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Thank you!!! :D

As a dude that is around a lot of used to be farmers, I have learned your ways 

Hi there, first, thank you for your kind words and the interest. ^_^   

I don't think that is a good fit for me but will read up on your services and reach out if interested.  Thanks again!

Wow!! That's an awesome strategy!! :D  It's really fun to see all the different strats people use -this one might be the best yet -round 50 is crazy awesome! :o (i think my own top score is like round 15 lol)

Also, I love the idea of special slots you can unlock!!!  Added this to the todo list!  :D

Hi there!  Whole lot to go through here so I wanted to wait until I had time to go through it all and respond thoughtfully  -really appreciate all the helpful feedback!  

Lots of great suggestions here!

Tutorial: I'm personally not a fan of tutorials but planned to add more hints to guide learning might add one

Removing orbs: completely agree and have this on my to do list -just haven't gotten to it yet (I'm juggling several other projects at the moment)

A note I mentioned in a previous update: the electric pegs aren't functional yet, they will link to create a sort of electric web -or at least that's the plan at the moment

Upgrading to a random peg: might be worth experimenting with!  That is a fun idea!

Difficulty/progression:  I have only the original level made for the jam at the moment with plans to add a lot more levels to progress through -I also want the levels to sort of change and evolve as rounds progress.  Also, the orbs hp does scale with each round but I was afraid I made it too difficult so scaled it back -I plan to make goals easy and difficult to add more fun here.  Also, in a similar style to the bloons games, I plan to add specific immunities to orbs in a future update (e.g. a red / blue one is immune to fire / ice) pegs

Also, as far as curses or specific events: I LOOOOVE THAT IDEA!  That sounds really fun and I've added it to the ol todo list! :D

Healing:  that's a very good point -have made note of this and will think on it

Limits on pegs might be needed in a level like this -but in future levels there will be more limited layouts that will be more difficult to spam

Bug: the turrets will shoot at the closet orb so they will eventually shoot stuck ones if there is nothing else to shoot -that said, I should have still sloped the corners so nothing could get stuck there -however, I do have plans to use the corners for other things, like bonuses and such

Anyway, the game is still very early in development and thank you for these amazing comments -really appreciate it and after reading through all this it's got me all inspired wanting to hurry up and get back to working on this game! :D  Thanks again!

Thank you!! I liked your video too -thanks for sharing! :D

Thank you so much for telling me about this! sorry about that!! bug fixed! :D

lmfaooo -nice!!  but it won't be so easy to do that on the next update xD

Really enjoyed watching your video!  Pretty awesome strategy you used -you made it farther than I did even!  Thanks for playing and sharing -found this very helpful for development too! :D

This is sooo awesome!!!  I love the concept and it's so snappy, fast and polished -amazing work!! :D

Thank you so much and lol thank you for letting me know! The problem was that the ball was bouncing up exactly into the same position when a new ball was being spawned causing them to go crazy trying to free themselves from each other -just updated and fixed that -still working on the physics but hopefully fixed!  Thanks again :D

I looooved that game! -I was watching a longplay on youtube of the snes version of super off road while I was making this! xD  And I'm still working on it -thank you so much!! :D

Thank you so much!!  Just played yours and your game is awesome!! :D

This was really fun! I loooooved the gameboy style pixel art and the music rocked too! -Awesome work! :D

Thank you so much and I will add more info on stats and abilities when I update!  and lol I knoooow those gold pegs are sooo fun xD  anyway -thanks for playing! :D

Those are some great suggestions!  Thank you!  I was originally going to do a couple of those like have the pegs break after x amount of hits but was afraid it would annoy players and I also had drawn up other balls that were going to be more difficult but ran out of time before I could implement them lol.  Also, I really, really love the idea of a healing pin -brilliant! Definitely adding that for sure!  Thanks again! :D

:o ...I... I- had no idea -I don't want to be a crab about it but those methods sure are rotten to the core  -not very a-peel-ing.  Then again, really have to apple-aud the commitment to good sound design! xD

Thank you!  You can upgrade by clicking on a peg but I think a peg shop would be awesome and will definitely consider that!  The frost one is supposed to be a stasis slowdown peg but my fake physics were kind of ignoring my attempts to slow the ball down very much lol -plan to fix that.  I really like your suggestion there though and think I'm going to change the frost peg to be more like freeze on the spot as you described and make a new stasis /slowdown peg to be more like the glue in the bloons games.  Thank you for the kind words and awesome suggestions -thank you so much! :D

Definitely will add the ability to sell pegs when I update -and it does hide when clicking off a peg but there is a bug that makes it get stuck sometimes (sorry about that!)  And thank you! :D

Thank you so much!  It did a screenshake when taking a hit but for whatever reason the browser version isn't showing that -but definitely think you are right and will make it more obvious when losing health (And will make it more obvious there is health in the first place! lol) <<added both to update list.  And burning makes the ball flash every couple of seconds and it takes burn damage -frost is supposed to slow the ball down but not nearly enough as is -intend to improve all that when I update after the jam!  Anyway, thank you for the kind words and the helpful feedback! :D

This is really cool! Loved the pixel art and really fun trying to hop out and maximize life -very cool concept and awesome use of the theme!  Awesome work! :D

Thank you! :D

This was a really interesting way to do stealth -liked the concept and the security cam timing raised the stakes in an awesome way -really liked the art style too! :D

Thank you so much and will keep that in mind when I'm updating! :D

Very difficult but a really cool unique way to reverse the roles in a rhythm game -very fun and I liked the sound design and piano dudes art too -awesome work! :D

Just checked it out!  Awesome work and thank you! :D

Thank you!! :D

Lol this was great!  Really good use of the theme -really liked the art too -awesome work! :D

Took me a minute to realize I needed to drag them onto the numbers to perform a sequence but once I figured it out it was super fun!  I like their mischievous laugh at the end of the rounds too xD -really good job on this!

lol awesome! And thank you! :D

Thanks! :D

Nice work on this!

Thank you! :D

Thanks! :D

This was fun!  Made me laugh and was a cool idea -nice art too!  The voice work was great and the music was really good  -awesome work on this! :D

Really cool idea and good way to use the theme -great art and music too -nice work! :D

Thank you so much! And yeah I definitely wished I had more time for balancing and bug fixes lol

This was a really awesome idea definitely a good use of the theme -very unique and fun!  Also really liked the art and the music -gave the game a cool vibe -especially when it rained!  Great job on this!

thank you so much!!:D

The comical music really worked here lol -funny idea and well done -the graphics were really good too -great job on this!