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Thank you so much for playing! I’ll check out your VOD! ✨

The last update has been a few months back and just added some additional file formats, the content should be the same :)

Yes, game and creator pages are pretty similar!

sounds like a very successful Kniffel 2 experience 😌

This has to be the best thing said about my games yet, thank you! ✨

Definitely not intended, I’m currently monitoring this bug :)

Thank you for your thoughtful comment, it means a lot! <3

The shutter speed / ISO / exposure “triangle” and it’s effects are actually pretty tricky to implement, but it is definitely under consideration! I’m currently working on a generator overhaul with lots of new stuff to take photos off, and definitely a few moving parts in the mix :)

I will admit, I have never thought about spawning next to the boat, but it’s actually a pretty good idea! I will test that!

Hey! You need to download the game through the bundle page to claim it to your account :)

I’m glad you enjoyed it! Let me know if you find the secret ending 👀

Thank you for the reports! I’m glad you’re enjoying the game 💕

Thank you so much for the kind words! ✨ That means so much to me!

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Glad you found the pack helpful! ✨

Me and a friend played this game on stream, and I can’t believe how these simple rules make for amazingly tense gameplay! We were screaming and jumping in our seats watching the small ship zoom by planets and UFOs, it was super exciting!

Hey! Would love to investigate that crash, feel free to shoot me a message on Twitter or join our Discord and DM me there :)

Loved the music and spritework, even the low resolution did not stop me from being deeply immersed in my playthrough <3

Hey folks, I’ve been working on a small graphic template pack to help you with designing your itch pages easier and faster ✨ So if you could use some assistance on that, please check it out!

The graphics used for the page are included aswell, so you can see how stuff works!

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I am sorry to have upset you with the free copies I am offering. You can still pay for the game, which in turn unlocks more community copies for people to take :)

Also, please don’t comment about pirating small indie games on other game pages, as it is really discouraging for developers who are spending months on games for people to enjoy. Thank you!

I still hope you enjoy your game and hope you’ll give it a nice review ✨

I think the person above would have rather pirated my game than accept one of the free community copies I am offering for people who are not able to pay.

Thank you for your feedback, I am glad you’re enjoying the game! I just pushed out a small quality of life update, and updates to the island generation are next on my list!

I love your pictures, if you wanna find more islands with names, maybe you should check out the credits :)

Hey! Thank you for your feedback! I’ve been looking into the crashes and it seems like a problem on the engine-side sadly :/ I just updates the game using a newer version of Unity, which might fix this bug, but I can’t promise anything!

The mouse inversion has made it into the new update!

bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy

a small & spooky bouncy ball simulator

Play it over on

I would love for Shutter Stroll to be included ✨ especially since I am still working on updates :)

Gorgeous visuals and a great twist on classic pong! Would love to see more content after the jam ends ✨

I love the idea, but I had great trouble knowing how near I would have to be to die, causing many surprising (and frustrating) deaths! Hope you keep working on the idea after the jam ends! ✨

I remember one of my first games I made was a marble game, and this brings me a lot of nostalgia 💕

We did not want to have a win condition since you should be able to express yourself freely, set your own goals as you please :)

The hitbox will be improved in a few days, we are working on a post-jam update!

Wonderful idea, I’d love to see this world expanded upon 💕

Incredibly cute! Reminds me a bit of Tiny Islands! Very nice look and it sounds great, a relaxing play for in between :) Thank you for making this!

Thank you very much!

Loving the concept! But the controls are slowly drifting off the beat, which was a small bummer! I hope you keep working on this after the jam, it was really fun! ✨

Interesting concept, liked that you could still drive over tiles to clear them if needed, that gave the whole game a clever twist!

Lovely project, your song remixes were really cool!

What a neat idea! Especially using the repeat sign was a stroke of genius! And I had a few good chuckles along the way! I think this could work as a bigger game! The only gripe I had with it were the slippery controls, this game could really benefit from tight character feel :)

What a cute game!! Love the drawings! I think it can be a bit awkward at times when you just don’t get any cards that help you along your way, an option to discard would benefit the game a lot! Still had a lot of fun playing through this one!