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Game Description:  A minimalist, fast-paced game of connecting points with a single button. While you're the white line, avoid getting hit by the colored lines. It contains 12 levels and electronic music from Albert Paixão.

Made for the Extra Credits Game Jam #4 with the theme of Connect.

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"The system that systematically says it all."

News System is a short game that resembles an abstract film. Enter a news program where you'll know what's happening in the world. Witness the world's updates while the newspapers are being conquered by the digital media. Featuring music from Albert Paixão.

Made for the TV Game Jam 2019.

Best played with headphones and game set in full screen. 
Tip: Use the mouse

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"The system that makes you feel at home." 

A short game that resembles an abstract film. Enter a website where different meanings of "Home" are being interpreted by the experience of others. The question within the web page asks, "where will it lead you?".

Made for the Global Game Jam 2019, with the theme of “What Home Means to You?”.
Best played with headphones and game set in full screen. 
Tip: Use the arrow keys. 

Best played with headphones and game set in full screen.

A short game that resembles an abstract film. Enter a place where love and pain exists. Run for your love while you risk your life. This game is based on how life handles us with a relationship of another.

Made for Ludum Dare 43, with the theme of “Sacrifices must be made”.

If you have an account at Ludum Dare, you can review the game there and give some support, and ratings too:

The online high score system doesn't support SSL in You can download the windows version if you want the system to work, or play it at Newgrounds :)

Game mechanic from the original snake works well for me. One thing is that, a player shouldn't refresh the game page in order to play the game again (as the game screen will only stay in red when you die). 

Good arcade style game, although the game play needs improvement (one power up for another weapon is not enough). There's no death animation, and the explosions of the enemies still moves. Characters are alright, but looking over at the game is not that pleasing. Overall, it's still a fun game to play.

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"Welcome to my staircase, where groups are coming with tickets, without tickets, and excess tickets. Only the ones with a single ticket will go up."

A fast paced arcade game where people use a ticket to go up. Use the cursor to tell which person doesn't have a ticket, and also to reduce the excess tickets of a group. Let the people with tickets go on with their happy lives.

Made for the Bored Pixels Jam 2.

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Thanks :D The theme is just for the arcade feel. Because I know that arcade those days are meant to be played in a matter of minutes, and also with a score to increment.

Would probably update, on the next game to make anyway haha. Still have lots of game jams to try out :D

I actually tried this with the number pad (and the number keys above the letters) and it felt difficult on my part. Especially on the number pad, because it should match the numbers. I was thinking to update this again just for that haha.

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For me, it relates the theme because the use of mechanic is not directly from our keyboard. I hope that made sense :D 

"The smartphones are invading the keypad"

Keypad Invaders is a typing game, where the mechanics is not too literal for the player. You'll control a keypad with your cursor, based from the basic phones that existed from the past. Make it type the letters that matches the smartphones in order to avoid being invaded as long as possible.

Made in a day for the Game Maker's Toolkit Jam 2018, with the theme of "GENRE, but you can’t MECHANIC"

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A short game that resembles an abstract film. Enter an old version of an operating system where you'll massively occupy a local disk indefinitely with a mutated storage device. Based on a computer virus that takes a lot of its capacity.

Made for Ludum Dare 42, with the theme of "Running out of space".

If you have an account at ludum dare, you can also rate it there:

Tip: Use the spacebar...

The world is a space full of words said from every people we encounter. We can also be the weapon of avoidance by not letting those words get to us.

Don't let those words get to you, exterminate them as much as you could.

Made in one day for the 2 Colors Game Jam with the theme of You are the weapon and Space.

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"This game is dedicated to people who are crazy when a rocket falls."

Join the film of an unnamed director, featuring a rocket (made by nine people) that's going to fall towards the earth. Build up the scenes as many as you can from the director's command.

"What do we do now?", play (and watch) Crowd Nine and witness the randomness of the crowd.

Features various mini games to enjoy, and awesome music from Rasmuz.

This game was originally made for the Global Game Jam 2015, it was uploaded at Newgrounds before, but I removed it due to Unity Web Player being obsolete. I just got an ample time to rebuild and make it better.

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There you go :D

Thank you very much for the video and article, we loved it and we'll keep on making games for game jams :D

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I got stuck upon combining the letter A, the key, and a scissor, which produced a key with a skull (because I think the key with a W was underneath it, I didn't drag it out... but still tried and no luck). The X actually keeps on showing, but I can't drag that object. The intro was nice anyway.

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I actually liked this one. The graphics needs to be improved, but the experience from playing this was trippy. I don't know if the stacking of music was intentional, yet I find it mesmerizing. Good job.

There's a bug if you drag an object then dropped somewhere that it's hard to pick up (like I dropped at the power supply, comparing to its size from the rest (CPU for example) it would cover the whole graphic, making it hard to click on), it forced me to restart the game.

