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I prefer Closure. I can still change it if I don't like it (often do ...). Do you have a specific game in mind?

Hi Billopiantube,

thanks for reporting the bug, I'll look into it. Remember that you have 16 slots to save your game, do it often (after every fight or quest) it pays off. Health Potions: there are some in the chests in the cave and, with your uncle's money, you can buy 2 HPs (instead of only one) from the herbalist in the village. In the cave (and in other places, too) you have the option to skip some fights, use it to avoid the strongest enemies (strategical choices go a long way if you have to survive, lol). Of course you cannot avoid the boss fight: drink a potion every time your health reaches 50%! Thanks for downloading my game, have fun! You can also reach me on if you want to share your progress or have questions.

Not at the moment, but thanks for the offer! I chose Ace because I don't like the art in MV, although it has nice features.

With RPG Maker Ace, yes.

Hi Nate, welcome aboard! If you like RPGs /stories / hard choices / adventures why not have a look at my games? They both have free demos (the first hour of gameplay). Enjoy!

If you like to play RPG's with good stories here are my two games for you. The free demos cover the first hour of gameplay, for more DM me at and I'll send you a free download key. Many thanks and have fun!

Thanks very much for standing up for RPG Maker! I've never understood why people can hate a game only because the dev used this game engine. I've also used RPG Maker Ace for my 2 games, spent more than 750 hours on each to polish, try out interesting game mechanics and write good stories, and it taught me a lot about game design too; when you don't have all the nice graphics options of Unity etc. you have to think very hard to make the best of your little engine. So, I'll gladly try out your game and wish you the best of luck!

That's something I was thinking about too. I'd like to reward my first customers. Would you, as a customer, like it or consider it harassing?

No problem. But I see your post is marked as removed. Was that you, or have the redditmoderators hit again? 

Hi David,   

have you tried posting a link to your game on ? It's a sub where you can present your game to other players and discuss it with them, but your game must be playable for free, and, as always on reddit, read the rules before posting. Hope it helps.

Challenging and entertaining! How far will you go, how much will you risk?

Beautiful artwork, Sam, I like it very much!

Can you kindly explain what exactly you are selling at 991 dollars on your game page?

NSFW = Not Suitable For Work (sensitive content, erotic or other). YOU can mark your game as such, to warn users.

Congratulations !!!

Many thanks, Sean, feel free to DM me if you have questions!

Take care!

Hi Sean,

I have two RPG-games for you. Benjamin of Blackstone Edge  is a classical coming-of-age tale in which you play as a 17-year-old farm boy in a medieval/fantasy setting. After many adventures and hard choices, if all goes well, you'll end up as the new king. The game has 2 main branches, different ends and many sidequests.

In Moonstone Deep, also an RPG, you can enjoy interesting tales, play detective and solve a hideous crime, fight deadly enemies, solve intriguing puzzles, play minigames, win/lose your money at gambling, loot, trade, open a bank account and much more. Tough choices await you and three possible ends: happy end, bad end, and permadeath. You start in the rich mining village of Moonstone Deep and play as Ryan Manolesta, a thief.

Both games have a FREE demo (the first hour of gameplay), try it out! If you like them, send me an email at and I'll send you free download codes. In the game pages you will find screenshots and videos. Have fun!

Many thanks for offering us this opportunity! Take care.

Corvo Rosso

Good idea, I quite like this suggestion! Both buttons also at the top of the screen, yess!

No idea, you'll have to ask Leafo. For this topic go to Community/General Discussion and search with "unknown author".

Hi Charlie,

as leafo said some time ago in a post, to avoid this issue download and run the game from the app.

The file is clean and, obviously, virus free, don't worry.


Hi Vo0do0leW, 

I've made 2 RPG story driven games and . They both have a free demo (about 1 hour of gameplay). Maybe they suit your channel, try them out. If you need more gameplay, write me at and I'll send you free download codes. Many thanks!


The same happens to me. Three different projects in 3 different shades of purple now. It's new, until yesterday it was "normal", there were no shades. New look?

I can recommend for sound effects. They have the most amazing sound effects for free (most with CC Attribution licence). Licenses are explained on the site. Nearly all sounds can also be used in payed games, you don't have to pay fees. And I don't mean "beep" and "boop" sounds, but amazing "swamps at night" registered live, "real storms", "blacksmith working" and so on. I've used this site for all of my games.

Hi TheOslaf,

if you visit the unity store ( you'll find two free assets that maybe suit your purposes: one is called UnderWater Diving (Pixel Art Kit; third image) and the other Underwater Fantasy (Pixel Art; second image). Then there is an absolutely lovely "2d Under Water Pack", (first image) but it is expensive ...          Have fun building your game!

Hi TheOslaf, 

thank you so much for your kind words! I'm very happy that you like the games, and that you gave me precious feedback, it means a lot to me! I too would like to keep in touch to discuss games; you can find me at (when you have time and feel up to it, no stress). So we can discuss the 3D/2D sprites matter without boring the other players ...   Once again, many thanks, have fun in Moonstone, and, as Geralt would say: Take care!

P.S. Try killing the evil sorcerer and rescuing the princess. It's possible!

Hi TheOslaf,

many thanks for playing my game and for the sound review! You are right, it is not and was never intended as a horror game, despite the name. It's more of a parody and it's meant to be fun. The dark level is a nightmare even for me, the little ghost outwits me more often than not, but there is a  little cheat, that can come in handy, when you're fed up with the little scoundrel:  press control + N (next), and if you want to go back press control+P (previous). It's a developer's tool, but I left it in the game deliberately, for testing and for hard moments. Give it a try, if you want, so you can see the whole game. This was my very first game and I made it with an old version of Game Maker (8.1) that is no longer available on the market, so it has many flaws and ingenuity (my game design, not the engine who still works perfectly). 

I don't know if you like RPGs. In case you do, I'd like to give you this free download key for my second game Moonstone Deep, just to have fun with story and gameplay, no obligations. It's good for 2 downloads.

Thank you very much. I like your reviews and have marked your thread, so I can read them. Keep up your good work and have a nice day!

I would be honored, if you play-tested my game  and gave me your opinion!

Thanks a lot!

You did nothing wrong, it was an error on my side. I fixed it, but you'll have to download the game another time (or use app to update; but, as I didn't use Butler, I don't know if it will update).  So, first thing go in the folder of your old game and copy your save files to another place, then download the new version of the game and see if it updates automatically with app. If not, open the folder of your new game version  (the folder where you start the game) and copy/paste your saves into it. Replay "the sewers" from one of your saves before the door. Let me know if it works and sorry for the inconvenience!

Sorry, I'll look into it and let you know as soon as possible!

Many thanks for your post on Reddit, it helped a lot, I got even some views from steam/china! Take care!

Hi Stavros! The game doesn't have cutscenes, but I included the RTP for people who don't have the program. It's big because there are a lot of stories, maps and music in it. Actually it's the music that takes up the most storage place. I like telling stories, so of course it's branching and there are multiple ends. The first main part is ca. 6 hours of play (with optional sidequests), then you have to make an important decision and the tale branches in two: every branch is ca. 6 hours of play (with some optional sidequests). So, take it easy, it will keep you company for some time! Have fun!

Benjamin of Blackstone Edge is a classical "coming of age" role-playing game. You start as Benjamin, an adolescent farm boy, and, if all goes well, after many adventures and hard choices, you'll end up as the new king. You start alone, but will soon have companions aiding you in your tasks.

More than 8 hours of play for people who love exploration, interesting stories, meaningful choices, multiple endings and turn-based combat.