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Tartle Games

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Played it last night for a while. I haven't gotten very far yet. I think I screwed myself over because I didn't buy potions and I'm in the temple with so low health that there's no way I can survive.

Great work. All it needs is a leaderboard and people will start competing.

Really funny idea and I like that you pulled in the history. The idea of the two player game on the same screen is pretty cool.

This is a great entry. Really creative and I love the art.

great work!

best game tagline I've ever seen on itch.

I will work on making it so you can speed up the dialogue :P

great work!I love the idea of the underwater viewfinder screen. I am failing miserably at catching fish though. I think I don't understand the rhythm of the timing for the arrow keys or something. Maybe it is just too fast.

good work. cool music. Took me a few tries to realize that tapping 'w' would make the line reel in faster.

I learned that I am bad at judging the angles/length for an arc. I guess I am not an angler...

Sorry. Bad bad pun. Great work. The water looks great. I did notice a typo on the end screen "tousch" :P

Ever since I heard that Europa had an ocean under the ice I've thought about a game like this, and you have made it! It's really cool and feels authentically retro. I couldn't figure out how to get the bubbles to hit the enemies? In your comment you said the collisions are turned off, do you mean for the bubbles?

That loud noise and text telling me I needed the rod of blood almost gave me a heart attack :O

Super strange game. Pretty cool though.

I like the music a lot. Did you make it? The art is beautiful too. Everything works together perfectly.

this is some serious scifi fishing! Took me a little bit to figure out the controls and what could shoot and what couldn't. Good work though. This has a lot of complexity to it for a jam game. :)

Where do those fish keep coming from! Great idea. At first I wasn't sure what the cat's arm was, and then I was like, oohhhhh catfisk-- I get it!

I love that wobbly effect. And the animations really are spot on. Good work!

great work! I never would have thought to make a fishing game into a puzzle like this.

woah, looks really cool


I don't know how I am going to make it fit into my hamburger game but I am going to try for synergy. Thanks!

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I began building the menu for the game. I am probably going to completely remake this.

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The game is developing. I played around with making it so you could walk around the island, but then decided against doing that. It is turning into a game about very, very difficult controls. 

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This is what I've made so far. If you think you know how this game is played then please let me know -- cause at this point I don't know what the heck is going on.

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Sure why not? I actually thought of saying in the description it was a jam  for Birmingham US and UK.  Our group on facebook actually has a guy in it from the UK and we talked before of doing a cross-over jam.

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Sounds awesome, and hello! Nice to meet you. I am glad you found the jam. The people around bham that make games are few and not easy to find.

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Hello.  I'll be using Unity. Not sure on what I'm going to make yet but I've got a few ideas.

The woman told me she was conservative about porta potties. 5 stars.

I want to second this!

I would like to collaborate with other indies I know on smaller games for jams, but I don't like that only one of us will be the project owner. Right now you can add an admin to a project (the third bullet point above already exists) and set the admin user to "contributor" so that he or she appears on the details on the game page, but what I really need is the game to appear on my main profile page as one of my projects. Right now the only way I could find to force that to happen is for the dev that didn't upload the game to add it to a collection and have the collection displayed on the main profile page. This is not an ideal solution when you do a lot of work toward building a specific branding around your work.

The multiple payments solution would be an absolute godsend, but I suspect there are legal things involved. In my opinion, though, I would happily sign a disclaimer/waiver when setting it up for a collaboration project through itch because I want to be able to collaborate so bad. I view my gamedev work as more of an art gig, and artists ought to be able to work together from time to time.

I am planning on using it in Unity anyway so no problems!

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You get a lot to work with for the price! I also really like the pico-8 color palette. Great work :P

Just what I've been looking for.

I agree. This looks amazing. So good I'm inventing a new word for it. It is glemons.

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Yes. There are some small updates I am planning and eventually I want to make a sequel to continue the story.

I use LiceCap and I optimize the gif capture in Gimp to reduce the size:


My favorite is Sir Thomas More's Utopia (which is where the word comes from). It is such an ambiguous commentary on society that it is both funny and a horrifying at the same time. There are some nuggets in it that could be adapted to a game. I'm going to have to think about this.

One thing I do is after making a game or two I go through my projects and think about what was easy to work with and what was a pain to work with as far as my scripts go. I strip out the stuff specific to the project in those scripts and put them in an empty project that is ready to go for the next game. For the scripts that were a problem, I spend some time researching new ways to achieve whatever the script was supposed to do. Usually doing that ahead of time before I start a new project.

Do you have any methods or strategies for improving on your gamedev game? Be specific - cause I think any gamedev could say "make more games" and that would be true, but what do you do other than that?

I have a game that is an airplane riding simulator.

Warning. It takes a long time to play...