Keep working on this, it has potential :D

I ignored the black and white game, because it was infuriating to survive for long on that region. The rest were bearable. I still find the game fun :D 

The gameplay turned out to be a clicker to me. After reading the instructions, I've felt that the game will progress when I just drag a shape to another shape with either the same color or number, which worked. The "Go to bed" button can be frustrating (even by accident) because... I would want to go out of the bed at my pace, so there's no button if you want to get up right away. It took long before I could match some shapes again.

"Waiting System" is a short game that resembles an abstract film. Enter a surreal update system that would make you wait with satirical elements. Featuring music from Albert Paixão.

Originally made for Meta Game Jam... Regardless of the duration (which was started at March 17), the project was initiated from 3:00 PM of March 30, and finished before the deadline from 5:00 PM of March 31.

Playing with headphones and in full screen is recommended. 
Tip: You'll be using the mouse a lot of times, sometimes the keyboard and the rest are in your imagination.

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Throw Ice Cream is a carnival booth where you throw ice creams at targets. Get entertained with colorful and splattering ice creams at every hit.

Includes a booth for throwing ice creams, ice creams in different candy popping flavors and delicious but explosive donuts to avoid. Also includes online high scores.

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The spacebar sometimes jumps the scrolling of the game's page, and also if the gameplay just restarted, another music will be played (so the game music will clone itself, making more restarts too annoying with the music). Spamming the mouse button to the enemies will sure keep me alive.

Cool music simulation with effectors, also a nice tribute to Jean-Jacques Perrey. I'm sure he's proud of your creation.

The music was A E S T H E T I C... because I love the internet-made, vaporwave music genre lol. The controls was really unresponsive to me (A and S only worked well for me) and the cubes to stand on for a score is too random. So it takes some luck to have a high score as possible.

The execution of the game was something different, which made me more interested to play the game longer. At first, it was difficult to play due to a lack of instruction (until I checked the page of it). And the spamming of the letter keys + enter doesn't give me a consequence, so it's really safe to spam (cheat) to stay alive (hoping that you won't get tired that easy). I liked the progressive music to let the players stay pumped it to the game. Good work :)

It doesn't have a score counter and a little tutorial, so it takes a little time to know the controls in the game. Bullet hell games are still awesome to me though, the gameplay works well. The way that the enemies shooting with the rhythm, with great music was a creative flavor to consume for some minutes to play.

It was okay, the gameplay gets too repetitive and boring after a few loops. Regardless, the graphics are visually pleasing for a trippy game experience, and the music was also decent.

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Played it an Newgrounds, and like I said from there: "Great idea for a low budget, music class...".
The actual gaming was way easier than the tutorial in my honesty. I think that's because, it's like what you've learned from school that doesn't go that well in the real world (am I right? :D ). It was a great experience playing around with stuff at your chair while in class, while I don't look the professor's lecture. Pure slice of life lol! Great work :D

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That was beautiful, especially the ending sequence! Regardless of a stiff background and a corner bug (like, when you land on the corner, the speed of falling increases but you're not yet falling. Then, when you're not stuck anymore by a miracle escape, you fall fast indefinitely), the elements just matched the atmosphere and feel of the game. 

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You got some witty, fail messages there haha. I liked the idea of this game. You search around a region for a music part together with your ears, and navigating/hovering around with the cursor. Although it's hard to find the rest of the sounds (I can only find the tiles that switch on the kick drums and the guitar). I guess, using headphones while playing this game is suitable. A good execution all in all.

The clicking of a tile is kinda buggy (or slow in processing, probably a delayed function), because I can click more than the maximum amount of clicks before losing the level. And while spamming, the click amount decrease as fast as I spam in few seconds.

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Partymode!!! Really enjoyed this one haha. A bit of multitasking (because you also dodge meteors at the same time, not in a brutal manner). One thing that is lacking is more "party-going" feelings on Party Mode (not on a wasted level like clubs and bars do, since this one's safe for kids and teens). I can see that there's more fireworks exploding (just graphically which is fine) but some mild light flickering frames (or let's say a mild disco feel) and probably more intense things would occur, like... more graphic I'll just say, for now it's enough, but on a super distant run, it will get repetitive. I would commend how portable the game loads on our turtle internet. And here's a conclusion, out my enjoyment. Thanks for this game, that made me smile a lot starting at "Partymode!!!"!

Simply, a fun endless runner game, with a decent music. I can jump, even before the the "Go!" signal. 

I was hoping for the full screen option, because I can't see much what's below the game's screen (since the aspect ratio doesn't match the height of my laptop's screen height). Still had fun with it, and the farthest distance was 107.

The aesthetics were appealing,  the audio is kinda random and the gameplay was confusing. It felt like a FPS game where you shoot constructing crosses (rather than bullets) and (if I'm not mistaken) while some diamonds are near to it, other audio are playing. Can't predict when a melody is playing, but yeah like the others said, the game projects like a dream.