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Hi JK5000!

Thanks for the questions :)

The email had a 'replyto' email (my email) which you would have been able to reply to (I got plenty of replies so I know it works) - it shouldn't be ending up in spam filters, but that would vary by the email service you use and whether they view emails from itchio as spam.

You make a good point about the bundles - and we also underestimated the work it would take to put it together. Some people would find it easier downloading it all at once, but you're right that it makes it harder to find the place to give feedback. We're definitely rethinking how/if we'll do a bundle next time.

The bundle's credits file was only for the games that are in the bundle. People can still see the jam page for the full list of submitted games (and their associated creators).

Still planning to at least get some let's players on board now that the bundle is done, although as with any big jam, there isn't any guarantee that all entries will be played.

Feel free to send me an email if you have any further questions! (I'll also let you claim a prize since you went to the effort of making this post)

Hi! The bundle is almost ready - we are just setting up the page. It took much longer to compile than we anticipated - sorry for the delay :)

We will send out an email soon with the link to the bundle and prize announcements.

References / parodies should be fine, as long as you're not using copyrighted assets or using a trademarked name e.g. for your characters, game title, etc.

The bundle will be uploaded via a separate 'Fragment Jam' user account :)

We will start compiling the bundle in roughly a week, and should have it done by the end of the month. We will upload it here on itchio.

We will start compiling the bundle in roughly a week, and should have it done by the end of the month. So you still have time to update it!

Thank you for taking the time to play it!

Yup you can just put them within a folder alongside your game. What do you mean by 'so it fits in with everything'?

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πŸ…‚πŸ…ΈπŸ…»πŸ„·πŸ„ΎπŸ†„πŸ…΄πŸ…ƒπŸ†ƒπŸ…Ύ (Fragment)

An unfinished game with audio commentary across three different versions, created for Fragment Jam.

Yes! Submit as many as you want!

Thanks for sharing this story!! We're really glad you released your game :)

P.S. If you used any Diversifiers, you can now update your submission to mark which ones you used.

P.S. If you used any Diversifiers, you can now update your submission to mark which ones you used.

P.S. If you used any Diversifiers, you can now update your submission to mark which ones you used.

P.S. If you used any Diversifiers, you can now update your submission to mark which ones you used.

P.S. If you used any Diversifiers, you can now update your submission to mark which ones you used.

P.S. If you used any Diversifiers, you can now update your submission to mark which ones you used.

What Sam Lee said is right. If it was quite recently then that's fine; otherwise try and find some projects that you haven't released before :)

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YouTubers and streamers will be organised to check out your Fragment Jam submissions!
Each new video will be tweeted about and posted in our Discord. All the videos will be compiled into one big YouTube playlist.

If you are a YouTuber or Twitch streamer interested in playing the games from this game jam, we can add you to the list above so participants and onlookers can easily find your content! We recommend that YouTubers and Twitch streamers wait until the bundle has been released (after the end of the jam). If interested, please tweet or email Xavier.


Twitch Streamers:


You should only start making the game during the jam period!

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Who can participate?
Anyone! All experience levels, from beginner to expert, and all disciplines from coding and art to design and music, are free and encouraged to join this jam!

Should I work on my fragment before I submit it / Can I make a new fragment for this jam?
That's up to you! If the source code is lost to time, feel free to submit the fragment executable as it is. However,  we welcome any additions you would like to make to your fragment as well. In addition, we welcome you to create fragments for the jam! 

I have multiple unfinished games. Should I submit them together or separately?
If the games can be combined into one executable, you should submit them together for the C-C-C-Combo! diversifier! Otherwise, submit them as separate entries.

Are there any restrictions on game engines or platforms?
None at all! Feel free to submit fragments made in any game engine, built for any platform.

Are there any restrictions on the time-frame when I created the fragment?
None at all! Feel free to submit any of your unfinished games, whether they were made 10 years ago or 5 minutes ago.

Do I have to submit a game? Can I submit non-game executables?
As long as the contents of your executable file were intended to form part of a game (in the loosest definition of the word), you are encouraged to submit it!

What counts as an executable?
An 'executable' for this jam is the built/compiled version of your game (including HTML games), such that anyone using the platform your game was built for (e.g. Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, Web Browser) is able to play the game, without the need for any specialized software.

What counts as an β€˜unfinished’ game?
For the purposes of this jam, you can submit any fragment that hasn’t been released before! All we ask is for your fragment to be presented as an executable file, assuming it is a digital game. If you have additional non-executable documents you would like to include, please consider doing the Family Album diversifier!

