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Hi Zexsoft,

I hope you'll be able to add them to the list too.  I also understand, though, about possibly having to cut some of the free games out if there's too many.

Hi Zexsoft,

I'd like Icy Maze  and Colorful and Puzzling to be included.  They're both free to download, with Pay What You Want options.

Hi Kari-Pekka,

Thank you for the video.  It's appreciated. 

You're welcome.

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Hi Kari-Pekka,

I'm not sure if you're looking to promote Horror demo's or not, but I have one called Of Shifting Images

If you'd prefer one that isn't a demo, though, I have one that was released in two parts.  Autumn's Change Part 1 and Autumn's Change Part 

Also, in regards to followers, I have 18.

I have a Horror game demo called Of Shifting Images

Also, if you're looking for one that's more unusual there's Autumn's Change Part1 and Autumn' Change Part 2

If you like maze games, you should check out mine.  It's called Icy Maze, has to do with collecting raindrops and there's a different layout each level.  Also, if you run into the enemies it's Game Over.  There is a retry, though, that restarts the level.  Also, the game is available in the browser and as a download.  If you're interested in playing it, and need a download key, let me know.

Icy Maze

Hello all,

I just wanted to let you know that I added a gameplay video, on the demo page.

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Of Shifting Images is a Horror demo that has to do with childrens' drawings coming to life.  It's been updated to start with you being in a house, there being some animated drawings, and scenery that changes when you collect crayons.

Hello all,

I've updated my demo some more.  There's been a new area added to the beginning of the demo, that has three segments.  In a couple of the segments, the scenery changes.  Also, there are collectible items, some animations, and stuff.

Hi, Zakaria,

The way the demo was before, the thing to do was walking into the different rooms and different animations would happen.  I'm sorry you were confused.  I've updated the demo, though, so that there's something to do and scenery changes and stuff.  If you do decide to play the updated demo, you don't need to make a video.  I just wanted to let you know I've updated things, if you want to play the updated version.

Hello all,

Just wanted to let you know that I've gone and updated the controls so that the mouse can look around and the player movement is now WASD.  I've also made the game full screen and made it so that the Esc key will exit the game demo.  Also, I was taking a look at the last version of the game and, at least when I played it, I noticed that part of the music was doubling.  I'm not sure why that was happening but, to all those who downloaded and played the game demo, I apologize for that.  The broken music box type music was only supposed to be playing once.  In this current version, though, I didn't notice any of that.

Hi Appas Papas,

When you were talking about the music box music being annoying and offsetting, you were talking about it doing a weird double playing thing right?  I didn't realize that until I was playing the last version of my game demo tonight and heard that part of the music playing twice.   I'm sorry about that.  I've gone and updated things, though, and the music, at least from what I can tell, isn't doing that anymore.  

Hello Zakaria,

Thank you for the game play video and the points you mentioned.  Also, I'm glad to hear you think the story's interesting. 

In regards to the text being cut off at the bottom, in different areas there's a scrollbar so you can read the rest of the text.  It sounds like I need to change that, though, and just make it so all the text is on screen.

 In regards to music, I've been thinking about adding it.  I just haven't gotten around to making the music for the different areas, though. 

In regards to a save system, I've looked into how to make one and I'm still not totally sure how to do that in Godot.  

Alrighty, so I just wanted to give an update and mention that I'm working on the next four chapters.  I have the paragraph format done, added most of the backgrounds for chapter 8 and a good amount of them for chapter 9.  I have a background for some of the rest of the chapter, but I feel like I want to change it or add to it.  Also, I've done a couple of things of character art for Emma, which is a character in Chapter 10.  

I'm not sure when the next 4 chapters will be done, but I'll post an update when they are.

Ok, great.  Glad to hear it.

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Ok, there you go.  I've added a description for each of the games, in my original post.

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Of Shifting Images is a Horror demo that starts in a hallway with notes and has to do with childrens' drawings coming to life.

I Know You, But How Visual Novel is a demo that is an adaptation of an e-book I wrote awhile ago of the same name.  There's currently 7 chapters and the next 4 are being worked on.

Dissolving Floor is a game where you collect orange blocks.  Areas of the floor, though, will disappear when interacted with.

Collectring Maze is a maze game where you collect rings.  The aim of the game is to collect all of the rings before the time runs out.

I Know You, But How Visual Novel

Ok, great.  Hopefully you'll like my Visual Novel too.  


Not sure if you like Visual Novels or not, but I have one.  I had written an e-book a while back and am turning it into a Visual Novel.  You can play this in the web browser.  Also, there's currently 7 chapters.

Wonderful, I'm glad to hear it.  Just to let you know, I've updated my game some so that the character art has some depth and so that the longer paragraphs are broken up more.  Also, there's now 7 chapters.  The next 4 chapters are also being worked on.  

