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Nice work. is the best!

I found this jam from reading the below article on the verge I think it explains better what this is about.

Yes I got mine as well totally worth the wait.

I got 58

Thanks a bunch. I have been looking all over for a way to do this.

I see you made this with Phaser 3. Could you please tell me how you handle determining when the player is by a NPC and starting the conversation?

Thanks for the update, stay safe.

Has stuff started shipping yet?

Thanks for this event. This was my first game jam and it was a rewarding experience. I learned a ton making my entry, and through the whole process.

As a cherry on top you give away all these fantastic prizes. Not to mention getting your game reviewed by a pro like American.

This thing could grow to be big,1000 entrees next year.

Shoot I should have seen this post 3 days ago. Time to fix that one thing ...

This is really cool. Thanks for playing and sharing your experience.

Good puzzle game  vary creative.

Thanks for the feedback, if i revisit this I would consider doing something to make the cannon ball more visible.

(1 edit)

I added some randomness to his shooting shortly before the submission. I think it made him better than he was.  If only I could change that one variable for the submission...  O well next game jam I will have to work on doing more play testing or adding variability to the UI.

A good way to spend the day.  I looked at all the browser ones, downloads take longer.

Creative boss fight.

This is what happened to the ugly duckling.

Congrats on getting a game in.  Your post said you went 30 hours without sleep. This was my first game jam and i looked at other peoples tips for a good game jam. The number one thing that was said is to take breaks for sleep. 

I intended to have difficulty modes adjusting the wave height, position and power level speed, but it did not make it in. This would have been hard mode. Thanks for playing.

I did less in an hour for my game.

Stomping good time.

Nice submission.

Beat it a few times.

Good job.

Good game thanks.

Bash them all!. Good job.

Great little game.

1866 was my best. I think the key is to get the guys to group up nicely.

Great work!.

Animation and game world is great.  I need to practice typing more, really tough.  And the typing battle is creative.

Good work.

I'm glad to see another game that uses this kind of ballistics and see how you did it.

My record is 6 boats.

I think the dynamic weapons keeps in interesting. Thanks for your submission.

I can tell a-lot of effort went into making it simple. Good Job.

I like the whole 'sail controls the movement' piece its a nice mechanic.

Nice game. Worth a few replays.

Great job wanted to keep replaying it, and I did.

Vary surreal.

Great job wanted to keep replaying it, and I did.

Vary surreal.

Fun game kind of a bullet hell game, gets crazy when you have the ground covered in 'juices'.

Thanks for your submission.

Thanks for your submission.

Looking at all the submissions and there was a lot of work done in the 48 hours. Im wondering what they all would have looked like in 72 hours.

I see that many put the info in the game description so that what I did now.