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thank you!

thank you!

thank you!

It is fast! It's just that games made with older versions of GameMaker have gotten slower over time (Skelemania was made in GameMaker 8). GameMaker: Studio and Studio 2 have improved a lot over past versions.

It's gamemaker. If it's slow, that's unfortunately not my fault. All older game maker games have a tendency to run slow on some computers and fine on others. Sorry if it's running less than 60fps, there's nothing I can do :(

The truth may be forever hidden... You should also note that I'm not sure people get forum notifications if they've just claimed a key. I think they need to actually follow the game to get notifications. So your posts might be for naught, I'm not sure.

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Please feel free! That would be super awesome if you could get it working! Email me at benallen1121@gmail.com if you want to stay in contact about this.

The game isn't more popular because it's a print and play deckbuilder, which takes a lot of time to actually get set up and play. I also foolishly used a lot of black, meaning more ink ($$$). I also didn't really know what to do with the game when I finished it. If you get the game working, I'd be more than happy to make some more cards for the game. Part of the reason why there are only 60 is to make it a little easier on people printing them out, so that restriction is removed when played on a computer.

you might want to contact https://twitter.com/taloketo

I was having this problem too, but it worked OK for me when posting this thread.  I think my problem was it wasn't showing up in the "supported file types" when selecting the image I wanted, so I had to change it to "all file types" and that worked. I also remember having to post it twice to get it to show up at all. It's very finicky for some reason.

Created a new topic Check your emails!

Hi all, I just sent two emails. One from the itch.io account, and another from my personal email (because I can't send emails to specific individuals through itch). All of the individual emails should have been sent, but I'm a little worried the one from itch didn't reach all of you. 

Just in case, I'll post the important content of that email here.

Created a new topic Room Number?

There a limit on the number of rooms we can have?

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Hey, yall, try now! Seems like doing what I was doing is broken on itch. I compromised. 

uhhh no you definitely aren't too late, something is broken lemme look.

Wow this is quite the impressive collection! I got into GameMaker a bit later, around 2009, and have really regretted not saving some of my favorite older GameMaker games from the sandbox. So I'm always happy to see people posting old GameMaker games :)

I haven't tried any of these yet, but will when I get home later tonight. I've played a good number of your other games and really enjoy the style of them, so it'll be cool to see some of their origins.

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This is hell. I just want my orbs, but they keep getting taken from me. Orb hell.

This is something that's confused me a lot. The deadzone is actually quite high, but it doesn't seem to scale as accurately as it's supposed to. It's also possible that it's getting turned off at unintended points. I'll be sure to look into it. I have a patch planned soonish and will include any changes to this that I can muster.

I think I'll just give steam keys after all, shouldn't be any harm. Might take a day or so to get set up though, so bear with me.

Thank you! I wish it could have been a bit longer given how long it took to make, but oh well. They are in fact doable, they might even be related! I can't give any hints. At least one person has figured it out already, so I know others can too!

currently, no. im kind of hesitant to distribute steam keys for itch and gamejolt. there's not a whole lot of reason not to provide them, but im still unsure. ill think about it overnight and decide tomorrow. if i end up not providing them and you really want a steam key for whatever reason, i can personally message them to people.

hey, this should be fixed now!

Hey folks, I accidentally still had steam enabled for this version which is why playing just redirects you to steam. working on a fix now. sorry about the inconvenience!!

ahh sorry about this!! Someone just told me about it. I messed something up, working on it now. will be fixed in about a half hour


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Sorry about that! I removed all of the old clutter from the page in preparation for the release and have been neglecting the demo.

  • Z to jump, 
  • X to attack, 
  • left/right arrow keys to move, 
  • down arrow key to fall through thin platforms, 
  • up arrow key to open door. 
  • A to jump,
  • X to attack, 
  • d-pad or joystick to move, fall through, or open doors like above. 
  • (you have to press z on keyboard when getting a power up, it was a bug I never fixed). 

In-game controls will be available in the full version when it releases. I will try to update the demo for that as well.

I guess so, yeah!

Thanks for commenting! They haven't been regular for months now, so you haven't missed much. I did them a lot in the early development when new mechanics were being added daily. Late-stage dev is too slow for weekly or even bi-weekly updates.

thank you!

thank you! this was my first time using bitsy, so i tried to keep things simple. glad you found my tiny, tiny thing engaging.

Thanks for the follow up post! Hopefully a map + signs that say there's a save point in an adjacent room will help prevent people from walking past save points. That being said, you're not the only person who's said something about the difficulty, so I will still be altering some things. I don't want this to be a hard game. It'll have challenge, but I don't want the game to be frustrating like so many other indie platformers are. Wasps, bats, and excessive enemy placements represent the frustrating difficulty that I want to alter, while spear ghosts, moles, and the first boss represent the good kind of difficulty that I'm shooting for.

Sorry about the lack of saving and loading, it'll be there eventually we just haven't gotten to it quite yet. This past update I was mostly focusing on making the game flow as good as possible, but I'll definitely focus on balancing the difficulty a bit more for the next update. There are quite a few problematic enemies that I'll make easier to deal with and/or avoid. Thanks for playing though! We've been updating the game about every month, so hopefully this time next month all of the problems you had will be solved.

Finished it in just over an hour minutes with the gem ending. I really enjoyed it, and kind of want to speedrun it, but I have a few issues which I'll get to after a quick review. For $2 it's totally worth it if you like a really clean short exploration platformer [a few very tricky sections, but most are pretty fair and the checkpoints are generally very forgiving].

