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Chase of Bass

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This is really fun!!!  Very nicely polished too -awesome work! :D

Sorry you found it too difficult - am planning on making it easier when I update it after the jam -anyway thank you! :D

Sorry it was too hard -and thank you!! :D

Really like the art in this -love the character designs!  Fun and good puzzles -great music too!! Good use of the theme too -awesome work! :D

This is awesome!!!  Really polished and love the sound design! :D

This comment just made my day -thank you so much!! :D  and also yep - used gms2 and sprite stacking  :D

Thank you so much!!! :D

The art in this is awesome!  Love the colors and the atmosphere!  The game play is fun and unique -great puzzles!  Very nice relaxing experience -fantastic work! :D

Really hard to last long in this -but a really fun idea and a great one for the jam theme!!  Really fun to watch the logic in action!  Awesome job on this!! :D

fun puzzles! liked the intro pun xD and good pixel art too on the characters! -great job! :D

The graphics/models and textures all looked great!! Fun platforming game -great job!! :D

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lol this was great!! funny and the gui was well designed too -it definitely had that olde pirate vibe!  great job on the music too!! :D

thank you so much!! :D

Am guessing you didn't turn the camera?  Because you can see them if you turn the camera lol xD   and also thank you! :D

Thank you so much!! :D

Just meant the style looked kinda like a 3d render -can tell from the zoomed in pic on the title screen that its crisp pixel art but in game at small scale/1:1 the deep shadow contrast and smooth blending totally makes the art on your characters look like they are a rasterized render of a 3d model with a hard light source!  (which was intended as a compliment! :D -good art and cool style!)  :D

thank you!! :D

This was a fun simple game -enjoyed it!  Nice graphics too!  Great job on this! :D

199! Almost beat the boss (i think) xD

Awesome game!! :D

Really like the art in this!! Cool idea that fits the theme well -great job on this! :D

Simple, fun and challenging -fun idea here! -great work! :D

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lmfaoooo i love this game!! -easily one of my favorites in the jam!  hilariously awesome way to use the ai theme!  The graphics are excellent and the gameplay was simple but super fun!  I love the humor in this "no one can expect us to deliver it in tact" lolol xD 

This is brilliant!  One of my favorite approaches to the ai theme -really well done and very fun!  Also love the graphics and polish -feels very high quality.  All around amazing work!! :D

Bahahahahha dude!  This game is epic!!  The intro was awesome!! xD  the action is excellent!! and the train scared the crap outta me! xD  Really fun and cool approach to the ai theme!  

Sometimes i just can't resist making a hyper game lol -but will keep this in mind and add some options to make it less overwhelming in the future -thanks again! :D

This was fun! Good art and puzzles!  That little robot was frustrating sometimes but i believe it was trying to be a team player even though it knocked me into the spikes a few times lol xD  -great work on this! :D

Woooooot awesome!! xD  And thank you so much! :D

Love these programming puzzle style games and this one is really well done!  The art is great and the music rocks! xD  Good level design too!  Awesome work on this! :D

Thank you so much!! :D

This game has a nice vibe to it and wow a whole lot of levels!!  Really good puzzles some were pretty challenging -great job on this! :D

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It's actually a 2d game using a fake 3d technique often referred to as sprite stacking -which is pretty much what it sounds like -stacking a bunch of flat images to create the appearance of a 3d image -and thank you so much!! :D

Thank you!! :D

Thank you!! :D

Thank you!! :D

thank you so much!! :D

Ha!  you just made my day!! hope to turn this into a real full game sometime! -thank you so much!! :D

The action in this was awesome and really liked the music too!!  Really fun!!  Very polished and cool effects too!! :D

what a cool, unique idea -very creative!  Really good art and awesome use of the ai theme!  Excellent work! :D

Getting to level 5 is not easy!  Nice!! I probably made this game way too difficult lol xD  and thank you so much!! :D

I would have loved to had done something like that but was crunching like crazy to even get as far as i did lol -had thought about little floating arrow indicators but forgot to add them but i like your suggestion even better! -gonna have to add that when i update it -anyway thank you so much and for the kind words too! :D