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Thanks for the feedback, yes, there are a lot of bugs(prototype and out of time sry haha) but I'm glad that you have enjoy it :)

yo si que te voy a dar experiencia

Thank you very much for your words, I appreciate them very much

thanks very good man

Now! I guess

100% off!

Ahora soy fan tuyo Eufrasio

Thanks to you for playing! <3

Thanks for sharing! ^^

Thanks a lot! <3

Hello! Thanks for the feedback, unfortunately it's a prototype I don't think I can spend any more time on :/

Thanks a lot for your words! <3

We would like to finish it in the future.
But it's kind of hard right now...

Thanks! <3

Thanks for your words! :)
Maybe in the future...

A ti por jugar! :)

Ey! Thanks for playing <3

Check the last build that I just uploaded for playing with arrows :)

Thanks guys!
Prototype demo it's coming ASAP.


Amazing idea! I love it <3
I would like to see this type of mechanics in a puzzle game, mabye can be interesting.

Thanks! <3

And the gamepads... Umm, it's pretty weird.
It is possible that you have a program like Xpadder open or something like that that messes the inputs of the gamepads?

Hi, thanks for buying the game on both sites :)

Out of curiosity which controller do you use? 

I say this because in theory it should detect if you are using a controller or keyboard automatically.


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Thank you very much for the opportunity, if it's okay with you, these are the games I'd like to participate.

Greetings! :)

Game free of pineapple, recommended! 👍

Muchísimas gracias :)

Hello. Thanks for your words. Actually only support XInput gamepad's (Like Xbox Controller).

In the future, I hope to add support for all controls.  Meanwhile, you can use programs like XPadder.  A greeting!