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What do you mean?

What are the recommended specs?  Looks like a simple enough game graphically. :)

It doesn't seem to want to run. I double click the icon, and nothing happens. :(

Hey, thanks. Glad you enjoyed it. And don't worry, it's coming. Slower than anticipated, but definitely on the way. :)

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No. Luckily for me I had rendered all (well, 99%) of the scenes at 1600x1200. The original version of the game was 1024x768. So, I reduced the original renders to 1280x960, and then cut off the top and bottom to make it 1280x720. But, also luckily for me, the original game was presented in a letterbox format, and so the original viewport was actually 1024x640, so I didn't lose much off the top and bottom by cutting them off. I hope all that makes sense. :P :)

Hey everybody,
I'm Dan Peach and I just released my new point-and-click adventure game The Death of Erin Myers. It's the first in what I'm calling the Short Story Series, which is a 5 part anthology of PnC adventure games. You play as Erin Myers, a cop who is now dead. The game is made up of 9 prominent moments from her life that will explain how and why she died. Check it out. See what you think. :)