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Thanks for using MR tiles master. I have updated it few days ago.( Not the video). Right now I am using it and improving it because I am making a metroidvania game. I hope I will release an update soon.

Thanks for playing!!!!

Thanks for playing!!!

Thanks for using it.

Nice graphics.. The enemies are quite stupid and using the sword it is not really easy.. also the traps are not very efficient because the enemies don’t go the trap work. I did 3400..Good job.

Nice game, I like the idea. I was able to finish the levels without collecting all the mushrooms. Also the collision of the slug wasn’t good.

Thanks for playing!!

I am sorry you didn’t enjoy it.

Nice game, it is quite hard to beat the other slugs.. also you stop the game with the first slug, it would be nice to let you see in which position you finish. Good voice acting. Good job.

Thanks for playing!!!

Thanks for playing!!

Like 6000

Nice idea, I have a powerful computer but your game couldn’t move anymore.. I think I won.

Nice 3D game.. you did a great work.. good job.

Nice idea.. the game is challenging..good job

Similar to old Gorilas in Basic (early 90’).. It is not easy to play .. also I didn’t know what to hit exactly..

The idea is particular, I was able to put the snakes but after jumping with the toad wasn’t really easy.

nice graphics . Good job.

The idea is nice.. quite hard to play…

The idea was nice.. at beginning I didn’t understand what to do but after a little bit I was able to finish it … good job.

I like the concept of the game, I wasn’t so good to take all the pieces in once.. after too many day I lost.. good job.

The idea is nice and challenging.. specially when the player is upside down is not so easy to jump.. my record is 63.. which is really bad.. I try several times. Good Job.

The idea is nice and well implemented. I think you should improve your Itch page.. increasing the size of the “Viewport dimension”

I am not really good in this games but I was able to win different times.. then he defeat me.. good job.

I was able to play… graphics are very nice and also the gameplay. One life is a little bit short.. specially when a bat appears and kills you without warning.. Good Job.

I like the concept of black and white.. Good job.

The animation of the player and enemies are nice.. It is a good start for a game..

Thanks for playing….

I enjoy playing your game, wasn’t really hard.. but was fun to finish all the levels. good job.

Nice implementation of the theme. I enjoy listening to the music while playing your game. Good Job

I am not able to play.. I try with web and .exe… it stop on a gray screen after the presenetation… do I have to do something?

I did try but noting is there..

The idea is nice, I didn’t hide to avoid the enemies.

Sorry, I found the 3 object and I finish it.. I didn’t se any easter egg

The idea is different for other games, I have difficulty to understand how to move and to select the objects.

The game is a good start but it is not challenging…

Thanks for playing…

Thanks for playing.. following certain path the game is difficult. going to another direction the game can be easier. I did a youtube video playing all the game until the end.

The idea is simple.. I was able to play in firefox.. in chrome the app goes crazy.