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Yes, you’re allowed to change the game page as much as you like, just unable to upload new game files.

You should have an “Edit Submission” button on your jam entry page. You can get there by clicking “Submission to VimJam 4” at the top right of your game page, then click “Edit Submission” to update your responses.

Oops, I missed that one. You’re right that it’s not there so don’t worry about it.


Yes this would be no problem.

It’s a cool idea, but as you seen to be aware, opens up a lot of potential for problems. I don’t have anything against such an entry since you’re willing to police the links, but keep in mind any DMCA related incidents could result in itch banning your account. It’s up to you if that’s a risk you’re willing to take.

One alternative is something like what Audiosurf does, where the levels are linked to metadata tags and the player needs to get the song file themselves.

Hope that answers your question.

Yes, that’s fine. It’s mostly to prevent needing to finish the entire game to get to them.

Hi MuffintreeGames, yes that would be an acceptable way to do it. Happy jamming!

Hi OpErA. The original intent of the Shapely diversifier is one object = one shape, but if it remains clear that you used simple shapes then it’s okay to use multiple for one object. But the more complex the objects become, the less it looks like applying that challenge, so it’s best not to push it too far.

Hope that helps! Happy jamming.

It’s a little bit of a stretch on the requirements, but I think it still fits the spirit of sticking to basic shapes.

Hi BottleDev, the original challenge was intended for 2D but I’d be happy to see it extended to 3D. The allowed shapes would be sphere, cube, pyramid, cone, and cylinder. I’ll update the jam page to clarify this.

Hope that helps, and good luck on the jam!

This is actually the “defiance” diversifier that we aren’t currently featuring. I’d say go for it!

Yes. File uploads on your game page will be locked during the judging period, but after that you’re free to post updates on the same page.

Yes, two UI buttons would be valid.

If A goes left and D goes right, that’s two actions: move left and move right, so your two buttons are done. Nothing more allowed.

If, however, the A and D buttons both move forward at the same speed (there’s nothing different about what they do) then that’s one action, and you can use another “button.”

You can check out the FAQ on our past two button jam for some more details, and also games for inspiration including Vimlark’s winning game.

Hope that helps, and good luck on the jam!

The diversifiers are open to interpretation, but doing pixel art and calling it squares doesn’t really showcase working under the limitation. The idea is to work with the “spirit” of the thing, so if it’s not immediately clear that you limited yourself to basic shapes, it probably won’t be seen as a good application of the challenge.

Hi Aman. Yes, you are allowed to use mouse buttons as inputs, but not the mouse position, as that’s an analog input and not a button.

You can check out the FAQ on our past two button jam for some more details, and also games for inspiration including Vimlark’s winning game.

Hope that helps, and good luck on the jam!

As per the rules you are allowed to create “General-purpose (game agnostic) code created before the jam, such as character controllers, project templates, menu functionality, AI library, etc.” but not develop the actual game.

So, something like a generic platforming character controller or RPG menus would be fine. Specific mechanics for your game are not.

Hope that helps!

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Hey! You can use the music pack without being a member - that’s just to get the extra bonus tracks (for this pack, The Path of Least Intent). But the rest are free for you to use as long as you credit.

My links are a bit broken (fixing soon) but if you like you can support me on Ko-fi and join the Discord.

Hey, thanks for the support! I really appreciate it.

Which link is inactive?


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you can add clickable buttons for reset and pause - a lot of mobile games do this



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Take a look at the rules page

It’s a bit weird that you’re posting this exact text all over the place, but yes. As explained on the asset page, you can use the music in commercial projects as long as you include the text required by the license. If you do, please let me know so I can try the game. Thanks!

Hey thanks! Glad you like it.

Good question!

The game must work without any unusual peripherals (such as a touch screen) on Windows, so it will first need to support traditional mouse or track pad.

(I’d forgotten that track pads can have gestures and support multi touch, so I’ll add a bit to exclude those.)

In addition to the mouse support, you may also include touch support, provided it doesn’t do anything without an equivalent mouse control (such as multi touch). I’ll add this to the jam page for clarification soon.

Hi Jun! Thanks for using the music and crediting it. I’ll be sure to check out the demo when it’s released!


Hey! Thanks for using my music. Fun animation!

Hey thanks for using my music!

Would you be able to message me on Discord (Retro Indie Josh#0648) or Twitter (@RetroIndieJosh) about this? I might be able to help.

Hi, this page has instructions on how to get started with uploading games on

Hey, no problem! Makes me happy to see people use it.

Hey! Thanks for using my music. Glad you liked it and it worked for your game!

Hey thanks for using the music!

From our past jams the rule of thumb is about a third of however many are still signed up at the end, so 50 is a good estimate.

TIL the ASCII code for a lemniscate (infinity symbol) is 236 so the binary would be 11101100. I really thought it would be higher!

Unfortunately, for the sake of the jam, a pause action must count as one of the three buttons, since it does halt gameplay and therefore affect it. Most jam games don’t even bother with a pause button, though, so you should be fine waiting to add it post-jam.