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Felt like the possibility space for tactics is stifled somewhat by how weak normal movement is. You get such efficient ranged damage options that making 1 tile movements often felt actively detrimental. Killer game otherwise though. Loved the sound and art design especially.

you're replying to a post from 6 years ago, but the answer conveniently is the same now as it would have been when i originally posted this. i use gamemaker because i like it, and i continue to use it because i continue to like it.

extremely good

I'm no longer working on the game, so it's not likely. Sorry. I think I remember someone getting it to work on Wine. Never heard of anyone trying it on Proton, but maybe it works!

Sorry I just meant I wasn't sure where I needed to go. I like getting lost, but the camera being so zoomed in and there not being a ton of landmarks makes it hard to have a good sense of place in the world.

The demo is lovely. The broom is a little clumsy and the player could use some more forward direction, but overall what I played was really charming and fun. Hope to see more glitch dungeon!

Thanks, but it's not so simple as to just choose what keys to map. I already know how I'd map it, it's just that implementation will take some time, and I don't have a lot of free time right now. I'll try to take a look within the next few weeks.

The simple answer, which will sound pretty stupid, is that I decided early on that this would be a free game and so I felt ok only supporting the preferable control scheme. Normally supporting both is trivial, but for this game I put a good bit of work into the cool analog menu system, which I programmed  for analog stick input only. I could theoretically make it work for keyboard, it just wouldn't be as quick a task as it would for other games where analog input & keyboard input are effectively the same.

I should really take a second look at the code though and see how much effort it would be to get keyboard working. I'll have a look in the next few weeks when I have some free time. If I release an update, I'll make a post about it so everyone knows. No promises though.

[Responding here in case someone else runs into the same issue] 
Apparently this tooltip is wrong and has been wrong for like 6 years! The key to warp is W. W for Whoops!

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What I'm fishing for is whether you still have the item or not, and didn't quit the game without saving since you got it. Because I can't really think of anything else that would cause this item to not work.

If you've checked and are 100% certain that you have the item, could you email me a copy of your save file? You can find my email on my itch page.

Can you confirm that you have the warp upgrade? You can see all items you have in the pause screen (escape key should open that)

Huge thanks for continuing to support this. It's been my preferred way to write GML for over a year now and I try to recommend it to others whenever I can. 

Love the look of it! Random gen is great and the color matching is a nice twist on the standard Pac-Man formula. 

It's really challenging, which is cool, but sometimes feels a bit unfair. The main culprit of this feeling (I think) is the tendency for chasing ghosts to clump up next to each other. If the ghosts are the same color, it's no biggie—if they're different colors, then becomes a problem.

Some "personal space" logic that prevents them from getting too close to each other would help. Another option would be to subtly differentiate the pathfinding algorithm of one color from another. IE: if choosing between two directions where each direction is equally fast, blue always goes left and red always goes right. Could also do something as simple as make it so a chasing ghost has a % chance to take a sub optimal turn at any intersection.

Looking forward to seeing the next release!

A request: A boolean secret_value attribute for textareas which would allow you to display the text value as all asterisks. Would be very useful for login systems where the password needs to be hidden. Also useful for any game where you need to enter secret information, like submitting a prompt or wager.

This is amazing!! How many copies do I need to buy to fund the roadmap :P

Does the game not work anymore? I just started and can't seem to progress. Little loading icon is spinning in the corner and isn't showing any sign of stopping

thanks! i really like this breakthrough system as a different approach to a xp-based systems. my goal is to make a game that's really good at creating stories, so this system should be an effective contributor towards that goal. i'm a little worried it'll be too random, but hopefully there will be enough options on a given level that the randomness will feel controllable.

Great level design and production. Got a little lost trying to reach the end, but I figured it out eventually. Awesome work!

NEVERMIND! I looked at the comments and see I have to type "password." Some emphasis on the next letter you need to type would probably help get this across a bit better.

This looks really cool, but I can't seem to get past the please enter your password screen? Neither clicking nor any keys seem to do anything, game is in focus.

It's a challenging game, but definitely beatable! I would recommend trying a custom run to experiment with different spells in different areas (you can choose a loadout of any spells you've discovered and start from any area you've been to, so it's a great way to learn and experiment)

Probably the best advice I can give is to really think critically about the spells you choose. Many spells in this game are situational. They might look really bad, but can be game changing in the right situation. Maybe a spell looks bad now, but maybe it'll be amazing against a specific enemy type in a future area? Similarly, a spell could be really good at the start of the game, and then lose effectiveness as you progress. Don't let one spell be your constant crutch.

