This jam is now over. It ran from 2018-03-17 09:00:00 to 2018-03-31 09:00:00. View results

Join early for Meta Game Jam 2!

Welcome to the Meta Game Jam, where you create a metagame in two weeks!

What are 'meta' games?

Simply put, metagames are games about games. More specifically, metagames are games that:
    • comment on / deconstruct / parody / satire game design, game mechanics, games development, or game culture; and/or
    • heavily feature the use of meta-references (such as breaking the fourth-wall) or other metafiction elements; and/or
    • provide a level of abstraction above an existing 'game' (e.g. gamification, ARGs, analysing opponents/strategies in esports)

YouTube Playlist:

Here's a YouTube Playlist of Meta Game Jam 'let's play' videos!

Discord and Twitter:

  • Come join our official Discord server (for this jam and future jams), because game jams are more fun when there's a community!
  • Follow the official Twitter account @MetaGameJam and make your tweets with the hashtag #MetaGameJam :)
  • You can also follow my personal twitter @XavierEkkel if you have any questions or just because you like living life on the edge.


  • ~$100 in game prizes to top entries and to those who give great feedback in the voting period!
  • A special role in our Discord server!
  • Lots of feedback from other participants and YouTubers/streamers (see below)!
  • Most importantly, the satisfaction of finishing an awesome metagame!


  • Max team size is 4. You can find teammates easily on our CrowdForge page or in our Discord server.
  • Voting is public, but having your friends sign up just to vote on your game will result in disqualification
  • Games must be entirely free to play until the end of voting
  • Accessible formats (web and/or Windows) and inputs (mouse and keyboard) preferred
  • Shorter experiences recommended

Metaness categories:

When you submit, you will be able to tag your game with different metaness categories (some prizes will be tied to these categories):

  • Breaks the Fourth Wall
  • About Games Development
  • About Gaming Culture
  • Genre Deconstruction
  • Game Mechanic Deconstruction (e.g. abusive games, game mechanic minimalism, game mechanic exaggeration)
  • Specific Game Parody
  • External Interaction (e.g. gamification, ARGs, use of external websites / files / locations / resources)
  • Other (if your game prominently features meta elements that don't match the above, use this tag)

See the 'Where can I read more about metagames?' section below for more information.

Voting categories:

There will be two weeks of public voting after submissions closed on the following categories:

  • Overall - your overall opinion of the game, in all aspects important to you.
  • Metaness Quality - is the game 'meta', and to what extent? How successfully does it explore its relevant metaness categories?
  • Uniqueness of Metaness - how unique are the meta aspects of the game? Has this metagame been done before? Yes, this voting category is quite meta ;)
  • Gameplay Innovation - how unique and unexpected is the gameplay?
  • Fun - how much did you enjoy playing this game? Was it addictive? Did it make you lose track of time?
  • Humour - How funny is the game? Did it make you smirk/chuckle/laugh?
  • Audio - All the aural aspects, including music, sound effects, and voice acting (only rate based on the audio created during the jam, not audio created before the jam)
  • Aesthetics - All the visual aspects, including art assets and UI (only rate based on art assets created during the jam, not art assets created before the jam)

Note: you don't have to aim to score well in each category (e.g. a serious non-fun metagame is also fine!).

Please to leave feedback on any game you rate! It's more helpful than just a number, and it helps them find your game :)


Can I update my game after the deadline?
Yes! The game jam is meant to motivate you, not hold you back!

Help! I missed the deadline!
Don't stress! Just tweet or email Xavier with a link to your game and I'll let you submit!

Where can I download the logo? Can I put it in my game?
You can download the logo here, and you are welcome (and encouraged) to include it as a splash screen for your game!

What platform should I create my game for?
You are allowed to create a game for any platform; however, it is highly recommended that you create a game for the browser and/or as a Windows executable (Mac and Linux versions are a bonus - the more platforms, the better). Games created only for other platforms are less likely to be played by our YouTubers/streamers and other participants, and will receive less feedback and ratings as a result.

Can I use other peoples' work in my game?
We do not take responsibility for any unauthorised uses of other peoples' work (e.g. music, sound, art) and any consequences that may result from its use. Please use work that you are authorised to use or that you created from scratch yourself.

Do I keep the rights to my game?
Yes! You keep the rights to everything you create for this game jam.

Is there any restriction on game engines?
Nope! You are free to use whichever game engine you like - including your own custom-built engines - as long as you create your game-specific code and assets from scratch.