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A jam entry

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Platform through the stars
Submitted by Yirggzmb (@yirggzmb) with 1 day, 4 hours before the deadline

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Please mention below any pre-made music or art assets you used.

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This was a very enjoyable experience. I like the fact it is a single screen and falling down only makes you restart. The fact there's no lives and the music doesn't get interrupted makes the whole thing more unified and peaceful.

The platforming starts easy and gets trickier. I like the feeling of progression and I'm not sure if I would have liked things to get harder. It was a relaxing experience and it should remain so. So the difficulty felt pretty on point.

Thanks for giving us options to customise bindings. You could actually have the game start with that window just to make the sure the user selects their preference (and they would de facto learn the controls at the same time).

I like the graphics a lot, these shades of purples have a 90's feel to them. The music was nice but maybe a bit strange at times. This was a combination of the string sound quality, the harmonies getting a little bit busy and a pretty loose sync between the instruments which may come from the code (if the loops are launched upon contact rather than launched together at the start and having their volume adjusted). The choice of the soundscape itself was perfect for the game's atmosphere.

I hope you were happy with what you learned and I look forward to your next submissions! Take care!


Thank you! Relaxing/peaceful is exactly what I was going for. Having the game start with the controls screen is a really good idea.

I'd probably pin all the music quirkiness on me. This is the first thing I've composed that's longer than a 20 second loop, and I'm still learning. The music actually is launched all at once, so the loose sync is probably from the still learning factor too, unless there's some quirkiness with the way the web version is loading music.

And yes, I'm very happy. Learned a lot this time around. :D

Fantastic! :) Don't worry about the composing I'm very picky! It was a great effort in that small time frame too!

Very nice music! I included it in my Music Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look :)


The music is better than what I could make and it made me feel like I was looking at the constellation while navigating through space to see what other sounds I could find. Nice job! :)


Thank you very much! I'm new to creating music longer than say 20 seconds. I'm glad people seem to like it.

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That was beautiful, especially the ending sequence! Regardless of a stiff background and a corner bug (like, when you land on the corner, the speed of falling increases but you're not yet falling. Then, when you're not stuck anymore by a miracle escape, you fall fast indefinitely), the elements just matched the atmosphere and feel of the game. 


Thank you! Atmosphere is the main thing I was shooting for this time around.

The corner bug is something I plan to hunt down and squash if I can.

Beautiful graphics, pleasant and rich audio. Well done!

I found the corner bug on the stars quite frustrating, but I know how those thing are in jams so no hard feelings :) Saw on your game page you composed the score? Props on that as well, you have many talents.


Thank you very much!

Pretty chill game but I found myself quickly getting bored and frustrated. The platforming felt reminiscent of sub-zero mythologies and the bad platforms  another comment mentioned were the most frustrating. The game itself might be more suited for left to right movement rather than up and unforgiving-ly down? When I reached the last track it felt like it wasn't worth it after all the falls I suffered :\ I like the background visuals but thought it all could have used a bit more 'life' to it, but ayy its a weekend game jam. And +1 for control customization.


Yeah, unfortunate that I wasn't able to fully squash the "stuck in a corner" bug. It's funny though, it rarely happens to me, but I guess that's what happens when you're playing it over and over again and know all the jumps by heart. Glad you enjoyed the visuals and the control customization though.

(Edited 1 time)

I liked it. Not quite sure what I was supposed to be doing at first. Once I found the second vapor I figured I was supposed to be collecting them. Music fit the atmosphere well. IMO maybe the default controls should have been arrows and space, a little less cramped, but you allowed for customization, so +1 for that. Some of the platforms were a little wonky on the corners, player seems to get stuck for a few frames/seconds and then gets affected by increased gravity and kind of thrown straight downwards. Happened 2-3 times in my 1 play through, can't imagine the cause. All in all, the stuff you said you were working on (particles and composing) seem to be coming along nicely, they sounded and looked good. Good job.


Yeah, getting caught on the corners is a bug I wasn't able to fully squash. Limit, but not totally get rid of.  Something I need to continue to work on.

Glad you liked the music and visuals!


Nice work!  I really like the violin sound, creates a nice chill atmosphere -cool bkg effects too :D


Thank you! Chill is exactly what I was going for. Heh, and I'm glad you like the effects. Took the opportunity to get familiar with Game Maker's particles, and may have had a bit too much fun


I would've guessed that was shaders rather than gm's particle system -nice and subtle usage :D


Yeah, it's mostly just really almost transparent giant particles. Most efficient way? No idea. But it worked out, so I'll take it.

not sure if there's a point here.... just moving around.  There' s nothing to do except run over a cloud that turns on the soundtrack.


It's just a simple platformer. Most platformers, the goal is to reach the end of the room. Here the goal is to hit all of the clouds and turn all of the music on...and make it to the top of the room, since unless you're intentionally skipping clouds you'll get the last one at the top.

Nice game. The control customization UI was a great touch, imo


Thank you! And I've wanted to do controls customization forever. :D


Might take yours as an example. I liked you approach ;)