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Thank you!!

Thank you for playing!! I'm glad you enjoyed :)

Thank you for playing!! I hope you enjoy what's to come :)

Thank you!!


That's my favorite part too!!

Thank you!!! I'm so glad the game resonated with you :)

Aw, thank you!! ^_^

Thank you for playing!! :)

Thank you for playing!! I hope you enjoy the rest of the season :)

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If you're looking for something that isn't intensely angry and intensely political you've come to the wrong game. Again, really not sure why you feel the need to comment if it's clear you don't actually want to play the game.

Update: saw you edited this while I was replying to it. Nobody on my twitter called you a nazi, the thing normalizing neonazis isn't people saying "neonazis are bad" but instead the people saying "neonazis are good", and whether you play the game is of very little concern to me. That said, the fact that you're trying to talk down at me about the politics of a game that you haven't played and that I have spent literal months making says a lot about you as a person. Now say something constructive or don't say anything at all.

Thank you!! :)

Then I'm happy to report that these are genuine bonafide neonazis! One hundred percent actual literal fascists that want to kill anyone unlike them (including but not limited to the four gay protagonists of this story).  Made in America's late-capitalist imperialist hell regime and imported directly to an alternate universe where most technology is made out of meat.  Seriously, I don't get where you're coming from here -- do you live in a world where neonazis don't exist? Because where I'm from, they're fuckin' frequent.

If this game isn't for you, feel free to not play it. If you bought a copy and turned out to not enjoy it, I'll gladly give you a refund. But don't come in here complaining about a game you haven't played just because of your own preconceptions of what it must be.

Thank you!! ^_^

i just realized there are five gun puns in your comment. holy shit. i'm so sorry for not noticing eight months ago

There is now! The new update adds a Y-invert option to the pause menu. :)

Hi! Apologies for the glitchiness. For certain versions of Unity, Linux has problems registering mouse clicks. It's sadly something that I don't have a direct fix for; however, I just rebuilt the game using a new Unity version, which should with luck fix the problem!

Alright, Y-invert has been added!

Hi! A patch to add a Mouse Y-Invert option is in the works. You'll get a notification when the update comes out! :)

Thank you!! ^_^

no, they're bugs


Thank you!!! :)

Thank you for playing!! :)

Thank you for playing! :)

Hello! Thank you very much :) This isn't actually my music -- it's a song from this person from a couple years back that I really like. I'm not very good at making music of my own -- that said, I've made a couple other games in this genre!

Twirl, a kinetic music game about loss

DANCE UNTIL WE DIE, a music game about the greatest rave of all time

(and I didn't create this one but it inspired me to start making music games in the first place so I feel it's fair to link it) Comforting Sounds, a music game about depression that shakes me every time I play it

Hello! It's the length of the song in the game -- about three minutes and forty seconds.

glad you enjoyed :)

Thank you for playing!! :)

thank you for playing!! :)

Aw, thank you!! ^_^

Thank you! ^_^

Thank you :)

Thanks!!! I'm glad you enjoyed :)

Aaaaaaaaaa thank u!!! <3

and you might be mine, too :)

Thank you for playing!! :)


gosh fuck this blew me away

oh gosh, thank you! :)