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A rhythm-based finite runner
Submitted by rubr (@therubr) — 8 hours, 15 minutes before the deadline

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Please mention below any pre-made music or art assets you used.
Mainspring - Waterflame

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Challenging game! I included it in my Music Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look :)


enough said


Amazing concept you have here. I really enjoyed that the music went well with the tapping of the keys. However, the best thing about this is that the controls are simple enough for anyone to pick-and-play but the game takes practice to master.

Polish up the visuals, make it endless and have the obstacles randomly-generated and you got yourself a mobile game hit!


You have a crazy good concept here, with plenty of challenge and a fitting music/graphics aesthetics.

Your new challenge now is to make it more accessible, especially regarding the difficulty: start slow, take the user by the hand and gradually let him thrive. Quill18 said something regarding difficulty in a Ludum Dare "best practices" video that I really value: take the difficulty that you the developer find trivially easy, and make that your "hard" setting.

Also I feel like for once the pressing of key is really synchronised to the music. That is fabulous. You have two ways to let your player know about that: 1) tell him upfront that hitting the keys in time will make the game easier for them 2) let them figure out that it is the case. The second one may create an unwanted "dip" in difficulty, kinda like someone struggling in a RTS finding a good army composition and rolling through several levels with it.

I think once you have taken a lot of time to fine-tune a proper progression (with actual playtest data not just rough guesses) you'll have a fantastic game that people will want to play and could actually sell pretty well in the mobile ecosystem!

Hope this helps! See you in the next one! Take care!


This one might be too hard for me I fear! x) After many trials, I've been able to survive 5 seconds. Repeating the same level, while hearing to the same bit of music, made me lose my motivation.

The concept is interesting though. It might needs a tutorial, or a "danger free" mode, or just easier levels, just to get used to the controls. The hit-box and timing are also hard to learn.

Well, this game defeated me, but it still has a cool mechanics and design!


Very addictive... and very challenging. Well done


Boy this one hurts good! I don't have anything bad to say about it except maybe consider having the music play and loop on despite restart/death, I heard the first 5 seconds of the song so many times. Great work.


The concept for this game is SO original and works so well! Once you get used to it, it feels unnaturally natural! I wish this concept gets more developed in the future!


Takes a moment to get used to but really fun once ya do!  -pretty cool game! :D


Very unforgiving an annoyingly makes you want to come back for more pain! It makes me angry that it forces me to come back for more! lol (I mean this in a good way) :P


the learning curve is so steep it does a loop before settling on going straight up. Love it!


Wow! Great job. That was really fun. Even managed to beat the level after many deaths.




H*cking f*n and add*cktive

(1 edit) (+2)

Got my double Xeon system with 1080Tis in SLI all stressed up! 100% load everywhere, this shit is beter than crysis 3 at pushing systems to its limits.

Jokes aside, its addictive as hell and has a geometry dash vibe to it. 

Oh and my logo looks cool i guess (Shouke is my new internet nick, ive had jaggent since 2013 so it got kinda old)