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I use blocks of 100% real cheese

If anybody uses this in a Vast Grimm campaign, please share the story. I'd love to hear what craziness ensues.

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I really like this! This is like gamifying being a better person, not only to others but also to yourself.

One of the more drippy player classes ever conceived. Great work. I hope we get some fan art of people playing this class cause I'd love to see different interpretations of a spacesuit filled with slime :)

I like the approach of making an item with multiple uses with a growing risk. Awesome work :)

Fantastic work. That kraken looks like a disgusting love-child between an octopus and the predator.

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Good work. I love that you worked in fruit cake's reputation.


User mcglintlock ( from the Vast Grimm discord put together this handy Vast Grimm style guide and said I could share here. This has the official colors and some of the fonts that will match the Vast Grimm book :)

If anybody introduces this evil leprechaun into a game session, please leave a comment and let me know how it all went down. I would love to hear the stories.

thank you 🍀

Ahh yes, and during our funding campaign for Vast Grimm, one of our campaign goals was inviting in a bunch of notable guest writers to create short adventures for Vast Grimm. Those are currently being written and a couple have already been submitted.

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Greetings Legionnaires,

We know some of you may want to create new content around the Vast Grimm universe. This thread is the place to share if you make some 3rd party content.

IMPORTANT - the 3rd party license

1) Vast Grimm used the 3rd party license of MÖRK BORG. You will need to correctly label your content using the friendly MÖRK BORG license which can be found here.

2) Vast Grimm extends the 3rd party license above and must also be credited. This page here has the rules and everything you need to easily do that. 

3) We want to foster a friendly, accepting, creative community around Vast Grimm. Please if you share on any of our official pages, we ask that you be polite, respectful, and accepting of others of all kinds. We will remove posts from any content we deem to be in violation of this basic rule.

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Greetings Vast Grimm legionnaires,

Want to run a game and need a character sheet? Fear not. On the Vast Grimm website, we have some pre-made for you. 

The character sheet

the consumables sheet

And make sure you check out the Vast Grimm website. There is also a Quick Rules page and a random character generator if you need a character right now because the last one got dead.

Nice. 🦆

Great work, fredric. This is very moody in a good way. It just needs sound! The art was cool.

Good work for a first-time game. I got to the end. I was hoping for a pop up or something at the end. I guess one suggestion I might have is I've seen a game similar to this with a conveyor belt where you had to time player input to construct your product as it passed under the tool in the belt. That could add an interesting interactive element to it if you were wanting to keep working on it.


Thank you :D

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If anybody has any good "new eyeball" stories from using these in a game, share in a comment. I'd love to hear them.

My entry is about 13 pages long. If when the printed Zine book is done, if the jam host would like to use any section or pages from the "optinomicon", just let me know and I can get add a 3rd party license brand, or crop a section, or whatever. Just let me know. Or you're free to crop, edit, and do whatever. I just had fun drawing eyeballs in my afternoons. I'm cool with whatever. :)

I really love what you did with the art in this by giving the rooms that sense of depth and perspective. That is a very cool idea.

Long live GLOP!

Good news, I finally got around to getting the desktop build uploaded -- at least, for Windows 64bit and Linux 64 bit.


I just want to make sure I am understanding the jam's submission criteria. I saw Babalon's Hangover 1 was a bestiary of monsters. For this jam, it can be any kind of content, correct?

Thanks :)

I will try to find some time in the coming weeks to do a build from the latest version for Desktop devices, Linux included. 🐧

Include me if you make a zine! I'd love to be in it. :)

Mork Borg is a tabletop RPG rules system that is heavy on style and minimal rules. It is super cool. I think I like it a lot more than 5e rules now.

I just use Gimp. It can save as a PDF document if you save with the "pdf" extension on your filename. Each layer exports as a page.

oh that cheat is helpful :D . 

This is really cool! I love the mechanic of moving all those ants around. That level with the lasers is REALLY hard.

What I've learned. Unity's timeline is still a pain in the butt to work with.  It worked a little better than what I'd done in the past, but it is still hard to work with the camera. Inserting audioclips and getting them synced correctly is pretty easy though. I still need to find a way to record video from the game camera. Never got around to that.

Ok it has been a crazy week for me but I am finally getting back to working on this today. I'm going to try and get everything finished this weekend.

Sorry. There is no way currently. I haven't had a chance to update the project in a while. Did you find the the screen where you can toggle between the 4 it has?

saving this for my own reference. I just watched all these:

I started making something. I spent a lot of time thinking up an idea for an episodic comic strip sort of creation. This is what it looks like so far

I am using the Volcano part of the theme. Clearly I am an expert at 3D modeling.

Goals for the project:

  • figure out Unity's Timeline feature. This will be my first time using that.
  • Figure out how to best record from a scene in unity for video. I want to put each episode in an mp4. I could screen capture, but I want to see if I can find a better way.
  • put a build on itch that can be played through one at a time.