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haha, thanks! I think I got stuck because the triangle shape doesn't necessarily mean the numbers in the phone have to be in that particular order, and I was trying to find a second clue. Maybe just remove the numbers in the phone lock?

I liked the concept, btw. Good job!

In the very beginning, I can take the photo and draw over it, then I can select the phone and the computer, but both of them are locked, and then I can take the bag and pull the books out but nothing else. I can't find anything else I can interact with, so I'm stuck there... Got any tips?

I liked the movement and the shock effect, but I found the concept a bit simple and that it could've fit the theme better if it had had a story or more art accompaining. Good job anyway, I enjoyed playing it :)

The graphics are awesome and the controls felt fine, but I think you should've tried to use the mechanics to match the theme a bit better. It feels like you're just adding a backstory to fit a tanks game into the love theme.

(I played the browser version)

Wow, this was such a surprise! I enjoyed it very much, well done!!

The game looks great, but I can't figure out what to do :(

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it ^^

It's cute and quite a good idea. Fun to play and also matches the theme, excellent!!

The objective isn't very clear and the gameplay is a bit random (sometimes unfair). Also I don't know what is the "Iron" bar for, as I can manually raise it, is that intended?

I'm stuck on the very first platform and don't have any idea of what to do.

Thank you so much for your feedback!

I'd have liked to hide the mouse (that's the reason why it's not clear you only need to drag), but it's my first time using Unity for WebGL and it's such a nightmare 😅

I'll try to find a solution for the lack of visual feedback you mention ;)

Sometimes, just staring at someone can lead you to a beginning with that person... or to an ending.

The game crashed when I tried to play the web version.

I tried the windows version and the game is a bit broken because of the controls. I say the controls are broken because you can avoid the police by getting stuck in the doors or the walls... Idk if that's intentional, but it felt weird. I think you shouldn't allow those movements and do like in pac-man instead: if a move is not possible, just save it for the next turn when it is possible, and don't let the player run into the walls.

Anyway, I think it's a good concept and the visuals felt cool. The police AI and number of policemen felt just right for me.

Oh, forgot to mention that you should explain why does it follow the theme of the jam. Idk if I'm missing something, but I don't get which two genres does this combines.

Great job guys, this game looks nuts! Although it's visually stunning, I think it has some flaws.

First, I agree with @Sharingsodelightt, it makes you feel like if there is no other escape than death to an abusive relationship (maybe that's what you want to transmit?). 

As I see it, a second mechanic is necessary here (or a more advanced point-and-click at least), that should have helped you convey your idea much more effectively.

I think the game would look much more finished if you had taken a bit of time from making the characters and background into making the UI (I can make out those default Unity buttons xD).

And last, go change the description of the game and fix that grammar! I'm burning my eyes!!!

Anyway, you should be proud of yourselves for making such an unsettling game. 

[BTW, I made a game about abusive relations as well (or something like that), go check it out!]

Thanks for your feedback and your nice words!

Glad you liked it. And thank you for posting your video!

You should be able to make it in about 5-10 minutes. Thank you for your interest,  can you tell us when you post the video?

Hi Fabian. Glad you liked it! 

Thank you for your feedback. We are considering how can we make the game flow a bit smoother (tweaking the waiting times and trophies), but you're right, we intended to leave that time for cleaning the trophies in the first place :)

We use a demi-random algorithm to pick the sentences, so it’s possible one may appear twice, I wish we had more time to make more requests so this wouldn’t happen so often...

I didn't get to the end, I'll give it another try later :)

Oh, almost forgot. I'm colourblind, and in the jumping platform mini-game I couldn't make out the "jumping" platforms from the normal ones. Consider using a slight darker colour there.

This was way cooler than I expected. Really good job!!

Such a funny game! Good job guys!

Good meta concept, and it didn't turn out as hard as I first thought. But I think it could be a bit less tedious if you let the player control both "players" at the same time (WASD for p1 and arrows for p2).

Great work anyway!

Awesome job guys!

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it :)

Wow, I'm so impressed! This game is one of the coolest I've tried in the jam! I hope you get more ratings soon. I think trying to make a HTML5 version should help :)

PS: Is there a good ending to the game? I had to close it after beating the boss because I couldn't figure out what to do next.

Nice effects and music guys! The concept is so meta as well, I liked the loose focus mechanic :)

Good job!

Hmm... It could warn you it may not be safe, but a trojan... that's new.

Anyway, the game is safe, if you have a way to avoid the alert, that should do. If not... you can try playing the HTML5 version, it should work just as fine now.

Cool meta and nice approach! Although a bit difficult to get the timing right... As I see it, you should let the player know how fast the loss of energy is during the day, before making him lose in the first day because of it.

Good job anyway :)

The background (player) didn't load the first time I played and I managed to go outside the map after taking the potion somehow.

Anyway, I liked the concept so much, keep improving it!

The game has nice aesthetics, but I can't really see the meta aspect of it... Even the "game" aspect is quite limited as well, as it doesn't need any interaction.

I would love to see this with improved mechanics, as the concept looks promising.

Such a cool game! And it's meta all the way. The only downside was the movement mechanic, I think you could use a 4-way movement with the keys instead :)

Thank you very much <3

Interesting game! I liked the puzzle mechanic, and the meta aspect is quite present in this one. What engine did you use?

WTF Did I just played. Anyway, this made me laugh hard, good job!

Glad you liked our game :) And thanks for your feedback!

Hahaha!! Great!

I knew it! (I used that shader for another project as well xD)

I got the same problem there.  I managed to get past that point, but the difficulty really throws me back... 

You should make sure the difficulty is adequate for most of the players. Because if you're the one testing the game, it'll always seem easier to you than it really is.

I hope you can fix this somehow :)