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Oeffne den Dateiordner mit Doppelklick und suche die Datei, die mit   .exe   endet. Das ist normalerweise die Datei, die das Spiel startet. Wenn es nicht klappt, gehe zur Seite wo du das Spiel heruntergeladen hast, manchmal hat es dort spezielle Anweisungen zur Installation. Viel Vergnügen beim spielen!

Hi Toma, I'm one of your followers and like very much to read your comments on the games you have tested. Don't worry, we get every update and notification! I hope you keep doing your game tests, I read them with great interest. Thanks for your work!

Ende gut, alles gut! Have fun playing the collection!

Mastermind Classic was made with Unity. 1- Unzip the file.  2- Now you have 3 folders: _Data, .exe and .ddl;  They must be stored together in the same folder!  3- Double click on the .exe file. If you still have problems I advise you to use the itchio app; you can download the app from the itchio frontpage. Hope this helped.

Hi Patrick, why don't you have a look at youtube? There are plenty of tutorial videos (2d and 3d) on how to make an FPS shooter and they are all free. Take your time and explore them, have fun learning new skills!


I also use Norton and it gives me a lot of false positives. I've solved the problem by downloading itchio games only with the app. No problems anymore :)

The bundle costs 5 dollars, but maybe there are taxes or Visa takes a part too. Seven dollars may not be enough. Why not check with Visa?

Many thanks for making and sharing this list. I had a lot of fun reading it, and I hope you'll go on with it and rate more of the Bundle games!

Hi Robotkarateman, thanks for taking the time to review my game! As for "correcting wrong choices": as long as you haven't clicked on the "Check" button, you can correct your choice by putting a new bead onto the "wrong" one. Have fun!

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I'm from Switzerland. For the interview I had to give a photocopy of my identity card and my social security number to this organisation that makes the tax interview for itchio. I was a bit concerned about it, as you are, but so far I had no problems. I decided to trust itchio. Not that I had a choice, but I decided to trust Leafo. 

Sorry, I wasn't aware of it, don't know how it happened.

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Great idea! I'd like to offer up my paid games:

Life is cheaper in poorer regions but wages are lower and infrastructure (internet etc.) is often in a bad shape. Also alternative work opportunities are higher in more developed countries. I can't make a living out of my games anyway, so I stay in my rich country and profit from the excellent infrastructure.

Couldn't agree more with you, thanks for taking the time to reply to my post!

My games are mostly RPGs and so 8-10 hours long. My demo is simply the first hour of the game. You play the game normally for an hour and if you like it, then you can buy the whole game. If you don't have the time, there is a short gameplay video of a key scene in the game. The demo is free, obviously, but I'm always surprised that few people load it down. Why not? What better way to test a game? For those interested:

Thank you for giving us this chance! Here is  one of my RPGs  Moonstone Deep 

The first hour of the game is free to play. If you need the whole game dm criacuervosatbluewindotch and I'll send you a free download code. Have fun!

Hi KJWgaming, thanks for giving us this chance! If you like story-rich RPGs why not try this one ? 

Devi scrivere direttamente a e chiedere che chiudano il tuo account  "please delete my account, I don't need it anymore". Ci vorrà un po' di tempo perché hanno molto da fare (e sono a -9 ore da noi!). Saluti.

Hi TheCat2020, want to test your decoding skills? Thanks for playing Mastermind Classic! Have fun!  

Ottima idea !!

Are you good at code breaking? Looking for something to play in between, not too long but  interesting enough to forget your surroundings for a while? With soothing music in the background?      Then this (free) game could be just the right thing for you!

Three difficulty levels:  Easy, Normal and Hard.  

Time and number of rows used to find the code decrease the score.

Have fun !!

Grandissimi !!  Idea geniale!

So, to join "comments that no one needs":  io in italian means I.

This is probably the most frequent question asked and has been answered once every two days. If your game has a price tag you have to wait a couple of days for the staff to review it. Be patient, they have a lot of work with all the new games that are uploaded every day.

"New uploads are not immediately indexed in search as we require new games to go through a manual review queue by our staff. We put in this measure to minimize the amount of fraud and scam uploads that people occasionally attempt to abuse. "

Many thanks to Kronbits and all the other devs who partecipated in the bundle, it was an awesome experience! Keep on making good games!

I started developing 4 years ago and my first game was The Mystery of the Blood Fountains (still on itch) made with Game Maker 8.1 (version obsolete now). I absolutely loved Game Maker, but I wanted to make an RPG and didn't know enough to program text, so I changed to RPG Maker VS Ace. I know that this program has a bad reputation with players, due to many bad games made with it, but I still think it's an excellent tool to start and learn, and nothing prevents you to making a good game with it :). After two games with RPG Maker (both on itch) I'm now learning to program in Unity for the new 3d game I'm working on. Pretty steep learning curve, but also a lot of fun! Hopefully I can show you something playable this coming summer. For now a screenshot, and have fun developing good games!

Not at the moment, but thanks for the offer!

Yes, sorry, I mean RPG Maker VX Ace, of course.

I made it with RPG Maker Ace.

If you like RPG's with good stories:

Thanks for this topic, Victorbexiga!

Interesting! Liked your shop tutorial, will check out the other tutorials. Thanks for sharing your work!

Maybe this homepage could help?

Many thanks for sharing the results of your extensive research! I've  found it very interesting, a lot of sites I didn't know ...

For one, the thumbnail of your game that appears in search is too wide: I see only "nwante" visitor. How about making the title a bit smaller with a bit of color/atmosphere around it. And why not upload a game play video, so we see how it's played? Also your tags are few and very generic: a tag like "top down shooter" or "unity" must generate thousands of results; try something more specific that generates less results (so that your game is visible in the search) and use all the tags you can have. How about a banner for your game page? Optimizing one's game page takes time, don't get discouraged too soon. All the best for your game!

Switzerland (Ticino)!

Ottima idea, WindyTown, spero che il tuo gruppo abbia il successo che merita! Purtroppo non abito nei paraggi, ma seguirò a distanza ...

Hi Fellowplayer,

have a look at my games, maybe you'll find something that interests you. 

Many thanks for playing it on Twitch, Skywilly, your canal rocks! And yes, I'll work on the explosions ...

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Hi Skywilly, thanks for this opportunity, I didn't know Game Side Story, will check it out, looks very interesting! If you want to have a look at my games go to  The "to pay" games have a demo, meaning that you can play them for an hour for free. Press option is activated, and if you need  download codes feel free to write to ( criacuervos at bluewin dot ch ).  On parle  écrit français! (: