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Thank you! We loved the review - hopefully you will play and review some of our other titles! Thanks for playing, glad you liked it. The full game is around 20 mins of play if you are interested in the full experience, there are additional puzzle elements added in past what you played.

Thanks for the play! Yes, this is MUCH different than our other games, doesn't even have an enemy :O Definitely went for more chill than anything else, it was a fun experience to make this. There are 7 total levels to play, unfortunately, no in game measure of how far you are. 

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Ah, noted! I think I have an idea of what happened. Thank you for the very detailed description, it will help me troubleshoot effectively. If you notice anything else please let me know. I appreciate your time and play!

EDIT: I believe I found the case and fixed it. The current download has it patched. 

Thank you so much for the play and kind words! I'm SO sorry it crashed! Are you able to replicate or give any info as to what happened before so I can fix it and reupload?

Wow! Really impressive! I like the art style a lot, its super clean and eye catching, great color selection! This feels really good and like a tight, unforgiving platformer. The quick death/restarts and small level challenges reminds me of Celeste, really well done! 

Lots of fun! Great simplistic concept and execution. The art is clean and fits very well, its easy to see which blocks/units will hide/show when you swap. It took a while to get the controls down, I would have done jump as the "up" of your controls, up arrow in this case. The controls did make the jumping/switching a little more difficult for me, but that could just be me! Really fun and I enjoyed the retro feel and look to it! Adding in the enemy swapping is a great design choice - I didn't see one that moved when its color is active, but that would be a cool addition! Well done!

I like it a lot, I think with some sound and "juice" this would make a nice mobile game. Confused on what the "game over/win" scenario is but a great idea that could be explored more! Well done!

Really cool platformer! I enjoyed the music, the running animations and the pick up and play concept. It was intuitive and ran pretty clean. I wasn't prepared for what happened when I hit the switch, but it was a fun and unexpected twist, really great addition! Nice job!

Could be a user error, but I couldn't get it to play. It opened, but it was just a black screen. Let me know if I did something wrong?

Great game! Awesome art style and music!  Very inspiring, I missed 2 of the bulbs, but a sign of a "boss". Nice placement of checkpoints on the level so it doesn't feel frustrating. I like the exploration feel you achieved with the glow effect. Well done overall! Really great game.

I love the atmosphere and the combo of horde/TD and crafting. I think you have a winning combo here! It played a little slow for me, but that may be my computer. Also, love this page's font :) I don't want to post my zombies killed because it's atrocious haha Over all, well done!


Really cool game! I liked the game play, haven't played a game like that before. It's beautifully simple and has quite the difficulty curve. I think you should expand this, or at the VERY least use this mechanic/game play in a larger game somewhere, you've got something great in your hands. Well done!

Great game, very impressive! I love the mechanic, it took me a minute to get used to the idea of moving to a wall away from the enemy to shoot them than on the one closest to them, if that makes sense, but that was a great discovery moment! Really cool music, appropriate and fitting sound effects, variety of enemies, their attacks and functions. I would have liked a different background under the player, slightly disorienting for the first couple of mins, but other than that, I enjoyed the art. Well done!

Thank you so much! We really appreciate the compliments and feedback. Arcade games are definitely a strong point for us I think, so that's very well received. We do plan on making some updates (already have some done) based on people's feedback and our own vision for it. We will play yours as well!   

Thank you for playing and commenting! Yes, implementing it to not give you the same weapon twice will be part of the updates we want to do for this game over the next couple of weeks. I can't right now, but I will play your entry as well!

Very clean game. Like the others, I would have liked some more sounds in it as well. I liked the particle effect on the room exit that leads back to the title menu, I think it would look good on all room exits.  I liked the gravity switch in the game, its a great feature! In the two rooms where you have to jump over the spikes and then the spikes and aliens, I died a lot there, the spikes seemed really close together. Overall its a lot done in the jam time! It feels smooth :)

I played your game, I like the art a lot! It's interesting the way you swap perspectives from main player to the bug killer in the computer. I was able to shoot but the bullets didnt seem to kill the enemies. Was that the bug?? A nice game, well done!

Thanks for the play and kind words! That is a great idea, should be easy to implement and it would definitely feel better :) thanks!

A lot of fun to move around! I love the swinging axe, it makes for a wonderful level obstacle. I sadly didn't have anyone to play against, but I can see the fast paced action that can take place. I like the effect, visual and sound. Dropping the axe through the floor feels REALLY good. I like the screen wrap too. Well done! Could be expanded if you chose to do so.

same haha I thought it was one submission, no uploads until after voting

What a great jam, I can’t believe our little game did as well as it did! This was a huge learning experience and I’m really glad we participated. Such a great jam with so many great entries, well done everyone! Thanks to everyone who played and rated.  Thanks to American for setting this up and playing our game!

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Thank you! If you have more down time, you should check out some of our other releases :) Virus Defender should be getting one within the next few days! As will Avalanche!

Thanks! I really appreciate the feedback and play, we are debating continuing this project and making a mobile release for it.

Thank you for playing and putting it in your video! Great coverage of the jam, thanks a lot!

Great fun! I like creating your own enemies, really cool. Lots of action and smooth animations made it feel really good! Solid controls and great, fitting sound effects. I like the heart health that refills, great touch! Well done in the amount of time!

Quite a lot of fun! I LOVED the bomb explosions, well done! Is it just me or are the chickens dancing to the beat?! Great job!

Fun! I enjoyed shooting cheese at my enemies. The art and the UI fit well with the game and the sounds, ugh, just grate! Well done

Such a....BLAST! It was a few plays! I really like the music, very Pirates of the Caribbean! The waves made me miss a lot of shots, should have checked the other ship more. I love the pirate banter between shots and the deaths screen was a cool underwater demise screen. I would have like the cannonballs to be a bit bigger, but it would have pulled back from the challenge some. Overall, well put together!

Really cool game. I like the blink mechanic a lot. I died more than I care to admit *cough* 26 *cough* but it was a lot of fun! Very tight controls and great action. I liked the sounds and music, the art style is very nice as well! Great job!

What a fun game! I started out pretty well, but that quickly turned bad haha and it made me realize how poor my z/x finger control is! I liked the objective, such an in depth and well thought out tutorial, too. Visuals are great and match the game very well. I thought the background music could have had a little more, but the sound effects were fitting. Well done!

I thought this was a cool take on the dating app mechanics. I do wish it was in full screen so I wasn't inches away from the screen. B-E-A-U-tiful art and music, very well done!

This was a really fun play, it too me a couple times to get it working properly (user error, not game) then I was able to enjoy it. I really like the concept, the visuals are great and the waves/balancing is really fun. Well done!

Thanks for the feedback and the play! We're pretty happy with what we were able to do in this jam. :)

I loved my play of this! This was a lot of fun and getting to John, seeing his health...ugh! I died, very quickly in his fight! I really enjoyed the combat, it was a great twist on the classic turn based style. I love the simplicity of the upgrades, they really make you feel good when you can land a few head shots in a row and kill the later game enemies in a matter of turns. The only thing I can add, is I wish there was a last chance to heal before you fight John. I went into the fight with only 50 something health because my reflexes sucked during the fight before him. I enjoyed the presentation of the game, the text intros, music, sounds etc, all done very well. The art is wonderful and fits very well. It doesn't feel cheap or unfair even though its very chance based. Overall well done, I think this should be expanded on even a little bit, could make a great mobile game!

Thanks! This is great to hear, we are working on beefing up our skills over the next year to really up what we can do. 

Thank you very much! We put this together in about 15 total hours. I appreciate the plays!

First game in a while that made me laugh. The choices, the events, all great and entertaining. Definitely for a more mature and "dont take things seriously" kind of crowd, but its really great. I couldnt get to sleep after I beat the boss chick, can you? Let me know how you did it! Good for a few different option play throughs, lots of funny endings.

First time in a while I actually L.O.L.d in a game. Very funny and unexpected. I enjoyed finding ways to die and the funny endings that were in store for me. I couldn't go figure out how to sleep after defeating the chicken. Don't know if i was being dumb or if it was one more intentional F U to the player. Hoping for the latter. Great game, lots of fun! One I will remember for a long time!

I really liked the concept of this game, I would like to see you expand on it. I think it would make for a great mobile release! The procedural generation needs some work, lots of levels that were unwinnable and a few that blocked me in completely (no chance to collect any coins).. Considering the short amount of time you had to work on it, well done!