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I'm experiencing this as well. Can you rename the file type to lowercase so we can install via the Itch client?

Thanks for playing and sharing the video!

Is there a list/count of how many ghosts are exclusive to each version? I'm trying to figure out how many more I have left to catch on my local version.

Really enjoying the game. Great work! Is there any chance we could get an alternative D-Pad control when catching ghosts? While the PD screen is really reflective, tilting the device can still make it difficult to see what is on the screen clearly.

Fun idea, can't wait to try it out! Can you mark the Windows companion app as a Windows application in Itch so that it can be downloaded via the Itch client?

You bet! 👻 Make sure to grab your Steam key if you purchased previously.

Enjoy and have a Happy Halloween! 🎃

I'm really enjoying this. I'm still making sense of all the details, but I love how unique it is. The art style and animations are great. I like how much the animations lend to helping you understand how the game works.

This is an impressive simulation, especially with the limitations that PICO-8 imposes.  A unique little experience that I've enjoyed running while I work. I also appreciate the limited influence that you've given players. It blends right in with the ecosystem. Really well done!

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If you have a speedrun you'd like to share with the community, please submit your runs at:

Thanks for playing!

If you've ran into a bug or have a suggestion for improvements to the game, then this is the place to share them!

When reporting a bug, be sure to share your platform and any specific details required to reproduce the issue. If possible, please record a short video demonstrating the issue or provide screenshots. The easier it is to me to understand the problem, the quicker I will be able to fix it and release a patch!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying it!

The video was great! Thanks for sharing. Its interesting to see all of the different routes. Yours is optimized really well.

There is a hidden fullscreen toggle you can trigger by pressing Alt + Enter. I’ll update the game description to include that. Hopefully that will make recording a little easier!

I wrapped up dev on the pause menu (with reset option) earlier today. I’m going to test it a bit more tomorrow and hope to release it tomorrow evening. 

You can get in touch with me on Discord: travm#6508. 

Very well done! Congrats!

Im working on a pause menu that will allow you to quickly reset as we speak! Hope to have that out soon.

Also, make sure that you have downloaded the latest version 0.9.5.

It adds time tracking for each ending. You can view your best times at the start screen by pressing Select or Tab after completing the game for the first time. It will also notify you at the end screen if you have beaten you’re previous time for that ending.

Great job on that time. I would love to see a speedrun video to see your route!

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Great times AND full completion. Well done! Those are the best times I’ve seen thus far.

Thanks so much for the kind words. I’m really glad you’ve enjoyed it!

I hope to have some updates coming soon!

You can reach the roof outside with the boxes and window ledges before you enter the Manor.  Try pressing the pickup and jump button at the same time for a trick that will allow you to jump and take a box with you. 

Also, there is a secret outside but you have to find it before entering the manor. ;)

I hope to have some updates in the next few months that will reward your curiosity for exploring hard to reach areas of the manor. 😁

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Wow, those are impressive times! Great job!  💪 ⏱

Don't worry about losing time when the game "starts". The timer doesn't start until you move. Moving is essentially the "Press Start" of the game. So, you can leave it at the start screen for as long as you'd like - and as soon as you move the timer will begin and the logo will fade! I should probably make that more clear in the game.

The Jacks are the pumpkins. I named them "Jacks" as a short nickname for "Jack o' Lantern".  You're not the first person wondering what those are, so I might rename them for clarity. haha

Also, some more great suggestions! I love the idea of an optional clock as a reward for the first completion and having separate times for each ending to encourage speed running them as separate categories.

I'll be adding your suggestions to the roadmap and I'll see what I can do to get those added in an upcoming update!

Thanks for playing! Im glad you enjoyed it.

Keeping track of your previous time is a great suggestion. I’ll be adding that in a future update!

I’ve also been thinking of improvements on persisting various power ups across play throughs. I’ll continue looking into ways to add that while keeping speedrun times consistent (starting with power ups vs. starting clean).

Here are a couple tips for additional play throughs!

WARNING: Below are tips that may be considered spoilers to some players. If you wish to go in completely blind, stop reading now.

1. Regarding the endings - while it‘s not stated - you are actually given a choice when you receive the vessel. 😉

2. Secrets come in the form of hidden rooms. Not all walls are what they appear to be. 

I hope that helps! Have fun!

The fix mentioned above is now live. That should prevent further loss of pickups in inaccessible areas.

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Apologies for the confusion! The horizontal doors that prevent access to the various sections of the manor can only be unlocked by the host of the house. By completing the task of disposing of the bones, he will open that door for you. I will work on an update to make this more clear, as it has been reported a few times.

Losing the key above that door is unfortunately a bug. I'll be releasing a fix that will prevent that from happening later this evening. There should be enough keys remaining to complete the bone collection, but they may be hidden from view. ;)

Hope that helps!

Thanks so much for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'll look into that issue that you described and see what I can do to fix that in a future update.

Thank you for doing this. I would love to help!

Totally understandable. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything! I'm looking forward to your next projects.

Such a relaxing experience. Great work! Do all of the items have a functional purpose or are they just there to add variety to the things that you find?

Cool! I'll give that a try. Thanks!

Great game! One of my favorites of yours. Also awesome to see the collab between you and Lumpy. 

I think I may have ran into a bug toward the end. I was fighting a boss during day zero - and after I defeated it I got a Game Over screen. I thought I was supposed to trigger a final boss - but I wasn't given the option?

Great work! This is a lot of fun. I love the unlockables and the gameplay is simple and rewarding. Would love to see a MacOS version!


I'd love to see this as well! Would be happy to test any Mac builds and help make this possible.

So much fun! I didn't want it to end...

Great work! This is a solid and minimalistic nod to Ski Stunt Simulator. Fans of that game should absolutely pick this up and give it a try.

I was a bit disappointed that the controls were simplified to only up and down motion. Is there any chance we could get an option to enable the more free-form motion of Ski Stunt Simulator?

Thanks so much for all the kind words and suggestions! I agree with many of your points and I had a lot of similar ideas planned that had to be cut for time to have a "complete" game for the jam. Once the jam ends, I'm looking forward to adding in some of those features and also rebalancing all the numbers to make the game a bit more passive. (It is currently balanced specifically for the jam to play much faster as to not require a lot of time from the player/judge.)

Very unsettling atmosphere. Creepy music and sound effects. Great work!

I love the whole evolution mechanic for the player instead of the other monsters. A neat twist on classic gameplay. Also... the bumble bat is 🔥. Great work!

Great work, man! Those maps™ and that final boss... 👍

I love the pixel art and art style. The feel of the sword is very satisfying and all of the animations are nice and smooth. Great work!

I love the simplicity! Also, the graphics, while minimal, are very stylish. The boomerang mechanic is really fun and satisfying paired with the sound effects. Great work!