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Johan Plasencia

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Sounds good! Check out Get Ogre It  A Dungeon crawler roguelike. Shapeshift, deceive your foes and survive.

OH! since i changed the way Gobby transforms (not random, now its fixed number of steps) the tutorial no longer works and leaves you blocked there. I forgot about that.

Thanks for pointing that out!

Hey Grimbag! I've uploaded a new version,the game will release at December 11th , what's missing from the release version its the boss fight 
Give it a try and let me know 
Cheers !

Hey guys try my new demo, Get ogre ot you play as Gobby an orgre that  was cursed and now shift randomly between human and it has 4 levels. i would appreciate your feedback. 

The objective is to reach the level exit avoiding opposing troops

when the character is about to transform dices start rolling, you will transform between 1 and 3 turns 

Can you beat all 4 levels ? 


Of course, I watched your gameplay video, it was hilarious  hahahaha

I noticed that  it's important to know about the roulette, luckily a Tutorial is on its way for the upcoming version

Nice scarejumps 

Thank you for the feedback. Of course im thinking about making a twist and avoid luck and use more strategy

yeah i took the cursed theme seriously, so the player doesnt know when, rngesus kills you ( its a 15% chance when you move )

I'm a simple man, i like squids 

literally spin to win, good job

literally spin to win, good job

literally spin to win, good job

I think there's a bug when you get to the goal, nothing happens...

I know there is a 2 day window, but asking me to quit the game and open it again to replay the game it's a big turn off.  Probably you are new, looking forward to see your future projects.

Nice, you should check the music volume i think it's a bit distortioned 

Aqui va, espero que os guste 

Buenas tardes,

Ando un poco perdido en como orientar el desarrollo, se puede usar unity? o usar assets basicos de unity(text mesh pro, pro builder), lo que entiendo es  que no se permite con copyright, basicamente todo tienes que hacerlo tu? es decir  musica, sprites ui modelos, programacion... etc.