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Welcome to the MUSIC GAME JAM, a game jam where you create a music-related game in one weekend!

In particular, the Music Game Jam aims to facilitate an exploration of new, innovative approaches to the music game genre.

It’s not limited to rhythm games - you could create an 8-bit tribute to your favourite band, an interactive music video, a Beethoven RPG, or an FPS musical - the only limit is your musical imagination! 

And of course, all skill levels and disciplines (art, music, code, design) are welcome! (you can form teams here)


  • Jam: Friday 22nd September - Monday 25th September (in your timezone: start time, end time). 72 hours + 1 submission hour.
  • Voting: Tuesday 26th September - Saturday 7th October


  1. Great Steam games to give away, including:
    -Telltale's The Walking Dead
    -Geometry Dash
    -Devil May Cry
    -Worms Clan Wars
    -Quantum Pilot (keys kindly provided by the developers!)
    -and more...
  2. Bragging rights for top placers (according to voting results) and my top picks!
  3. Special role in the Discord server!
  4. Feedback on your game from other participants and YouTubers/streamers (see below)!
  5. Top games will be bundled together as a free download (upon each creator's permission), with any donations going to charity.
  6. And most importantly, the satisfaction of finishing a music-related game in one weekend!
  • Prizes will be awarded randomly across all teams who give good feedback to others, as well as to my favourite entries.
  • We are also looking for sponsors or Steam key donations. If interested, please tweet or email me at xavierindiegamedev [at]


Jams are more fun when there's a community, so come join the official Music Game Jam Discord!

Twitter users, make sure to follow the official Twitter account @MusicGameJam and tweet with the hashtag #MusicGameJam :)

If you have any questions or want to have some input on the jam, please tweet me @XavierEkkel


If you are a streamer or YouTuber interested in playing the games from this game jam, I can add you to a list in this section so participants and onlookers can easily find your content! If interested, please tweet me or email me at xavierindiegamedev [at]

Official List (so far) of Streamers / YouTubers awaiting your entries:


After the submission period is over, voting will begin. All participants can rate other entries in the following categories on a scale from 1 to 5 stars! Please leave feedback on each game you rate; it's more helpful than just a number, and helps them find your game!

  • Overall: your overall impression as to the quality of the game.
  • Music: how well-crafted and unique was the music? Was the music well-integrated into the game?
  • Innovation: to what extent does this game bring new mechanics, ideas, perspectives, and creativity, to music-related games?
  • Fun: how much did you enjoy playing this game? Did this game make you lose track of time? Was it addictive?
  • Visuals: how visually-impressive was the game? Did it have a unique art style that complemented the music and gameplay?


  • Anyone, regardless of experience, is welcome to participate!
  • Do not start working on the game prior to the game jam, as it isn't fair to other participants starting from scratch.
  • You must start from scratch. However, you may use publicly-available assets if you give full credit on your game page.
  • Leave feedback on any game you rate! Your comment will include a link to your game so they can play yours too:)
  • Your game must be free to play until the voting period is over.
  • Teams are allowed and encouraged! Form your teams here on CrowdForge!
  • Games that are discriminatory, contain hate-speech, or are in very poor taste will be removed.


Games will be submitted through Please upload your game normally through first; after doing so, you will be able to submit that game as an entry to the Music Game Jam through this page you're on now! If you have teammates, you can add them as contributors to your game by going to your itchio game settings :)

Don't forgot to include #MusicGameJam as a tag for your game. You can find this if you go to your game page -> Edit game -> Tags.

If you want  your game to potentially be in the charity bundle, please create a Windows build of the game (ideally x86 which can run on both 32bit and 64bit computers)!

We are also teaming up with Weekly Game Jam who have a special theme of 'Blind'. So if you want to make a game that can be played by gamers who can't see, you can submit to both Music Game Jam and Weekly Game Jam!


Are teams allowed?
Yes! If you need a team, you can form one here on CrowdForge! I especially encourage teams to reach out to indie songwriters, composers, and other musicians to collaborate. For finding musicians, try asking around on Bandcamp, Soundcloud or Reddit, or just asking your friends!

Who can participate?
Anyone! All experience levels, from beginner to expert, and all disciplines from coding, art, design, and music, are free and encouraged to join this jam!

What are some good examples of innovative music games from recent years?
Some good examples of innovative music-related games in recent years include Crypt of the Necrodancer (rhythm roguelike), Peter Panic (mini-game musical), Geometry Dash (rhythm platformer), Thumper (rhythm violence), Audiosurf (surf along your own music), Resynth (music puzzler), Tadpole Treble (sheet music adventure), Wandersong (singing adventure), Koto (relaxing instrument-playing experience), PogoPogo (crowdsurfing concert experience), You Don't Know the Half of It: Fins of the Father (racing-game music video), and Skybolt Zack (arcade rhythm platformer). If you need some more inspiration you should check out's most popular music-related games!

Can I use music or songs that were made before the start of the game jam?
You may use songs or other music that were created prior to the jam start date, but you must make note of this on your game page and give appropriate credits. If you do so, please opt-out from the 'Music' voting category when you submit, unless it is a cover of the original song/music that was recorded/created after the jam start date.

Can I use other peoples' work in my game?
 We do not take responsibility for any unauthorised uses of other peoples' work and any consequences that may result from its use. Please use work that you are authorised to use or that you created from scratch yourself.

Do I keep the rights to my game?
Yes! You keep the rights to everything you create for this game jam.

Is there any restriction on game engines?
Nope! You are free to use whichever game engine you like - including your own custom-built engines - as long as you create your game code and assets from scratch.

Do you have any tips for doing a game jam? Funny you should ask! Yes we do:

  • Keep the scope of the game really small. And then halve it again. With such a short amount of time, the aim is quality, not quantity! You can add in more levels/dialogue/songs/effects/content later!
  • Allow sufficient time (at least half a day) for polishing and testing.
  • Get straight into the main 'hook' of your game. Assume that most people will probably stop playing if there's a long tutorial or a lengthy unskippable cutscene.
  • Games playable in the browser are best way to get the most plays and the most feedback! Additionally, try to make your game available on as many platforms as possible (very easy with engines such as Unity).
  • You can submit as many times as you like prior to the deadline, so submit early and often!