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I always intended to add a pickaxe or something else to help the player get more ores once they ran out, sadly i didnt get to that so running out of powder is basically a death sentence.

Interesting game concept, not killing enemies but "robbing" them. Quite enjoyed it. Would have liked more player feedback when the bag is full, i spend quite a few times bumping into stuff wondering why it didn't pick up only to notice my bag was full. Also felt a bit too luck based, if i went into a direction that ended up being a deadend there would be nothing i could do to escape the goblins.

The superhot mechanic and smooth movement works well, sadly it would have been nice to be able to shoot while time is frozen. I also felt like the time freeze mechanic wasn't utilized fully as the game was full well playable while just moving constantly(and u kinda have to, else u cant shoot).

Yes very dumb of me not to show bomb stats but the powders go by increments of 10, so 10 shrapnel ore will blast out 1 piece of shrapnel etc x) and by that logic 5 would be nothing :( . I'm glad u like the concept :p 

Basically every 10 of those powers you add to the bomb increases its effectiveness when it blows up. So the more u put in the better but also the faster u run out :P . I'm glad u liked it. Had we have had more time we would have added a small tutorial haha.

Really enjoyed this game. I loved the directional attack system u had, got me paying attention to my movement to line up shots that would kill the most aliens. The voice actor added a nice touch to the game, wish there was more variety in his lines haha.

Overall a nice complete experience. Took me a second to get used to the controls but once i understood them it felt intuitive. Skipped a lot of turns on accidents at the start.

Unique take on the snake games. I found the graphics really cute especially the snap dragon or the little lizards at the start.

Really fun and addictive experience, i like that there is a highscore system. Every time i died i practically wanted to retry immediately.

The combat feels punchy and the art style looks really unique i love it. The positional combat made the game feel really strategic.

Fun for a simple experience, sadly i didnt manage to beat the dragon, he was at 11 hp though. He seemed not to like moving past corners so i could often round a corner and heal a bit till i ran out of supplies.

 - Wish there was a way for me to skip a turn to let an enemy come to me

 - I like the damage health pop up it adds a bit of pushiness to attacks, a little screenshake would have made it feel even better.

 - Would also like more feedback when im getting hit, sometimes i didnt notice how low my hp was

Overall a fun short experience.

We are glad you enjoyed it! The right click attack is meant to throw the bomb as far as possible but i just checked and it also seems to circumvent the code to check amounts which isnt intentional x) so see it as a sneaky cheat haha.

Be prepared tomorrow ;)

There was originally a fullscreen button but it vanished of the face of the earth when i submitted the final build. Just jam stuff.

Really well polished game packed with content for a jam game. Insane what u have been able to achieve in that short amount of time. Love the art and effects, they add a lot of juice! The sounds are wacky and punchy. Also a simple but well fitting story. 

Really hectic bullet hell. Nice graphics, everything moved quite fast so it took me awhile to notice i could grab the pistols as i was too consumed with dodging. Loved the fishy gibs floating everywhere from my well placed shots :p

Quite challenging especially with the walls often eating my bullets. I really liked the concept of using my enemies against each other to save bullets. Pretty hard game but had a nice time playing it. Addictive.

I actually didn't know there was a wake up room xD . I just kept exploring and drifting after paying it of :p

Glad you loved it! Some browsers like Firefox don't have the scrolling issue if u want to play with your full potential ;)

That bug was bound to happen considering i added that collision hours before the end of the jam and it literally just checks "if(solve_move() == out_of_bounds()) do_not_move()" xD . The menu buttons throwing u ingame is intentional, i didnt have the time to add new pages considering my UI library was wacky so i just "solved" it like that x).

Really funky game, the amount of effects made the game feel really juicy even if it wasn't always entirely clear for me when my input was on the beat (or i just suck x) ). It did feel really nice once u get into the rhytm. I really liked this game's interesting mechanic of clearing the way with the life of your previous iterations. Nicely executed!

Lovely game, even after paying of my debt i continued to explore and finding the little secrets hidden all over. I love the wacky humor present in this small dream world. The sound effects were really fitting and sold the idea of exploring a weird and wacky dream world.

Satisfying experience! Reminded me a lot of hotline miami with the rapid restarting and gore painting the floor. Nice amount of levels and an increasing variety in enemies. Very juicy!

Interesting game concept. Felt really satisfying to peel and blend some fruits. The physics helped a great deal in making it all feel nice. Maybe adding some sticky notes with the controls to some of the parts would have helped, i found myself pressing "I" quite often cause i forgot haha. Overall JUICY experience!

Thank you, didn't expect "relaxing" to be on the compliment list hahaha. Making the player collider a bit smaller was on my todo list but was forgotten somewhere along the way x) . Sorry for that.

Thank you! Ye the scrolling thingy is annoying but can be solved by using a different browser like Firefox. There used to be a fullscreen button but it magically disappeared when i changed the Emscripten template :/

This game has a very lovely atmosphere and vibe that makes the puzzle solving quite a soothing experience. Nice ending as well :p . And the lovely music completing the overall vibe.

A really unique character, lovely design! Love the animations and art. The controls feel a bit floaty, im not sure if that was intended but it felt off to me.

Originally no, we wanted the juice part to consist of killing the enemies hence the screenshake and sound effects on kill but balancing caught us off guard haha. So now the first level is a bit of a dodging game. After beating the first level and acquiring your first upgrade the killing part should make a come back but that doesnt mean u can slack of on dodging :P

Novel idea for using a slot machine as your main mechanic. A really interesting take. Nice sound effects when playing making it addictive to just keep rolling and the art is lovely. Would have liked if there was a bit more to do with your coins. 

Very juicy combat but the friendly fire is kinda annoying and making it harder than it should be. Overall a fun experience with simple controls that work well.

So much screenshake! Pretty fun to play. A simple idea making good use of the juicy requirements!

Thanks for the extensive feedback! 

The arrow key scroll issue seems to only happen in Chrome. There is screenshake on killing enemies and they were meant to be more squishy, they die quickly however after u pick up your first upgrade. And yes we should have added auto fire haha.

The game is completely customizeable, it reads json files for the movement patterns and enemy generation so if u want to see more u can get the windows build and make it all a bit easier for yourself and even make your own waves :P 

Really relaxing and addicting game, love the pixel art.

Really interesting take on the theme. Addicting and juicy. Love puzzle games like this. Really nice! 

Very juicy very juicy game, love the gibs and particles on killing enemies. Nice take on the jam as well!

Fun game, very simple and direct. I like the simple textures. 

Really nice game, the loading screens arent really that necessary but it isnt a huge issue. I like the art and the story. Controls also feel nice. Solid game!

Interesting to incorporate infinite dashing in that way. Much potential for platform puzzles. The controls do feel a bit floaty.

It is a wild experience collecting green cubes and fighting unreal engine default models. The idea is nice, the execution could use some work. Controls feel quite sensitive. I love the music though! Being able to aim my bullets would have been awesome!

Addicting game, and a really juicy clicker experience. Nice job.