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Yo Teofix, a Youtuber has played our game. I tried contacting Devillas about it but they appear to be offline. I think linking the video to our page could do us numbers. Sorry to break it to you like this but itch doesn't have DMs

So slimy I'm glued to the screen

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Thank you! Punch out mini game is a skill issue. Whether it's your skill or ours remains to be seen.

Really touching words, thank you! I regret to inform you, however, that lamp is actually best girl

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Fun ideas executed lovingly. You guys get it.


Might be worth including the flip feature in the instructions page. Couldn't figure out how to play for the first few minutes. Otherwise mighty fine game.

I'm 11 and this wasn't scary

I found the option!

Creepy little critters :)

Thank you! That was exactly what went down in the boardroom

We're insane

Didn't get the wall problem, so I was alright. Totally fine mechanics and aesthetics, but still needs something more to make it really gripping. Good start :)

Starts hard but gets more interesting after week 1, unfortuantely by then I just wanted to get mafia'd. Glad to see binary and randomness implemented like this, basically inventing a new kind of solitaire. Well done :)

Thank you! The last level is my favorite by far, but golly does it take some work :)

That's high praise, thank you! I also like Half Life 2

Thank you so much! Funny that people seem to be split on whether we went too easy or too hard. Think we need to keep making more puzzles to find that balance.

Thank you! I like your take on the idea as well, especially the little top down tomato :)

Puzzle games should give you NIGHTMARES

Thank you! Next time we'll add obnoxiously loud jumpscares :)

Glad you liked the music! our artist designed the graphics hoping the soundtrack would sound cute; I was very happy to disappoint him :)

Thank you so much! Was hoping the music would shake the players to their (apple) core :)

Thank you! I hope to get everyone slithering on the dance floor :)

Decent execution, brilliant script. Also the Flincher's ghoulish hands make me crack up uncontrollably every time. Sharing this with my friends immediately :)

Nice one, I flipped out :)

Sweet little thing. As another review said, it really only needs some harder levels.

Thank you! Hopefully you'll never enjoy the crunch of an apple the same way again :)

Cheers! The last level took me many tries myself.

Nice art, and cool challenges. Micro they may be, but making this many different games in 48 hours is no mean feat. Wario would be proud.

Don't know any other group that worked together as a family, great way to spend some time together. Helps that the game is fun too. Really like the way the fish's tail moves :)

Everyone's saying awesome concept and I'll concur only because this game was instantly way too smart for me. I think this kind of thing could be expanded well into a level based thing, but I like it a lot as it is already :)

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Wish they'd transcend into some pussy yeah

Appreciate the advice, thank you for playing :)

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Thank you, I loved making it :)


Game worked perfectly for me and has a nice randomization (more than can be said for most Snakes and Ladders boards). For a game made in one day, by a beginner solo developer nonetheless, it's a job well done :)

Simple idea, beautifully executed. Good job lads :)

I lost a friend to this game. They keep telling me how they've "become the bullet hell" and "are filling the screen". But my loss is your gain. Congrats :)

Ableton Live 10 for both the soundtrack and sound effects :)

Silly but accurate. Would love to see this developed with even more dog walking mechanics. Well done :)