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Awesome, thanks a lot!

On my card is stated only that I made a purchase from; the name of the game/asset is not mentioned.

Hi Vlad, thank you so much for playtesting the second level! I know now where the bugs are and will fix them. This level is still in beta and not yet available for the general public; be patient, folks, and let me fix the bugs first!

Thanks a lot! Will do.

I'm delighted that you liked the games, it means a lot to me! After reading your comment, I've decided to rework the story of the third part ("Isla Feliz" is but the working title). It will start with  Ryan being exiled on an island for treason;  in other words, it begins where "Benjamin of Blackstone Edge" ends. I've not decided on the engine yet. Anyway, you'll have to be patient; I really must finish the other game first, but I will not forget Ryan. Take care and stay safe in these difficult times!

Hi, AbdelStrife, thanks for playing my game! You are right; sorry for not updating correctly. "Isla Feliz" is on the back burner for now because I'm working on my new game  "Black Hearts"  (on Unity, action-adventure). Also, I was unsure if the third part would draw any interest, as many people don't like games made with RPGmaker. I'll think about it!

The parts I like most are environmental design and storytelling. I also like to combine them so that the ambient itself provides part of the story. My role model is "The Witcher 3", especially how they did the lighting in the scenes. There are so many details that you don't see when you rush through, but if you stop a moment to look around, you are overwhelmed; they put so much love into the details. I have no IT background, so figuring out the technical part is harder, but I'm learning with every new challenge.  What are your strong sides?

Rules: text plus (optional) one screenshot or gif and the name/link of one of your games that shows your strong sides.

Thanks! Try it out; the first level, The Black Forest, is free to play. Brave the dangers in the wood and find the entrance to the Fortress!

Hi Grimbag, welcome back! Want to do something heroic and useful? Why not help Adam Storm find his missing sister? Perfect little adventure-shooter for the Easter holidays.

Thanks for giving it a try and best luck with your channel!

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Windows only.

"BLACK HEARTS":  Shooter - Adventure; Story-rich; Choices; Multiple Endings; FPS. Your sister Iris is missing, find her before she dies! 

Game in development: the first level "The Black Forest" is free to play.

Don't give up! Better days/hardware will come.

Really nice assets, I like the style!

If you're still accepting games to be added, here's   for you.  Let me know if you're interested, and the bundle details. Thanks!


Glad to hear it. Happy gaming!

Try downloading the game through/with app; in my case, it helped.

I had a user that downloaded one of my games a dozen times a day. After three days, I asked him why, and he told me it was because he has an awful internet connection that keeps breaking down. Maybe this could also be a reason why.

Thank you so much for sharing your work, this is very helpful !

Good idea! Don't forget it generates good traffic.

Cool, looking forward to it! Have a nice day!

Happy to join the bundle with  Thanks for the invitation!

If you are interested, I'm in.   Choose one (or both) of the following, and let me know:

Thanks, CodeGnat, have a nice day too!

I've tried this and it worked for me (Windows 10): Start the game, then press F1 and select "Launch in Full Screen", then leave the game and shutdown. Restart the game and it should change to full screen. It's an old program and setting your own resolution is not possible, sorry. I hope this works for you.

Thank you for your kind offer, but at the moment I'm not interested in a review. I'm working at a new game, maybe when it's finished, be patient.

Only thanks to you! By the way, I used the tool in the asset store you recommended; it works like a swiss clock! 

The whole bundle is 437 GB !!  Are you sure you want to download it all? If yes, go to there are posts about how to download all (and why better not). Maybe it's better to download one by one from the bundle page.

Why? Hundreds of devs renounced their fee so that you can buy more than 1700 games for essentially nothing (and contribute to a good cause) and you are disappointed?

Thank you for your work, Amos! As I'm not comfortable with command lines, I'm really looking forward to the new butler drag&drop interface. Hope it comes soon. Stay safe!

Oeffne den Dateiordner mit Doppelklick und suche die Datei, die mit   .exe   endet. Das ist normalerweise die Datei, die das Spiel startet. Wenn es nicht klappt, gehe zur Seite wo du das Spiel heruntergeladen hast, manchmal hat es dort spezielle Anweisungen zur Installation. Viel Vergnügen beim spielen!