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More than happy to contribute:

If you visit the main game page, it's just below the purchase button and right above the devlog posts. It should be visible but let me know if you can't see it.

If you experienced something cool in the game, or pulled off a clutch victory, and want to share it, here's the place to do that! All screenshots and gameplay videos of any kind are welcome here. 

If you'd like to discuss character unlocks and secrets, please do so here. Please be courteous of spoilers in other threads.

If you encounter a bug or crash in the game, please post here with details. If a screenshot would help, please include that as well (F12 key takes a screenshot). Thank you!

badly designed is subjective, but i did make this in highschool so it definitely shows that walljump was tagged on at the very end without much critical thought. 

If you want to genuinely enjoy the game, you should do a full playthrough without walljumping. If you don't walljump (minus small convenience jumps) I can assure you that you can't get stuck. The level design was not designed with walljump in mind, I just wanted to give people a cool tool for sequence breaking and speedrunning. Same goes with skelemania (although i regret including it in skelemania).

I decided to just play through the game myself again because it's been awhile. Here's a list of all key locations:

  • Green 1 - Bottom of spike pit next to dive location [meant to unlock dive]
  • Green 2 - Room east of dive location [meant to unlock backflip]
  • Yellow 1 - Upper-most Diglet room [meant to unlock rune pedestal room]
  • Pink 1 - Upper-right dead-end corridor under Yellow [meant to unlock access to pink rune]
  • Pink 2 - Lower-left corridor that loops back to Green [misc, can be used to unlock 1/3 of cyan rune]
  • Cyan 1 - Top of far-right tower [misc, can be used to unlock 1/3 of cyan rune]
  • Blue 1 - Bottom fish pit [meant to unlock blue rune]
  • Blue 2 - Fish corridor by Yellow [meant to unlock yellow rune]
  • Orange 1 - Teased in upper Orange [misc, can be used to unlock 1/3 of cyan rune]
  • Orange 2 - Exiting from blue [purely for convenience]

Is this a minecraft skin? I am confused

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It's made in GameMaker and for some reason lots of anti-virus programs think games made in GameMaker are malicious. You can just hit ignore and continue if you're getting it from Defender, I can assure you that it isn't a virus. It would have been taken off of itch and Steam years ago if it were a virus. 

To explain this further, most GameMaker games don't have a publisher listed in their metadata. That doesn't mean that it's a virus, it just means it isn't published by Microsoft or Sony or some other well known publisher. Anti-virus programs seem to correlate no publisher or no well know publisher with VIRUS though. 

Regarding the computer, check all of your maps. There's probably something you haven't found!

Regarding final boss tips, you can hit any part of the final boss and it doesn't deal contact damage. Backflip + air attack is the way to go.

Sorry about that, I designed the controller support with Xbox 360 controllers in mind and didn't test or design for anything else. So if you're using something other than an Xbox 360 controller, that would probably be why. Strange that some buttons would work but not others. I would recommend playing with keyboard exclusively, unless you have a 360 controller.

Sorry about that :( 

This is a really old bug that I could never find the solution to. I think it's some state or animation that breaks at a very specific frame. It can happen with all item pickups, but it seems to be most common with that particular map. To my knowledge it's a frame perfect bug, so it shouldn't happen again if you reload the game (unless you get very unlucky). 

I would try to fix it, but the code is really old and really bad and I kinda just don't ever want to touch it again. That should be the only softlock that still exists though, so hopefully you won't experience anything else like this with the rest of your playthrough.

I'm definitely going to reduce the difficulty at least a bit. I'm probably going to start rounding up some playtesters soon. If you'd be interested in playing more of the game early to help with game balancing and minor bug hunting, join the Discord server linked in the game page (that's where i'll be hosting playtesting). If you'd rather just wait for the game to be done and good, then that's fine as well :)

do you feel like the sandlands are too difficult at the moment? Its a pretty big difficulty spike, but I feel like it’s a good challenge. I’m biased though, so others might feel otherwise (the demo ends when you complete sandlands-4 btw)

Glad you enjoyed it! Will try to get the full game out sometime around or before this summer

It's working for me on win10, with and without the itch app. It's definitely worked on win7 before because I made the game with a win7 computer. So I'm not really sure what to recommendas far as troubleshooting goes. It's one of my oldest games at this point, so you're not missing too much. I'd recommend Skelemania or Gemygo, which are more recent and better games. 

