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Created a new topic Classic Paint

I love the theme. I wanted to share a resource I know of that others might find useful. There is this javascript based clone of "classic ms paint" on github. So if you want to feel like you are using the really, really old version of paint, you still can :D

I have nothing to do with the development of this project on github. I just think it's really fun.


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Peaceful game. I love the music. At first I was confused on why the chef wouldn't take some of the fish. If others play, make sure you give him the fish that matches the color of the fish he needs.

Great interview. I can't agree more with most of the points. It's so frustrating to me that games are such an ignored medium for artistic personal stories. Too few creators taking on the challenge and speaking up for it and too few giving it the respect it deserves. Thanks for sharing your voice.

thank you :D

Played it and it is a lot of fun. Surprisingly more difficult than I expected.

thank you. Sorry it hurt your eyes >_<

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What about the ability for jam hosts to turn on a game submission approval? This could help prevent two things:

1) bad users uploading games on every jam in an attempt to farm views.

2) bad users uploading extremely spammy, low-quality and suspicious executables (usually they have nothing to do with the jam's theme)

Always has been.

I hope those playing Nihilism Boy do some soul searching as they play and they say, "Oh god. This is meaningless. It's all so meaningless." If I can just reach one person it will have been worth it.

I released a redesigned build for my app Bag +5 for PC. This has been my biggest, most on-going project.

Bag +5 is a project I have been working on almost a year. It was successful on Kickstarter a while ago. The goal was to make a inventory management tool for games like D&D and Pathfinder that was intuitive, had some personality to it, and didn't try to completely take over the entire character sheet. Apps that do that just get in the way. Bag +5 has some cool features not found in other, similar apps such as exporting and importing player made NPC stores.

The PC version here on itch is the full app (no in-game purchase or anything like that), and, like I mentioned, it is more than just a port from the mobile version because I went through a good bit of effort redesigning each screen. Hope somebody finds it useful.

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I had some extra time off over New Years and I worked my butt off to make Nihilism Boy.

It is a game that doesn't even matter. If you win? It doesn't matter. If you lose? It doesn't matter. That's the point. The point is there is no point.

There are three levels and two endings. At first, it was going to be a game that you couldn't win, but then I decided to stop being self-indulgent because, you know, if people want to play games they want to win. What's the point in that? I don't know. Hope somebody enjoys this.

thank you

This is unsettling.

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You have made it easy, and it does add more work to distribute to multiple platforms and portals.

Here are my thoughts. I know they are not requested. So read, don't read, whatever.

I agree that many forms of DRM make it harder for legit users to play the game, and this is one of the ironic reasons itch could benefit from integrating a user friendly system. One of the reasons that pirated games thrive is the convenience (especially when you don't have to pay for it). But a good DRM backed system can be convenient too. There is added value to an online platform that organizes your games, gives you access to them on any computer once logged in, promises to help protect you against malware. It's one of the reasons I'd rather buy a game off an online platform and have it in my library then go back to the old way of having a scratched up disk with my key written on the top in marker.

But even with all that, there are arguments against it. I've heard them. I've even made them myself, before I started creating my own projects and learned how hard it is. I was never into downloading torrented games, but I've had a number of games that I bought that I couldn't play because the DRM broke and that really made me mad. I've also played new games that require a constant internet connection even when playing offline, and that also made me mad.

There will still be DRM cracked games out there. With a convenient system there is one place it can help developers, even if the game is already out there illegally. Not all users are inclined to steal. Sometimes one friend wants to play a game with another friend, and it's in that moment there are 3 choices the friends have.

1) buy the game

2) bit torrent download the game

3) pass the game on a USB drive

It is a battle against convenience. I think most would like to support the creators they like, but it is just too convenient to pass it over on that USB.

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There are some creators not uploading quality games on itch because there is no easy DRM protection. If you ever wondered why an indie developer wouldn't post a game on itch and would on steam, this is probably a big consideration the developer went through. I've seen some developers doing what DireBoarGames mentioned as well, uploading the early access version but when the game is complete they are removing the game from itch. This kind of sucks for itch and its users and the developers.

I am sure I don't need to go on a long rant about DRM, but some of us developers would like an easy option for it whether it makes us friends or not :\

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Thanks Aunt Kay. We definitely need to come visit. I miss our family meeting up.

New toys!

you're welcome

Thanks for participating. I am glad that it still let you submit. I think you just discovered a secret to itch jams :O


Great work. The whole world rotating is pretty funny.

Posted in Trails comments

Great work! I beat it. Took me a little while. The trail system with the maps is a really cool concept.

I had to think about not over-thinking with this game, if that makes any sense. I kept feeling like I needed to add something or make it more complex and I had to restrain that urge.

I do want to say thank you to those that did participate even if you didn't finish. The theme was a hard challenge and no matter what level you're at with you game making skills, working on a challenge helps you get better.  I wish there had been more submissions, but I'm not disappointed with those that did get submitted.

Created a new topic I really enjoyed this

Great work on the game. I feel like the story leaves a lot unsaid and I like really appreciated that. The ending had a real impact on me. The music was excellent too.

I too was hoping for more submissions. A good many people signed up. If anybody was working on something and didn't make the deadline and does finish, let me know. I can send a secret submission link. :)

This is a unique idea. I enjoyed it. Is there a way to fly down? the wsad got me too high to photograph the stones so I had to rely on staying low to the ground using the arrow keys. The laser is pretty great.

Thank you for taking the time to give it a chance.

thank you! I am glad you enjoyed it.

Hello itch community,

I have a new web-playable  game called Lost Smokes.

I made this game for the Day of the Dead Jam which was a jam to make a game in the memory of someone. This is a non-traditional game that explores my memories. It is a visual story, if you had to classify it. It was a fun project to work on and I hope somebody enjoys it.

thank you

Looks cool. Is that the construct game engine?

this is so cool.

Here is a screen capture of one of the scenes in my game. What I am attempting is an exploration game where you go through different rooms in my grandparents' home and click things to get my memories. As you can see, it is very simple as far as a game goes. There are a few screens not pictured that introduce a story and a motive for exploring the rooms. You are looking for something.

Making the art for the game has me trying to remember where things were and what they looked like in their home. I have been remembering details I had forgotten up until now. The sketches are not perfect, but I am doing the best I can.

I hope seeing this helps spark an idea with someone else. I was struggling to come up with an idea for the theme at first, but now that I have started this I am pretty happy with how it is developing.

That is super exciting news!

I hope this is building toward allowing users from an itch.io game to track things like achievements, leaderboards, and other things like that.

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that is fine--of course. The time is really just the submission window.

Created a new topic hello and good tidings
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I thought of hosting this jam during a moment when I was pretty frustrated with game development.

If you've made small games for jams before, you probably know that they don't get much play. Most of the world doesn't even know what a "jam game" is. But what I've found is the creative process of making a game is therapeutic. Even when you're debugging a scene over and over and over, the experience of building a game makes it seem larger in your eyes than it will be to others' eyes.  That is probably true of any creative pursuit. Unlike other creative outlets, however, games don't get taken very seriously. I know they're meant to be fun, but the process of making them isn't always just about fun. And other creative outlets are more apt to address serious, personal subjects. I haven't seen that much with jam games, and so I thought of creating this jam on itch to promote gamedevs doing that. I realized after I had the idea that it coincided with Day of The Dead. I have always liked the idea of Day of The Dead because instead of treating death as something dark and hidden, it pulls it out into the light of a celebration and turns it into something far less sad. That is why I scheduled the jam as I did.

I want to wish everybody that participates good luck with the jam and I appreciate you taking the time to take on this challenge.