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Just a reminder to everyone submitting projects-

Make sure they were made during the duration of the jam- meaning, no projects that were started prior to the jam's start date will be accepted. Remember the spirit of a jam is to come up with a game within the allotted jam period- 10 days in this case-, so entries that are submitted that have been created/released prior to the jam will be disqualified!

Thank you, and happy jamming!

Perhaps down the road- I do update these from time to time, though they’re mostly meant to serve as a template to expand on. I wouldn’t mind doing some cave and house interiors though 🤔🤔

unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to convert the game to an NES rom just because it breaks so many NES rules, buuut I have thought about making a companion piece somewhere down the road that would be an NES rom 🤔

Sharing on Twitter~

You can! I wholly encourage adding whatever polish you can either during the jam, or if you can't during the jam adding it afterwards :) Looking forward to seeing what you come up with~

I'm going to share this in the Discord server as well! Looking forward to see collaborations you do~

Hello and welcome to the Retrograde Jam!

Provided is a link with access to the Programancer Discord Server's Retrograde Jam channels, which includes resources, teamups, and a welcome center!

I encourage everybody participating to join the discord~

Hey there! 
I've uploaded a shot that shows some of the assets in use that gives a good idea of what's in the pack~

Thank you~ It was fun to make! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Hello! Thank you for your post~!

To address concerns first:
The build is just a mansion demo- meaning it's just that slice of the experience showcasing only the Mansion portion of the game. The overall experience is an adventure that has you exploring Transylvania- going to towns/areas and finding what you need to enter the mansions. The demo itself only demonstrates a small portion of the whole experience~ Any additional options (dipswitches for birds for example) offered in the demo are just for demonstration purposes. Progressing in the game goes from an exploration adventure where you talk to NPCs and try to figure out what you need to do, and then when you enter a mansion it becomes more of a traditional action game with a lives system- running out of lives simply takes you to the mansion entrance. It's a hybrid of old and new~ The first mansion's design is intentionally familiar; a bit of a nod. By the time you make it to that point in the game proper, the player will have played probably a half hour of content far removed from standard CV. Plenty of checkpoints, places to explore, and things to do~ Structurally I consider the game similar to something like Link's Awakening in terms of how you progress level to level.

Being able to move past the boss is definitely not intended! I'm pretty sure when I added his intro I forgot to implement the boss boundary activation~ I'll have to look into it. Thank you for catching that!

The game has saving in churches, however there's no reason to have saving enabled in the demo since it's just the mansion~

On my Twitter I post regular videos and updates if you'd like to check it out~ Lots of different stuff to see. Here's a link to my sizzler that shows things that aren't in the demo:

In the end the goal is to have an experience that feels both fresh and familiar! In the end it should feel like a little bit of Castlevania, Shatterhand, Power Blade, and a whole lot of NES tropes.

Unfortunately I never got around to the menu related stuff before I broke the source, so the only way is to Alt-F4 :(

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it~ I'll have to check those other games out sometime! I'm trying to develop a bit in a bubble to try to not leech ideas from other indie games coming out soon, but I'm definitely interested in the classicvania revival going on right now~

I actually *just* fixed the stairs issue I think you're referring to! Basically the way stairs are set up is that they're a 24x16 collision box, so if you're on the upper right of a staircase that goes / and you're 1 pixel too far to the right (literally the upper right corner of the step) Simon wouldn't latch on, but would as far as 24 pixels to the left. Same with if you're on the top left of a staircase that goes \. I did some tinkering and managed to get that range extended so Simon tracks under those conditions much better~ When I rewrote the stairs from the first proof of concept demo, it was an absolute nightmare, so it was a tad more difficult to change something like that (it affects jumping onto stairs), but so far I have 0 bugs after applying a fix~

Thank you for the kind words! 

If you want to check out more recent developments, I have tons of updates since this proof of concept demo shown on my Twitter~

Hey there! I actually just added translation support over the past few weeks with Spanish and German in mind~

There’s also a fully featured options menu for a myriad of things including controller/keyboard input~

I have pretty regular updates on progress on my twitter account if you would like to follow progress :) I’m not sure when the next playable demo will be,  but the game has come a very long way since this proof of concept demo

Yes- while the slide is on by default in the demo, it's not part of the normal game. It's intended for a game mode that gives you the "Ninja-Esque Bandanna", which gives you sliding, backflips, etc. There are various gameplay modifiers that change how Simon attacks, moves, jumps, etc and provide a more tongue and cheek experience.

Thank you~!

That's been implemented as of last month, however I am waiting to upload a new demo until after I have some more story based content to show

Unfortunately no. This game is a legacy piece and was made for a game jam in 2014. It has not been modified since it’s creation. 

You can check out joy2key however and map a controller to the keys that way and it should play just fine

It's not featured at the moment. Just a placeholder for when it's available. (Part of the issues list on the game page)

Go left from Spirit Woods and you'll exit it. It's a looping room with no current combination to exit (there's nothing past it yet)

That’s actually a result of the surface issue- not entirely sure why it happens for some people and not others sadly. I had implemented a fix when I originally discovered it, but I’ll keep looking! Thank you

Ah I think I know what's causing that. Will get it fixed. Thanks!

I've uploaded the color version of the game that I showed at ConBravo if you want to check it out!
It's still unfinished, and due to some strange source corruption I was unable to finish the ending sequence of the game, but- it's the most complete version of Derelict that exists! It has some bugs, no sounds, but the game can be played start to finish *until* the ending sequence. It's way more polished, colorful, and all around a better experience than this version :)

Thank you for checking it out! I'm glad you enjoyed it~

I wholeheartedly agree! In later updates to the game (post Jam) it was overhauled to be far less punishing. At some point in time I'll upload the ConBravo color version of the game so you can check out the improvements :)

Thank you so much for checking it out! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

I'm glad you're enjoying it!

An Update and Build:

Going to be at ConBravo this month to show off Derelict EX- a more robust, fleshed out, full length version of this game~ If anyone's going to be there, find me in the indie area~

This is my favorite game this year hands down. It's cute, poppy, enjoyable!

Really good game! There are some collision issues that broke it a bit, but otherwise it's really really fun~

Was definitely considering it! For now, I'm working on expanding the game to be fully featured with more levels and bosses, as well as polished visuals :) I have some progress shots on my Twitter. A color update may come at some point in time after this iteration goes gold~

Working on fleshing this out and making it a full game~ Next update won't come until that's done!

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Upgrades work like Blaster Master- taking damage removes 1 level of weapon power. There's effectively 2/40 chance to get a drop from an enemy; 1/20 for health, 1/20 for weapon upgrades, so there's a chance you won't see an upgrade unless you're killing a bunch of robots.

GBJAM 5 community · Created a new topic Derelict Updates

I've added a few bug fixes, tweaked the difficulty, and finished a few things I didn't have a chance to implement if anyone wants to check it out! I'm interested in finding out if people have had a chance to find any Easter eggs in this toward the ending, and I'm somewhat proud of the ending level/sequence~


Thanks for checking it out~

Those things may be coming in the next update :) I actually already have assets made for gun upgrades and such, just never had a chance to implement them. Had to rush a lot to get it ready for the jam deadline~

No limits on inputs. The only restrictions regarding the actual Gameboy are resolution (160x144) and maximum colors on screen at one time (4)

I'm doing a platformer with a bit of a gimmick that I don't want to spoil right here~

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Just because of accessibility sake- just about everyone can play them in browser. I'll probably release an exe after the jam is done :)