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Thanks a lot for the feedback, I really appreciate it.

I have still 10 days to improve it, I will take some of suggestions and improve it. Thanks again

Hi, thanks for playing. If you play with arrows could avoid the issue.

The game is still under development. the jam ends at in about 10 days.

I have released a work in progress game for the Boss Jam at

Your name is Namika and you have to kill all the aliens . There are 2 levels with  different bosses at the end.

Nice bot , I understand what do you mean with music.

I have released a free text editor made in Godot.

I am still working on it adding new features.

Thanks for testing it.  I have to figure out what you mean to make music but I have some ideas to make it different from other editors.

I have released in alpha my version of my tool at :

I like the puzzle concept, You did several levels and I happy I finish all of them. Good job.

Nice game, I enjoy playing it . I like how the sea monster moves.

Nice little game, my score was 16.

I like the voices , jumping is not always so easy... 

Nice game, maybe you can give couple of more lives to the player. it's  quite frustrating to restart again. 

Thanks for playing


Thanks for playing.

It finished it quite fast, nice idea of "one button".. 

Nice game, I like it. After many shoots I finish and I saw the ending.. good job

Funny game, It was quite hard to jump at beginning but after I got it.

Your game is really funny, I like to shoot around like crazy... great job.

Very particular game...

The idea is nice, the player moves really fast and sometimes jumping is not really easy but as a first game is really good. Keep like this.

Good Job

Thanks for playing.

Now the game is also available for free on Android( ) and Iphone ( )

Thanks for playing.

Thanks for playing.

Thanks for playing.

Thanks for playing.

I have released a one button game for the #SBIGJam

You have to drive a car with only one button.

To play go to

I have updated my tool to version 0.7 with new features , check it at

This is my last post here. I will improve my game on my page 

Released today ver. 0.5

Cool idea to share secret files that can pass the antispam systems.

Adding Animation buttons

Thanks for using my tool, I am improving it a little bit with animations and new features. I hope it will be more useful one day.

The last version on (web version and .exe 0.3) can save and load your animations.

I did test your tool, I found couple of issues:

In windows 10 The tool is trying to create folders data, images and background but it is forbidden. better if you user the user path in windows (I don't know in ruby, in C# is like this

I have created the folder by my own and the program runs.

Normally I have many disks on my computer and tools are on disk Z: , I cannot select the disk .

By the rest it is an interesting tool.

Adding some animation to the Face

Adding the option to move and resize all the point together.

Thanks for testing. 

I liked the first idea when I started but the performance of the code in Godot was very bad. There are not fill options and doing it by code takes ages for easy things. 
Now the code uses another component which is optimized and the performance are good. Editing point by point it is crazy and I will study how to use some reference to move all the point together.. specially for hair.

Also my idea is to make some animations and export the sprite sheet. 

The palette idea is interesting but It was quite difficult to undestand how to save the tiles (as you did in the animated gif)

It is a good start with some polish can help to make nice tiles.

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When I open your app I see 2 windows (1 is the debug and the other is your application)

When you export uncheck the  flag "export with debug" and will open only the application

Nice tool, You forgot to compile as a release for windows because when I run It I can see the godot logs of the app.

I also did something similar, but for little text and images (