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Give me some games to play plox

A topic by assboot created Aug 07, 2019 Views: 180 Replies: 42
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People wants their games to be played, and I want games to play. Post either your own game or if you've found something interesting you would like to share.

I will be leaving my honest opinion on the rate page. 

Also here is my game I made with a friend if you'd like to try it.

Edit: Getting lots of interesting posts, will continue playing them tomorrow.


Hey mate, i'd love if you could check out our project, and I'll give yours a look too!

Interesting game :)

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Hey Assboot (heh), downloading your game now!

If you want to give our game a shot, here it is:

It's a game about conversation featuring only one dialogue option: 'no'. You have to choose when to say it, and when to keep your mouth firmly shut!

Your aim is to have the perfect day (or at least one of the four other endings).

Oops, I might wait till my friend comes round tomorrow so I can play it against a human opponent! Immediate impressions of your art are good though!

Did you try the AI build?

Hey, just gave the AI build a go!

Your game reminds me of dodgeball, which was fun!

Two mechanics I really liked were the way the centre-line pushes toward the losing player (stopping games from dragging on too long,  while still allowing for hype comebacks: great example of a positive feedback loop) and the way you can position yourself in such a way that your opponent has to choose between attacking you and gaining a powerup.

Really fun little game, I'm keen to play it with a human!

It reminds me of the same keyboard games I used to play with my little brother when we were kids.

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I really appreciate the feedback and I'm glad you like it. I've played your game too now and left my thoughts.

Downloading, will leave my opinion on the rate page.


Check out and rate please. Tell me what do you think. Made this in 24h first time drawing anything

Will check it out right now, my opinion will be in the comment section of the game.




Hey, check our game if you can!

Downloading, expect a comment with my opinion in a few minutes.

Submitted (1 edit)

It's a strategy puzzler where you only have one action per turn!

Checking it out right now, a comment with my opinion is on the way.


Try this

Downloading it

I will check you game later with a friend (I guess it is better this way than playing solo). But as far as I can see, it looks really nice!

If you wish to have a look at the game we made, here it is:

Check out Bret Pilgrim!


Step by Step. Simple game about taking one step at a time :P Checking yours out now


We made a game about dodging asteroids by powering your spaceship systems with only one power cell!


Me and a friend of mine made this puzzle game inspired by chess, where you control the knight only! Give it a try!


Check out my take on roguelike genre:

If you're into spooky mansions, narrative-heavy games and light bulb management, you could check out our game, Tread Lightly

And don't forget to tell us what you think, we would greatly appreciate it :)


I'll check this out as soon as I'm home! Here's my game, it's a puzzle game where you have to solve puzzles in only one move, and solve as many as you can in only one minute! I'd very much appreciate some ratings, thanks!


This is our game!

We decided to go with a dungeon crawler where you can only recruit 1 member at a time!
Rate for rate!


It's a game about hammering your way to inner or outer peace, hope you enjoy it!


Alright, heres my game, You Have One Shot

I've created my own community post asking others to post their games there so that I can go through and play them all-- you can check that out Here! I'll be starting to play those games in about an hour or so starting from the top!


Another game called Oneshot. However ours plays significantly differently than the others. We'd love if you left a rating!


Here's our game. You have to dismantle a bomb in only 1 minutewhile using the manual.
I hope anyone could rate it
Thank you in advance!


Here's Cosmic Climber - a jumping game with only one platform:


Here is my game .

Rated your game and love it .... 

Try mine and leave your feedback:

Submitted (1 edit)

Hi-hello-greetings, Fellow person on the internet.
Lemme introduce you, My jam entry. The 21-century's bullet-action-cyber-entertainment in which you tame your blluet!
Hope you enjoy this little game, Stranger.
(Also, I've checked out yor game. Playing against the AI (since I've got no awake friends near my place atm ;-;) was a bit too easy, But it's great concept for couch arcade!)


Try puzzle-horror ->


Here's mine!

Play as a little boi who use his glasses to manipulate blocks of color to solve puzzles.

Red, yellow, green and blue. One order, one pattern! Beat the puzzles based on that!


I've been told my submission is "quite hard" if you're up for a challenge:


Here, a browser game!!!


Hey, your game looks cool, will try it tonight!

Here is ours ,"The Only NeOne" a Grid based puzzle game where you clear levels by reaching the exit by only pressing and holding your input keys ONCE. Study the enemy's patterns, keep track of your paths you take and figure out how to reach the exit!

You will find the game here:

We would love to hear your feedbacks!


Submitted Heres mine, would love if you could play it!


Heres mine:

have you played this one yet? I thought it was really cool:


Here is my entry, I'd love to hear your feedback :)