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Great idea and cool game. I really like the transition of music and environment. I have just noticed that you can't scroll down through answers without a mouse and this is bad for laptop users without a mouse. Would be nice if you make it scrollable with touchpad or arrow keys. Keep up the good work! :)

Hey man, I think your gameplay needs more depth. Problem is it gets boring/pointless after some rounds. But I have to say, I think the music and overall graphics is cool and thematic. Keep up the work! :) Also the options is a great idea, expand on that!

Very catchy game! I really love your sound effects and graphics. Also the idea with spinning "sword" enemies is awesome. Game is kind of hard and I would probably enjoy linear difficulty scaling more than the freedom to go any way. Maybe having some home teleport after defeating a boss would be nice too. The ending is kind of disappointing because after I "paint" everything I'm not sure if the game ended or if I just missed something. Good job man!