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Chase of Bass

A member registered Apr 19, 2016 · View creator page →


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Silly fun and I like when you get a good tilt roll around hard corners -feels more fun trying to regain control. I like that you threw a little bowling in there too xD  - Awesome work!

Awesome mini games based on an awesome movie -nice work xav!  (really liked the title gui too!) :D

Awesome -thanks! :D

Thank you so much!  And excellent suggestions too -I will definitely have to add a wave progression indicator although I'm not sure what would be the best approach for the amp menu w/o obscuring anything -maybe it'd be better if the amp menu covered up the sequencer at the bottom or just a smaller simple menu instead?  Then again maybe the amp panic moments are worth it lmao ohhhh decisions decisions -if you have any preference on that I'd be interested to hear it!  Anyway, thanks again! :D

whaaaa only 4 hours?!  That's some ninja dev skills right there! :D  Great music and good ol fashioned musical fun!  -nice job! :D

Fun to jump around on the keyboard!  I played enough resident evil back in the day to get used to controlling the dude :D  -Nice jam game!

Crunchy gb chip nostalgia -I could listen to this for hours!!!!!! :D

Impressive amount of ui/menu work in this one!  This could be a really really cool game with some polish -great job on an ambitious project especially for a jam game! :D

Pretty cool concept -art reminds me of advance wars -cool how they drum to push each other back -nice work!

Cool lil musical spin on endless jumping style games!  Fun!  Nice work!  :D

Feels polished and fun!  Probably would be easier to play if you made the bottom the down arrow, the middle space or right arrow and the top the up key.  Then again easier isn't always better xD  Nice graphics and music too!  Great work! :D

Pretty cool approach to a game that doesn't depend on visuals!  Really nice work!

Thank you! :D ...and background music!?  baaaackground music!?!?!  you. are. the. background. music!  :D   (aaaaactually I had considered something like that, like a gentle metronome-ish bkg loop but if too many sounds are going on simultaneously sometimes the audio would get buggy esp in html5 for reasons beyond my knowledge.)  rock on!!!!

Thank you! :D

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This is actually a kinda clever gameplay mechanic for the situation -the name pun too. xD  It's simple yet genius.  Just jumping on spinning records like that creates an interest play experience -awesome work! :D

It's got a really good atmosphere and feels almost creepy to imagine on mars like that.  This is very well done and awesome audio only design!  Awesome work!

It just feels fuuuun to jump on that keyboard! xD  The learning aspect along with the graphics, gameplay and music are great -really nice inventive lil game! :D

The concept for this is pretty freakin cool and the green effect is cool but a bit intense.  Overall really nice work and unique! :D

First off -I gotta ask: is the name a play on pump up the jam? -if so extra points for the name! lol xD  Awesome awesome art -and the music is great too!  Gameplay is difficult but that's not a bad thing!  Nice work! :D

Thanks man!  :D

Ha!  I knew it!!!!  :D  errrr I mean, it ummm was a lucky guess... (slowly hides my own piano)

Thank you! :D

First, love the title!  The art and music is really good too!  Great humor and the fakebook likes/dislikes is a funny yet smart way too keep the game interesting enough to keep playing -especially for an endless runner style game.  Having people parade after you as you progress felt pretty fun too!   Awesome work man!

This is funny on several levels and really well done!  Difficult and yet beneath the humor it carries a deeper philosophical message about trying to balance day to day work life while not giving up on your dream... of playing the piano -because that is the protagonist's calling.  Trying to do both isn't easy, and yet all day he thinks about the piano.   Makes ya wonder if the piano you are playing is really even there or is he just thinking about the piano tapping his fingers on the bar top while serving drinks. O_o  Maybe I read too far into it.  Crap, I'm not a 'deep' person!  No really!  I'm not!   It....it was an accidental introspection!  Ahem...  Anyway, awesome game man! xD

Simple yet with the scoring system it quickly becomes wild, insane, fun! :D 

little difficult to control -but very cool approach & concept!  The music and idea is really good!  Love the pixel art too!  Really nice job! :D

This is a very impressive entry!  Really cool concept, fun and good clean low poly/stylized graphics!  Great job! :D

This is a fine example of how action direction can make such a huge difference in a game!  Choreographed perfectly with the music too!  This feels intense, varied and really fun!  Just awesome!

I love the music and it feels really good when it adds/accompanies!  The design is awesome too!  Something about playing on a record like that feels really nice!  xD

This is brilliant!  Wow this had to be really difficult to make, wouldn't even know where to begin -awesome work!

Pretty cool little virtual piano room!  Nice work on the extra options too.  Keys would feel more reactive if they changed color or moved a little when played but works well enough as is -great job!

dat egg bounce! xD  love it -simple but addictively fun!

This game just feeeeels jazzzzy and fun!  I like it! :D

This feels like a warioware game to me xD (which is a very good thing imo)  clever use of mic -nice art too! +music was perfect and fun too!

I love bullet hell games and I love worked well w/ music!  Really, really like your art  too!  Fantastic work! :D

Takes a moment to get used to but really fun once ya do!  -pretty cool game! :D

Graphics and design are awesome!  Has a very surreal quality to it :D  -cool how you have to memorize and kinda plan a path and feels reactive with the notes.   Nice job! :D

Has that rhythm heaven feel and love the art/character design.  Feels really responsive to the beat -awesome job!