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Bountiful harvests abound!
Submitted by Steven Tu (@tuism), MetaphoricalSheep, Asbestos Prime (@AsbestosPrime) — 5 minutes, 38 seconds before the deadline
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Adherence to Theme#212.9092.909

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Very good start! I included your game in my Pirate Jam Pre-Jam Skirmish compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Thank you so much for all your constantly awesome work Jupi! Much much appreciate it!! 😊👍


Wow, that concept is so cool! The mechanics were super polished and it's awesome you managed to make so many different plants in such a short time. It felt great all around, but I think making the rate of fire a bit slower might make the player think a bit more


Great concept and really fun to play. Well done!


Great fun! I like creating your own enemies, really cool. Lots of action and smooth animations made it feel really good! Solid controls and great, fitting sound effects. I like the heart health that refills, great touch! Well done in the amount of time!


Cool idea!  I like the idea that the player decides how much to take on, and has to weigh the availability of points against the possibility of death.  Art and animations are very nicely done.  Controls are comfortable and intuitive but might need a little tweaking for accuracy, the bullets don't seem to go exactly where I'm expecting them and the seed placement position and animation don't match up, but that's getting pretty nit picky on a 48 hour build.

  All in all: great concept, great execution.  I love it.


This is very cool. Planting the enemies is an interesting idea.


Fun game kind of a bullet hell game, gets crazy when you have the ground covered in 'juices'.

Thanks for your submission.


I like the idea and I feel it is really well polished in some aspects (graphics, transitions, UI...) but it has some flaws like the incorrect aiming or the similar behaviour in all the enemies. It is good but I feel it could be better (time constraints e_e)


Nice Enemy design , but I feel like the only challenging enemies are the ones that rush you. (apples?) The limiting factor here is the time. Why have a time and health system? I think it needs to be one or the other otherwise i'm locked into mashing plant as fast as possible just to have any enemies on the field. 


Well the time limit is because it's a score attack. Get the highest score in the time limit. If you plant too much, you get overwhelmed before the time's over. So it's a balancing act between scoring and not dying. Now whether we got the balance  of the concept right is certainly in question! :)


Cool and fun game. I thought about doing a plant based bountiful game as well but didn't end up there. Glad to see others using that idea, great work!


This one is the most fun so far and have good design too!


Really fun, I enjoyed the shooter gameplay with other steps tacked on.


Played older build, this is sick! Glad to see someone else hitting the plant theme. I really like the gameplay, but the cursor was really misbehaving for me and made it extremely hard to bring my aim around, not sure what was up with that. Nice polish otherwise though!


Thanks for your input! Sorry that the mouse cursor was implemented in a less than ideal way and we didn't fix it in the time we had :|

Seems like a few people have issues with varying mouse sensitivities :p


Disclaimer: I played the older build since I'm not sure about the fairness of rating the late build.

The idea of the player making the enemies themselves is definitely original and interesting, though I didn't feel like I had control over which enemy I was planting so there wasn't really room for strategy other than in their timing/placement.
It seemed towards the end of the round that my gun was firing very slowly, so there wasn't anything to do but kite the enemies and wait for it to recharge. Some visual indicator of how many bullets I have left or when the gun is charged would be helpful.
I love the visuals, very cute & coherent style.
Nicely done :)

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks! Yeah I totally get you on the late build thing so it was marked as such. But there wasn't that much difference really.

Anyway, thanks for the input! Wish there were time for balancing but really there wasn't haha, and as for the gun firing slowly, I don't really know where that comes from, did you play the web build? I suspect it might be a performance thing. Not sure! There isn't a system for constraining firing rate! :/

Thanks again! :D