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Thank you so much! There are a lot of entrants, so I'm not holding out too much hope, but I'm very happy with how it turned out!

I could have sworn there was, but I guess there isn't! I'll see what I can do to remedy that!

AAAAAAA I'm so glad you liked it!!!

Is it the most recent update (after May 28th 2021) or did you download the game prior to that point?

If the latter, downloading the most recent update might fix the issue. Otherwise, I'll look into it!

I'll look into it!! Thank you!!

Just pushed an update; tried exporting the game a different way. Maybe give it another go now, and let me know if it still gets flagged!

Well that's good to know! This has been happening for one of my other projects as well, and I was hoping it wouldn't happen here. Guess I'll see what I can do!

It'll be up asap! Essentially the update should(?) improve performance on some new machines/versions of Windows; a bunch of my games got a similar update today. There's a quirk with Game Maker Studio where a certain Windows update causes a game projects/exes to run poorly, so this is responding to that.


Thank you for your feedback; it is a little late to fix/tweak this, since Polymute's probably not going to be getting much in the way of future updates at this point (in fact I've released a whole other game since releasing this! Time sure flies). Still, I appreciate the difficulty being brought to my attention, and I'll try to make my future projects more lenient.

I'm not sure if this will help at all, but as a note, the boss "timer" pauses when in the menu, meaning you have as much time as you'd like while in there to try to figure out what to turn into, though if that doesn't help Youtubing the ending is certainly an option too.

Thank you so much! I hope 100%-ing it wasn't too rough!

Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it!

I'd like to submit Elephantasy and Polymute if that's okay, perhaps with preference given to Elephantasy if I had to choose one or the other!

Thank you for the detailed analysis, and for alerting me to the bugs! I'll patch out the more glaring ones (if I can figure them out anyway).

I'm also glad that you liked the game enough to stick around and 100% it, even despite the issues! I dunno if I'll act on the broader feedback (particularly the design decision stuff, since it feels a bit late to be going back on that stuff now) but we'll see! The 3D map thing in particular has been noted by one or two other folks, so I'll certainly consider switching the default option in a future update (or apply some other fix, if I can think of anything more clever).

That's not a bad idea actually! I'll see what I can do!

Oof, okay, lots to do on my end then! I guess it ISN'T safe for save data. Good to know. I don't think you did anything wrong; I think I may have flubbed something with the update if it's causing issues like things vanishing and data being reset. The ladder thing seems like another issue to me, though. Can you describe what you were doing when you got stuck?

Thank you very much!

Hi Spencer! Here's my submission to the bundle, Polymute:
Also, I had a question; could I submit a game that releases on the 7th? I have one coming to both Steam and itch on that day, so I figured I might as well ask!

I didn't expect this game to resonate with me like it did, but I really enjoyed it. There are wind turbines in the mountains near where I grew up in Vermont, and I could always see them when we drove to school in the mornings, on the horizon. Now I'm very far away from there, but I'm in a place where there are still wind turbines (New Brunswick, near Nova Scotia). It's an odd connection, but nice in this context. Thank you for making this!

Thank you Tyson! Glad you enjoyed it!!

Did it glitch at the same place, or was it under different circumstances this time?

I'm glad you're enjoying it, and I'm sorry that you ultimately restarted! Thank you for giving it that second chance though! I'll have a look and see if I can sort out that bug, too, just for the future. Let me know if anything else funky happens!

That is unfortunate! Is that the extent of the glitching? Also, did you unpack the game executable from the .zip file it was in/did you put the game down and come back to it afterwards? That can affect save data sometimes.

Thank you! I'm glad you like them!!

Welp! I'm sorry about that! No idea what could be causing those issues! I'll have a look and see if I can do anything to help remedy the situation on my end. My best guess is that the file that deals with certain objects respawning/not respawning in game got deleted/corrupted somehow. 

As for the SPACE/transform idea, I'll consider it! I thought that SPACE also did something if you moused over an object with an action that wasn't transform selected, but I guess that's not the case! Hopefully the issues haven't ruined the game for you, and again, I'm sorry that this has happened!

[If hide tags were available, they'd start here]

If it's the one inside the Spire (purple area) it's probably not the Monolith, because as far as I can tell, the shadow can't be the Monolith. However, yes, it should be a form that you already have, that was required for you to get to that point. All you should have to do is approach the shadow with the right form and it'll open the path. My best guess is to try either the Mirror form, or the Egg form.

[If hide tags were available, they'd end here]

Let me know if this helps!

Noted! Might be something with how the blocks despawn. I'll look into it.

No, it should definitely be in the Marsh! Or, the place to obtain them, anyway. It's a bit more in-depth than just picking them up. Check the South-West portion of the area, particularly looking for the Mushroom Cobbler.

Thank you for the kinda words btw! I'm so glad you've been enjoying my game!

Huh. That's weird! No idea what's up with that. If you'd like to go back through the intro/tutorial bit again, open up the game's files (should be in local appdata, look for "Transmute Deluxe"), go into the Options.ini file (you can open it up with notepad or a text editor), and look for the Respawn option. Then, set the x value to 1408, and the y value to 384. If you save that, and then reopen the game, you should start back at the very beginning (but with no forms lost) so you can re-open the puzzles as necessary. Hope this helps a bit!

No, you'll need to find a way to combine them! Like a cauldron, for instance!

I would say yes, you do save everyone, though it's left sort of ambiguous isn't it? I'm you enjoyed the game, by the way! I'd recommend Transmute next (since it's sort of linked to this one).

Congrats!! Never thought people would try to speedrun my games! I think my best time is just under half an hour, but since I've never recorded it, I do think you have the record for now! Well done!

I'm glad you're enjoying it!! Thanks for reaching out!

Monster town is south from the Herb Garden! Follow the river down from that room and you'll end up in a place called the Shroomish Marsh. After that, go east, and you'll get to Monster Town! Hope this helps!

So glad you enjoyed it!

Huh. That's a new one! I'll look into that. Glad you enjoyed, and congrats on the ending!! It's meant to be difficult, but it seems like you figured it out in the end!

Glad to hear you enjoyed it, and that you got 100%! Congrats!

Also, I just did a little bugfixing, so if you want to download the latest version of the game and boot it up, you should be able to transform out of that situation now, even without going into your files!

I can help! You'll have to find the game's files though. It'll probably be in your program files/local appdata, and it should be called "Transmute_Deluxe2." Once you find the file, open it up and open "Options.ini" in a text editing program. Notepad works just fine for this. Look for the option labelled "[Respawn]" and add about 16 to whatever the y value is. Then, save the document, reopen the game, and you should be in the clear! So so sorry that this happened, and I hope this helps!