If you still find yourself stumped, you might be able to get some tips from folks on my discord server ->

Yep! Free to use for any project, including commercial. Crediting optional. I'll edit the project description so this is clear for others.

yay! i'm glad that the versus mode is getting used :)

There's not, sorry. It was designed for controllers and just felt terrible to play on keyboard.

Nice changes! Excited to try it out.

Cultists definitely aren't a guaranteed run ender, although they're certainly a tricky puzzle to solve. When playing, try looking for spells that would specifically help you beat cultists. Area of effect damage spells, long ranged damage spells, silence effects, spells that give you actions, or spells that deal damage without having to cast a spell at all (row of strength or row of sacrifice, for example (there are others as well!)) are all good ways to handle cultists. 

Hope this helps!

Fun! I wish the game would show me the tile i would land on when hovering over a number, because counting is boring, but i suppose that would trivialize the game.

have you considered just making it so friends don't get reset at death? i know it sounds kind of sacrilegious to what a multiplier is supposed to be, but it would be the simplest fix and (imo) wouldn't ruin scoring, it would just make one death less of a disaster. would also have the added benefit of making it easier to tell when your next extra life is after dying.

that'll be my only suggestion because i know backseat game designing can be annoying. i just think this game rocks and could be a super fun and rewarding thing to put a lot of time into with a few minor tweaks. : )

This is super well done! The manual is a great touch as well, the polish is out of this world. 

My one critique: I'm not a fan of powerups being tied to score though. Since friends are reset with each death, dying ruins both your score multiplier and your ability to quickly generate powerups. This makes death a punishment both for score attacking players and players just trying to survive. Might just be a difference in philosophy, but I really don't like my chances of survival feeling ruined by a single mistake. Even with the life system, a single death feels like a ruined run, which isn't a great feeling.

Not currently possible for me, sorry :(

I know at least one Mac user that got it working in Wine, although it wasn't thoroughly tested.

This is great! Forcing you to swap out abilities is really smart, and it pairs well to the scoring system. Well done.

You simply need to enter each one once. After you've entered all 5, the gate will be open in the secret room in the cyan area. You do have to climb a very tricky wall to get to it.

As a warning, the reward for getting past this is the hardest area in the game. And there isn't a reward for completing that challenge other than having the full map completed. Just letting you know ahead of time in case you choose to take on the challenge.

I'm not sure how to give you a hint without knowing what you have and haven't already done. Could you tell me everything you've done so far?

Some notes: the game doesn't require you to do anything without rabbit statues or without dying. I'm not sure what specific wall you are referring to, but there is one very difficult wall which you have to climb. 

If you can find the blue spirit, then you're questions will be answered! Here are some hints that you should take close not of from the game:
1. The frogs that tell you about the blue spirit, and how you are "too experienced to see it"
2. The frog that tells you about walljumping
3. There is another frog outside of Frog Village which says he just saw the Blue spirit. It's possible that the blue spirit might appear in that room... but only when you are "unexperienced"

Instead of trying to get to frog village early, maybe try to get to that frog who saw the spirit early?


The entire map can be filled! The method to accessing it is a tad bit unfair to the player. If I had made the game now, I wouldn't have done it like this. There is a hint or two on how to access it in the frog village. It is something that can be missed on a first playthrough, so you may have to start a new save to access the missed content. I will also add that the actual reward you get isn't exactly worth the effort... there's videos online if you'd like to see someone complete it without doing it yourself. I wouldn't blame you for skipping it.

Ayrayen's contract:

Yep! It's intended. I wanted the fun of the game to be in moving around quickly and freely, Super Mario Sunshine was in fact a big inspiration! There are some more egregious sequence breaks which weren't initially intended, but were left in for the same reason. You can see those in any speedrun of the game.

Thanks for such a nice review!

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I love this! 

Fun! Was a bit confused about what some of the items were doing though. I liked it though! The boots were especially cool once I understood what they did.

Hiya, 9 Till Void is a weird strategy-heavy roguelike that would be a cool addition to the bundle.