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Cosa significa "non me lo fa fare"? Che messaggio d'errore ricevi?

Better ask this question on the creator's page.

"Black Hearts" (shooter with a short story);

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If your country has a tax agreement with the USA, you don't pay taxes in the USA, only in your country. Otherwise, it's 30% for the USA.   If your country has an agreement with the USA, you must declare it in the tax declaration you made for

Personally, when I want to buy a bundle I look at quality first, then at the price. I don't want 99 games when 80% of them are demos, early access, low quality or have been in other bundles before.  For quality, I look at the screenshots, the game descriptions, the trailers and the ratings. Ratings alone can be deceiving. The ideal bundle I'd want to buy has 25 interesting items for 10 dollars.

At last, finish a long overdue game. Learn how to use Unreal Engine. Create my first horror/survival game?

Thank you! The same to you.

Thank you! Happy holidays to you, too!

"Unusually clever AI"; yes, that's interesting, but ... If your game were a cake, the clever AI would be the taste, and I cannot taste the cake if I don't eat it. So, what makes me eat the cake? The appearance, probably. The frosting, the cream, the decorations. I remember how much I like this kind of cake, and I bite. So what is "appearance" in your game? It may be interesting and intriguing screenshots or gameplay videos, but mostly it is motivation conveyed, for instance,  by an interesting story. As Redonihunter said before me. 

The story tells me why I should enter this house and brave the horrors in it. 

Is there a treasure? Rich great aunt Marbella, the old witch, died and left me nothing in her testament but I know the money must be somewhere. She didn't trust banks, so it must be hidden in her house. And she was more than a bit mad, so her keeping a strange house pet wouldn't be surprising either.

Persons in distress? I received a strange letter from an old friend; he/she urgently needs my help. I'm no hero and have other worries right now, but he/she once saved my life, so how can I deny him/her my help? And it's not much he/she is asking: just retrieve an old picture from an abandoned house.

A stupid bet with a peer? Yes, I was drunk and Jack knows exactly what buttons to push when I'm in that state. I could forget the whole thing if not for my pride. I'll show the little bastard that I'm not afraid of entering that accursed house if it's the last thing I do.

And so on. As Redonihunter already said, it must not be complicated, but it must convey a motivation for our player to enter that house.

About the model. In the first story, it would fit as it is: great ant Marbella's cute little pet. Otherwise, there are a lot of free characters you can choose from in the Unity asset store.

I hope you keep on working on your game: make it interesting and scary as hell!

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Well, let's start with some facts. At the moment there are 872'928 games on and 45'683 are tagged "horror". This is your competition on; did you have a look at them? The name "Suitor" (title of your game) is already present 8 times ! (all non horror games). Now to subjective opinions: your trailer didn't scare me in the least (and I scare very easy). You promise "A horror experience truly unlike any other" and then show a cute cartoony beast that does nothing special, only chasing me. Your screenshots tell me nothing and are like every 8/15 screenshot in a "alone in a dark house" game. In what is your game different from a normal chase /flee from an enemy game? What is special in your game that differentiates it from other horror games? From your game page I cannot guess. Another point: the appearance of your monster is not scary, so don't show it or change it. What we fear most is the unknown and everyone has a special monster-image in mind: showing the monster is always dangerous, so, if you have to, show it as late in the game as possible, not in the trailer. It is possible that your game is indeed a indie-horror pearl, but your game page doesn't entice me to play your game. Hawkzombie is a youtuber that plays and comments indie horror games: have a look at his videos, there is a lot to learn there! 

Did it cross your mind that 3 days ago it was the weekend?

I too fear 40 may be too high, but I don't have much experience with bundles. On the other side, it's December, so maybe people are willing to spend a bit more. The bundle is definitely worth it!

Looking forward to it!

It looks very nice. Is it also possible to download/pay/play it?

This is my last game 

Martin is a soldier who fought in the civil war that devastated the Southern Kingdom. Tired after losing everything, he fled to the North to seek peace and build a new life. But when he arrived in the town of Hammersford, he was involved in a new dispute, this time between Nomads and Sedentary, for the rights to water and pastures. You play as Martin, and with your party's help, you are trying to avoid another civil war and end a terrible drought that plagues your new country. Story rich, with multiple ends. Have fun!

What about giving him/her free download codes?

Indie game devs get a friendly pat on the back (if their game is free). Or a shitstorm if the game is paid and there is still -one- bug.

If you think the ending could be problematic for some people, you can put a disclaimer on your game page.

Welcome back, Vlad!

Write to support and ask for more space. They may grant it or not; it's up to them.

For this price, go to Steam. No one here will pay 100 dollars for a game, even a "pretty decent" one.

They are beautiful! I really hope you will make more assets!

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Bonjour Releak, beaucoup de salutations du Tessin à Genève! est un endroit fantastique pour trouver des personnes intéressées à collaborer avec des projets de jeux vidéo, mais il faut beaucoup de patience et, comme il s’agit d’une plate-forme américaine, il est également important de poster dans le bon créneau horaire. Mais "gutta cavat lapidem"; je vous souhaite beaucoup de succès! Soyez clair dans ce que vous pouvez offrir et dans ce que vous demandez, et surtout : N’abandonnez pas!

My pleasure!

Thanks for this opportunity! I'd like to promote my game "Black Hearts". You'll find some gameplay videos on my game page along with a description of the story. In short:   Explore, Survive, Find Iris!

Players are not stupid, they will see through this.   There are more than 600000 games on and nearly all are free; meaning you need them, they don't need you. Try to build a good relationship with your customers in place of trying to think up a method to scam them. It will pay off in the long term.

Thank you, Keyrif! I'm glad you liked it.

Tantissimi auguri, Dave!  

It's not your fault. You were very patient, kind and considerate. I'm not even sure he was a 5th grader, as some say, but I think he was not right in his head, somehow. Anyway, there is nothing we can do about it, so let's move on.

OK. Didn't know it was a TT.

Where is the screenshot?