Sorry about that. What version of Windows are you running and where in the game did you encounter the error? 

I'll probably use GameMaker: Studio, as that's what I'm most familiar with. I'm trying to learn Unity at the moment though, so if I'm feeling comfortable enough with it by the time the jam happens I guess I could try that!

Lovely interface work! Wishing the game wasn't so easy or would at least introduce new concepts a lot faster. 30+ levels in and am still able to solve the level without even having the think. Also it would be nice to have an in game quit option, because there's no way to quit while in fullscreen mode.

baba is me

This is a really neat mechanic, but I keep getting stuck. Wishing there was some way to undo or return to a checkpoint, but I can understand if the entrapment is part of the experience.

Requiring use of the enter key when I'm able to use the mouse for everything else was odd, but this is a really nice personal game. Love the emphasis on the sound and your visual style shows through really well, as always

Thanks Anthony! 

This is great! I may have managed to make a stack of rockets so tall that my dude went out of the wall and off the screen. Seems like a bug, but hard to say how much of it was a bug, haha. 

Oh I was just curious what your update plans were, I don't really have anything to request. Don't let me influence you in a different direction if it's not a direction you wanted to go in.


Is this an objects/UI asset pack, or will there be characters as well?

This was fun, I reached the top! 

This looks great! I'm interested in buying, but would rather wait till it's finished for an RPG. Do you know when it'll be complete?

It'll be on sale again in the next month or so!

What format are the animations in and what size are the made for (16px*16px, 32px*32px, etc)?

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This is great! Can't get mouse controls to work though, doesn't seem to be any way to change them from keyboard on the menu.

I think the levels are a bit big cause finding the last enemy can be a bit of a chore sometimes, but it's really well done otherwise!

Ok! That's what I figured, just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything. Was the battle system real-time or turn based? It felt real-time but I wasn't 100% sure. Only reason I ask is because if it's real-time, you should maybe consider making it turn based. Real-time combat doesn't work too well with the enemy sand items. Since you have to go through an extra menu when using items, it makes it take a lot longer to actually get the enemies you summon attacking. This was especially noticeable against the bat enemy, because it can put you to sleep if you're too slow in the menus. Because of this, I found that just doing normal attacks was the best way to win every fight, which is unfortunate since the game is all about resurrecting enemies to fight for you.

Is there more after getting the mirror? Couldn't find anywhere to use it or anywhere to go after finding it.

Thanks for the response!

In your documentation, it says that steam_net_packet_send returns whether the packet was sent successfully or not. So could I just convert your packet_send_all script into a loop that sends the packet until it returns true (or until it fails X number of times)? 

I also noticed in your documentation that steam_net_packet_type_unreliable parameter says it "will not be resent automatically". Does that imply that the other three types are already re-sending automatically until they return true?

I am calling steam_net_update in a step event which doesn't have any exits or breaks, so it's definitely getting called. The only way I'm detecting timeouts is through your chat system (I'm still very new at networking stuff).

First of all, thank you for making this extension available. I don't think I'd ever get anything working online without this extension. 

I'm developing a turn based tactics game for two players. The game is fully functional at this point, but timeouts are making the game unplayable for some players. Is there a good method for preventing players from frequently disconnecting (or a method for reconnecting players after they've lost connection)?


thank you!

thank you!

thank you!

It is fast! It's just that games made with older versions of GameMaker have gotten slower over time (Skelemania was made in GameMaker 8). GameMaker: Studio and Studio 2 have improved a lot over past versions.

It's gamemaker. If it's slow, that's unfortunately not my fault. All older game maker games have a tendency to run slow on some computers and fine on others. Sorry if it's running less than 60fps, there's nothing I can do :(