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You have three nights to code your game. Can you do it, and get enough sleep at the same time?
Submitted by Yirggzmb (@yirggzmb) — 7 days, 6 hours before the deadline
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Metaness Quality#413.5793.579
Gameplay Innovation#442.8422.842
Uniqueness of Metaness#613.0533.053

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It's a game about balancing coding a game vs getting enough sleep. It is, in essence, my life.

Please list any pre-made art/music/other assets that you used.
All sounds were part of the Sonniss free sounds pack they put out recently.

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It seemed really hard to win! I think everytime I slept, I lost more energy at work! That's rough man, but so meta.  I think there could have been more engaging mechanics or a faster game system, I don't like to wait too too much and it was just a bit slow in spots for me!

Overall, good job!~


Yeah, definitely a slower paced game. Something I was sorta going for, but I know it's not everyone's thing. Glad you liked the meta! <3


A fun little game that's super relatable to a lot of weekend workers who still manage to pull off game jams. Hopefully inspirational to those who say they don't have the time. :)


I hope so too! Just, you know, making sure to take care of yourself too ;)


Hey there, nice game, reminded me of those sleepless nights trying to make a game for GGJ.

Your game is part of my let's play video. Check it out!


Thanks! It's certainly a cycle I know all too well lol


The loss of energy in the day is a little hard to understand (I guess if you are more sleep deprived you lose more energy?) but managed to make it by resting well on the first two days and going all out in the last, just like real life jams! Perfectly captures that jamming feel when all the code just blurs into one giant mess in your brain. There's probably some strategy in getting more progress by clearing the board, by hanging on to pieces to be matched immediately, although I'm not sure if that really gives you more progress (more feedback would be great if so). 


The energy loss is actually exactly steady. It drops at a set rate per minute, it's just that during the day I've sped up time so you don't have to sit there for twenty minutes waiting for it to be night again. And you found the exact strategy I had in mind lol It could maybe use a little more balancing, but I aimed to have it that if you got about eight hours of sleep, you'd start the next night with close to the energy you started with the previous night.

And yes, clearing the board gives you extra progress. The particles came about precisely because I was trying to draw attention to, and encourage, it. Doesn't seem to have been as obvious as I'd hoped though. lol

Thanks for playing!


Haha very accurate commentary on the jam lifestyle.

I feel like the core gameplay was too simplistic though, if there was some kind of strategy or higher goal rather than just filling up a progress bar I would have enjoyed it more.

Great sound design and very nice backgrounds and humour.


Glad you liked the meta commentary. Funnily, the original idea was just having you watch your energy as progress filled automatically, and the shape matching was put in because it's simple but still takes just enough brain power to distract you from the clock/your energy. lol But I'd definitely like to expand on the idea for the shape-matching gameplay in a future game. I think it could be a lot of fun, maybe with a point system instead of a progress bar, or something.


Cool meta and nice approach! Although a bit difficult to get the timing right... As I see it, you should let the player know how fast the loss of energy is during the day, before making him lose in the first day because of it.

Good job anyway :)


Glad you liked it. Yeah, it was a toss up what point in the day to start the player. Settled on what I did because I thought people would be more confused if they started and couldn't interact with anything yet. But it does leave you a little blind as to what the day is like.


ohhh if coding were only this easy irl :D -cool meta concept & nice job!


Glad you liked it! <3


Interesting game. Sadly I could't finish the code, ha!
Got really difficult with low energy, with the snippets being practically invisible.


Yup, it's supposed to be near impossible if you let yourself get too tired. The only way I could think of to represent that brain fog when you neglect sleep. Glad you found it interesting.


The gameplay turned out to be a clicker to me. After reading the instructions, I've felt that the game will progress when I just drag a shape to another shape with either the same color or number, which worked. The "Go to bed" button can be frustrating (even by accident) because... I would want to go out of the bed at my pace, so there's no button if you want to get up right away. It took long before I could match some shapes again.


Yeah, letting yourself wake up early is a feature I probably should have added.