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This is great!! Wonderful job! There are a few things I'd add though (spoilers!):

  • Upgrading the whistle actually increases the speed of the warping cutscene, particularly when holding the jump button down to cycle through locations. Your mileage may vary in terms of usefulness, but that's what it does!
  • You can access the warp to HIDDEN VILLAGE early (even before going to meet Death for the first time/using the LIGHTHOUSE warp) by falling down from CRAGGY NOOK on the mountain onto the trees below. Platforming across them will get you to PRECARIOUS without blue herbs, or any additional items at all, for that matter!
  • The ice wall in GREAT ICEBERG can be melted with a lava golem from Hymnir Volcano as well as with bombs! It's harder, and probably not something anyone would willingly try, but it works!
  • Speaking of Hymnir, the fast-travel point in Hymnir can be reached early (without doing the loop around) if you can jump up to the ledge. See your tips and tricks for some ideas about how to do that...
  • In The Creature, on the north (wand-centric) path to GAOL, you write, "In this room, shrink down using the lens
    for a floatier jump and make a tricky jump around the corner using the boots to lend on the cloud." There's actually a slightly easier way through this room; if you return to the previous room, do the trick with the falling pot/respawning again to return to the doorway, and go back to the room with the cloud/pit, you can levitate the pot, throw it over the pit, and use it as a platform to reach the cloud. It's finicky, but doable, and perhaps easier than going around the corner with the lens/boots.

Also, I'm sorry about the 51 gems thing! No clue why that happened... I will investigate if/when I have time.

I'm sorry to hear about your save, but I'm glad you enjoyed yourself regardless!

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The one past the fire requires a specific form to access! Luckily, it's something that's very close by!

The other one may be a bit tricky, but think of how you've gotten through walls in the past (specifically the recent past, as of getting to this point in the cave), and see if you can figure out a way past this one!

Not actually a Pico-8 game, though I did use the colour palette! Apologies!

No, not really; the only issues are because Yoyo Games doesn't officially support Studio 1 anymore (despite having sold permanent licenses to the software), and tries to sell you Studio 2/newer versions of their IDE whenever possible. When I switched to a new laptop earlier this year, that made getting the software on my new computer/getting it to recognize my license more difficult. The program itself worked fine though! That said, I recently switched to Godot for any future projects, more out of a desire to avoid using Yoyo's dev tools in the future than anything else.

Gamemaker Studio, v1.4.9!

Hey! Just fyi, someone has made a copy of your game page and is distributing some kind of software (potentially malware) through it! They've been doing similar things with a few other folks' games (including one of mine) so I figured I'd reach out and let you know! Here's their fake page, in case you'd like to contact itch about it/report it!

Duly noted! Thank you for letting me know!

Hey all!

 I was wondering if anyone had a comprehensive description of what ratings on a game do? Like, I know that reviews are currently developer/follower only, afaik, but do ratings do anything in particular beyond affecting placement in the Top Rated category on the storefront? Like, will games that are rated more highly appear first when searching for games in other ways, and is this something that we as developers should be trying to prioritize post-release? 

I know that Steam puts a lot of emphasis on positive ratings when deciding which games are more/less visible to consumers, so I guess I'm wondering if there's something similar here. I'm also curious whether "review-bombing" a game here would affect visibility in the same way that it can on Steam; anyone have any insight?

Glad you enjoyed it!!!

Interesting... I'll check to see if it's working properly with the demo build! Thank you for letting me know!

There should be key rebinding in the options menu! Though, I’ll have to make sure it works right in the demo build. There’s also controller support, so you can use an xbox controller of you’d prefer.

I'm sorry it doesn't! In my defense though, Polymute was released two years before the Steam Deck, isn't a Steam game, and doesn't even have controller support.

I'd love to be considered, if possible!

I think never say never, but at this point I'm fairly happy with leaving Polymute be. I may go back to it sometime though!

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...And now, after a pep talk and small hotfix update, they should be fixed and back to jumping properly.

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The way I'd say to do it is to jump, then dash, then mash the jump button. I will say, the timing is pretty lenient after the initial jump; you just have to mash the jump button, not necessarily time it perfectly. The one NPC in particular who tells you how to do it is in the Wall Jump room. It shouldn't be any harder now than it was in previous updates, you just can't do it in 1x1 gaps anymore. I'll check the tutorial room though; I think I have an idea of what's causing that.

...And now the crash should be sorted out! This comment actually helped me figure out exactly what was going on, so thank you for that!

Iiiiinteresting. I’ll see what I can do!

I happened to be working on other fixes when I saw your comment, so it worked out nicely!

I appreciate the apology, and the kind words. I think I've just been dealing with a lot of bugs and complaints over the past week and a half (probably more than I can reasonably handle as one developer), and today has been particularly rough. I'm glad you enjoyed the game though!

...And issues 1 and 2 should now be patched out!

I'll look into #1 and #2. If you can instantly win the fight, you should still be able to do Ending #3 if you talk to a certain skeleton with the sword and say no to him. Also, #3 is intentional (or at least not something I can fix without changing the font itself) and #4 is also intentional. Cheers!

UPDATE: I've now rolled back the tutorial changes and slightly tweaked the Needle Cave entrance for new saves. Cheers.

Thanks for the feedback! If I ever rework the tutorial again, I'll keep your thoughts in mind. As an aside, if you have any issues with gameplay (bugs, softlocks, and the like) feel free to report those here. However, I'd appreciate it if people didn't give me unsolicited feedback on my game, at least for the time being. 

That's a fair critique, I think. Duly noted!

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...And both of these should now be fixed going forward! The latter changes in the ruins will only affect new games (due to how saving rooms works) but any future playthroughs won't be able to skip straight to Delphis. As for the issue with Death, apparently I missed a line of code that removed them the second they saw their body when I was tweaking the despawning for update 1.3.2. Go figure!

I'll take a look at both of these! Thanks for the report!

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Hi! To get to the [SPOILERS] Underworld, you’ll have to do two things: firstly, you’ll have to climb up the cliff behind the Beacon/Lighthouse (go up/left) and find the Needle (which is in a cave in the cliff face up there). After that, you just have to enter the lighthouse with the needle, and a portal to the Underworld will be there! [SPOILERS]

If you want a smaller hint, talk to Ludos, the lighthouse keeper dog, a few times. He’ll generally direct you toward your main objectives in this portion of the game, and even after this he can give hints, as well as other flavour text. I’m sorry for getting you stuck in my game, and I hope this helps!

Ohhhh I see! Sorry about that!

Or do you just mean that I should add "non Steam" to the version of the executable to avoid confusion with version available on Steam?

Hi! I'm not quite sure what you mean by this; is there a problem with your copy of the game?

Yep, that's a bug! I actually patched it out this morning in a 1.3.2 patch, but that patch will only affects saves that haven't caused him to disappear yet. That said, the patchnotes also describe how you can reset the Gaol room to fix things, so I'd say to first download the latest update, and then try the method described there. If you have downloaded version 1.3.2 and had this issue anyway, let me know, because that's an issue!

Just FYI, this should now be patched!

Noted! Expect a patch in the near future! Thank you for letting me know!

No problem! And do let me know if you have any issues!

It does actually have gamepad support! Xbox controllers should be supported (with button remapping too!), so that would probably work if you're using one. Of course, if it doesn't work I'd also be happy to reimburse you or something for the trouble.

Unfortunately not at the present! There's always a chance sometime down the line, but I wouldn't wait for it. I'm sorry!

No discord currently, but if there’s enough interest I could be persuaded to start one!