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Cool! I'll give that a try. Thanks!

Great game! One of my favorites of yours. Also awesome to see the collab between you and Lumpy. 

I think I may have ran into a bug toward the end. I was fighting a boss during day zero - and after I defeated it I got a Game Over screen. I thought I was supposed to trigger a final boss - but I wasn't given the option?

Great work! This is a lot of fun. I love the unlockables and the gameplay is simple and rewarding. Would love to see a MacOS version!


I'd love to see this as well! Would be happy to test any Mac builds and help make this possible.

So much fun! I didn't want it to end...

Great work! This is a solid and minimalistic nod to Ski Stunt Simulator. Fans of that game should absolutely pick this up and give it a try.

I was a bit disappointed that the controls were simplified to only up and down motion. Is there any chance we could get an option to enable the more free-form motion of Ski Stunt Simulator?

Thanks so much for all the kind words and suggestions! I agree with many of your points and I had a lot of similar ideas planned that had to be cut for time to have a "complete" game for the jam. Once the jam ends, I'm looking forward to adding in some of those features and also rebalancing all the numbers to make the game a bit more passive. (It is currently balanced specifically for the jam to play much faster as to not require a lot of time from the player/judge.)

Very unsettling atmosphere. Creepy music and sound effects. Great work!

I love the whole evolution mechanic for the player instead of the other monsters. A neat twist on classic gameplay. Also... the bumble bat is 🔥. Great work!

Great work, man! Those maps™ and that final boss... 👍

I love the pixel art and art style. The feel of the sword is very satisfying and all of the animations are nice and smooth. Great work!

I love the simplicity! Also, the graphics, while minimal, are very stylish. The boomerang mechanic is really fun and satisfying paired with the sound effects. Great work!