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coolest post ive ever seen on itch!!!

huge epic game made by huge epic people

Would love to participate with Apple Slash!

Maybe, I've thought about it but not sure how I'll deal with the player input lol. Not given up on it yet though

It is!

I did :)

Still, you did beat the boss! I'm surprised you survived haha.

Cheers for the playthrough!

Cheers! I'm not the dev of Downwell no haha, but the game itself is definitely a huge inspiration. Personally I just really loved the style and wanted to do my take on it. 

The low resolution + having limited colors made it very efficient to make art, which is great since I made the game alone. However to my surprise, I also learned a lot about readability & designing memorable locations which turned out be really difficult.

It also helped shed some light with new game design approaches I haven't touched before, which are in this case skills with dual purposes (combo, synergy with attacks etc. with the use of one button)

Not sure this was what you asked for when you said hearing about the influence but there you go haha

Very happy to hear, cheers!

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Repel an invasion of mysterious charming creatures in a vast murky marshland. Strike your foes in a God-like slash-based manner and experience ambiguous encounters brimming with personality.

In this vast murky marshland, a boy known as 'Cartboi' has gone missing. He went out to gather apples, but have yet to return from his daily route. His father is concerned and fears the worst. These are uncertain times, but hope is not lost. With your presence, there is still hope!

The OST of the game was also published on Itch today, have a listen!

To celebrate the launch of Apple Slash here on Itch, I've decided to make it available for free until September 9th!

Let me know what you think of it, have fun!



you got the idea across, that's what matters!

LOL the exploding cat in the beginning caught me off-guard

charming game, well done!

neat idea, well done! i would balance out the chances of getting the same move taken out by make it less likely to happen each time. was in a situation where i lost movement like 7 times in a row haha

interesting, definitely messes your head up lol. had one moment where i was mid air about to complete a stage, then the key bindings swapped, lost momentum and fell all the way down haha

my first two playthroughs i thought i had to avoid the virus, and was confused by how easy it was lol.

then i realised you are supposed to get people infected, which made more sense as i progressed further.

cool game though! i wasn't quite fond of having to click one unit at a time, gets extra tricky when there's many on the screen, but this can easily be fix'd with upgrades or something (if you choose to expand)

good work!

this is very well made, amazing job! personally not a fan of how the camera constantly moves in & out, gets a kinda distracting. either way, this is very lovely

man this game was cool. very clever concept. only complaint is movement + shooting is kinda awkwardly binded. other than that very cool & great visuals

great cause, would love to participate!

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I'm in need for a composer for my game Apple Knight, which is a 2D adventure game taking inspiration primary from Downwell, Undertale and Zelda LTTP.

Short description: Explore and restore order in a vast, forgotten marshlands filled with strange, yet charming creatures.

If you enjoy making retro music with similar style as Castlevania 4, then that's a huge huge plus! 

The plan moving forward is to get the game's store page visible on Steam along with a demo, and attempt to get the game funded. This is also why I've set the title to both "Rev-Share" and "Paid", in case this doesn't go through. I'm a student atm so money is not something I have much of haha.

The end goal is to get the game published on Nintendo Switch, but that won't happen until it's out on Steam all settled and ready to go.

Let me kno if you're interested! Contact me at with stuff you've made. :)

Also, I've posted a lot on twitter if you want more info:

Here's mine!

Play as a little boi who use his glasses to manipulate blocks of color to solve puzzles.

Red, yellow, green and blue. One order, one pattern! Beat the puzzles based on that!


ye, perhaps when i finish my current project, had a lot of fun with this one :D

thank u! :)

thanks for playing dude!

haha yeah, tbh i just went along with the wall glitches as it kind of worked so it became a feature xd 

the colors you swap to are always in the same order (red, yellow, green, blue, red, yellow etc...), which makes it iterate in only one pattern. with this in mind, you have to think of which color comes next, and how to beat the puzzles based on that

Glad to hear! Good score you got at the end lmao

Thanks for your kind words! Means a lot :)

tnx bois! enjoyed it



Me and my friend recently finished making a short little game about a monkey boy causing big chaos and destruction in a office with flying debris everywhere! We spent 4 days making it for a game jam and had lots of fun with it, hope you will too!


Game page:

This put a big smile on my face, thanks man!

Cool! Thank you :) Funny how you got confused by the shooting ability haha. "No doomorbs? Guess i'll just avoid bullets all day then"

Thanks dude, means a lot:)

Happy you had a good time!

Nice!! Thanks for playing and posting a video of it:)

Glad you liked it, thanks for your feedback!

Thanks for your invitation, submitted just now :D Exciting stuff

Hey, thanks for making this video!!

Nah, not much. I will tweak those "Doomorbs" a little but that's pretty much that. 

Your video got me thinking about how I implemented the health system tho, you didn't seem too happy when it didn't fill when entering a new stage haha. :D I'll take a look into this!

Thanks a lot for this!! this was really fun to watch :)  you got really unlucky with your run tho haha, you pretty much lost all your Doomorbs which left you with dealing very little damage. I might have to tweak the bullet RNG a little or find some sort of solution so bullets don't become unavoidable. i totally agree regarding the tutorial, people have been not too happy with that one. i do have some ideas on how to tweak it tho. 

Thank you :D



I recently published my game here for the first time few days ago which is really exciting to me :) I've been going all in on trying to create this dark atmosphere, (atmosphere and world matters a lot to me), where you have this cursed intimidating voice following you, who constantly taunts you with his despairing words.

Here's a video of what I mean:

It's available for PC and Android, so If you want to check it out it would mean a lot!

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave me any feedback :)