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Yeah it's still a bit janky but I'm glad you had fun! If you don't mind saying, what bugs did you find on your playthrough?

Cute and delightful, excited to see where this goes :)

Thank you! Glad you liked the sound effects :)

Thanks for the feedback. All this and more will be cured after the jam :)

No, you're actually playing as our original character Randy Warhol. He looks and sounds just like you.

This is an impressive demo that already feels ready to become a full game. I think it gets too difficult too soon (fewer spikes right at the start) and the controls are a bit off (I got an uncontrollable dash after getting the first Dash EX) but it otherwise has the right platforming feel.

However, the pills were a different problem. I don't think players want to mess around with stats during enemy encounters when these enemies are so quick to kill (doesn't help that the pills are limited too). Maybe if the pills gave the player short power-up effects (invisibility, one super punch, growing and shrinking in size) and worked on a cool-down I'd feel more eager to use them.

Sorry for the rambling, just wanted to say it's good :)

Thanks! Check out Juice Jam Shooter if you're thirsty for more juice :)

Very short and broken, but somehow still pretty juicy (that knife attack is undeniably cool). The art in general looks pretty nice!

My team went through a similar struggle of finalizing our game's idea, but it must be more difficult when you've never made a game before.

Please make more :)

Juicy graphics, tough waves and tough boss fight! I agree with other players that there could be another way to get upgrades, but I'm glad the game gave a pass to struggling players.

Good job!

Glad you enjoyed it :)

Thank you! We barely made the shop in time anyway :)

I'll give your shmup a go now.

Thank you! If you ever want to play again, you an hold the spacebar to continuously fire (I'll edit the game page to mention that now)

Thank you! Don't worry about stinking at the game, I think I designed the levels too hard anyway :)

We never noticed that softlock bug before, good job finding it!

That's alright, as long as you had fun :)

Glad you had fun and enjoyed the music :)

Still needs a lot of work, but it is undoubtedly the most accurate digital simulation of the British economy.

It was originally called Oh Sh*T but we decided to keep it PG

Cute little game that works well. I liked that you didn't need to explain how to kill the other ghosts, you simply copy what they do back at them.

I can't think of a worse way to die than to the hands of an Among Us Minion and this game brings that nightmare to life. Good job :)

Dang, 3 days in to the jam our team barely had the idea written down! Nicely done.

Cool idea to turn Splatoon 2D. The story covers the theme, and the guns feel juicy (though maybe a little too much screen shake). The music is also a highlight, really puts the jam in Juice Jam :)

Unusually cool game over screen too!

With some small tweaks to the difficulty curve and player controls (which obviously is hard to perfect on a solo game jam project), you could have a fun little game here.

Well done! Make more games!

For a week of work, the visuals are tastefully juicy and well made (not to mention the full settings menu and funny tutorial; impressive touches). However, the actual game needs a more interesting level layour. Or, if you connected health with bullets rather than killing enemies, you could make the player think strategically about how and when they shoot.

Well done!

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Interesting idea with alright execution. The combat could have been more intense if the player speed and the sword and bow were faster.

However, I think the story is far more compelling than the game and could be expanded into something bigger. Maybe the astronaut designed these robots to protect him, and they all calculate he's safer on his ship than on Earth, leaving the astronaut to decide whether to trust the science or his basic human instincts (or are they one and the same?). It's a simple sci-fi setup you could go really deep with.

Anyway, good job! Make more games :)

I see. This game has a lot of potential, good job!

Thank you for the feedback and I’m happy you found our game fun and funny!

To answer your question, the phrase 8===D is a common alien threat.

Thank you! The way I see it, cheesing is just another form of mastery, so well played :)

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Thank you! and you’re right, your eight year old shouldn’t learn about the voyager golden disc until they’re older ;)

Very cute sounds and graphics, not juicy but fits the theme well. Feels like if it had a level based structure and more sophisticated ai it could be quite addictive. Or it could be a endless Go! Go! Kokopolo type game. Whatever direction you want to take it, it's well done!

Simple gameplay, mechanics are well thought through. I think its missing a feeling of progress though, but maybe I wasn't playing for long enough. Feels very juicy to play, however :)

The melee attack would be nicer without the cooldown, and really should do some knockback.

Unsurprisngly, a complete knockout. I know it's only going to get better from here.

Couple of things: the main character's has a Need for Speed. He walks a little too slow for my liking.

Also, there's always a bit of downtime between rooms. Maybe if money automatically collected once all the enemies are dead it would make the game even more addicting.

Hotline Miami successor that ends up feeling just as violent.

Get some sleep :)

Took me a minute to figure out, and the mechanic is interesting. The ambition is obvious, everything looks, sounds and feels really juicy.

Gotta say, the spacebar-mouse combo is a little strange for a control scheme. It could have worked if the direction of fire was more obvious, like changing which way the fellas faces to fit the mouse position.

Really cool, surprisingly brutal!

Looks good, sounds great, feels somewhat juicy. This game would be awesome if I had a gambling addiction.

Sorry about that, balancing was kind of last minute (or, rather, last hour) :)

Glad I'm not the only one who finds bullet dodging soothing

Thanks homie

Completely understood the assignment, ideal submission. FUN platforming enhanced by gracious juiciness. Takes Cave Story's machine gun much further (though still ends up in hell again) :)

Only thing I'll say, the 8 bit music sounds strange paired with the realistic sound effects, but that might just be me.

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Loved the bear the moment I saw it.

Super simple but works. The losing sound effect was just loud enough to give me a fright each time, so it reminded me of that crocodile dentist board game. The music was really pleasant too.

However, it could have been juicier. A little screen shake from poking the bear or when he notices you would been cool.

Regardless, well done!

Thank you for your feedback! I designed the levels, so sorry that it was too difficult :)

Sorry, hope you had fun anyway :)


Impressive visuals and solid gameplay loop, but could do with some quieter sound effects and a smaller playable area. Otherwise, very solid for 9 days of work.