1. As someone who frequently uses the map, it's very easy to accidentally fast travel to another area, killing progress, which is really frustrating and happened about 6 times to me throughout the game. I really think the input for fast travel should be changed to avoid this.
2. I finished the game with 769 coins. The last of which are guarded by the teleporting enemies at the bottom of the airship. This is by far the most cruel section in the game, and doesn't feel fair at all. I've tried this section many times now and haven't even found a way to consistently get past the first enemy, let alone the rest. I really think this should be changed significantly. I know you want this area to be challenging, but this is too much. I really want to get the coin ending [I think I found the secret door to get this ending already] but this section is gatekeeping me pretty hard.

Was originally going to be a boss fight, but I ended up canning it. Didn't want to waste it so I put it there. Kind of wish I didn't now since I've heard some people mistake it for "the skull" that is mentioned when you collect the missing skeleton parts, when I actually mean the smaller one from the beginning of the game.

There isn't a forum because itch doesn't let you have a comments section and a forum, and I think a comments section is more fitting for now. We do have a discord channel though! I never got around to adding it to the game's description on itch but it should be there now. If you don't have discord or don't want to join but still have questions, feel free to email me at benallen1121(at)gmail(dot)com

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Very nice little game! Really wish you could hold the arrow keys to move automatically though. Mashing right and left got a little tiring.

Thanks! I have considered adding an easter egg with the original sprites, and might do it. We'll see...

Enemy respawning isn't perfect yet, still working on perfecting that. The abilities in the demo will not be there in the final game, but will be spread out across the different locations. The only ability that'll stay where it is now is dive. We haven't programmed death yet to make it easier for testing, might be one of the last things we do actually.

Well good news: I changed it back! I don't plan on updating the demo any time soon, but the most recent versions of the game have dive working the way it worked in the previous games. I also plan to have the pause screen with a (hopefully more detailed) map, but we probably won't get to doing that till near the end of development.

I'm a little confused by what you said about "not being able to charge while already walking", because you can only start charging while walking. If you press the button while standing still you just do a headbutt. Regardless, I've changed it so that charge has a bit more oomph to it. You build up speed slower than normal walking, but you have a significantly faster max speed (faster than dive). I also changed dive to work like it did in the previous games. So if you don't want to wait for the slide to finish, you can just jump.

One other fairly fundamental change I made, which should make the game more fun is I removed the top-speed limit and added a speed increase cap. By that I mean, speed can exceed any number, but you can't increase it further beyond what you would normally be able to. So when you jump out of dive, you'll keep your dive momentum even though you aren't diving anymore. This is a pretty standard thing in these kind of games, but it wasn't in place before now. I won't be changing the demo, but all of these changes will be present in the final release (unless I change stuff again).

Really appreciate the in-depth comments!

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Just popped in to report the escape room bug, but it's already been reported. (Loving the game btw)

I'd personally love that kind of streak system that makes dungeons a little harder each time you win consecutively (definitely make it reset to 21 when you lose though). Something as simple as -1 max hp per consecutive dungeon-win, like you mentioned, would be great for replay value. It would obviously get impossible at a certain point, but that only adds to the excitement when you getting lucky and survive at very low health.

*edit* While I'm here, a fullscreen option would be nice. The game window is very small.

Hmm, lag is kind of scary because it's something that I see frequently in builds of the game, but I assume it has something to do with my computer or that I frequently run it out of dropbox. I also seem to be the only one who gets lag because everyone I've talked to that's played the game has had it run fine, until now. I really don't know what to do about it though because it should run fine, and more often than not it does run fine.

The problem people have always had in the past is pressing jump right before changing directions, which leads to it not going off. I think the fix for this will be to add a ghost frame or two to let you 'convert' a normal jump into a backflip if the get the timing slightly off.

A little confused at your reasoning for disliking the new dive with it letting you go very far with the same momentum. In the previous two games, jumping out of a dive kept your momentum *AND* took you out of dive. This made keeping your dive momentum extremely easy, because all you had to do was jump out of your dive as soon as you hit the ground, and then dive again. If you messed it up (assuming you're trying to play the game quickly) there's not much of a punishment, since you'll have complete control of the player. With the dive in its current state, if you don't time your dive-jumps well enough, you'll lose momentum very quickly, which I think makes it a bit more interesting and skillful. However, it can be frustrating for any player to have to wait for momentum to naturally slow down before you get control back, so I'm still not totally sure on whether I'll keep this version of dive or revert to the old one.

The reason why charge isn't a run button where you build up speed over time is because I wanted it to be somewhat different from the speed booster in super metroid. I also don't want it to just replace dive as the best way to get over gaps or the best way to move quickly. The only reason why I don't let you dive while charging is because I like the jump-charge somersault animation too much and want to force people to look at it. However, being able to dive into a charge to conserve momentum is a very cool idea that I hadn't considered previously. I'll definitely experiment with that and see if I like it.

As for the damage boost thing, yes I know about it. I isn't a feature but I'm probably not going to fix it because there isn't anything inherently bad about it being in the game, and maybe speedrunners will like it. There's another unintentional bug in the game that I also probably won't fix for the same reason.

Huh, that's weird. I honestly have no idea why I game this small and simple would ever crash, so I'd need more information about it to help.