Can my game contain copyrighted/trademarked content?
No. Your submission must only contain content that you have permission to use.

Do I keep the rights to my game?
Yes! Participants retain full rights to their submitted fragments.

Can I start working on my entry early?
Yes! You can start preparing your fragment for submission now and submit during the submission period.

What if I want to finish the game later?
Please do! Fragment Jam is a meant to be a way to revisit past projects in a positive light. It is about embracing unfinished games and sharing them with others. If it helps you let go of your unfinished project, that’s great! If you want to complete the game later, that’s just as good! As you retain all ownership of your project, you can do as you want with your fragment during and after the jam.

What if my project has game crashing bugs?
Keep in mind that Fragment Jam is about celebrating all manners of unfinished projects, even ones with game-breaking bugs! With that said, you are welcome to create a stable build for the jam.

Is this jam competitive?
No! This is a zero-pressure jam, with no ratings or rankings.

Can I work in a team?
Yes! You can work in a team to prepare/improve your fragment for submission. There are no team size restrictions.

What if I just have a game idea?
You can either try turning it into a fragment to submit for this jam, or you can wait for Game Idea Jam, where you submit game ideas!

I finally beat it!

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Check the Discord for how to claim your prize!

Check the Discord for how to claim your prize!

You have to move left out the door!

Having different versions of yourself is a really neat concept and a nice interpretation of the episode. I also liked the level design. The character sprite was nice too (and so was that effect when you join with your past self). Gameplay was a bit tricky / confusing, and the visuals could use a bit of polish. But overall, well done!

Cute graphics and sound effects! Quite a unique interpretation too. Hit detection was a little bit off for the 'perfect' hits. Overall, great job!

It was too laggy to play properly on my computer (some graphics settings would be good)! I think checkpoints should be after puzzles, so we don't have to redo the puzzles over and over.

I might be a bit of a noob, but I couldn't get past the first monster that attacked me haha. On the first time I played the shift to freeze kinda worked, but after reloading the checkpoints I couldn't outrun the monster and shift to freeze didn't seem to work.

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Really polished and deep deck-building game you have here!

Visuals and sound effects are effective, and the gameplay is really addictive. Sometimes the UI blocks the numbers/words of the cards, and sometimes a 7 really looks like 1. Besides that, fantastic job!

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Awesome game! A really unique interpretation of the episode. I like the variety you added to a typical music game by having to type letters as well, and how you put it in the context of going to get pizza. The hit detection was perfect, which is really hard to do so well done. Nice use of visuals and colour, and the music was well made too.

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Really cute game! Love the graphics. Wish there was more.

P.S. you should mark your game as Windows playable in your game settings so it's easier for people to find and download!

P.S. you should mark your game as Windows playable in your game settings so it's easier for people to find and download!

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This was hilarious and really polished. Controls could have been slightly easier to handle (even though wonkiness was the point). Amazing voice-over work and a great interpretation of the episode. Well done!

I enjoyed when the sword attacks switched from going towards you to coming from the right. You've got the right elements for a fun game here!

Very hard to work out what to do (I could only find the journal and the spider book in the first room, and then there was an empty room upstairs with every other room locked), but a really creepy atmosphere, well done on that!

The aesthetic during the intro sequence and during the game was really cool! Don't know if it was just for me, but the sound/music was really glitching out, maybe because so many sounds were playing at once (but the sounds did really match the aesthetic). The platforming wasn't a great experience, could be a bit refined there. And I think it would be more useful if the gun was a bit stronger and could just fire wherever your mouse was pointing. You captured the chaos of an action scene well. Nice job!

Impressive tech! Some of the worlds generated looked really pretty. I think the gameplay and visual feedback could use more work - the guns felt unresponsive and slow/inaccurate and enemies were way to strong. So I didn't get that far, but nice job on submitting on what sounds like a completeable game!

Nice horror environment. I had some trouble finding all the firewood before dying. Would have been nice to have some to background music or sounds to add to the atmosphere. Congrats on submitting!

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Once I understood what I was doing control-wise (hard to know where to player is at the start),  I really got into this game. It's a really innovative concept, and I love how it replays your movement in action sequence style (with explosions!) when you get through the take. Great work!

P.S. you should go to your game settings and mark the game as a Windows playable game - this will help people find the game and also make it easier to play if using the itchio app.

I like the animations! Where's the song from?

Obviously the gameplay isn't quite complete but I'm glad you submitted something!