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Yep! Free to use for any project, including commercial. Crediting optional. I'll edit the project description so this is clear for others.

yay! i'm glad that the versus mode is getting used :)

There's not, sorry. It was designed for controllers and just felt terrible to play on keyboard.

Nice changes! Excited to try it out.

Cultists definitely aren't a guaranteed run ender, although they're certainly a tricky puzzle to solve. When playing, try looking for spells that would specifically help you beat cultists. Area of effect damage spells, long ranged damage spells, silence effects, spells that give you actions, or spells that deal damage without having to cast a spell at all (row of strength or row of sacrifice, for example (there are others as well!)) are all good ways to handle cultists. 

Hope this helps!

Fun! I wish the game would show me the tile i would land on when hovering over a number, because counting is boring, but i suppose that would trivialize the game.

have you considered just making it so friends don't get reset at death? i know it sounds kind of sacrilegious to what a multiplier is supposed to be, but it would be the simplest fix and (imo) wouldn't ruin scoring, it would just make one death less of a disaster. would also have the added benefit of making it easier to tell when your next extra life is after dying.

that'll be my only suggestion because i know backseat game designing can be annoying. i just think this game rocks and could be a super fun and rewarding thing to put a lot of time into with a few minor tweaks. : )

This is super well done! The manual is a great touch as well, the polish is out of this world. 

My one critique: I'm not a fan of powerups being tied to score though. Since friends are reset with each death, dying ruins both your score multiplier and your ability to quickly generate powerups. This makes death a punishment both for score attacking players and players just trying to survive. Might just be a difference in philosophy, but I really don't like my chances of survival feeling ruined by a single mistake. Even with the life system, a single death feels like a ruined run, which isn't a great feeling.

Not currently possible for me, sorry :(

I know at least one Mac user that got it working in Wine, although it wasn't thoroughly tested.

This is great! Forcing you to swap out abilities is really smart, and it pairs well to the scoring system. Well done.

You simply need to enter each one once. After you've entered all 5, the gate will be open in the secret room in the cyan area. You do have to climb a very tricky wall to get to it.

As a warning, the reward for getting past this is the hardest area in the game. And there isn't a reward for completing that challenge other than having the full map completed. Just letting you know ahead of time in case you choose to take on the challenge.

I'm not sure how to give you a hint without knowing what you have and haven't already done. Could you tell me everything you've done so far?

Some notes: the game doesn't require you to do anything without rabbit statues or without dying. I'm not sure what specific wall you are referring to, but there is one very difficult wall which you have to climb. 

If you can find the blue spirit, then you're questions will be answered! Here are some hints that you should take close not of from the game:
1. The frogs that tell you about the blue spirit, and how you are "too experienced to see it"
2. The frog that tells you about walljumping
3. There is another frog outside of Frog Village which says he just saw the Blue spirit. It's possible that the blue spirit might appear in that room... but only when you are "unexperienced"

Instead of trying to get to frog village early, maybe try to get to that frog who saw the spirit early?


The entire map can be filled! The method to accessing it is a tad bit unfair to the player. If I had made the game now, I wouldn't have done it like this. There is a hint or two on how to access it in the frog village. It is something that can be missed on a first playthrough, so you may have to start a new save to access the missed content. I will also add that the actual reward you get isn't exactly worth the effort... there's videos online if you'd like to see someone complete it without doing it yourself. I wouldn't blame you for skipping it.

Ayrayen's contract:

Yep! It's intended. I wanted the fun of the game to be in moving around quickly and freely, Super Mario Sunshine was in fact a big inspiration! There are some more egregious sequence breaks which weren't initially intended, but were left in for the same reason. You can see those in any speedrun of the game.

Thanks for such a nice review!

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I love this! 

Fun! Was a bit confused about what some of the items were doing though. I liked it though! The boots were especially cool once I understood what they did.

Hiya, 9 Till Void is a weird strategy-heavy roguelike that would be a cool addition to the bundle.

Not exactly this, but mostly yes.

I've been meaning to updated this to GMS:2.3 anyway, so I updated the pack and added an exe demo. The old version is exactly the same but the demo features the content in the advanced version. Enjoy!

