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I could add an updated version with a longer timer, which would probably help somewhat. I'll also look into the faster forms interface too, since its' a complaint I've been seeing a lot, but I can't promise much on that front.

UPDATE: I've added a new version of the game with some fixes that should hopefully help fix your problems!

The game was put together in Game Maker Studio (the first one)! Pixel art was mostly done in Paint.NET, and music was done with a program called Pulseboy. Hope this helps, and I'm glad you like it!

You don't actually need the rock to win! You just have to make Whirlin turn into a rock (by turning into a Dragon or a Demon when he's a Dragon), so don't give up just yet! And thank you, I really appreciate the compliments!!

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Huh. Not sure why fullscreen isn't working, but I'll definitely look into it! As for the controller issues, all I can really do at this point is apologize; the in-game support isn't great, I know, and I'm not experienced enough with doing controller support to make it much better, but I'll also give it a look-see and see what I can do.

EDIT: So, I've pushed a new update to the game. Hopefully fullscreen will work now, and navigating the menu/dashing with controller will be easier! My apologies for any inconvenience, and I hope you continue to enjoy Strike II!

Fun game! Volume controls might be nice, but beyond that it's short and sweet!

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Okay, so, I managed to beat the demo (after many deaths on the moving platform-aura room) and I think I figured out what was tripping me up so much.

In that one particular room, there are lots of little platforms scattered around and along the bottom of the stage. Because of this, I thought I had to go under everything, which ended up causing me to die a whole lot, when really the easier path is to go above everything. Also, there aren't any checkpoints in that room, so any mistake was effectively a reset (although the room was fairly small, so it wasn't too bad once I figured out what to do). 

The controls feel much better by the way! Thank you for taking my thoughts into account!

Pretty fun game! Never did manage to get out of Frog-Land, but it was very good nonetheless! The controls feel great, although there are some leaps of faith with the grappling hook that got tiresome over time (COUGH moving platform aura level COUGH). Additionally, removing the functionality of the Z and V keys might be a good idea; I ended up pressing V a lot accidentally while trying to jump and grapple, which ended up having me aim down and miss my target.

Oh man, this is great! I love it

It's a fun game, although I ended up getting stuck on level 11. I think you have to combine the plants after making a starting bridge, but I don't know exactly how to do it. Still, entertaining concept!