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Update the install instructions MAC or linux version thing pls pls pls pls

this is the best game I've ever played

I loved the art


Can't wait for this

How do you decide in which style your game art should be? 


I'm happy to see you getting into game development

Added one more code as a reference to Luigi in Super Mario 64

Reminds me of mind is born for the c64

It works great!


Hope everyone's having fun

Best game in the jam

What did you use for the palette swapping and dithering

Are there any audio limitations put in place?
If not, do you have any suggestions

I was thinking i wouldn't finish the game in time but now I 100% will

Good luck

this is goodest game i has ever playd 5/5 IMB

Joe ? Never heard of her.

Is there a way for me to submit to game jams again

I've published a game and I'm trying to submit it to a game jam but this error pops up

"We seem to be having server problems right now! Please try again later."

How did you get the games page to move like this

I've seen kids as young as 8 join jams

I'm having a heart attack

I voted for position, rotation, scale

Do you think this was intentional? 

School sucks but what can you do 

Can even run on a intel hd at this point lol

-IGN 10/10

By the way,how did you make the console beep when a key that has nothing to do with the game gets pressed

I was reading through the source code and turns out if your name is administrator then you will be able to choose how many assets you want to have at the start of the game