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I love the overall art and burning animation. Concept is very original but after some tries it was a bit frustrating to start over. I find your game great and well polished for a jam, great job!

I like the art and the concept, however I think it is a bit hard to dodge the bullets. Great work for a jam!

I liked the pixel art and the main hero. I got stuck on the second level and I also think the concept was not very original. I would say you succeeded in the overall presentation side (graphics, music) but kind of failed in the concept and bug fixing department.

I find the game very hard so I did not get very far. The "tunnels" are very narrow for the ship movement. I like the simple art style and the music fits well. I bumped into some interesting "puzzles". Great job  for pulling this much for the jam! :)

Thanks mate!

Overall look and mood is very polished and the concept is quite original interpretation. The laggy movement is a bit disappointing but otherwise your executed this very well :) great job!

I can't say anything bad about your game. Very polished for a jam and the concept, oh also has a background / moral story. Love it!

I made it to 104 score and then got bored. Some kind difficulty raising would be great. I loved the art and sound FX that suited the theme. Looks really polished for a jam game, great job! Except the difficulty, it was overall a really good game :)

Cool concept and art. I find the sound design entertaining. The game was too hard for me, I barely make it  to 3rd level on each side :D

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Hi everyone!

I just released my new game yesterday called Three Of Us. Fight against outcasts and monsters hidden in the woods, beat bosses and gain heroic points to unlock new heroes with unique cards and upgrades.

After each turn-based fight get new cards or empower your spells.

Watch the video to get a general idea how the game is played, even though it also has a simple tutorial in the first run.

Have fun and thanks for playing!


Great idea and cool game. I really like the transition of music and environment. I have just noticed that you can't scroll down through answers without a mouse and this is bad for laptop users without a mouse. Would be nice if you make it scrollable with touchpad or arrow keys. Keep up the good work! :)

Hey man, I think your gameplay needs more depth. Problem is it gets boring/pointless after some rounds. But I have to say, I think the music and overall graphics is cool and thematic. Keep up the work! :) Also the options is a great idea, expand on that!

Very catchy game! I really love your sound effects and graphics. Also the idea with spinning "sword" enemies is awesome. Game is kind of hard and I would probably enjoy linear difficulty scaling more than the freedom to go any way. Maybe having some home teleport after defeating a boss would be nice too. The ending is kind of disappointing because after I "paint" everything I'm not sure if the game ended or if I just missed something. Good job man!