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Sorry, there’s currently no way to adjust the volume. I do plan on giving the game one last update when my time frees up.

Thank you for the kind words! I wish I could have had time to add “Skip Dialogue” because testing the game was rough without it so I understand it completely haha!

I got something cooking up for this game that’ll remedy a lot of things and enhance the experience ten-fold!

Sorry for the late reply! I’m glad you enjoyed the game.. Something new may be in the works. Stay tuned!

Thank you! We have something cooking within the Paramonsters universe coming soon!

Hey! I just released a nice, little adventure/visual novel. It’s in another bundle so I’m not sure if it be in this one as well but here it is:

If you have any general feedback or a bug to report, here’s the place to do it!

Holy! Congrats! The best time I got was 6:02 when testing it out. I would love to see how speedruns would look for this!

Thanks! The game will definitely include those features in a future update.

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I would love to have my game in this bundle!

Thanks! I agree with the pacing. I definitely wanted to pace things better but not enough time! Will definitely improve the game in a update. 

Thanks for playing! Funny thing is that the stick time was a bit longer initially but ending up decreasing it a bit for the final product! Will definitely implement a longer stick in an update! 

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

Haven't done too much tabletop before but this was a entertaining experience! It had me really nostalgic about browsing sites via Netscape and AOL. Also, I discovered a site about otaku dating with about me videos in a neighborhood and that sold me. 

Extremely good game! The art style is really visually pleasing and the randomly generated grocery list keeps each session exciting. Playing on XL is no joke but it's where I had the most fun!

Fun little game. Ended up with a score of 82k. Would knife more guys.

Neat little game! I love the colors used and putting together a story through the items. 

Really like the concept of the idle music game, especially with the space theme. The tune was really nice and I found it very calming to cruise through space. I did find one of the easter eggs and it was a laugh!

The naruto-running zombies was all I needed to sell me on this one. The randomness of the guns you pick up had me contemplating whether or not I should take the chance. Nice game!

Really fun reaction time game that a bit addicting! Didn't pick up that I was supposed to chain punching the fish until a bit later but once I did, I had a good time.

This was fun! I haven't played a lot of tabletop games before so this was a fresh experience for me! Some of these were a lot tougher to do since the current state of things but I was able to do CARAVAN with the cars going through my neighborhood and CIPHER and EAVESDROP with my family's conversations. Quite a fun experience and made me feel like a kid again!

Really cute game! I have a corgi myself so I had to main it in the game. The pixel art has a lot of characters and shmups are my jam so I enjoyed playing this!

The toilet paper in the beginning reminds me of the chaos emeralds in Sonic. I like the mechanic of being able to sanitize where you've been. I wouldn't have made it past Week 2 without it!

I'm a sucker for how cute the pixel art is and the environment. The parallax is done really well and the characters oozes personality!

I was surprised that I could recall a good amount of the information to answer some of these questions! Really fun way of educating! 

This was an absolute blast to play! From the amazing Ferris Bueller reference to the odd art style to the engaging gameplay, I enjoyed every bit!

Game could have definitely used a tutorial. Besides that, I love the Overcooked vibe the game gave off.

The pixel art, animation and UI was fantastic! Too bad you couldn't get the mechanics finished but you've got something!

Really great game. I can't recall too much of the scene but in terms of flipping the role from being the raider to being the boulder was really interesting! Great job!

This is something special. I could see this being in a Jackbox Party game, where you can play with other people couch co-op.  I had fun with this.

Really good concept you have going here. Adding a timed element would really make things more intense!

Amazing concept you have here. I really enjoyed that the music went well with the tapping of the keys. However, the best thing about this is that the controls are simple enough for anyone to pick-and-play but the game takes practice to master.

Polish up the visuals, make it endless and have the obstacles randomly-generated and you got yourself a mobile game hit!