Hello all,

It took a little while, but I've added a couple of new updates.  I had gotten some feedback about the character art and the longer paragraphs, so I went and added some depth to the characters and went and broke the longer paragraphs into smaller paragraphs.

Ok, so, I've made a couple of updates to the demo.   I went and added some depth to the characters,  as well as went and broke the long sections of text into smaller paragraphs.

Hello ZakariaGhorfati,

I have a horror demo I'd like you to play, if you're interested.  It's called Of Shifting Images and you can find it at

Of Shifting Images

I'm glad to hear you think the demo is much better.  As far as the music box music, it wouldn't be a problem to lower the volume.   I'll have to see how it sounds like that, though. I'm glad you think it helps set the mood.  

 As far as the player movement goes, I do prefer it the way it is now.  I had run into one of several issues with my demo and had lost the quicker player speed.  I, however, had exported the demo and forgotten to add it again.  When I played it, it was definately noticable how slow the player was actually moving.  But, in anycase, yeah, the quicker speed's definately better.

As far as the jumpscares are concerned, jumpscares are subjective. I'm glad you liked the movements, though.

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Hello all,

I've been working on a Horror game demo and have recently made some updates.  My game originally had a different outside environment, lighting and stuff, but now the lighting and outside environment color have changed.  I'm not sure how many of you played the previous version of the demo, but the music has changed some.  Or, maybe I should say, another layer has been added.  Also, there's now jumpscares.

Hi Appa's Papas,

Things have finally been updated.  I had gotten my game demo to where I wanted it before today, and then I ran into some challenges with exporting it and stuff and had to redo/fix/change some things.  In any case, I made it so the hallway with the notes has been moved to the beginning and changed a little, the lighting has been changed, the outside environment color has been changed, I've added animations that happen when you're in different areas of the second scene, the music has been updated some, and I've increased the player movement speed.  

Let me know what you think of the updates.

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Hello White Box Gaming,

Sorry for not replying sooner.  I've added several game demo images to my page.  

Thank you and I'm glad too.  I'll let you know when the demo updates/changes are done.

Good news.  I got an answer to my question and, after playing around with the information I got, the Animation Player is now playing my animation like I wanted.  

Hi Appa's Papas,

You were a help in suggesting I check to see if the Timer's working.  From what I remember at first it wasn't and then I got it to work on its own.  Thing is, though, even though the Timer's working, it won't play the AnimationPlayer.

I'm not sure how to do what I'm trying to do, but I went and asked a question on the Godot Community.  Hopefully someone there will know what to do.  If not, well, then I may have to do something else or go and have the scene change to another scene where the character spawns in or near the same area and have the Timer start when the new scene starts.

Hi Appas Papas,

I'm running into a challenge coding wise and I'm hoping you know what I should do to fix it.  Ok, so, I'm trying to have an animation play after the player goes into one of the rooms and a timer goes to zero.  I've changed the area before the crayon(now crayons) room somewhat and added a couple of jumpscares,  but those are set to run when the scene starts.

 I have the code setup so that when the player body goes into the Area, the Timer would start.  When the Timer times out, the Animation should play.  It doesn't, though.  I tried to have that happen with an object at the room entrance and it did nothing.  I even tried having an Area and Collision shape attached to the Sprite and not attached to the Sprite but in front of it.  Nothing has worked.  

What am I doing wrong?

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Hi Shifful Studios,

I'm glad you think the backgrounds are great.  So, if I'm understanding you right, you think the characters that are smaller should be bigger?  I can definately do that.   My thought with making the characters, who don't have dialogue, smaller was so that you would know who was "saying" it.  Also, I was trying to fit all of the characters associated with that scene, in the scene.  The thing is, though, originally I had it so that only the character "speaking" was on screen and larger.  I'm thinking I should change it back to that.

Edit: Actually, after thinking about it, and looking things up, I'll go and try and make my 2d characters look 3d.

Hello Appa's Papas,

Thank you so much for the feedback and screenshots.  They're very helpful.  In regards to the room after the hall with the notes, I'm sorry you were confused.  You did respawn in the room opposite of the room that triggers the event.  I didn't realize having the respawn point be like that would be confusing.

In anycase, I'm working on updating things and I'll post something when things are updated.

Hi Shifful Studio,

Thank you for your feedback.   First off, I'm glad you really liked the piano scene and had a lot of fun playing my game.  Second, in regards to making the design more concise and relatable,  do you have any suggestions?  Is it the scenes where the characters aren't in a room that you're talking about?  For instance, with the forest, do you think it would be better if there was one or two larger and closer trees?  Also, thank you for letting me know the issue with the longer paragraphs.  I can definately change that.  As far as the keyboard interaction, I didn't even think of that.  Thank you for that suggestion.