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Who else has school while the jam is starting?

A topic by A coder created Jan 31, 2021 Views: 554 Replies: 35
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I do.


And I really don't like school.

I have online classes in South Korea. I literally hate it and after I rush threw my online class, I'm gonna Program for the rest of the day. I'm horrible at making songs and art, but I have some experiences with unity and c#.

lots of people said that :( i am bad at sound and art) actually me too haha i am bad at art and sound and i hate online classes


south korea is hell + prison


i havent been there but i saw the youtube vidseos saying its trash

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Dude wtf! It's like 10x better than that. Korean education is sh@t(people literally study for 10 hours with no rest). But beside that it's not bad at all!

edit: I also think K-Pop is Sh@t.


I do

Same :/

i ve got school too

yeah and i have homewrk


me also but by the time this game jam starts probably no more online school for me

I do.

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[read in jar jar binks voice]


I have tests after a week or 2 from the jam 


i've got work

Me too

I do  

guess I'm not the only one lol

lol yeah


I have a friking english quiz. I hate quizes

omg thats so sad



School sucks but what can you do 


i have finals after 2 weeks after the jam ends

guess what!...not only school but exams!!!!!!!

omg thats so sad


I have it. Also it鈥檚 physical.馃槶馃槶馃槶... And I have also having final exams... but nothing stops me from Gamedev...

Same I have IRL school and HOMEWORK... im so sad

I have online school as well as a full-time job lol. Going to finish all my homework so I can focus on the jam for a week though.


I also have school during the jam week, physical as well. However, I participated in the BTP Game Jam #3 a couple weeks ago - it was a blast - so I'm craving game-dev right now!  That's why I'm not gonna let som schooling stop me. I'll aim small, smaller than usual, and I'm thinking of forming a team so that I don't have to spend lots of time on the non-programming-related bits.




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I have it too, and it's IRL :(. My way to participate in the game jam will be: When I wake up, after having breakfast, I spend all the time I have in the game. Then, after coming back from school, I make my homework ASAP, then work as much as I can in the game. Repeat each day until I finish the game, or the jam finishes, watever happens first.

Hope this works for someone else too!

I Have final exams during the jam dude