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BLAST DWARFView game page

It's time to BLAST DWARF!!!
Submitted by BillyTheWhizz, Devillas, LewiLewi — 11 hours, 1 minute before the deadline
Rated by 5 people so far
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Roguelike Elements
random map generation , rarity weights randomized on each run, dynamic bomb building, no persistent data



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This games feels good to play but still need a few bug fixes...


Yeah it's still a bit janky but I'm glad you had fun! If you don't mind saying, what bugs did you find on your playthrough?

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I enjoyed the game but there are some bugs like- You sometimes spawn in a closed are with no exit and u have  less bombs. the enemies sometimes don't collide with walls they just go through them(while in my game they always go through walls ;-;). Although a nice game.


I always intended to add a pickaxe or something else to help the player get more ores once they ran out, sadly i didnt get to that so running out of powder is basically a death sentence.


Blasting things was fun but I did not get the creation at all. I clicked bunch of stuff, add some and then my bombing was super awesome :D Art was nice and it felt good, so congratz!


Basically every 10 of those powers you add to the bomb increases its effectiveness when it blows up. So the more u put in the better but also the faster u run out :P . I'm glad u liked it. Had we have had more time we would have added a small tutorial haha.


Really interesting concept! I had a bit of trouble working out how to use the ores. E.g. I picked a bunch of shrapnel ore (five I think) but it didn't seem to do anything at all.


Yes very dumb of me not to show bomb stats but the powders go by increments of 10, so 10 shrapnel ore will blast out 1 piece of shrapnel etc x) and by that logic 5 would be nothing :( . I'm glad u like the concept :p 


Action-packed gameplay. Lots of explosive stuff. Very fun.

I have noticed that you can still throw explosives if you set it to use the slider to zero, I don't know if that is intentional, but it helped me spam attack survive through. Also the right clicking is quite powerful. It does not consume the amount that you specify so you can just put it to max and watch the entire screen gets wiped =D

Very good game overall and cool visuals. Well done!


We are glad you enjoyed it! The right click attack is meant to throw the bomb as far as possible but i just checked and it also seems to circumvent the code to check amounts which isnt intentional x) so see it as a sneaky cheat haha.