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Good starting point. What about working a bit on the lights? Some very dark parts, lights that draw the player where you want them (He, he!). Some cobwebs? Strange dragging stains on the pavement? Free some walls for foreign words written in blood? Whatever, have fun!

If you used the Unity engine you can make a build of your game, then, in the console (top right corner) pull down the menu and select "open Editor Log". Scroll down to the section "Complete build size" and you can see how much space every one of your assets takes in your game. You can then optimize the biggest ones.

If you have a lot of textures in the game did you check their size? You can save space by reducing it, although it will reduce also the quality of the images (a bit). See the image below (right bottom, Max Size).

Or you can make LODs: see Pete Jepson's tutorial on Youtube

Cinematics are overrated :)    

You can try Gamejolt, their limit is 3 GB. Are you sure you have done all you can to reduce the size?

I've played video games since the early '80 (starting with "Pong" and "Pack Man") but it took "Skyrim", "Dragon Age Origins", "Mass Effect 1-3" and "The Witcher 1-3" to really open my eyes. After I retired 7 years ago I decided to learn how to make video games (thank you Youtube and Udemy!). Storytelling and Landscaping are my favourite parts of development. I worked as a historian(Middle Ages) /archivist/ teacher and had no knowledge whatsoever of programming, so I started with Game Maker 8.0 and then with RPG Maker Ace. Now I'm learning Unity and I'm very happy with my hobby. And yes, English is not my mother tongue. I wish you all many happy hours with game development!

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I'm sorry. Can I give you a free download code for another of my games instead? One you don't have to unzip?  dm criacuervos at bluewin dot ch

Maybe something got wrong in the many hoops when you converted it. For how to open a 7zip file see the comment of Toma below.

Congrats! May your games thrive and prosper!

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I agree with A.L. Neto. I too prefer it as it is now.

If you are looking for a game where the story is important, you have to make decisions with consequences and you have multiple ends, check out these two:

This is a short shooter for Android, just to pass the time if you are waiting for the bus. In time I'll add more mobile games to this page, for now only this one (for android!).

"it ALL turns out to be a compleat bag of garbage" doesn't help anyone. Why not take your time and tell the developer(s) in the comment section what exactly didn't work? This would help a lot and the developer could improve his game. I test my games as much as I can, but there are always bugs that escape my view. I'm grateful if players point them out for me in the comment section so that I can eliminate them. As a player, you can do a lot to help us improve our games!

Same here. I really don't understand what this fuss is all about. We already have all we need and it works fine.

I wouldn't worry too much about it. On my credit card, it only shows the store ( and the total amount paid. Same as for amazon purchases.

If your audience is young maybe this game could interest you   

I'm from Switzerland, nice to meet you!

Don't even think about copying other people's games. If you're not willing/able to make your own game, let it be;  play soccer instead.

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No free to play demo and no trailers/gameplay videos: let them pay, play and get stuck after 10 minutes! And disable the comment/rating section.

What are you waiting for to approve? The red carpet?

Good idea, thanks!

Accepted. Many thanks for hosting!

Cool idea!

Thanks a lot!

Are you interested in Mastermind Classic? I'd like very much to see it in your bundle. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks!

Select "other" and then describe the problem as exactly as you can.

Small or large amounts, they are always very busy and have some checks to perform before payout. My last payout took 9 days. 

Be patient. It can take up to 10 days for a payout.

Awesome, thanks a lot!