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Thanks so much for your feedback! You really started to get the hang of it :)

Hi Xyncht, you are correct and definitely beat it! Congratulations! However, I think there is a "better" or let me say faster / more funny way of beating the game. At your knowledge I find it most fun to get damage / upgrade combo a faster way to one hit higher waves instead of over-healing and slowly chipping his health down.

Anyway, I had to rush the difficulty scaling and didn't have enought time to balance these "exploits". If I would continue on developing the game these are main points for a rework

  • Enemy scaling
  • Shop scaling
  • Draw mechanic
  • Gold progression

Thank you for your feedback, hope you had fun playing!

Hi Katergberg,

I'm super glad you liked it and I agree with your points and believe that I had many more ideas for effects / features to implement. 

Anyway, I have no plans continue developing the game yet but if I would then

  • Playing cards by clicking them instead would make your life easier
  • Making cards more readable would be a priority - I agree that play-sell order should be defined but some other combinations are shuffled as intention (it's very different outcome to add max health and heal instead of healing and then maxing your HP)
  • I was also playing with an idea of permanently losing sold cards - therefore if you could sell basic cards you could refine your deck more
  • Current effects needs to be tweaked, some strategies are way way more powerful than others but on the other hand I don't want luck to decide your progress - this would mean rethinking the whole game loop


I really enjoy the concept but it took me a while to find out the optimal tactics and fully understand how the damage system works. The art and sfx goes well with the game and I think it's a very complete experience for a 7 day game. Congratz!

Thank you for playing my game. In my initial game design I was tinkering with an idea of procedurally generated passive upgrades but it never made it into the actual game. Definitely something to consider in the future.

Another idea is a possibility to re-roll the shop with excessive Gold although in the current game state it would definitely make overpowered strategies unbeatable.

Hi Trapez,

Thank you for your extensive proposals. I agree that some effects are not clearly explained with upgrade being the most misunderstood effect in the game.

You are actually allowed to have 6 cards in hand!

By reducing the coin size, what exactly do you mean?

Merging sell / on play effects into one text or numeric icons is definitely something I was looking into but polishing the whole "random card generator" feature was something complex and very time consuming. Definitely the most important part of the game and number 1 priority to improve.

However the game actually have many flaws in game design which could be exploited.


Loved the idea and the mechanics. I don't understand how others got so far but I like the different attack options and the cat came it surprised me :D Gj!

I had a hard time understanding how the game works bt the art is really cool!

I think the game is hard on the easy mode and I consider myself a minesweeper fan :D I fancy the idea but I did not make it past first level. I find it a little bit tedious how long it takes to clear a level but otherwise, the ability system is nice and art style + animation is great.

Cucumber crunches carrot. I don't understand what is the lightning (energy) number good for, it seems like I have never used it. I like the puzzle theme and I generally love upgrades so it felt good. But I got bugged once during scene load and had to start over. Overall a solid submision.

Thank you! I think having a decent tutorial without a wall of text is one of the most challenging things on game jams. I'm glad you liked it.

Thank you for your feedback. I'm aware there are strategies that enables you to basically go infinite gold / health and it breaks the game. There is plenty of room to improve on current mechanics and balance the game better and if I decide to build upon it many things need to be changed from the ground. I haven't realized that effect scaling and balance would take so much time to fit into 7 days :) Glad you liked it!

I love the combat, it's pretty skill intensive and you have to learn to shoot in the moving direction. I have not managed to get to the shop though :( My suggestion would be make the shop closer to player. The art was very pleasant to watch.

Thanks for your long and constructive feedback and kind words. Definitely you are not the only one who did not fully understand what the card actually does, I wanted to keep the text to minimal but it just doesn't work for everyone.

I was able to fix most bugs on my last day based on my friend's playtest but I know of few of them which are in the game ;) I'm glad they are not obvious.

Blasting things was fun but I did not get the creation at all. I clicked bunch of stuff, add some and then my bombing was super awesome :D Art was nice and it felt good, so congratz!

Wow, the game was simple but I really liked it! I beat it on first try but adding max health and improving weapon felt so good :) I wish there were more items to equip like shield, helmets and so on. One shoting enemies with legendary claymore felt awesome :D

Thanks! You are correct the draw effect is problematic in later turns and needs nerf / rework in future version. And having basic cards in later turns is frustrating because they take up space in hand and it's annoying. Definitely something to look into.

I like the music and blop animations a lot!

The concept and art is great. Music and sfx suits the game very well. It looks very polished but I've problem playing on touchpad. Sometimes it cancels my movement and the number of steps are not accurate (idk why it probably adds number instead of reseting) but it seems only visually broken. 

Since the enemies can only move one tile it's pretty easy to avoid getting hit but I assume it gets harder in later levels but for me the progression / difficulty scaling is too low.

Overall, your submission is very solid for 7 days, really looks great and polished and definitely could be build into something bigger and even better. Congratz!

I won't judge because I am stuck at the first tutorial page, when I click it disappears and I can't do anything but click things :( 

I really like the art style of cards. I myself am a big fan of card games but I feel like the real time doesn't suit that well with cards. However the core idea is interesting but it feels like you should have toned down the scope and polish it more instead of having more features.

What I dislike is the fact that once you have the cards in hand / deck you can't see and plan how to combine them into what effect but I am super glad you "highlight" the possible card to combo when you drag something. Congratz!

I like the sandy visual style a lot! However I find that the best strategy is to avoid enemies because there were only a few purple health on the way. Congratz!

Hi krisekrise,

Thank you for you feedback, 7 is definitely a good kill count! 

Thinning is something I was thinking about a lot and since there is an option to sell the cards it means you are thinning the deck for current enemy. But being able to permanently remove weak cards might help players to not waste time playing basic cards in higher levels.

Thank you for kind feedback. I'm not sure what you mean by the initial zoom-in, is it the auto fullscreen when you start the game? Since the game is not readable on smaller resolutions, I decided to go this way.

I have not heard of Ascension yet (it's not too widely available in my country) but looks sick, thank you!

I was playtesting on trackpad as well and I'm sort of used to it but it's a great idea to implement a click to play :) Might do it if I decide to udpate the game.

Marvelous! Congratulations for releasing the prologue, already downloaded and will play it asap :)

Wild Beasts is a card puzzle game where every animal has and special ability. You must find the best way to combine these abilities to pass the level! I've just ported the game from Android to every major operating system so you can enjoy the cute animals in HD!

Enjoy and let me know what do you think! 

Gameplay trailer below.

Hi IchinashiMaiden,

I've no other reports of this, works fine for me and many others. What browser do you use?

This usually happens with disabled hardware acceleration if you are using Chrome. I'll soon upload windows build for download.

Hope that helps!

The timer at the end does not work but otherwise it's very addictive and polished. I like the hitman vibe and the music is also pleasing. Good job!

I like the visual style and the isometric approach, I really love these. The idea is simple and effective and it's up to player to make the room cozy :) It's a pity there is no music and sound effects, that would make it even better.

I like the golfing but the controls were funnily wonky and I believe the levels should be easier to progress quicker to new "cleaning" tools.

I find it funny to pack stuff as an flying ant lol :D I like different difficulties but for a jam I would recommend spending more time on the game itself instead of having such a wide variety of difficulties. Liked the minecraft blocky art as well.

Wow, this was awesome. I like the building your defense style and the blablabla sound when wife was talking. I did not manage to defeat her but it was a fun experience.

I like the moral message of the story. I'm not sure how this fits the theme. I managed to activate all the wards and then roll death anyway :D

Interesting concept but I don't understand the theme conection. I'm so bad at the game :D but the button links are fun.

The game is very chaotic, the repeated music is making me crazy. It feels to hard to play but the idea is  cool.

Weird game, I don't fully understand what I'm supposed to do. However I like the theme interpretation. A man in a box.

I did not manage to find the alternative ending :( I'm curios what that would be. Anyway, did I get it right that the bear swapped souls with the boy? :O Ok....the best thing was the music getting all weird after you pickup all the items. I also like the visual style. I wish there was more gameplay but as a short story it was great.

I really like the visuals and the cat sound effect, definitely sounds real! It's a bit too short and I couln't hear the vrr until I got close to the cat. I wish it had more depth :D

Solid game, I like the look of the bullets and overall visual effects. The nun theme is pretty funny.

I like the color damage system and the sound effects. It's addicting and it plays really well, I would welcome more types of enemies maybe but I understand that time was not enough :) Great submission