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Chase of Bass

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You guys did an awesome job on this game!!! Was really fun and as usual cub's music was amazing!  Loved the art too!! :D

He's supposed to just stop playing and his tank just sits still when he quits -so you can keep hitting him and the game loop will continue -just looked at his code and your post helped me find a bug in his behavior that I had missed due to my sloppy jam time crunch coding :s -just updated it -so he should always quit now -thanks and thanks for playing! :D

lmfaooo xD

Thank you! and sorry about that -thanks for letting me know! :D

LMFAOOOOO I LOVE THIS!! xD this is fn hilarious and amazing!!  Really creative approach to the bubble theme! -also love the art style!!! :D

lmfaooo -wendell looks extra irritated at both of these amazing scores xD

lol I don't know about that xD but I would like to add a lot more to it!  I might make a paid version or something but I wouldn't want to do the pay to win thing

Thank you!! :D  and true -i'm not sure if it's possible on the last level but if not will figure something out to make it possible! :D

Thanks! :D  And this game was made in a crunch for a short game jam so theres a lot of room for improvement -i'm already working on a full / expanded version of this game with features like saving, level select, way more levels etc

Thanks!!! :D

Thanks! :D

Thanks dude!! :D We all won really as we all created cool new games! Mine wasn't worthy of 1st imo -actually was kinda frustrated with this project as I had to scope down so much and couldn't do feature updates til after it was over -but still had a lot of fun and looking forward to taking this one further.  Anyway, congrats on your game! -it's not easy doing these short jams and yours turned out great and really fun (plus your chiptune music was amazing)!! :D

I dunno -I work really really hard on game dev and try to keep improving!  I also try to play and comment on as many of the other games as I can and support other game devs as much as I can, but am also already doing another jam so it's hard to keep up with! 

I was doing another longer jam when i stopped it to do this one and went back to the other jam right after and couldn't finish in time and have already started working on a new game for the time jam!

And thank you!!! Was a day late to starting this jam so it was closer to 48 hours xD -it was a hardcore 48 hours!  This game would have been a lot better with an extra day but I already have a cool update in the works and had a lot of fun with this game -I didn't get to do a lot of the stuff I originally wanted -had to scope down a lot as jam time was running out.  Anyway, thanks again! :D

This was soooo cool and super challenging!!! What a cool idea -it's almost like mixing a bullet hell game with a pool or minigolf game -awesome work!!! :D

This was a fun idea and fun to try to get them to go where you wanted them -nice work! :D

This game was fun! good job! :D

This was really fun!  Great level design and felt polished -played it all the way through -awesome work! :D

This was fun -the music was good too! -great job!! :D

Really nice job on this!  The story was funny and it was fun analyzing the audience and choosing a response -the art was good too -great work! :D

This was really fun!! Got a high score of 1344 after like 20 tries lol xD Love the concept!! Awesome work! :D

lol nahh some solutions are just tricky -and yes there is a variation to the characters speed so in order to get all of them the solution has to be more fail-safe. 


Level 3: to get them all one solution is to try starting off running backwards.

Level 5: you don't have to run under the cannons :D

Loving the new update!! -This game is sooooo fun!!!  I want more of it!! :D

xD Thank you so much!!

Thanks! :D

Thank you so much!  And that's a fair criticism -that issue was by design and honestly I'm not sure it was the right design choice. 

Originally everyone ran with a rng range speed of 2.7 to 3.2 -leaving a margin of error. The challenge to get 3 wrenches is to make your build as fail-safe as possible for the slower/faster ones.  However, as RNG is known for lol, that meant that sometimes no one was slow and you could just hit play again and the level that was 23 out of 25 became  25/25 with no change from the player. 

So my solution was to make them iterate from slow to fast each spawn between those min/max speeds so that failure and success was free of random chance.  I'm thinking maybe it would feel more natural if that speed change was jumbled up throughout the group -but that is something I'm still debating -anyway, thank you again so much! :D

Thank you so much!!! :D

lol I'm familiar with lemmings -though admittedly haven't really played them -wouldn't quite say it's a remake of lemmings from what I could glean watching a video of it -it seemed to play a little more like an rts where you issue the group commands to help them reach their goal -but could certainly see similarities too in all fairness.

Also, true some levels might be easier for you as you progress  -it's been tricky balancing puzzle progression when there are multiple solutions -like one level was really reaaaaally hard for me when i was testing it -then i watched my gf play it and her approach was waaaaay different than mine and she beat it in like 10 seconds and i was like whaaaaaaa xD  -anyway thank you so much for your kind words!  :D

Thank you so much and yea i looked up the mario vs dk series yesterday and found the minis ones in the series and was like oof crap lol -anyway thank you! :D

Thank you so much!! And would say mario vs dk minis and spirits definitely -the other two are different enough I wouldn't consider them too similar to say that it's not fit for the theme -my point below was that even if something has been done before it doesn't necessarily make it common or conventional if that makes sense -anyway thank you for your kind words! :D

Ooof -yeah I looked at the mario vs donkey kong series and saw they had a few of them with the minis that were like that -still wouldn't say it's common enough to not be a least a bit unconventional but I look forward to taking this one further anyway

crap i just updated it and the issue should be fixed on both platforms now -you might have to replay that level though -thanks for letting me know and sorry about that!!

Thanks -i didn't get to go as far with it as I wanted before running out of time and since the jam rules where kinda strict about updating I had to leave it where it was

Thank you so much!! -i didn't get to go nearly as far with it as I intended because I ran out of jam time -but planning to add a lot after the jam! :D

Thank you so much!! :D

This was fun!!  I liked the idea and it fit the theme well -great work!! :D

This was great!! I loved the intro and the game play was fun and very well done!! Great work!! :D

xD (in all fairness i usually skip reading descriptions too)

wooooot -congrats!! :D

Thank you so much!! :D

Very awesome of you to say -thank you so much!! :D