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A really cool puzzle idea! Was a little disorienting at first, but i got the hang of it.

Great work

A very simple concept, with great execution.

I just wish there were more levels.

Good submission!

Nope, made with plain canvas and typescript!

Thank you!

Thanks for playing! The music is only two bars, so i can see how it can be repetitive :P Thank you for your feedback

Thank you!

Glad you enjoyed it! I agree that the idea needs to be fleshed out with more variety. Thanks for playing

Thanks for playing! The games does need a better tutorial, or any tutorial for that matter haha

Thank you for the feedback! I agree that the background could use a bit of work...

Thank you for your feedback! I was thinking of adding a time limit per fruit to make the game a little challenging :P

Very nicely executed! I can see the potential uses of it.

Very interesting tool! Was really fun to play around with

Yup, plain HTML canvas and typescript. The 3d effects are not truly 3d :P

Thank you! For the lighting effects, it's just that the enemies are the same colour as the background, so the enemies would just blend in, unless there was another colour behind them... 

Kind of a hacky solution, but hey it works!

This is a really great puzzle game! I like the pixel art and the polish, however, the game needs more mechanics to make the puzzles feel less repetitive.

Overall, Good game!

The animations are nice, and 3d is good as well, but you should use WASD for movement, or make it so that the page doesn't scroll when you press the arrow buttons

Well Done! This is a great puzzle game! The dialogue is fun and the art is really nice. Although the puzzles are pretty easy, they are fun nonetheless.

Great Game! Had fun.

This is a great game! I really like the artstyle, and the puzzles are clever! Good job!

I did think about adding healing items, but I had a really short deadline to meet. Maybe I will return for a post-jam version. Thanks for your feedback!

I honestly have no criticism for this, this is as good as it gets.
wait no, I have one. Where is the github?

In all seriousness, great game! Very nice.

I agree, those two parts are definitely RNG based. Thank you for your feedback!

The concept has been done before, but I like the twist of being able to pick up corpses! Also, when you are holding a corpse sideways, you can jump infinitely...

Other than that, Great game! Love the concept!

Thank you for playing! Glad you liked it!

This is a really nice game! I love the music, art style, and gameplay! My only real nitpick was the slightly strange controls (with I, O and P) but overall, great game! Had fun!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

The idea of storing momentum is really cool, as well as the end at any time you want mechanic! The music fits well with the art. However, I think the movement is too stiff, and slippery movement would be better suited.

Overall, I love the concept! Very interesting!

(also, when exporting gms2 projects, do it as a zip)

you know what would make my game be popular? If I paste the same message over and over and over again, even in topics which aren't rate for rate! That would make people play my game!

I do think that the game can be a bit rough at times Thank you for your feedback!


This game is really nice! I love the concept, and the execution is great! I do think that the text at the beginning is a bit long, but other than that, great job!

Thank you for playing! I do agree that it can be unforgiving at times. Glad you enjoyed it!

(this is the video I watched to get started with music)

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

The concept is a very unique take on the theme. It does depend a bit on luck as a puddle can spawn directly underneath a pile of coins...

But overall, Interesting Concept! Liked it a lot!

Here is my game!

I love the concept and cute art style! However, like most tower defence games, after you put down your towers it does get boring as you watch the enemies go along the path. 

Good game though, enjoyed it!

This is a unique and interesting concept! (I'm saying this because I made something similar about switching control schemes.) I like the fast paced platformer movement, but I think it doesn't suit this kind of game about precise movement, as I find myself running into coins a lot.

Good game though! had fun!

We meet again Wall Jump Games

Hey Jonas! Will you be streaming random games after the submission time?

it's only when I went back to see the log when I realised how terrible these were...