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Hey thanks for using my music!

Would you be able to message me on Discord (Retro Indie Josh#0648) or Twitter (@RetroIndieJosh) about this? I might be able to help.

Hi, this page has instructions on how to get started with uploading games on

Hey, no problem! Makes me happy to see people use it.

Hey! Thanks for using my music. Glad you liked it and it worked for your game!

Hey thanks for using the music!

From our past jams the rule of thumb is about a third of however many are still signed up at the end, so 50 is a good estimate.

TIL the ASCII code for a lemniscate (infinity symbol) is 236 so the binary would be 11101100. I really thought it would be higher!

Unfortunately, for the sake of the jam, a pause action must count as one of the three buttons, since it does halt gameplay and therefore affect it. Most jam games don’t even bother with a pause button, though, so you should be fine waiting to add it post-jam.

Color palettes are a pretty general purpose thing, so that’s fine

Take a look at something like Divekick for UI - you’ll need to get creative with assigning buttons to menu options.

You are allowed to use the mouse buttons - just not mouse position or movement, or the wheel, unless you’re stretching the meaning of “button” and using a click up or click down as a button, but that’s pushing the boundaries of the jam’s spirit.

(Although if you aren’t using mouse position, I’m of the strong personal opinion that using mouse buttons is a mistake.)

Hiya! Thanks for the kind words. And thanks for using my music!

Thanks for letting me know! I’ve corrected the page.

Yep, they probably got it from my Open Game Art packs which I haven’t revised yet, still under my old name:

This game is super fun and gorgeous. Loved the soundtrack and the clever mechanic, and how it evolved as the game went on.

I think in the early stages it would be nice to see a little bit further ahead, because I had trouble getting used to the shadow person at first. And the shadow person dying could be a bit more satisfying, like some sort of particle explosion instead of just disappearing.

But other than those two nitpicks, a fantastic experience! Short and sweet.

Hi, it looks like you never actually submitted to the jam, but you can submit with this link

Glad to hear it!

Hi Taru! Thanks for using my music, and for asking.

Yes, this is allowed under the license which says you are free to “Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially” as long as you provide the appropriate credit, which it sounds like you did.

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The question is primarily asking about external assets (not made by your team). For anything gray area like you mentioned, use your discretion.

Hey, thanks for asking! And I’m glad you like the music.

Yes, you are free to adapt the music as long as you follow the terms of the license (include credit for the original music). This is covered under “adapt” in the license here:

If you’re using an engine, it must support the exact colors in the palette, so ideally one that allows for a full range of colors.

Yes, dithering is a great solution as long as the individual pixels remain within the palette limitation.

Palette swap is pushing the limitation, but if it’s set at the title or a title menu and cannot be changed during game play it’s fine.

No problem! Glad you like it, and I hope you find good use for it.


Yes, the system calculates weighted scores based on the median number of votes per game

The winners will be announced on October 4th

Thanks for playing! Glad it reminds you of Canabalt, that was the core inspiration. Definitely could use some extra visual feedback and more mechanical complexity.

Thanks for playing! I do try to enter all the jams we run, though it’s a lot to juggle hosting with jamming. Agreed on the need for more visual feedback for the pre-jump.

Most people will be able to extract those, so it should be fine. Definitely not against the rules.

Yes, you can change anything on the game page except files after the deadline.

Yes, your game was published over 40 days ago and has a review from a month ago so was clearly not made within the jam period and was removed.


The diversifiers are mostly for fun, so they’re left a little ambiguous to be open for interpretation.

That said, my intent for “by the hand” would not include mouse in software, or even using a tablet. It’s more meant for scanning hand drawn images, although I suppose you could get a similar effect through software.

For “who needs pixels” there’s no limit to sprite size but the game screen needs to be 16x16 pixels or smaller (though it can be, and probably needs to be, scaled up by some multiplier).

As the original poster, you are ignoring the “real world” and “directly” parts.

Here’s a definition: “The activities or affairs engaged in by a government, politician, or political party.”

It’s simple. Don’t directly reference those from the real world.

This isn’t ambiguous or a blurred line. A game including a specific named or represented world leader breaks the rule. A game that includes a president of a vague or imaginary country doesn’t.

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Yes, you can use any help resources you like.

You can add your team members on the game page. Go to the edit page, then click More, then Admins. Add your team members there and send them the confirmation links. Make sure “Display as contributer?” is checked.

Please read the bottom of the main jam page (or ideally all of it).

Unfortunately, this jam is only for digital prototypes. You’re welcome to create a digital prototype of your card/board game. I know that’s extra work, but we can’t support physical games.

Interesting question. This is a bit of a gray area. The idea behind the choir was that they were contributing to the production of the music and not directly to the game, so not technically in the team, though that was also debatable.

If you can stay under the four total, that would be ideal. But you won’t be disqualified for voice actors taking you past the limit. Just remember to credit everyone.