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Do you want to join our Winter Selects Bundle?

A topic by Spencer Hayes created Nov 30, 2020 Views: 1,680 Replies: 49
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Edit: Thank you to everyone who submit their games for consideration. We'll be reaching out to the games we're including in the bundle shortly. If your game isn't chosen you can always set a discount for your project during the Winter Sale or set up a co-op bundle.

Hi community!

We’re working on our annual holiday sale, and as a component of it we’re looking to run one of our Selects bundles. This time we’re doing an open call to all interested developers to submit their games for inclusion. 

Here are the details:

  • The bundle will run from December 17th to 31st, alongside the sale. 
  • Each participating developer will receive an even share of the revenue
  • Final pricing and lineup TBD but we’re looking to launch at $6-10 with 6-8 games. 

We are looking for 5-8 more games to join the promotion so we won’t have room to include everyone who submits their games. For this particular bundle we're looking to include only paid games (no free projects/ non-gaming content). To submit post in this thread with a URL of the game you’d like to include from the account that owns its game page. 

We’ll be accepting submissions until Monday December 7th at 10am PT.

Examples of previous bundles:

Summer 2019

Winter 2019

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Sounds interesting. Could you add this to bundle?

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hi, the game is cool! Check out my game too!: 

 ! My last game :

And my account : and support if the game is broken or smt :

Oh And!: All the games are free! I have a small amount of views - 31 but 50 % Wich come download my games: 14 downloads

If you are interested, I'm in.   Choose one (or both) of the following, and let me know:

Would love to be part of this, since were also planning to update our game with a Christmas theme:

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Knights of Glennhaven would humbly like to pledge their allegiance to this cause:

This sounds great.  Here's the game I'd like to have included, Dissolving Floor.  You can find it here:

My game Frost Bite would be perfect for this it's a snowy horror game set in wintery mountains at night where the environment is as deadly as the monsters.

I'm interested, our puzzle survival hybrid, stopDrop, might fit well.

Our game HOUSE is very fitting for this joyful season...

Would love to participate with Apple Slash!

I would be happy to have Sagebrush or Cellular Harvest included in a bundle!

I'm not sure if a game is able to go into multiple bundles or not (never tried!), but if so I just launched my puzzle solving character duo game Dumpy & Bumpy a week ago

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Thank you very much for the opportunity, if it's okay with you, these are the games I'd like to participate.

Greetings! :)

Hello! I would love to be a part of this :)

I would love for Shutter Stroll to be included ✨ especially since I am still working on updates :)

Thank you so much for the opportunity :)

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Tengam is released for PC exclusively on (it's already on Switch). I'd love to be part of the bundle:

Sounds good! Maybe Swim Out's sunny atmosphere would warm the winter bundle:

I would like to submit my 2D watercolour fish simulation Guppy for consideration:

Anything from my account, I'd love to have included, but specifically this:

How about giving a chance for a very unknown little game???  Red Laser Z  has lasers, robots, insectoid aliens, and an epic story!

I would be honored if you would consider The Wizard's Labyrinth:

I would like to pitch in Fake Illusions. It's a game about optical illusions where not everything is as it seems!

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Thanks for this opportunity! Here's my game:

Hack FPS is an FPS (obviously). Your only objective is to get to the end of the stage by hacking enemies.

Extreme Meatpunks Forever: Bound By Ash might be a good pick!

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Puzzling Peaks EXE, a story-rich physics puzzle game set in the DERE EVIL EXE universe, would make a charming, yet possibly spooky, addition to this bundle!

Puzzling Peaks EXE (

Hi I'm interested!

Here's Floaty Fighters:

Hey! I just released a nice, little adventure/visual novel. It’s in another bundle so I’m not sure if it be in this one as well but here it is:

Hiya, 9 Till Void is a weird strategy-heavy roguelike that would be a cool addition to the bundle.

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I humbly submit Shrinespark for consideration in the bundle!

- released less than a month ago!

- set in space, stars kind of look like snowflakes from afar!

- chocked with quality Gags (necessary in times of strife).

- themes of togetherness, as befitting the Holidays.

- simulated online interaction (much like one would in Covid...)

Thank you for your consideration!

Sincerely, Homie Boon.

Sounds good! Check out Get Ogre It  A Dungeon crawler roguelike. Shapeshift, deceive your foes and survive.

I'll volunteer my game Alien Squatter. It's an RPG/survival where you play as a homeless extraterrestrial in a future version of Japan.

please add

I mean the game is so cool!

I would be interested with my game Nib. A game made with all pen and ink on paper assets. Explore a post apocalyptic trash heap of weird monsters and mutated plants. In a world full of monsters, the Pen is Mightier AS a Sword.

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An original puzzle game.
I was thinking of solitaire (looking out for numbers): match 2 blocks of the same number and they will change into 1 block, but with a higher number.

Someone even made a video on YT: 

I would like it if you considered my game, The Müll Littoral, for the bundle:

If you’re interested in including a physical game, I offer

Hi Spencer! Here's my submission to the bundle, Polymute:
Also, I had a question; could I submit a game that releases on the 7th? I have one coming to both Steam and itch on that day, so I figured I might as well ask!

Hello. This is my winter game. You slide on ice and bump into giant balls. Can be played in VR too. Hope you enjoy it.

Hello Spencer! 

We would be super glad to join the bundle with Task Force Kampas (, a 5$ value intense shoot-em-up that has already been featured at your channel!

Thanks for the opportunity! <3

Hi! If there is enough room for this one I would be very grateful

Hi this is my fighting game I worked for many years hope you like it:

I nominate Hooklings. It's a Bubble Bobble inspired game with its own hook being that you can ... hook and pull enemies. You also have to avoid them directly afterwards. I am sorry for the description. Normally, I am funny. Honest!

I would love to submit Flufftopia :)

Or my latest game Bring Back The Sun if you want :D

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