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Thank you for your kind words :) I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I wanted to add the memorization process that you need to remember what enemy plays to adjust your card sequence. I have no plans atm to keep developing but I will see how the game is received after results are public.

Nice concept but I would like to have some kind of tutorial, I did not figure out how to free other fishes. I missed some audio too :)

It really has game-breaking bug :D I played in browser and I got killed by invisible enemy or I could not summon bees when they were ready.

I loved it but sadly it has a few bugs which won't let me enjoy it fully. Visuals and overall feeling is great :) Very original idea...great job!

Cool idea and visuals area awesome, but I did not get how the armor works. It felt like the cards are very inbalanced and very easy to tell which one is better. Great job overall tho! I liked that you also made a card game :)

I like the idea and the intro animation very much :D It felt that sometimes I could not move after some actions. I wonder how is the experience in 2 players. Great job

Amazing original idea and great visuals! Great job :)

I like the player model.

I like the idea but it was really hard for me to navigate the objects the correct way :D Great job!

I really like the theme and the art :) It's more of a story than a game but I like that blue stopped talking to me after I called it few times in a row :D

I like the grappling mechanic but it was a little bit hard for me to get past 3rd "level". The story was interesting but too much text :). Great job!

Great job! Almost a full 5/5 for me. Awesome music, I love the retro graphics, it reminds me of tyrian and little bit fo doom too (idk why). I think the different stances are not needed because I basically set my favorite at start and then did not change it.

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Wow, what an amazing game. Very simple, but I like this kind of chain tasks. The story is also very appealing and fitting music as well, good job!

I really like the visuals and music! I find it hard sometimes to jump on another platform because I hit the ceiling, but that just means I'm bad at jumping. Great job!

I like the sprites with jump animation. I would welcome a better looking background and platforms, it does not suit the more detailed characters. Good job :)

Thanks for the tip, I'm aware of the bug as well :) Glad you enjoyed it.

I like the visuals but I wish there was a way to turn around with camera :). I loved how you could interact with a bush where a fast kid was hidden, thta was hilarous! Great game!

I don't get the theme. I love the visuals but the game is a bit too hard. Max points I got was around 250.

I wish there was some audio on the game that would complement the mood. Also the second power bugged because me and my clone died, so I got stuck. The visuals are awesome, but I think the movement is a bit too fast.

Interesting and cool idea. I like how the environment changes and the boss fight hehe :)

I really like the music and visuals of the game. I did not get the thing with factions though, I just walked around the map and killed bad guys. Nice submission :)

I miss sound effects and your own music but you bet on a classic top down shooter and it works very well :) I love the art and gun upgrades. I just wasnt able to unequip guns, I had to go with all of them :D good job

I don't personally like the commentary but otherwise your game is very polished. Visuals are stunning for a jam game and the idea of rat swarm is fun :). Great job.

Thank you and I totally agree with you that easier is better than too difficult :)

I like how some trees and flag are floating above ground :D I like the game feel but I wish the level design was a bit more complex (like rolling downhill). Nice submission!

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Wow, almost full sweep for me (5/5 stars). That's how I imagine a jam game, very original idea. Visuals and audio suit this very much. I did not dare to try the hard mode but easy mode is enough stress for me :D Great job Jelle!

I really like the idea, but it feels too easy. Visuals are simple yet effective. Great execution :)

I really like the art, mood and the story :) The music suits really well. It's hard to beat the game solo with both of the characters :D I should bring a friend next time. Well done!

Nice game, I was amazed by the music and then I read that its from a collection (nice choice anyway). The models and overall the visuals are really great! Simple yet effective game, nice :)

I like the graphics and the fighter mode! I find the shield bouncing a litle bit hard but you can just play defensively for that stance. Nice game :)

Thank you :)


To by rozhodně chtělo! Z časově úsporných důvodů jsem se nezmohl na nic víc než na bubliny z kotlíku a použil jen jednoduché animace. Díky.

Původně jsem to měl na 60s, ale když jsem to dával testovat rodinným příslušníkům, tak jsem to radši zvednul :) díky

I like the art style and the overall game idea. As mentioned before me, checkpoints are needed because I got frustrated after reaplaying the same phase 5 times. The music deserves some more lines to not get repeated that often. Great submission though!

Pretty cool idea and visuals. I think the music alone makes a great mood. This would make a real solid standalone game. Congratz to your team for making this in such a short time. I'm glad we have such a talented people in Czech republic :)

I like the graphics, very polished gun model and buildings. Sometimes the green zombies did not give me health globes. I think you should make more paths to other portals.

I love the visuals and the music which really set the mood. The story is very relatable :). I think the controls and character animation could be more polished though, that would make it far more enjoyable. Anyway great submission!

I like the idea of upgrading pieces but your game miss a lot of essential things. By that I don't mean the "legal" moves check necessarily. I really miss that the piece won't snap into a center of a square after a move. Than I miss sound effects and music (recording 2 sound effects would suffice). I think your idea is great and if you put more work to it past jam, it could be really good! Keep learning and jamming :)