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A topic by IshanSingh created Feb 08, 2021 Views: 828 Replies: 35
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which theme are you all voting i like the positive and the strong one give your choice

I voted for "Stronger Together" or something :) 
I love cooperation games



I voted for "Stay positive" and "Position, Rotation, Scale"

Just seemed like it could raise some interesting game ideas (:


I voted for "Alone, Together" and "Forbidden Entry." They both sound mysterious.

yeah, same

yeah same here


I voted for Stay Positive, I have really cool idea for this theme


cools i shall try to remember to play thine game


I voted the ending of the book is just new chapter, and stronger toghether because they inspirate me the most. Btw This is my first game jam.

Same for me! Which IDE / Programming Language do you use?

I use c# in unity. If you wanna team,I m sorry but i wanna do this game alone to test my skills 

sorry for bad English

I feel you, mate! I also wanted to do it solo, so  don't worry. ;-)
Let's talk again after the jam!

Good luck!

Deleted 134 days ago


I voted for "Alone, Together",  "Forbidden Entry" and "The ending of the book is just new chapter"... i'm not sure what they mean with forbidden entry but the interpretations could lead to great game ideas

I voted for "Alone, Together" 


i voted for scale rotation position

i cant think of anything relating to that but i wont judge

*proceeds to stare judgingly*

Me too! I'm picturing a navigation puzzle where you need to resize and rotate yourself to move through obstacles :)

Yeah Me too


I voted for Blending old and new

i voted for stay positive and 2 other things i cant remember

i just remembered. it was stay positive, alone, together, and forbidden entry.

i have a pretty good idea for this. it includes a garden


Alone together


i chose stay positive, stronger together and the end of the book is a new chapter

I voted for stay positive cuz I have a cool idea for it

I voted for position, rotation, scale

hey can anyone of you can send me 2d sprites I am good programmer But bad at art 

Hi Ishan I do Design and Programming both 

hey then please send me some sprites and I will help you with your programming 

and also send me your game and I will also send my game  


If this thread is an accurate sampling, I predict the theme will be "Stay Positive"

"Alone.Together" And if it ends up being "Stronger Together" or "Stay Positive" then my idea would still work

I voted stronger together but my idea would work with stay positive.