to start with...

There was a great use of mechanics, I really enjoyed that spin move! Animations are great and fluid, background would be really enjoyable tho. 

I really like the idea with narration, but I wouldn't recommend saying anything in menu, it's the place where people are setting game up etc and some might not even have opportunity to listen to what you say. Also most of the people are visualizers, so in narrative games it's a good idea to add subtitles, they add a lot of depth and help understanding and getting into the plot. 

I'm sorry but I didn't finish your game as after climbing a lot of platforms I fell far and far down as I didn't jump to the cliff properly and that was the end for me. Probably because of that I missed big part of theme and plot, but that's also something to work on. As for level design you must remember to make it a bit more narrowed? So don't let someone lose all his 10min progress after 1 mistaken jump, that's how people can quit playing.

Anyway, It was a really enjoyable game and there are some aspects that I really love. Good luck with it ;)

Hmm when I launched your game and got into menu it did make a huge work, I mean that singing is really climatic, great job on that. Regarding the game, I almost didn't get the theme, as it took me some time to realise that you were talking in the background, maybe you should add some subtitles that would help in understanding what is said there. 

Also great job on particles ;) I would just suggest that when you collect keys, your particles are being destroyed before they end and it spoils their look a bit (maybe there is loop toggled on or just lifetime is too long), 

Overall, it was pretty good game, good luck!

Don't worry, I'm not a Mozart too, so I understand :P

I'm not sure if I understood the concept of the game, but there are some tips that might be useful.  Your character seems a bit stiff and to avoid it, you could simply replace rectangle shape with circle. Trail is really nice and with circle it would also look fuller. 

There could be a bit more of a guiding, like making us see where to go next and making next platforms visible earlier. Because of this I had problems with playing as I was constantly dying while jumping on platforms I couldn't see. 

Game jams are pretty tough to make a finished projects in time, so it's understandable that there are things to work on, tho It's a good submission ;)

Great submission, even if it wouldn't be your first game jam.

Game design:

I like the realisation of your concept. It does make you dive into the climate of that world and your story is also something that makes you wonder what will happen next.

There are some changes I would suggest though. I lacked a bit of feedback from the game. Screenshakes are great and I'm glad you added them, but I believe it would be a lot different experience if you made particles in this game: for being hurt, enemies being hurt, destruction and some other little details. Also there is this common problem with enemies being stuck (it literally did make me quit on wave 4), and there might be solution to it like a minimap with enemies or a counter with enemies left (it would be a nice detail).


It's a pretty enjoyable game, but the biggest problem with gameplay is shop. It's pretty hard to build something and also it's fairly easy to build by mistake. You could make shortcuts like 1, 2, 3 etc for building. It would make it easier to manage stressful situations and would make the game more fluid. Someone suggestion with player having some attacks is also nice, but I would rather change it for something like pushing/pulling/stunning enemies, as we want sentries to kill.


As I said I enjoyed the concept and all the parts when we were talking with classes were a great idea. You got a nice material to work on.


I wished there were some more interesting connections to theme than a game wanting to kill us, however veiling it with plot made a bit of job there. Maybe if I could get to the end I would appreciate it even more.


Great job ;) Really good mood and nice style. The only thing I lacked were particles.


Also very climatic, however quality of SFX was a bit low ;/ but it was the jam where we had to create everything alone so it's understandable.

Great game ;) Hope for contination.

Thanks :D Great to hear that. I'm not sure if I manage to play it, as I got exams, but I will do my best to find some time ;)

Hi, I would love some detailed feedback <3 unfortunately I will be able to play yours only on Saturday.

Hope you enjoy!


I wanted to apologise to everyone who played and rated my game and didn't get a feedback on their games from me. Before the jam I wanted to reconcile my duties with playing other games, but I got exams right now and it took a priority. 

I'm glad that so many people rated my game and I just hope that everyone else will get to 20 votes without my help.


Also here is a tutorial I made on my particles, it might be useful:

Glad you enjoy :) Glowy platform are really easy to make. You need to open Unity with Lightweight render pipeline, there you will have something called postprocessing volume and there you can set bloom (its the intensity of this effect). Then you create an object with spriterenderer and add your texture (in platform case it was rectangle). Then you need to create a material and set it to LWRP/lit. And you should be able to set something like emission map. When you click it you can set intensity and change it to 2. After you add material to your spriterender it will glow :) good luck!

Oh that's what's called a professional level design: "Hmm  2 exits to make a player confused is not enough? Let put 800, it will be fun!" Anyway, I really enjoyed it. Graphics, music and controls are really amazing. Game as a liar was definitely the truth and for game jam game it's really cool, but if you wish to make it normal game, then you definitely should decrease 800 exits to 400, as I got a bit furious with every level. Anyway, great job :) have fun!