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Chase of Bass

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lmfao xD - Thank youuu!!

Awesome work dude!! :D

Love it!  really fun!  -nice work!! :D

This is awesome!!!!  I really love the art style! :D

I love this game! Very polished, catchy music, delicious art and fun!  Really awesome work!

Thank you so much!  Hopefully we will finish it one day! :D

This was going to be an entry to the tv game jam but didn't finish in time so I meant to take this game back down

Hey sorry this was supposed to be an entry to the tv game jam but I didn't finish in time and forgot to take this game back down lol -thanks tho!

Hi, crap sorry about the delayed response!  It'll probably be a few months (hopefully sooner!)  It will most likely be the last update on this jam version as we are working on a full expanded commercial release of this game

Thanks man! and it was reaaaaallly rushed for the game jam -we've been expanding on it quite a bit for the full game :D

great art and music!  fun lil game! :D

ha enjoyed watchin ya play it man -thanks again! :D

Thanks! :D

Thank you for the info, the game is only set to run at 30 fps - which I went with because it was a pretty common fps for retro games -personally that feels natural to me, but I play a lot of 30 fps old retro games.   I had considered raising it to 60 fps and maybe on a better machine /setup like yours that 30 fps is more noticeable -will definitely add 60 fps at the very least as an optional setting when we get the menus going. 

As far as the juddering/ fps dips I'm not sure about that one yet -I'm on an laptop thats like 7 years old with medium-ish specs i5 2.5 ghz 8gb ddr3 no gfx just crappy integrated intel gfx lol and I don't get a single fps dip from 30 so that one has me baffled -but I will certainly continue to look for ways to optimize and make sure there are no memory leaks.   Anyway, thanks again for letting me know about this, will definitely try to fix and improve it! 

Some time in the future if you wouldn't mind: would it be okay if I had you try a couple versions of the game to play test along with a few questions to help me isolate what could be causing that?  

We have a whole bunch of updates coming in the next version -including new areas and enemies  :D  -planning to add controller support as well but not sure what frame rate issue you are talking about -first i've heard of any issues with frame rate << could you describe the issue in detail -such as any particular room or running alongside any other programs like video capture software?

This is awesome! :D  Love the graphics and the concept!  

Thank you so much -really enjoyed your video too! :D

Love the art and music!  really cool game and concept! :D

Ohhhh youuuu xD thanks! -we still have a loooong way to go with it but it's been a lotta fun! :D

 i liked the humor in this a lot - 'legit sky' lmao -and the zelda game from her perspective   -the gameboy w/ transitions was well done! :D

This was surprisingly cool!  I could already tell i liked the art but went deeper than i expected :D  -the min/maxing window boxes was really cool and made for some very innovative play mechanics.  The humor in the dialogue was great -liked how you dropped hints, puns, and instructions in the dialogue.  pretty impressive and well thought out game!  

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Kinda reminded me of stanely parable then I saw what you said about stanley parable + portal = terrible baby lmfaooo -liked the disappointed voice xD  -awesome work on this!

nice meta concept! -really cool && awesome work! :D

Really liked how cool and weird this was -her animation was really nice and smooth too!  Great art!  The writing was fun and kinda creepy -esp her personality lol -awesome work! :D

Fantastic and creeeeepy!  This was a really cool and interesting!  Loved the atmosphere!   ++ that old school fps vibe too -awesome work! :D

Really clever and awesome game!  Love the art and cutscenes!  Hard to control but then again that adds to the challenge/meta! xD  Fun and creative -excellent work!

Really nice job on the art!  Fun game! :D

You did awesome on this!  Very cool / unique puzzle game concept!  Really like the art too -and got very challenging too!  excellent work! :D

lmao loved your video!  responded on youtube but wanted to say thanks again -this was great! :D

Lol well it did, that little "H" saved the day xD

Wow, I almost quit at the title screen thinking the game was just a joke game.  Then the cursor went off screen -wow!  Really felt weird the first time gravity kicked in -loved all the inside the game meta npcs.  Fantastic work and tied it up nicely at the end :D  -I really liked this a lot!

I'm guessing that crash at the end was intentional xD  Ironically the game didn't suck it was awesome!  I loved the amount of polish that went into it.  Nice zenith reference too on the screen heh.  I absolutely loved the art -can tell a lot of care went into it.  The action felt perfect -very responsive and fun to time the swings before they leap at ya.  The music was perfect zombie music too!  I hope you guys expand on this -there's a lot you could do with it!  Annnnyway enough of my rambling, excellent work! :D

I love the art style and music! also the humor was great too -knitting lmao  and I played for like 5 min before I noticed the frogger lives lol  xD  Awesome work on this!

Man I've been looking forward to playing this one and it did not disappoint!  It's so snappy and fun to control -the action direction is spot on!  The art and effects are fantastic and really polished, great humor and I loooved the music too!  -very impressive work!

Maaan this game was hard to get the qt events in time -but cool concept and really nice job actually making quicktime events matter gameplay wise! :D

I really really liked this game!  Waaaay better than I expected -I especially loved the humor.  Lot of nice little things like him taking control away for a sec.  Good art and challenge too -awesome job!

It's about time kev got his own game!  difficulty curve got brutal w/ sonic/eggman xD  Fun lil shmup -nice job! :D

I love the art and animation a lot!  Parts had me crackin up too -love the humor!  Great music and really fun -awesome work! :D

Thanks man!  Really appreciate it! :D