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Thanks for testing it. About dark mode I will check how to do it.

Nice tool fo the jam, I notice that the fill button fills all the screen and not the selected area.

The concept it nice. Using the keyboard instead of the mouse it really hard.

The idea is interesting.  At beggining I had some issues with the UX to select and set colors.

Nice tool. About the screenshots clic on "Edit Theme" and select the screenshot under "Layout"

I like the nice user interface that you have created.

Nice tool, can be helpful sometimes .

Nice tool, very professional. I notice only an issue when you Render: the output file is all to 0.. and you cannot close the popup after render (to use the app again I have to refresh).

Here is an export that i got:

Really nice graphic

The concept is nice.

Nice idea, at beginning i didn't understand how to connect the nodes. 

Maybe you should write that the connection has to be done with more nodes and ;

A cool idea should when you select a node on the left you change the node number and the connections. 

Nice tool. Nice graphics

Also the numbers are missing

I have released my little tool for printing FlashCards

After writing all the questions and answers you can preview how the system will print the cards.

If your printer doesn't print in both sides, you have to print 1 page at the time changing the printer side after the first side is printed.

Nice game. I like your procedure to generate the levels, really good.

Like the idea, the game it is a little bit too slow but good job for couple of days .

I like the concept and the light effect. Well done..

Now I can play, the Idea is nice, sometimes I couldn't pass between shelves. Good Job.

Fun game, only you should permit to go fast on the reading pressing a button after the first time.

I wanted to try your game but I cannot find the link to download it.

Fun game, I like when I thought away people out of the window.

I will check the issue with fullscreen after the gamejam end. Thanks for playing!!! 

Thanks for playing!!!

Thanks for playing!!!

Funny little game.

Thanks for playing!!!

Thanks for playing!!!

Thanks for playing!!!

Thanks for playing!!!

Thanks for playing!!!

Thanks for playing.. I am sorry for the issue.. I was quite busy and I couldn't finish it well. 

When I will have time I will improve it 

I have no time to work on my AI ideas, I have already release an early stage of the game at :

I hope I will improve it one day..

I decided to make an schema of the data structure and some workflow that I would like to make on the game.

Red areas are still work in progress.. I hope I will finish before end of the JAM.

Working on area coverage by the two teams.

The idea is to avoid collision between players of the same teams that search for the ball and check the coverage of the field.

I started to do it with 3D Spheres but with a grid it is easy to check busy areas and to put some constrains in certain areas. 

Red Team now can punch you.

Adding some violence , now the player can punch the other players (At the moment only the blue team).


I am starting with the violence..

I have been working on the interface and some enemies IA.

I decided to create a Mecha Soccer game.

I made the Player on Blender.

I have created a little stadium and a 5 team mecha

The IA is still work in progress.