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The timer at the end does not work but otherwise it's very addictive and polished. I like the hitman vibe and the music is also pleasing. Good job!

I like the visual style and the isometric approach, I really love these. The idea is simple and effective and it's up to player to make the room cozy :) It's a pity there is no music and sound effects, that would make it even better.

I like the golfing but the controls were funnily wonky and I believe the levels should be easier to progress quicker to new "cleaning" tools.

I find it funny to pack stuff as an flying ant lol :D I like different difficulties but for a jam I would recommend spending more time on the game itself instead of having such a wide variety of difficulties. Liked the minecraft blocky art as well.

Wow, this was awesome. I like the building your defense style and the blablabla sound when wife was talking. I did not manage to defeat her but it was a fun experience.

I like the moral message of the story. I'm not sure how this fits the theme. I managed to activate all the wards and then roll death anyway :D

Interesting concept but I don't understand the theme conection. I'm so bad at the game :D but the button links are fun.

The game is very chaotic, the repeated music is making me crazy. It feels to hard to play but the idea is  cool.

Weird game, I don't fully understand what I'm supposed to do. However I like the theme interpretation. A man in a box.

I did not manage to find the alternative ending :( I'm curios what that would be. Anyway, did I get it right that the bear swapped souls with the boy? :O Ok....the best thing was the music getting all weird after you pickup all the items. I also like the visual style. I wish there was more gameplay but as a short story it was great.

I really like the visuals and the cat sound effect, definitely sounds real! It's a bit too short and I couln't hear the vrr until I got close to the cat. I wish it had more depth :D

Solid game, I like the look of the bullets and overall visual effects. The nun theme is pretty funny.

I like the color damage system and the sound effects. It's addicting and it plays really well, I would welcome more types of enemies maybe but I understand that time was not enough :) Great submission

Wow, nice and simple game. I really liked the sound effects and music. Also the art and animations are cute, though it would be cool to polish the player a little bit more (waving while sleeping lol). I also think you should get rid of 4h and 3h black tasks, the waiting is boring but otherwise very well done!

I like the fighting concept and the cute pixel art. It's pretty addicting :D The intro is also epic.

Interesting interpretation of the theme. I find the camera perspective not so smooth as I did not see the items I should shoot from skies. The puzzle aspect is very interesting though!

I like how you have to store items in chest to get them in the other reality. The voiceover is a nice touch. I like the interpretation (I did something similar). Gj

Wow, I hate horrors :D I'm always so scared. Very well done, I had to put off my headphones after a while, the atmosphere is so damn good. I would suggest making the movement more snappy, it did not feel right. I really liked how the monster popped for a second after I picked up on of the keys.

I like the idea of the rotation mechanic but the ball goes through obstacles whenever you rotate. I think it would be a cool game if the colliders were working!

Refreshing and moving out and in did not seem to fix it and it was completely stuck midair, I could not jump again. It looked like interacting midair is causing the issue. 

I really liked the idea and visual style. I don't think I understand how it works completely :D the animations between days are funny.

Shooting infected animals with corona seems a bit...inappropriate. Took me a few tries before I understood the spiders. I think the movement needs to be more fluid, it felt unresponsive. I like the sound though!

Interesting idea, but I think the patterns should be more different and always start from the beggining to avoid the aliens. The concept is interesting though and has some potential for growth. Sometimes it felt a bit laggy when pattern was changed.

Very solid entry, I really like the creepy sounds and atmosphere. The monster looks really awesome :)

Wow, I suprisingly really like the visuals. The game loop is quite simple but it's fun and the idea of late night gaming can be relatable :D awesome!

I really like the visual style and music though I would like to have more contrast between environment and gameplay projectiles/effects. I don't find the game original so I have to give some -stars in design and relevance but it's overall a great game for jam!

Nice art but I couldn't find all the items to stop the djinn :( The changing lamp is great!

The idea was simple tetris like. It works well, and the visuals are awesome.

I really liked the idea of space jumping and the puzzles were hard but fair. Really well executed with excelent simplistic art.

I like the anti corporate spirit! I find the controls a little bit wonky but the visuals and SFX are top.

I really liked how the music increases in pitch when the timer reaches 10s. I find it a bit too hard, would welcome slower difficulty increases. But other aspects are just top quality for a game jam. Love the idea, visuals and all the details you managed to pull off. Great job!

I really like the emissive particles and the weird voice in the background :D

I think the game is too brutal. I recommend having less items in the room in the beggining and slowly adding more. I had problems even with screenshot :D But I really love the visuals and soudtrack. Awesome!

I'm not sure how this fits the theme, but what I like is the soundtracks for both forms.

I couldn't interact with the gameboy and got stuck mid air :D Pity, it looks great

I did not manage to get past level 2 :( the difficulty was too cruel but I like how these aliens move their feet.

I really enjoyed the pixel art and the murder in the train theme! It crashed after returning back to check doctors bag so I did not manage to finish it. I recommend for game jam to make it a bit shorter but I understand that you wanted to tell a story. Great job :)

Hi, certainly not. Could it be just really low sensitivity? I had reported problems with that earlier.

Thank you for your kind words :) I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I wanted to add the memorization process that you need to remember what enemy plays to adjust your card sequence. I have no plans atm to keep developing but I will see how the game is received after results are public.

Nice concept but I would like to have some kind of tutorial, I did not figure out how to free other fishes. I missed some audio too :)