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Cute game. I thought the feel of the gun was good. Wish there was some music. Aside from that, great job!

Not a bad game. I didn't know I could use other dice until the last boss, so I just kept attacking my way through lol

Fun game and great visuals. I will admit that it was a bit frustrating, since the randomness does tend to make up most of the game. Strategy exists, but is often more about delaying any offensive movements until you have the right dice. Regardless of that, I think this is a great base for a unique game. Great job!

Pretty fun game. Although the story was interesting, I will say there was a lot of text, especially for a game jam game. Maybe next time keep the story shorter. Aside from that, great job!

Not gonna lie, at first I thought there wasn't much to the game. But once I understood what was happening, then I started enjoying it and noticed how clever it was. Great job!

It's a fun concept. I think it'd be nice if you had more choices for more strategic approaches rather than it'd be more random.

Fun game with a very casual atmosphere. Good job!

Loved the visuals and audio of this game. Great job!

Loved the visuals on this game!

So far, this is my favorite game of the jam. I love the presentation, story, game design and puzzle design. You should be proud of this.

Not bad. I think you could have exposed enemy stats in the game. But aside from that, it was a good game.

The presentation was nice and spooky. And it made me very tense, However, the gameplay is purely luck, which does make it drag a bit and not that interesting. I'd maybe add some mechanics that add a level of skill and strategy to the game.

Good job, regardless!

Loved the presentation on this! I think it'd be interesting to see other games done in this style. As for the gameplay, I think it was fun and enjoyable but maybe TOO random to have any control over the outcome. Regardless, great job!

This was an oddly relaxing game. The visuals, audio and even gameplay really put me in a zen mood. Aside from that, I think it was a fun game and an easy time-waster. Good job!

This is a really fun game. Had to stop myself from playing any further. Good job with the presentation, as well.

This was great! I didn't even mean to play through the entire thing. But I got caught up just having a lot of fun. Both the game concept and presentation were amazing.

If I had to nitpick, I would say that some of the strategizing was weird. I never knew if me passing turns with unused dice was ever a bad idea. And I would always buy more dice, just to see what happened, but never thinking if it was worth it.

Aside from that, this game was great.  I'm a big fan of your work, and I think you made another winner!

This was a great and fun game! I could see this becoming a bigger game with a full release. Loved the visuals and music as well.

If I had to nitpick, I would say that some of the "rules" don't work as well with the style of gameplay. For example, getting faster shooting times means nothing, when you'll generally only use it once. Aside from that, I thought the game was great. Good job!

This was a really fun game. Reminds me of other games like QWOP or Get Over It! Really good job!

The concept was very creative. Definitely needs a little more time to develop, but I think you have something very special here.

Jut don't cross any lines. Horror games or creepy games are more than fine.

As long as people are somehow able to get the game and play it, then it's allowed. Remember, the jam entries will be rated, so people should be able to easily have access to your game. If that sounds good to you, then go ahead. :)

There is no limit on team size. You can go solo or have a large team.

That's what I was hoping for. Thank you!

Thank you! ^_^

Thank you! I appreciate the feedback. :)

This was really good. Kinda wished there would've been subtle background music to go along with it. Great job!

This was a nice crunchy game, with a really fun loop. One tiny suggestion would be to maybe have the character with the gun move around and away from the other guy more often, since then the player would have to think about spacial awareness. By having him so close, it really does feel like you're the one shooting and not another character. Great job overall!

This was a very good game. Loved the wonky physics of the tether. Props to you!

Very cool concept. Sort of a marriage between two other well regarded mechanics (grappling hooks and gravity shifting). Great job!

This was very interesting. The music complimented the gameplay perfectly too. Great job!

This was amazing! The core mechanic was so creative and very well integrated with the story of the game. The only nitpick is that I sometimes didn't know where the beam would explode. Aside from that, you should be proud of this!

Amazing game! Especially loved the visuals and overall presentation. I do have to admit that it does feel a bit too hectic. Regardless, great job!

This game is beautiful and very relaxing.  I love it! It did take me a while to learn what to do, but ultimately I liked it a lot.

Who gave you permission to make this game look so good!? Great job with it. The gameplay is great and it's a joy to just look at. I think adding some subtle background music would just be icing on the cake.

Fun game. The music was a bit loud and the characters bouncy, for some reason. However, the artstyle was cute and charming and the franticness felt great. Great job!

I thank you for playing my game. And I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the controls.

Thank you! And great rating! I appreciate you playing my game.

The game was great. However, the biggest praise of all goes to your tutorialization. It was extremely effective, where I knew exactly what to do and what was going on, after that first immediate prompt. Great job!

This was very cool. Kinda tough in some parts. My feedback would be to create a clear division between the two screens. Might cause a bit less confusion with the level design. Overall, great job!

This was a really nice game. I love the creativity of each friend. I will say the control scheme sometimes feels a bit unintuitive. For example, I would expect to be able to select a friend by pressing 'Enter' instead of the same button I had to press to open the selection wheel. Regardless, I think you have a great concept here!