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Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

I've gotten a little burst of web3 scam bots following and it dawned on me that there's no way to block from profile (as far as I can tell. I might be dumb). It might be a good idea to have something like that so these people aren't creeping? I blocked one and sure enough another showed up- accounts in question:

It'd be super helpful to have a little block button so when undesirables start cropping up it'll block them from replying to/seeing your game page(s)

no worries- here you are:

What’s the game page link? I can generate a submission link with that and give it to you

Maybe this is something I'm not seeing in jam settings, but it's consistently a problem- Every jam I've hosted, people submit games that were uploaded to itchio well in advance of the jam's start date. Sometimes years in advance. Game pages with uploads from years before- submitted for a jam that started not even 24 hours ago. 

Honestly that seems like a big oversight and it goes against what a jam even is by allowing it to happen without some sort of automated check. I get that games can be disqualified manually, or that people can just make a new game page and upload, but the fact that they can submit whatever they have regardless of when it was uploaded really shouldn't be possible to begin with. Personally I'd rather see the burden of effort to fall on the people attempting to grift off of a jam instead of just allowing it.

Anyway back to the suggestion part of this post- maybe an option to choose to allow this or not? I'm not sure there's even a reason this should be possible, but if there is it'd be great to choose to turn that off.

That's actually a good point- yes, the intention is that it also includes the commercial license. I'll make a note on the bundle!

It depends on what era you're going for, but ultimately it's just about making something look authentic vs actually being authentic- if you have to break some rules for whatever era/generation you're going for and can still pass as a game from that era then it's perfect and there's no harm in bending the restrictions to suit the game

No- as stated on the jam page, just try to limit the number of buttons used to suit the era of game you’re going for. 

It’s all specified on the jam page, but it’s really just about picking an older era and sticking to that as well as you can. If you want to go with 8-bit, go for an aesthetic that fits an 8-bit console, if you want 16-bit, same thing. If you’re going with arcade, just try to be as genuine to the era you’re aiming for. 

Overall the idea is to just make a game that seems like it could have come out 20-30 years ago and challenging yourself to make it feel authentic. 

The option to add payment for this just serves as a tip jar atm since no release price has been determined, but once the game is complete there will be more info (and likely a page on whatever publisher’s account)

Thanks! I use LanaPixel and Silver- both really good TrueType fonts with CJK support


Not a whole lot- it’s on hold at the moment while I get Prison City out (as I did with Dumpy & Bumpy when that was in development), but will be back at it once that’s done~

Hey there! Game has full screen and gamepad support. You can either use the controller on the press start screen and it’ll automatically set the game to use it, or in options you can select your gamepad- Do note however that if you’re using a PlayStation or Switch controller you’ll need to have steam open to use their input emulation. Full screen is also in the options as well. 

Thanks! I set movement up pretty much identically to Zelda 1’s, where the player is actually on an 8x8 grid that eases the player back onto the grid if they’re between snapping points! It’s kind of like having a grid of pegs you have to move between

No, there is no way this would ever run on an NES. It’s not designed for that and it breaks very many limitations for the system

¡Hola! Lo siento, no hablo español, ¡pero espero tener noticias sobre el calendario de lanzamiento pronto!

More than likely when the game is finished and ready for release

It has been brought to my attention that the ratings queue was preventing people from rating a few entries despite rating everything else. The ratings queue is a new feature from Itch and it (apparently) wasn't working correctly, so I've disabled it. 

If you were unable to rate entries before, please try again! 

Maybe some day~

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Thanks! 4:3 might actually be a possibility- I need to look into it though

Thank you!


Thank you!

It is pretty tough- it’s hard finding that balance between difficulty and learning patterns of levels/enemies, so I made sure not to include many if any random elements- definitely the kind of game that requires a bit of learning to play well (especially the boss of the Skyscrapers level!)

I actually made sure to keep the frame counts near identical to Shatterhand on NES (which is way more fluid haha)- that game is beautiful though for the time it came out

That’ll let you add it (for anyone else it’ll be a 404)

If you have a project page I can generate a submission link for you to add it as a late entry

Game Maker Studio 2.3x

You can do a SNES style game- the rules are pretty flexible with era. Goal is to just make something that feels like the era of game you're simulating

This game was uploaded to itch a day before the Jam started. As stated on the jam page, submissions must be made for the jam during the jam’s timeframe, so this is disqualified. Sorry.