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I am slow to report on here, YAR! but I got my pirate doubloon! I can officially say I've earned pirate booty from my games. 🦜🏴‍☠️

it's from the "Take your daughter to work day" episode. He reads Harry Potter to Jim and Pam at the farm. I've watched this show way too many times. An unhealthy amount of times. 😶

I know of it from the American tv version of the Office. One of the characters (Dwight Schrute) brings that book in to read to children and the other characters are horrified that it's real. Very funny stuff.

Unfortunately not. I tried. I could get it to build in Unity, it's just when I took it to Xcode that I ran into problems. The issue was a combination of Unity's official in-app purchase package and X-code. It would have been possible to fix I'm sure, but I was going to need a lot more time and a new mac computer. Mine couldn't run the newest version of X-Code :(

I guess that's what I get for doing my Xcode compiling on a refurbished mac mini.

It's been a long while since I've been able to add anything to the app. The last update I did was adding some new stuff to the Android build, but then I could never get it working to update my iphone build because of changes to Unity and Xcode 😭

After a lot of effort I had to move on to other things or risk losing all my sanity. 

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I don't have anything like that but I do have these instructions I'd made for a friend on the variables in the json export.

This explains the json store that is in the export from the app.
title == the name of the custom store
count == the number of items in the store
id == needs to be "-"
store_items == is the list of items. There are two items in the example below.
store_items explained
t = name of the item
l = the description text of the item (that is a lower case L not and i)
n = the quantity that the item is sold in. Example, arrows are sold in batches of 20.
v = value of the item. How much it costs.
w = the weight of the item.
i = the item's icon name. There are a lot of these now, but if it is an invalid string it will just display as a white square.
{"title":"Test Store","count":2,"id":"-","store_items":[{"t":"a thing","l":"a thingy - an item of some importance. Why else would you have put it in your bag?","n":1,"v":1,"w":1.0,"i":"Battle_axe"},{"t":"A Hammer","l":"lore text","n":1,"v":99875,"w":1.0,"i":"SilverHammer"}]}

Thanks for the update! I watched some of the pirate jam videos. It looked like a blast.

Oh, you can do that in the app itself. I made these screenshots. If you view the stores there is a button that allows you to share that will automatically copy the json to the clipboard or you can click into the box and copy it. Pass that over and a friend can then copy it and paste it in if they also have the app. In these screenshots I used the default store in the app. You can create your own from the "stores" button, but it takes some time to add items in. If you make a cool merchant store share here in a post on the app's page and maybe some other people can use it :D

This script does clean up on items from this online database:

I don't have a random generator. The app itself has the means to import/export a JSON test list of a store.

Or is it?

The first tortoise stacking game I have played. Very novel game concept. 🐢

thank you :D

It is a web build. If you are using the itch desktop app, it should let you download to play offline.

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I guess you could say... It was the Game of Thrones of the 90s... I think that's a fair statement.

I was worried some might not understand 😅. In America in the 90s, it was impossible to avoid this television show regardless of if you liked it or not.

Thanks for playing my game and others! I enjoyed the stream. I honestly can't believe how dedicated you were to defeating each game. A couple of those looked ridiculously difficult!

Thank's for playing :D 🔨

"Go to Workshop" would be my 2nd choice.

Note for the game stream: the game has a few different endings. For the sake of time, during the stream the best ending to choose to get the full effect is "go to the house." There's a section where that will be an option and the story line diverges into a few directions.

Note for the game stream: the game has a few different endings. For the sake of time, during the stream the best ending to choose to get the full effect is "go to the house." There's a section where that will be an option and the story line diverges into a few directions.

I think there's really just 3. A couple paths take you to the same ending but may skip a story block while doing so.

Okay. I'm done. My game is submitted. When the jam ends you'll be able to see it. But I'm posting some links on twitter now :D

I don't know how I'm going to finish by the deadline. I haven't been able to get nearly as much done as I'd hoped during my afternoons. But here are some new tantalizing photos. 

This game is really going to be an atrocity. I apologize in advance. Here's a preview. This is my first time using Fungus for the visual novel style narrative, so there's some learning in progress.

Exactly! And what does he have to do with Lovecraft??? Muahahahah

I'll let your imagination fill in what you think this game is...

Oh that's weird. Did you download it and then run it from the client? I've noticed that even Chrome blocks running WebGL games when run from a local file and it gives that message about not supporting WebGL, but if you view from a webpage and play it works. It's probably some sort of security thing.

I'm blown away at what you were able to accomplish in the jam time with this one. It's one of your coolest games yet. Amazing work.

Congrats Andyman! You really deserve it. You're a jam legend and I am really glad you won. Your games are amazing.👍👍👍👍


thank you!

That's like a triple pun. You win the gold. 🥇

Thanks for trying it out all the same :D

Let's just say that bigfoot was a more integral part of all this in the beginning.

This is very cool. Planting the enemies is an interesting idea.

good work. 👊

As I went through the tutorial mode I thought, Uh oh, am I going to have to do all this at once... 

Did that goose just poop out bats at me? Nice work. The controls are solid and it's really creative. 

ha, and I thought my game was random. This is pretty strange, and I mean that as a compliment. The characters and plants are cool.  Good work. I don't know if you plan on working on it more, but I think a plant based shooter like this could really grow into something pretty interesting if it was a larger game.