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The soundtrack is all copyright free music so you can find it on YouTube! The song names are listed in the credit screen :)

Magic 🌟

Hi! Can you tell us if you’re getting any errors when trying to open it? Feel free to send us screenshots of your unzipped file to and we’ll see if we can help :)

they each unlock at the end of the previous mini story :) 

The option to initiate the poly routes are in chapter five if you’re in a romance with one of the individuals in the pairings. 

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We recommend that you get in touch with Steam support and they should be able to assist! Can you tell us if there’s an error message or anything that happens when you try to play? Also please check that your computer or antivirus are not trying to block the launch :)

If you’ve already purchased it before then you should just be able to download the new version for free in your library or on our page. 

All DLCs are unlocked in sequence/order at the end of the previous DLC, so to play the Halloween one you need to complete one route of Til Death :)

You need to play through all of the DLCs in the Extras screen

They’re in the Extras screen :) 

If you have the game in your library if you paid for it you should be able to just download the new version for free.

It’s partially voiced :)

It’s unlockable in Omen’s route in the first DLC!

It will be incredibly easy to avoid and will not trigger without the players explicit consent. 

When you complete the main game you’ll find the first DLC story is unlocked in the Extras screen. The 2nd and 3rd will unlocked respectively when you finish each one, and that final CG in the LI galleries are in the 2nd story, ‘Til Death.’

Thank you so much! We did remove the end cards for the non-bad end routes because we have the post-game DLCs to extend the story now, but we've heard from a few old players who have played the ReVamp that they'd like to see them again so we will likely add them back in an update in the future :)

Yeah we're aiming for a late 2021 release as of right now! We'll be sure to update here on the devlog with any dates or changes to that. 

It'll be $20! 

Thank you so much! You should still be able to access your key on Steam by following these steps;

  1. Launch the Steam client software and log into your Steam account.
  2. Click the Games Menu.
  3. Choose Activate a Product on Steam...
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.

If you still have issues with this please drop us an email at

Thank YOU for your lovely comment x

Thank you so much! So glad to hear you enjoyed. And don't worry about spoilers, I think this is a pretty general question! The answer is pretty simple; we took it out because we weren't in love with the idea and it really didn't further the plot in any way. When we did the ReVamp the writing was nearly three years old, so we kept what we wanted and took out what we didn't to give you all what we think is a better game, no matter how small those changes were.

We removed these as there are post-game DLCs 

Just go to your purchases page or to the download page from the main WTNC page. If you’re logged into the same account you purchased it with then you will be able to download. If not, you need to contact for assistance 

The DLCs are included in the game, they're in the Extras screen and the first one is unlocked after completion of the main game, then the others will unlock when the subsequent DLCs are played.

You can only skip seen text, so you have to play through first :) 

We were uploading a new build so it was unavailable, it should be available again now. 

Thank you so much! We’re aware and looking into this right now so hopefully we’ll find a fix soon :) 

We had an unexpected amount of support for this tier and we’re trying to think of a way to add everyone’s names to the game in a future update, we promise we haven’t forgotten 

Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed! 

The game isn’t live on Steam yet as we’re waiting for them to approve the release so this may be why. We also have to wait for them to release keys when we request so if we run out we will add more ASAP! 

We’re waiting for them to approve our release so hopefully over the next few days 

They’re in the ‘Extras’ screen and they are unlocked when the game is complete! 

We ran out of keys but we've just added more! The game isn't live on Steam just yet as it's pending review but as soon as it is you should be able to redeem your key :)

Yes! We plan on adding it a little closer to release at the end of the year though :)

The game is partially voiced :) 

Thank you so much! All the final chapters will be released together in the next couple of months! 

We’re still working on them and as we’re releasing it in full now we’re adding more content than we planned to (like art!) so we’re not ready to announce a date yet but it’ll be in the next couple of months 🙏🏻 

This is an issue we’re aware of and we’re looking into it for the final update! Really sorry for the inconvenience. If you haven’t already tried it, we recommend playing via the itch app which sometimes does help. 

If you haven’t already downloaded via the itch app then we recommend trying this! If that doesn’t help then please email us on with your system specs and we’ll look into it for you :) 

We’re aware of some issues with the Mac version and we’re working on fixing these in the final update for the game. Apologies for any inconvenience caused!