Just a fantastic concept executed with some great puzzles! Would love to see this expanded on into a longer feature game.

got nearly softlocked in the beginning with two cats spawn killing me, but i persevered! the cat ai is hilarious. the backstep cat was particularly funny to follow around. will definitely try the updated version as well to try to finish it!

tank you!

dang, sorry about that. the game is pretty messy technically so i think it might just not work for some players for reasons i can't really understand. sorry :/

do you remember the error message? was that on first playthrough? what version of windows do you use and what's your screen resolution? 

More than happy to contribute:

If you visit the main game page, it's just below the purchase button and right above the devlog posts. It should be visible but let me know if you can't see it.

If you experienced something cool in the game, or pulled off a clutch victory, and want to share it, here's the place to do that! All screenshots and gameplay videos of any kind are welcome here. 

If you'd like to discuss character unlocks and secrets, please do so here. Please be courteous of spoilers in other threads.

If you encounter a bug or crash in the game, please post here with details. If a screenshot would help, please include that as well (F12 key takes a screenshot). Thank you!

badly designed is subjective, but i did make this in highschool so it definitely shows that walljump was tagged on at the very end without much critical thought. 

If you want to genuinely enjoy the game, you should do a full playthrough without walljumping. If you don't walljump (minus small convenience jumps) I can assure you that you can't get stuck. The level design was not designed with walljump in mind, I just wanted to give people a cool tool for sequence breaking and speedrunning. Same goes with skelemania (although i regret including it in skelemania).

I decided to just play through the game myself again because it's been awhile. Here's a list of all key locations:

  • Green 1 - Bottom of spike pit next to dive location [meant to unlock dive]
  • Green 2 - Room east of dive location [meant to unlock backflip]
  • Yellow 1 - Upper-most Diglet room [meant to unlock rune pedestal room]
  • Pink 1 - Upper-right dead-end corridor under Yellow [meant to unlock access to pink rune]
  • Pink 2 - Lower-left corridor that loops back to Green [misc, can be used to unlock 1/3 of cyan rune]
  • Cyan 1 - Top of far-right tower [misc, can be used to unlock 1/3 of cyan rune]
  • Blue 1 - Bottom fish pit [meant to unlock blue rune]
  • Blue 2 - Fish corridor by Yellow [meant to unlock yellow rune]
  • Orange 1 - Teased in upper Orange [misc, can be used to unlock 1/3 of cyan rune]
  • Orange 2 - Exiting from blue [purely for convenience]

Is this a minecraft skin? I am confused

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It's made in GameMaker and for some reason lots of anti-virus programs think games made in GameMaker are malicious. You can just hit ignore and continue if you're getting it from Defender, I can assure you that it isn't a virus. It would have been taken off of itch and Steam years ago if it were a virus. 

To explain this further, most GameMaker games don't have a publisher listed in their metadata. That doesn't mean that it's a virus, it just means it isn't published by Microsoft or Sony or some other well known publisher. Anti-virus programs seem to correlate no publisher or no well know publisher with VIRUS though. 

Regarding the computer, check all of your maps. There's probably something you haven't found!

Regarding final boss tips, you can hit any part of the final boss and it doesn't deal contact damage. Backflip + air attack is the way to go.

Sorry about that, I designed the controller support with Xbox 360 controllers in mind and didn't test or design for anything else. So if you're using something other than an Xbox 360 controller, that would probably be why. Strange that some buttons would work but not others. I would recommend playing with keyboard exclusively, unless you have a 360 controller.

Sorry about that :( 

This is a really old bug that I could never find the solution to. I think it's some state or animation that breaks at a very specific frame. It can happen with all item pickups, but it seems to be most common with that particular map. To my knowledge it's a frame perfect bug, so it shouldn't happen again if you reload the game (unless you get very unlucky). 

I would try to fix it, but the code is really old and really bad and I kinda just don't ever want to touch it again. That should be the only softlock that still exists though, so hopefully you won't experience anything else like this with the rest of your playthrough.

I'm definitely going to reduce the difficulty at least a bit. I'm probably going to start rounding up some playtesters soon. If you'd be interested in playing more of the game early to help with game balancing and minor bug hunting, join the Discord server linked in the game page (that's where i'll be hosting playtesting). If you'd rather just wait for the game to be done and good, then that's fine as well :)

do you feel like the sandlands are too difficult at the moment? Its a pretty big difficulty spike, but I feel like it’s a good challenge. I’m biased though, so others might feel otherwise (the demo ends when you complete sandlands-4 btw)

Glad you enjoyed it! Will try to get the full game out sometime around or before this summer