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Thank you for the report, I’ll look into it for the next update!

If you open the images folder from the game, just jump up one folder and there should be log files present there :)

Ahh yeah Avast can be really weird sometimes…Maybe I’ll stumble upon what’s causing this, if you can I’d love to have some screenshots and maybe log files, if you’d like to send them to me over on Twitter!

Oh no, what OS are you on? I am currently working on an update, maybe I can try to fix that issue :)

Thank you! <3 I am glad the game helped you to relax in these crazy times :)

I’ll put that onto my to-do list!

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One island of many.

One camera to capture what should not be forgotten.

A mirror always reflects the light.

Hey folks, I worked on a short Twine game for I Can’t Write But Want To Tell A Story jam! It’s a fictional piece based in the world of Shutter Stroll, a game I released 2 months ago!

I would love some feedback on it 💕

You can play it in your browser over at

Thank you! It will take some time, but I hope you’ll come back when I update the game :)

I had to cut a bit of content to make it for release! But I will be working on a bigger update that features more content to be generated.

The score screen does not show on your first run due to a bug that slipped in last minute :( on the second run it’ll show, and it’ll be the first thing we’ll fix after the jam!

Ah! In that case, the sword should probably be swung in an arc so that property is visible!

I wish I could have gotten further into it, but for some reason the level turns way more slowly on my machine than in the GIFs, making the fourth level impossible to complete :(

Thank you! Now that you point it out, Grow Home must have been a bigger inspiration than I realized :D The fake-sneezes were my favourite thing to do for the game!

I totally get it, it was so hard to not wreak havoc during testing :D

I love the way you put a twist on the “your controls are broken” mechanic, implementing player agency into it already elevates it a lot! The game has such a nice presentation as well, it’s really memorable!

The only thing I don’t like are the short timers! I kept switching from mouse to keyboard and that has been losing me the most time, which got frustrating really quickly. More lenient timers or a different incentive to play fast would be lovely!

I love the idea, it reminds me of Hades by Supergiant, where every god has their own mechanics you can identify them by! I think it needs to be clearer what each effect does though, I have not felt a difference for most of the time.

Also a thing to think about: Why would I use my sword if the sling is better in any way? Think about the decision the player has to make to choose which weapon to use and how to make that choice interesting!

Love the music and art! I think hitboxes could be visualized better though, and the player acceleration/deceleration feels really slippery, making many parts of the level pretty unplayable when you’re fast. I like the idea of things getting out of control more and more, but that does not have to mean uncontrollable :)

Good job!

The path gets really narrow at the end, but it is technically possible to get through! Just really really hard :D

Yeah making a whole roguelite in a jam is overkill, but the base mechanic works well and I am pretty excited to see how you can shape the meta-game around that!

Moving such a big mass of entities is always really fun, just the nature of the mass forming around houses and obstacles is just satisfying! I think starting every level from the same blank slate is a bit tiring though, I would love to keep a few zombies everytime as the scenario get bigger. And hunting down one human that you forget somewhere before feels a bit like work, I think winning at 90% conversion would do wonders! Good game!

But instead you are a gentle flamingo who means no harm 💕 I like to call it reverse goose game!

I think the base idea is solid, and I like that you spun the out of control theme as something positive here (at least that’s what the mechanic feels like). But I feel the game takes too much time to ramp up to a state where that mechanic shines! Especially for a game jam, make sure people have the “ahhh, I get it!” moment early on! More enemies at the start (and more that group up) would do wonders here :)

Keep up the great work!

My favourite sound is the sneeze, I recorded it as an early placeholder and then we didn’t change it, so everyone of my friends thinks I’m sneezing in our calls when they play it :D

I am considering it!

The controls are in the Readme, you can select filters with F :) I’ll be putting the controls ingame in another update sometime!

Oh there are actually camera filters, whoops! If I make a sequel, I want to really beef up the camera though :)

Thank you! I think we would definitely like to fix it up after the jam, and maybe expand on it a bit :)

Hehe, I recorded myself as “placeholder audio”, and then we never switched it out, whoops! Still think the human sneeze is funny :D

This is such a nice and tranquil game! I loved the concept, and the stop mechanic working like a key that opens new areas has me wishing for a metroidvania in this style! Though I have to say, the stopping can be tricky, which requires a little bit more dexterity, but I think you could shift the focus to make this game even more of a puzzler!

Amazing job! ✨

I played your fixed version, and this game is excellent! Everything fits together so well!

Awesome game! But I think the small cubes are just distracting from the main concept! I thought this to be a puzzle game from its premise, but it turned into a rage game quickly haha :D

It was really hard to not get tempted to destroy everything when testing!

Thank you!

I agree! The camera would be the first thing I’d like to improve upon after the jam finishes :)

Thank you!

Yep sorry, the first playthrough it does not show your score :( you can restart with R or quit with Escape! On the second playthrough the score shows though!

Hey everyone, we just released our #GMTKjam 2020 entry, Flamingo Fiasco!

Mingo the Flamingo is in trouble! They need to deliver an important letter to the owners of the local shop for ancient vases and ludicrously expensive porcelain dishes. But this season their allergies are out of control, causing them to sneeze uncontrollably!

You can check it out here:

and if you want to rate it for the jam, do that here:

Thank you for the report! I’m aware of the issue, but have not found a fix yet, I’ll keep at it though!