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Hi Nicktonyous,

Thanks for the video and for voicing a character in my game.  I'm glad to hear you can't wait to see what I make next and that you'd gladly play it on the channel.  Right now, my focus is on 2 ARGs I'm making.  One of them (Creature Collection) was relaunched and does have to do with a video game (that I made for it).  The thing is, though, the game was made specifically for the ARG.

Thank you.  I'm glad you think so.

Hi, I don't know if you like ARG's or not, but I have a game that's part of one.  It's at


I have an ARG (Alternate Reality Game) that has a couple of roles that need to be filled.  One of them is named Autumn (I'm looking for someone to do the Voice Acting and Acting for her) and the other is Hannah (I'm looking for someone to do the Acting for her).  I'm not sure if you're familiar with ARG's or not, or if you're interested in my project, but if you are my discord is daniellesgames#8493

Hello all,

I've just recently added a web build of my game.  I'd tried adding a web build before but, for some reason, it didn't work.  Thank fully, though, it works now.

I'm glad to hear you played it again and still enjoyed it.

Hello all,

I recently added a web build of the Creature Collection video game to my page.  The thing is, though, even though it looks like it's loading (the bar comes up and shows it loading) after that it just sits and spins.  I'm not sure what's going on. 

I used Godot 4 to make the game and found a tutorial online on how to export it for web.  It involved clicking on the SharedArrayBufferSupport option, which I did.  Even though, in the tutorial, the game came up, it isn't happening with mine.

Anybody know what I should do to fix it?

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Hello all,

I'm looking to expand on the story for my ARG. There's several videos on the Youtube Channel at, but there's a lot more I want to add. I'm looking for:

One Voice Actor for Flynn, and 3 actors for the roles of Flynn, Hannah and Autumn, people who are being haunted by the game and didn't get sucked into it.

The script so far can be found at

Also, I have a Casting Call Club listing for the ARG at

Hi Ballzy Gaming,

I'm glad to hear you loved the game and thought the puzzles were a lot of fun.  

Creature Collection

Creature Collection is a game that has two different areas, one called Creature Chat and the other The Collection.  This game is the starting point to an ARG.  The basic premise is that this game isn't like other games.  There's something a bit off about it.  It starts off fairly normal, but then things start to get strange.  The creature character acts different than a video game character normally would and also asks you to free it from the game.  

In Creature Chat and The Collection, each time you play it, things are different. Also, at one point in The Collection, things start to flicker a bit.  Also, at one point in time, something happens that ultimately ties in with The Forest.  

The Forest has an interactive story, as well as other elements and hidden messages.  How do the video game and story tie together?  What happens in regards to the creature?  You'll have to play to find out.

It's ok.  Thank you for the game play video.

Hello all,

Three more Chapters have recently been added to the Audiobook version of my novel.

Hi DataSlum,

I went and updated several of the blocks with textures, so it should be much easier to match things up.   

I Know You, But How Audiobook

Ok, that makes sense.  I can definately add some kind of texture to differentiate the different color shades.

Hello DataSlum,

Thank you for playing my game and for the gameplay video.  I'm glad you liked my game.  Also, it's ok.  At least you got to my game when you could.  In regards to my puzzle with the numbers, I'm sorry it was a little hard to match the colors.  I'm not totally sure what would be the best way to fix that.  Maybe some more lighting in those areas?  Maybe making the block colors darker or something?

Hello GamerGirl19.

For the password, you need to go to the different math equations and solve each one.  Once that's done, they need to be put in order.  So, for example, if there's a blue colored equation you would go and look at the door to see where the blue square is and that would be where that number would go.  The equation answers aren't added together or anything.  It's just the equation answers, in the order of the colors of the blocks on the door.

If you're still not able to continue on, let me know and I'll give you the password.  Also, if you'd prefer, there is an option to skip ahead using Enter.

Hello Alexander,

Would you be interested in making sound effects for an Audiobook?  I wrote a novel awhile back and am turning it into an Audiobook.  I'm interested in having sound effects added.  I don't have a budget, though.

I'm glad to hear it.

