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Hey sorry, I did miss you comment completely! That's really really weird honestly and happened never before :/ I really don't know why this happens. Sorry, that you had a bad time ()


Steam won't prevent piracy. That's how it is. It's easier with files but honestly, don't think about piracy too much, it won't change anything :/

Compensating on play time leads to Idle games that are designed to waste peoples time. That's the basic flaw behind this. I would like a subscription service (on other terms) but I think the Itch-team is focused on the platform as it is and another service would drift that focus away. 

Maybe  try our game - it's an Audio Adventure and has a novel genre approach :D

I would go paid - paid DLC and stuff often doesn't work. You can increase the price over time while you adding content :)


If you haven't checked out Devastated: Andrew's Dictaphone now is a great time to do so :)

It's a weird walking simulator type of game but with point and click mechanics. 

This may be the last update to the game because it's finished and we only changed something in the credits to credit everyone as good as possible :)


Sounds good, I wanted to implement a way to save the rest of them :D Thank you!

Do you have any ideas which you would like to see implemented? I will work on big update in a couple of months and want to gather a bit of feedback haha

Thank you and thanks for the 4 stars! :)

and you can buy the next building if you follow the No route :D

Bring Back The Sun


My name is Daniel, I founded SmokeSomeFrogs a couple of years ago. I am the last member of the team and make experimental and/or weird games :D My favourite genres of games are puzzle and racing games and I have never made a puzzle or racing game (yeah?)

I liked Skipper but I dunno if you are into puzzle games

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That's really weird and never happened before in any playtest :/

The coins are not related to the solution! Can you tell me which version you played? (Language/OS) Thanks! And let me know if the bug goes away when you play another time. Sorry!

Haha, it's part of the fun to discover the stuff but it's good to have some kind of guide :D Thanks for detailing all the information :)

The weird keys (like , and so on) are for users who happen to use a Dvorak Keyboard :D

The 100% music and sound thing will be changed in another update, so that it is saved - and there will be more options available (50% and so on).

More languages will be added soon :) (Dutch is the next one)

The Hardmode is playable after you beat the game once :D

I will change the erase savestate button and give it a: "Are you sure, yes, no"!

Hey, no this is the end - the game isn't really longer. Although there is a secret ending, but on normal play this is the furthest you get into the game. I hope you liked it :)

Oh, it's not a bug - before the mine upgrade you only get 0.5 bonus and after it you get a 1 bonus :D

Today, we released the 1.5 version of Flufftopia

It has a lot of small fixes and got a bit more polish. 

For example, you can now upgrade your piggy bank as you see in the screenshot!

If you don't know Flufftopia yet, it's a cute clicker game with a relaxing soundtrack - if you have bought the Bundle of Racial Justice and Equality, you already have the game! It's available for Linux and Windows and also in English, German and Spanish!

My game Bring Back The Sun is now available as a Right Before Release Access (TM :'D) .

Bring Back the Sun is a simple but challenging 2D Platformer. The goal is obvious - bring back the sun! 

The focus lies solely on jumping right. No enemys, no spikes, no wall jumps, no double jumps. 

Only simple jumps will get you through the levels. 

The 1.0 will be released in a couple of weeks but there are only minor things to do - the game is now playable from start to finish!

If you happen to be a Linux user you could get your copy today and start playing :)

(Technically you could buy the game and just wait for the Windows version to release)

Hey I would be very happy if you could review Intra-System: Trust Issues, it's a unique story game :)

I recommend using Blender because Maya is insanely expensive in the long run

Thank you very much for your feedback :D To not spoiler anyone: We will update Flufftopia in the future and want to expand the aspects you mentioned (and many more) because we feel the same about it but it will take some time since Flufftopia isn't our first priority at the moment.

Maybe in one or two years you remember the game and give it another shot :D 

Thanks again and have a nice day!

thank you very much :D

Hey! :D

Thanks to two nice guys from the community we were able to translate our game to Spanish with the last update. Now, we made many new changes to improve the game further - even though it is over two years old, we still want to provide many more updates in the future!

We will increase the price in a couple of hours to 2 bucks but you can get it now cheaper :)

It's available for Linux and Windows.


- more upgrades!

- new credits music

- small fixes and balancing 

- and a lot more!

It took a long time but now it has a Spanish version :D

Thanks to two kind people from the community we could add a Spanish translation for Flufftopia! We also changed a few minor things!

- Spanish translation

- faster start

- new worker

You can get it now for 33% off but maybe you already have it because you bought the Racial Justice Bundle :)

You can get the soundtrack for free!

Thank you very much, also for recording :)

Our former programmer used Java and LibGDX for Intra-System: Trust Issues and it worked good for him. 

The only real problems we had were on another game with big graphics (4K graphics), that was easier for him in Engines but I don't know all the details (maybe it has something to do how the VRam is managed).

If you needed to delete all comments  from the start (because I see no comments) I would just disable them. If you don't get that many, I would just check it once or twice a day (bookmark the analytics page).  I don't think that has time in the near future to make changes on their platform that aren't absolutely necessary. Some people seem to really dislike you or your projects because of the ratings. In the first case I would also disallow the ratings (but I don't know if this affects old reviews, maybe just for the next one). Good luck!

afaik the only option you have is to delete comments or ban people. Most of the time I see nice comments or sometimes spam, I never saw something like this happened and I don't think that this is regurlar thing

It would be great, if you could leave a rating <3

no problem :)


Thank you! :D

Normally you go to and there you should find it :)

but honestly if you find a way to send it to me, you just could link that uploader in the meantime

The support has a lot to do at the moment, unfortunately. Do you only need it uploaded? I could host it on my website (if there's a way to send me) for 1-2 weeks and you could link it on the page.