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Great game!, had lots of fun, looking forward to the steam release.

Nice game, quite an original twist on the formula!

Sorry to hear that, I'm unsure what the issue could be.

Nice Twist to the survivor formula!

hey! found the concept quite funny and made a video trying it out.

Hey! checked out your game for a video. Really liked the design and progression. Definitely looking forward to more Updates!

Hey checked your game for a vid! Like it so far! (Played it before the update tho. Will probably check it again soon on stream.

NICE! glad to see you're working on it. I'll definitely be following the progress.

Hey! I tried your game for a video! Really enjoyed it, interesting mechanics. Looking forward to updates.

Hey! I checked out your game in a video, and liked it so far! I gave you some feedback on the game. Hope you find it useful. Looking forward to future updates. 

Hey tried your game and two others for a video. Really like the art style! Short but awesome!

Hey!, tried your game and two others in a video. Liked it, quite difficult at first tho. 

Hey, really enjoyed the experience, got me hooked.

I made a video recommending it with two others.

Indie Gems: Far From Noise, Everything, and A short Hike - YouTube

Hey, really enjoyed this game and I now posted a video recommending this Gem and two others,

Indie Gems: Far From Noise, Everything, and A short Hike - YouTube

thank you

Funny twist

Fun game, and nice visual!, took me some time to get the hang of it (bit hard at the start maybe)

Great idea! I found myself not spamming the shoot to avoid triggering notes at the wrong time!

Nice idea! would have preferred it to be designed as a progression instead of losing the monsters.

Fun idea!, maybe a bit to hard from the start

Nice game! maybe would have made the enemies more bouncy. Great art too!

Well put together scene. items spawning in different locations make it fun to explore! would be interested to see your first idea come to life.

Thanks for playing! we didnt have much time for polish. The wall disappear after 3 turns, and the traps (ice and spikes) break after they have been walked on twice (looks a bit weird when triggered by ice).

hey loved the idea! would have been nice to also add cards that gave speed boosts or slows. Still love it!

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Since I´m fixing bugs I'll add this too.(DONE)

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you´re totally right! Somehow I completely missed it. Fixing it now.(FIXED)

yeah, we knew that could happen. We didn't really have time to fix it. 

like the art and it could be a interesting mechanic if expanded. sadly i see you didnt have much time to add any enemies

Really good execution, extremely fun!

Quite a relaxing game, good choice of music and sounds!, sadly i dont really see the mechanic you chose for the theme.

fun game, like the filter, and the sound!

good game! but personally i would have preferred a continuous movement. 

Good use of the Idea! fun little game

Fun game!, to be picky my only suggestion would be to exaggerate the balloons growth so that it is clear when they are going to pop.

Simple mechanic, with good execution

Very nice choice, game is fun!

Very nice, good puzzles, and nice visuals

quite fun!, you could have added a small timer or something on the item spawn though.

Nice choice of mechanic, simple and fun!