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The Twisted FactoryView game page

A puzzle game about dismantling a giant, dark factory!
Submitted by Blackthornprod Games (@NoaCalice) — 2 hours, 17 minutes before the deadline
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Watching the "making of", I really liked how you approached the creations of the puzzles, making puzzle games is always harder than solving them.

Thanks for hosting the Jam, it was a great experience!


Very nice game ! Your art style is really pleasing to watch ! The game is engaging, and you can finish it in different ways.

I really loved the little characters running around at the top, that's a nice touch.

The tutorial at the beginning is well made, but it's still a lot of information to take at once. Maybe it's also because it was early in the morning :p That's harder to make in a jam, but a tutorial that guide you for the first steps could be a solution to improve this.

Overall it was really fun to play ! :D


Very nice, just needed to get the hang of at the start. But once I did, it was pretty amazing! Well done!

It wasn't easy, but I managed to beat it! 😁


Awesome game


Awesome puzzle game ! Love the art as usual !


This was great, it reminds me of HearthStone in terms of giving up health and taking damage. 

A very strategic approach is required to pass, and the art is beautiful.

This was a good one.


This was really fun! You were able to convey a sense of desperation and urgency in a turn-based card game. Great job. Also loved all of the card designs. I will nitpick only one thing. The designs were sometimes too busy, so it was hard to immediately/intuitively tell what they're all about. Regardless, it did not ruin the experience. Not one bit.

Submitted (1 edit)

Your usual fortes really shine through here; with the art, ui design, sound and player feedback all feeling really enjoyable. To be honest, as I'm not a huge fan of this style of game, I'd say that really nailing these factors (along with all the behind the scenes things like level restarts) kept me invested and playing until the very end.

But beyond your aesthetic achievements you also came up with something pretty unique and head scratching puzzler that forever felt fresh.

For me, the all important health stat number was a little too dull, often falling away from my immediate notice which was a little annoying as more often than not that was the only number that really mattered throughout my playthrough. I say that due to there being a whole load of ways you could simply gain infinite energy (by either spamming the duplicate or the add health to the energy cube). But fortunately even though that may sound quite gamebreaking to someone who hadn't played the game, the puzzles were made so well that having infinite energy often made no difference... they were still complex puzzles.

But within that perhaps there's something more inherent about the value of energy in the game, as it quite often became a stat which didn't really matter (at least for the levels you created).

I'm also never the biggest fan of big explainers to start off games; meaning that even though your wonderful art and sound led me through that early slideshow I couldn't help but feel that there was too heavy a reliance on the text. That left me feeling that there might be a more effective way to convey this information--perhaps through a little animated sequence or a purely visual slideshow that delivers the same narrative but without text?

Ultimately, that stuff's all pretty minor in light of the fact you managed to craft this really enjoyable, stylistically coherent and storefront worthy experience in just a few days... It's really astounding when I think about it!


I started this game at 9am and it was smooth sailing up until level 5. After about 25 minutes of sighs, grunts, and frustration, I figured out level 5 and kept moving up the ladder. Then I finally arrive at the last level (Which took me an entire hour) and I cannot express how much satisfaction I felt from completing this game. Finishing level 8 made me feel like there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Things are looking up. I'm going to seize the day. I might just call some friends over to celebrate. I don't know. But, I feel good. I love puzzles and I definitely love games that are challenging. This was a blast. Thank you.


i dont understand how to play or its just too hard i dont like card games so much sry

(1 edit)

Beautiful game, pretty challenging, I didn't get it past level 5. The music is very good, and the idea is pretty nice, fits today's problems somehow.

It's really infuriating that the game is not in full screen tho.

Beautiful game, pretty challenging, I didn't get it past level 5. The music is very good, and the idea is pretty nice, fits today's problems somehow.


Cool game bro! Find my thorough video review below ^^

01:00 Twisted Factory


Well done! But it is a little complicated and hard game. Also, thought that maybe you should made this game fullscreen and sounds a little quiter. Anyway the visuals are stunning! Got pleasant experience!


Fun, challenging game! Your visuals are top notch, as usual. Love how you always stick to a similar art style, makes it easy to spot your games. Everything feels very polished. 

Maybe I played too early in the morning here, but it took me way longer to get past level 1 than I'd care to admit, haha. Once I got a better grasp of the mechanics, I was good to go. Overall, great work!

Also, thanks so much for hosting this jam! It was my first time submitting a game.


Well I'm blocked on the level 5 on 8 but you deserve your full 5 stars. Well done


Stunning visuals and really liked the attention to detail, making each and every click really pop and feel alive! The design was interesting, but I would have preferred having a bit more visibility into the queue to add some strategy element to it. Here it sometimes felt more like a puzzle game where you have to find the right solution in the shape of a card game, which is fine if that's what you went for! An undo button would have been nice as well. However really good amount of content produced, always amazed by your very distinct art style, and felt really immersed in the world in a very short amount of time. Well done!


its great love your art and pls can someone rate my game


A good game with great mechanic


Great game. In line with BTP standards

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