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Web build please my love

The music hyped up the experience exponentially. The tight controls combined with the fine dodging o the levels geometry reminded me a lot of Geometry Dash. Fun little game

A fun tower defense game. I like the relaxing music accompanying me during the scavenging phases but feels a tad out of place at night. I like the overall aesthetic of the game.

Really like the graphics and aesthetic of the game. The puzzles are unique but sometimes do feel a bit wonky. Great job!

Played this for quite some time, interesting puzzle game u have made. Great take on the theme. I got lost quite a lot in the caves. The sounds really help emerge you in the cave dwelling.

Interesting FPS. I found the binary mechanic quite interesting, havent seen that before this jam. Very original and fits well with the overall theme of the game. The graphics are also really well done, really nice to see what u all have done with just two colors! 100 points from the Netherlands ;)

Danke schonn! Meine danke fur die punkte. That was my best German! It did indeed take much time to make, at one point i looked at the clock and found myself at 27:32, yes i had ascended the 24 hour day cycle and gone beyond! 

Really nice idea, the controls dont feel that responsive but overall the game makes up for it with a great execution of a nice idea. I liked the level variety. Well done!

Really enjoyed my time playing. I love the decision to incorporate the theme into the decision making progress of choosing offense over defense.

A very juicy shmup. Loved the effects, great focus on player feedback. Felt really fluid to play and satisfying to destroy enemies. 

Simple little game, bit addictive. I like how it's unique by making the player protect the crown instead of themselves. The sound effects are all very fitting.

Thank you, we tried to fill all needs :P

You should probably play a bit more ;)

A really interesting mechanic introduced and executed really well. I really enjoyed my time playing this entry. Very unique!

Besides the unfortunate grammar mistakes and tad annoying walking sounds i liked this entry. The mechanic of searching the level with a flashlight to uncover levers and finding signs across the level was really nice. The  art style is also lovely and fits really well with the overall aesthetic. A fun compact horror adventure!

Interesting game. The sound effects and darkness make the game quite eery and a spooky. I didnt know u had to collect batteries so i quickly lost all my batteries and wondered why i couldnt see something anymore. Love the chosen sound effects and the atmosphere of the game. Would have loved if the player carried a small light so i wouldnt lose him in the dark parts!

Can i have my parents back?

Haha I love crimsonland. Thanks for the report, I thought I was just the explosion upgrade. Really weird bug that only happens on the web version strangely enough. 

Started out quite simple but quickly became really hectic. Would love a mobile port of this. 

Very fun little game. The controls are really responsive and the sound effects straight to the point. Interesting take on the theme as well. Overall a nice experience. Got to 120 or something before a body swap happened mid jump and threw me off.

Very addictive golfing game that perfectly fits the theme and optional theme. 

Very interesting game, i really liked the concept of having just two random moves per turn represented as cards in a deck. However the combat quickly became boring, hope for attack card, attack and then move back, repeat. And once all enemies were defeated it felt a bit unnecessary to have to move all the way to the finish, just cycling through my cards. I did like the little animations and art. Still had a nice experience and finished the whole game, was really hoping to get more cards besides the healing card.

BEWARE OF WALLS THEY WILL HOLD U AND NOT LET GO SOMETIMES. Besides the wall issues its a fun little game. I like how the little arena's have random traits. Sadly they didnt seem too impactful on the overall gameplay. I also enjoyed getting the option between weapons or a randomized trait after every room clear. The art also looks amazing.

For it's simple gameplay it boasts a pretty thorough settings page with even a setting to turn of arrow ticking sounds. The game speaks for itself and while simple does follow the random setting and optional theme by providing just two options.

Thank you! A lot of apples were hurt to record that sound. It was important that we capture that primordial death rattle to fully submerse the player in their second life as an apple and have them know that this is the end. Some players even reported seeing the light at the end of the tunnel after playing for extended periods of time. Some have met the Creator.

Interesting take on the theme! Very cute cat, was happy to help them through their breakout adventure!

Awesome and unique take on the theme, i really liked it.

Interesting take on the theme! Felt quite fun throwing around disasters, would have loved to see more also a simple restart button would have been nice.

Thank you! When two buttons are pressed at once the game should default to discard all but horizontal movements, it was either that or diagonal movements which would be cheating.

Thank you! You forget to ask, why would the Snake wait for you to move first, or are you implying the Apple is a chronomancer capable of stopping time? The implications would ruin the well defined lore we set out for the game.

Thank you! The goal is actually to settle your differences with the Snake and become fishing buddies, sadly we forgot to add that option.

And guns!

Thank you! Everyone wants to be the Snake, the dissapointment upon realizing you are just the apple is core to the feelings of hopelessness the game is trying to convey.


I like the literal role reversal, but did become to feel like a normal rts quite quickly. Had fun going through the levels and unlocking a new unit was quite fun. would have loved to see a non bugged cleric. Lovely game!

Pretty funny take on the theme. Playing the often forgotten but vital piece of dirt present in almost every game. Nice amount of levels, did feel like it sometimes had me speedrunning just to not let my guy die. The controls feel nice.

Lovely game. Really like the art and the cats meow is so cute. Interesting way of solving puzzles as well. Really fun puzzle game, enjoyed completing the levels.

Just remember, we are the original "reverse snake" 😎. Orignal idea donut steel!!!

Thank you! Ye i have to agree that ordering could have been different, it is just sort of hard to order problems when u made them :/

And you are great, give me a high five 🖐