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My game isn't going to be so old when I submit it, (just a couple of months) but I'mma do it anyways. (It's gonna be my second game)

I finished 588th in overall and 317th in theme! I'm totally pleased. Anyone else wanna share their results?

Nice, thanks!

This is my game

I'd be glad if you rated my game:

Don't hesitate to rate my game:

Thanks for playing! :D

This is my game. Currently it has 16 ratings:

I see. Thanks!

If you find the time, please rate my game:

Here's my game with 15 ratings. Thanks!

This is my game with 15 ratings currently:

Here's my game. It has 15 ratings:

My first game. Enjoy!

Here's my game. Hope you like it!


Already done.

Thanks! Because of school and other things my time was limited.

This is my first game jam, here's what I ended up with:

Rated your game. Outstanding by the way. here's mine:

Outstanding game. 10/10.

Outstanding game. 10/10.

My first ever game:

My game:

Hope you enjoy!

My little game, Illusion:

This is my game:

I didn't have much time to make levels, but I'm pleased with what I made.

This game has an amazing atmosphere. I loved it.

Your game is really hard for my brain!

Will do!

Here is my (first) game:

This is actually my first game(!):

Great job! I'd probably never be able to make a game like this with my current skill.

Feel free to check out my game:

This is my game:

This is my little game:

Interesting game. The sound effects for moving were kinda annoying, but otherwise great job!

I don't think I understood the story quite, but still I liked the amazing artwork and music.

Thanks for the feedback! I'm just pleased I managed to finish the game AND go to school.