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Thanks for your replay. Now I understand better, what you are trying to do. Good luck with the implementation!

Are you sure that gathering data without your players knowing about it is a good idea? As you are skilled in programming, why not add an interview form at the end of your game and ask them what they liked/disliked about it? I, as a player, would appreciate it more than you spying on me without my knowing.

Thanks for following! If you are interested in playing/streaming my games (https://criacuervos.itch.io/moonstone-deep), let me know, I'll send you a free download key. Write to criacuervos@bluewin.ch

After pressing the "replace button", did you also press the "save page"  button to save the so modified page? It happened to me once, I forgot to save the page.

Hope this helps.

"We have no plans to sell the site, and we plan to stay an independent company indefinitely"

Thank you, itch.io, we love you! Keep on doing your excellent job!   CriaCuervos

I'm working on something like that. If you play the first game of my "Ryan Manolesta trilogy" and put some or all of your ingame money in an account at Panzani Bank (available only if you achieve the good end!) and then play the second game of the trilogy, you can retrieve part of the ingame money you put in the account, before you leave the town of Netherim. I'm still working on this second game though (release end of 2017).

I'm no expert, but from my experience I'd say:

1- Forget the "make money of it", it only hampers you in your work. Instead try to make the best game you can. A game that YOU like and that makes you feel proud about, because building and finishing a complete game is no small feat.

2- Take a break, do other things for a while, and you'll soon see new ideas coming to you. If you have willing friends, let them test/play your game.

3- For my part, I know that my game is finished when I have fixed all bugs and when I can't stand it to play it one more time for testing. There comes a moment, you have to let go.

4- Gather your courage,  publish it on itch.io and read the comments; the community is very supportive.

I wish you strength and a lot of fun to complete your game.  I'm looking forward to it!


P.S. Sorry for my english (not mothertongue).


I've just updated the page for my main game with the new tools! Fantastic!

Thanks for your work!

Hello Jordan,

if you like adventure-RPGs my game https://criacuervos.itch.io/moonstone-deep  may be something to interest you. It's done in RPG Maker, but with "real" characters (not anime), and I put special attention and care in the story (branching, 3 ends) and carefully designed the maps, atmosphere and sound effects for more immersion. I'd like you to give it a try and many thanks for this occasion!

P.S. You'll find a short gameplay video here https://vimeo.com/234184645

Your CorvoRosso

I work alone, I'm still learning. I don't have much expertise, but a lot of time. I usually start with a very rough story idea (I make RPGs), then I create the maps, the ambience, and add music and sound effects. Out of the maps then comes the detailed story and the dialogues. Then I go back and develop the main thread of the story further. It's sort of a cycle, until the game is complete, but it always starts with the maps. For "Benji's Tale" (release on itch.io January '18) I used the "Journey of the hero" as a narrative structure. For "Moonstone Deep" (https://criacuervos.itch.io/moonstone-deep) the story was mostly inspired by the maps I created. Unconventional, but it works for me.

Hello Voja,

my game is an adventure-RPG, 7 hours of play with an interesting story, meaningful choices and three different ends. Check out my game on https://criacuervos.itch.io/moonstone-deep and have a look at the gameplay video on https://vimeo.com/search?q=MSgameplay. Many thanks for this opportunity and for your feedback!