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Yeah a lot of time was wasted on networking and developing the UI so everything else fell short. Though I enjoyed the challenge and even more that I made it in time while working solo. And Kudos to you for actually trusting me. I totally get why someone wouldn't want to start an exe where every protection warns you not to execute it.

No, you probably just need to

What a charming little gem. Though playing blind was too hard for me.

Also thumbs up for the linux build ;)

Neat idea. And also such a polish. I only miss a leaderboard and maybe multiple levels. My highscore is 52400 :P

Cool idea. Would love to see this as a complete game.

The mouse direction up and down was flipped for me, but good concept and good game for a firstie. Especially in 48 hours.

We had too ambitious goals so we couldn't playtest or even polish. If you care to give it another go then please do. When you only see a single letter, you have to do a simon-says kind of challenge, so repeat the letter sequence that pops up. When a word appears just retype the word. Also the breakable walls aren't really visible so keep an eye out for slightly darker, more brittle tiles. For the later puzzle section you might also want to draw a small minimap for the rooms on a piece of paper.

Thank you for playing

Sound is in the works ;)

We just tried to do too much. And the UI isn't the best right now, but there is an update coming.

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Update is in the works that hopefull makes the UI a bit clearer. But as always we tried to do too much 

(Edit: is out now, see devlog)