Hello MrDreaming,

Thank you for playing my game and for the game play video.  I'm glad to hear you had fun commenting on my game.  I apologize for the bugs, though.  There had been a couple of bugs that had come to my attention before this, one where the mouse went off the screen and another where the riddle area wasn't skippable,  as well as an issue with the ants, which I fixed.  In regards to the bug where it didn't let you go back into the password area, I'm not sure why that happened.  I'll have to look into it.

In regards to how quickly the game was made, it was started in December 27th of last year.  I was working on it in between other projects.   When I put my game on itchio, I had thought it was ready.  The thing is, though, even with how much I've gone over things when I make my games, I don't always know if there's an issue until someone mentions they ran into a bug/s.

Oh, but I do want to mention I have another game that's more polished.  I don't know if you're interested in a 2D game, but it's called The Creature's Game and there's 9 endings.  If you're interested in checking it out, you can find it at  Oh and if you're interested in playing it, let me know and I'll send you a download key.

Hello RaincloudDan,

Thank you for playing my game and for the game play video.  I'm glad you like my game a lot, liked the soundtrack and that it gave you creepy vibes.  I'm sorry you ran into an issue with your recording software, but I'm glad you picked it up again.


I just recently added a Psychological Horror game to my itchio page that you might like.  It's called The Hazy Affliction and some information about it is: 

Ethan, our protagonist, finds himself in a strange place.  He's not sure how he got there.  He also finds out that he's not alone.  He hears a disembodied voice who tells him he's there to go through a maze.  Why?  Well, it's fun for her.

The game has two sections, the first a maze and the second is a series of escape rooms/areas.  Also, there's voice acting (one of the characters is voiced by me.)

If you're interested in playing it, you can find it at  

Hello all,

I wanted to let you know that 10 chapters, of an audiobook that's being worked on, are now available.  It's called I Know You, But How.  If you're interested in listening to what's available, go to

Hello IGT100,

Thank you for letting me know and I'm glad to hear it.

Hello all,

I wanted to mention about my newest game.  It's called The Hazy Affliction and some information is:

Ethan, our protagonist, finds himself in a strange place.  He's not sure how he got there.  He also finds out that he's not alone.  He hears a disembodied voice who tells him he's there to go through a maze.  Why?  Well, it's fun for her.

What else will happen?  Well, you'll just have to play to find out.

There is voice acting(one of the characters, Leah, is voiced by me) as well as two music tracks, one for each section of the game.

Hello GiulianoCau,

Thank you for the information.  My audiobook project is still early on, and I'm taking care of the editing, but I wouldn't mind if you worked with the audio in some way.  I'm not quite sure what that is yet, though.  

Hi Gaming With Jay,

Thank you for playing my game and for the game play video.  I'm glad to hear you got all 9 endings.  I'm also glad you got the first password.  In regards to the second, it has to do with the background.  When you first get to that area, it just says a bunch of errors.  Then it suddenly changes and some of the errors are different.  Some of them have A's, B's, etc. that show up.  Each number of the password is the amount of A's, B's, etc. in each row.  So, for example, if there were 5 A's, that would be the first number in the password.


I'm glad to hear it.  I sent you a friend request on discord.


I have a video game I'm working on and am interested in possibly working with you.  I don't have a budget, though.  I'd be looking for a couple of different music pieces.  The first one would be for a maze that has fog and is somewhat colorful all depending where you look.  The second is for the second area of the game which is a set of escape rooms.  Both areas should have a somewhat creepy vibe.  Would you be willing to compose stuff for me for free?

Alrighty, so, I just wanted to post something here and mention that all the roles are now taken.

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The Creature's Game(now with Voice Acting)

Hello all,

There's another role available.  This time it's for Emma, who is Gustave's sister.  She is one of the one's responsible for keeping Gustave and Aleena seperated.

Hello Spudcats,

Thank you for playing my game and for the gameplay video.

Hi wastedwork, 

I'm glad you thought the game was fun and the voice acting was awesome.  I'm glad to hear it.  Oh and it's fine if you didn't get all the endings.  I'm glad you had fun playing.

Hello all,

I have one role left to fill for my audiobook and that's Cerise.  Cerise is one of the servants and was there when Aleena was around, so many years ago.  You can find the role on the project page at

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Hi ezez game,

Thank you for playing my updated game and for the game play video.

You're very welcome.