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Try something new - create a meta game within the month of March!

What are 'meta' games?

Simply put, metagames are games about games. More specifically, metagames are games that:
    • comment on / deconstruct / parody / satire game design, game mechanics, games development, or game culture; and/or
    • heavily feature the use of meta-references (such as breaking the fourth-wall) or other metafiction elements; and/or
    • provide a level of abstraction above an existing 'game' (e.g. gamification, ARGs, analysing opponents/strategies in esports)

Where can I read more about metagames?

Some examples of metagames:


  • Games must be entirely free to play until the end of voting
  • Accessible formats (web and/or Windows) and inputs (mouse and keyboard) preferred
  • Shorter experiences recommended


If you are a YouTuber or Twitch streamer interested in playing the games from this game jam, I can add you to a list in this section so participants and onlookers can easily find your content! If interested, please tweet me or email me.

Official List (so far) of Streamers / YouTubers awaiting your entries: