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Thank you! For the dlcs you need to download the separate file, unzip, and play the individual exe’s. You can email us if you have issues and we’ll take a look! 

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With the scene taking place in a bedroom and other scenes in this chapter with other characters being sexual in nature (e.g actually having sex with those LIs) we wanted to ensure it was clear that this wasn’t an option that would lead to a sexual encounter. We have ace devs and writers on the team so if you ever want further clarification on any of this stuff we welcome you asking! 💕

Thank you for your support! 

It was yes :) Liv is demisexual so some romance options for her will be marked with the ace heart, same with Roux! With non-ace LIs there will also be asexual options for our ace players who wish to avoid sexual situations. We welcome feedback on this if it isn’t clear enough how we’re using those options!  

Hi! We replied to all emails received so far in January yesterday morning (Thursday). Can you let us know which email you’ve been sending them to? 

We’re recording with our voice actors in February which is one of our final steps in finishing the ReVamp, so we’re aiming for it to be out on itch and Steam sometime during Spring! 

A sneaky bug! We’ll fix it with the next update 💕

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Raiden is 6’ and 28, Luci 6’2 and hella old/ancient, Livia 5’8 and 25, Erik 6’5 and 38, Roux 6’ and also hella old/ancient, and Maja is 5’7 and 36 ✨

This has been fixed in the patch we released last night. 

We’re actually already planning to put a toggle on those in the game! We understand that they can be a huge strain on both the eyes and certain systems, especially with the high volume of backgrounds we have now. We’re hoping this will be implemented with our next update if we can find the source of the other issues with them that we mentioned :) 

Hi! Thank you! 

Do you mean that you'd like to remove the ability to skip scenes already played? If so, Ren'py hard-saves your save files to your C: drive. To fully wipe your saves from your system you need to navigate to: C:\Users\*YOURNAME*\AppData\Roaming\RenPy and delete the When The Night Comes folder. This should give you a totally clean, new game with no saves, no CGs etc. 

Is everything okay with your game now? Let us know if not! We're uploading a patch shortly which will help the game run smoother regardless,

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DEV NOTE: If anyone has issues please email us at, do not leave comments here as we cannot help you without knowing your system specs, the routes you’re playing etc.

This usually happens when you need to update your antivirus or it just doesn’t recognise a file, it won’t be an issue with the game itself. Try adding it to your exceptions list or disable the software while playing. 

You can scroll back if you use a mouse with a roller to play! 

This isn’t something we intend to do sorry! Feel free to email us with your system specs and more information on the error though and we’ll see if we can assist you. 

No we plan for 8

Chapter Five is out! Others on the app have had no issues downloading so far, if you can’t see the update please get in touch with 

Yes it’ll be live on Steam tomorrow early afternoon (UK time). The upload system is archaic and takes HOURS so we’re leaving it to upload overnight 💕

You can flirt with anyone without repercussions until you lock into a romance at the end of chapter four! 

We’re aiming for 7 or 8! 

They’ll be coming with our Ch6 update in the new year! We’ve had to delay them unfortunately but we’re excited to finally bring them to you 💕

Thank you for playing!

Thank you so much! We definitely hope to bring you the next update before the new year :) 

Thanks for playing! Rest assured that those who also have poly romances are just find if you romance them individually. We’re all about avoiding harmful jealousy or love triangle tropes! Same goes for our characters finding happiness in routes where they aren’t romanced 💕

You can follow us on @lunarisgames_ on twitter for up-to-date information. The ReVamp is scheduled for sometime next year. The reason for the date change is because we’re now adding voice acting to the game. 

That’s usually a connection error sorry!

Thank you for such a lovely comment! Glad you enjoyed :) 

Hi! We haven’t had anyone else with any issues, can you email us a screenshot of what happens when you try to unzip/play? 

Thank you so much for playing and for taking the time to comment! We are making some changes to the pacing in our revamp (due next year) because the game was originally released episodically on a monthly basis, so we will definitely be amending those breaks/beats so it flows better as a complete game :) 

Thank you <3

Thank you so much!!! x

Thank you so much for your kinds words! We're happy you're enjoying it so far. We are aware of some alignment/display issues with Mac users with retina displays. It's something we're looking into and trying to work out a fix for, so hopefully this can be sorted in one of our future updates! 

We use royalty free music so unfortunately we don't have a soundtrack available but you can find the theme here

Thank you for playing and we're so happy to hear that you love Maja! We will definitely take this on board and do better going forward. We really, really appreciate your feedback <3

If you go into settings you should be able to change your resolution/display options! If that doesn't work, changing your system resolution settings may help. If you have further issues please email us with system specs and screenshots on 

Thank you for playing! 

We've realized that for some reason the Linux version we uploaded isn't the new version! So sorry about that. We'll be uploading it tomorrow <3

We have a server but it is only accessible by being a Patron so we can control numbers! If you would like to join us you can find us on: :)

We’re aiming for 7-8 chapters!