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I'm glad you're enjoying it!

An Update and Build:

Going to be at ConBravo this month to show off Derelict EX- a more robust, fleshed out, full length version of this game~ If anyone's going to be there, find me in the indie area~

This is my favorite game this year hands down. It's cute, poppy, enjoyable!

Really good game! There are some collision issues that broke it a bit, but otherwise it's really really fun~

Was definitely considering it! For now, I'm working on expanding the game to be fully featured with more levels and bosses, as well as polished visuals :) I have some progress shots on my Twitter. A color update may come at some point in time after this iteration goes gold~

Working on fleshing this out and making it a full game~ Next update won't come until that's done!

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Upgrades work like Blaster Master- taking damage removes 1 level of weapon power. There's effectively 2/40 chance to get a drop from an enemy; 1/20 for health, 1/20 for weapon upgrades, so there's a chance you won't see an upgrade unless you're killing a bunch of robots.

GBJAM 5 community · Created a new topic Derelict Updates

I've added a few bug fixes, tweaked the difficulty, and finished a few things I didn't have a chance to implement if anyone wants to check it out! I'm interested in finding out if people have had a chance to find any Easter eggs in this toward the ending, and I'm somewhat proud of the ending level/sequence~


Thanks for checking it out~

Those things may be coming in the next update :) I actually already have assets made for gun upgrades and such, just never had a chance to implement them. Had to rush a lot to get it ready for the jam deadline~

No limits on inputs. The only restrictions regarding the actual Gameboy are resolution (160x144) and maximum colors on screen at one time (4)

I'm doing a platformer with a bit of a gimmick that I don't want to spoil right here~

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Just because of accessibility sake- just about everyone can play them in browser. I'll probably release an exe after the jam is done :)

The rules are simple :P The jam doesn't reward any entries that break the rules, because the rules aren't "stick to gameboy technical limitations"

I think people are taking it a little too literally. The idea is to just make games that have the spirit of gameboy games, not actually be gameboy games.

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They're not official guidelines. The guidelines on the main page are the only guidelines. They're neat meta objectives though.

Good guide, though thankfully for productivity's sake the jam doesn't require sticking to the technical limitations of the Gameboy :P Just the colors and resolution. It'd be a nightmare to stick within each of those limitations just for the sake of doing it.

You can stretch the viewport as long as your base resolution is 160x144, you can scale it as needed.

Thank you!

Yeah, I had to cut the tutorial portion out from the game as there just wasn't enough time before the deadline. There are still some images from that floating around in the build though. Tried to make up for that by writing a sort of instruction manual of sorts on the game page detailing controls and objective

Getting hyped for this to start, so I've been playing the game I made for GBJam 4 to get pumped for it~

If anyone else would like to try it, here's the link:

Outbound (Out B)

That was my thought too with the first GBJam I participated in. I do agree.

If I recall correctly, you can have palette swaps, but you are required to only display 4 colors on the screen at any given time. There were a few entries from last year that did some really nice palette swaps between levels (green palette to red palette, etc).

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I'm going with Game Maker Studio and the html5/webgl module, same as I did with my GBJam4 entry. This time however I won't be releasing exe builds along with them.