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Created a new topic Introductions
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Hi. I go by Tartle these days. You can find my games here & you can follow me on Patreon or Twitter. I live in the greater Birmingham area.

This comment is WAY late, but Hero of Vulcan is a truly impressive creation for the Vulcan Jam, which was quite short. It really stood out to me and it definitely deserves more downloads.

the gif images on the page are gif captures using Licecap. The first frame I place in with gimp so that it has some cover art before you hover over the image.

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.game_grid_widget .game_cell .game_thumb .gif_overlay {
background-color: transparent !important;
-webkit-transition: opacity 0.2s ease;
-moz-transition: opacity 0s;
-ms-transition: opacity 0s;
transition: opacity 0s;
animation: wobble 1s;   display: none;
@-webkit-keyframes wobble  {
  0%  { -webkit-transform:  rotate(0deg); }
  20%  { -webkit-transform:  rotate(2deg); }
  50%  { -webkit-transform:  rotate(-2deg); }
  100%  { -webkit-transform:  rotate(0deg); }
@keyframes wobble  {
  0%  { transform:  rotate(0deg); }
  20%  {transform:  rotate(2deg); }
  50%  { transform:  rotate(-2deg); }
  100%  { transform:  rotate(0deg); }
.image_header :hover {
animation: wobble 1s;   }
.game_cell_data :hover {
animation: wobble 1s;   }
.game_grid_widget .game_cell .game_thumb {
   box-shadow: 0 0 0 3px white;
.game_grid_widget .game_cell .game_thumb :hover  {
   box-shadow: 1px 0px 5px 6px white;
.game_grid_widget .game_cell {
    text-align: center;

A little while back the itch staff put out a whole list of customized game pages that they liked. I can't find the link to that collection, but it had some great examples.

I've put a lot of work into most of mine: https://tartlegames.itch.io/

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It truly is beautiful.

What majestic birds.

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I just reported some spam that had been on a game page for over a year. It gave me an idea. Itch.io's report system is easy to use, but are people using it as much as they could be?

My idea:

Itch Gold

If a user reports spam or abuse to the itch staff and the staff act on the tip, then the itch user gains a community point.  Perhaps other actions that are good for the itch community could also be rewarded with Itch points.

I have no idea what they would be used for but there are a lot of possibilities:

  • credits for games
  • achievements with itch's API
  • special badge on profile page or something.
  • ????

Is that because the feedback included the email address of the user?

I just backed the Kickstarter! Good luck. The game looks fantastic.

Weird in all the right ways.

Soooo cool. Love the art & the ambiance of the gallery. I like projects like this a lot.

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if you are interested in trying to adapt my python script to import other things here it is. This is in no way an easily reusable script. Good luck.

import json
''' not working
with open('JsonSpellListCleaned.json') as json_data:
    d = json.load(json_data)
    print("read this many ", len(d))
json_content = " content goes here "
converted = json.loads(json_content)
It is a json string.
title == the name of the custom store
count == the number of items in the store
id == needs to be "-"
store_items == is the list of items. There are two items in the example below.
store_items explained
t = name of the item
l = the description text of the item (that is a lower case L not and i)
n = the quantity that the item is sold in. Example, arrows are sold in batches of 20.
v = value of the item. How much it costs.
w = the weight of the item.
i = the item's icon name. see my other email for the complete list.
{"title":"Example Store","count":2,"id":"-","store_items":[{"t":"a thing","l":"a thingy - an item of some importance. Why else would you have put it in your bag?","n":1,"v":1,"w":1.0,"i":"Battle_axe"},{"t":"A Hammer","l":"lore text","n":1,"v":99875,"w":1.0,"i":"SilverHammer"}]}
store = {}
store['title'] = "The Rat Wizard's Spells"
store['id'] = '-'
store['store_items'] = [] #this will be the dictionary in the store that contains the items
def AddItemToStore(item):
    converted_item = {}
    converted_item['t'] = item['name']
    build_lore = item['desc'][0] + '\n'
    #build_lore += "at higher level " +item['higher_level'][0] + '\n' # this was causing a lot of issues
    build_lore += "range " + item['range'] + '\n'
    build_lore += "components " + json.dumps(str(item['components'])) + '\n'
    #build_lore += "material " + item['material'] + '\n' # this was causing a lot of issues
    build_lore += "duration " + item['duration'] + '\n'
    build_lore += "concentration " + item['concentration'] + '\n'
    build_lore += "casting time " + item['casting_time'] + '\n'
    build_lore += "level " + str(item['level']) + '\n'
    build_lore += "School " + item['school']['name']
    converted_item['l'] = build_lore
    converted_item['n'] = 1
    converted_item['v'] = item['level'] * 250 + 100 #guessing here
    converted_item['w'] = 0
    converted_item['i'] = "EnchantedScroll"
    return converted_item
#len(converted) for testing, I am only going to do 3 items
#there is an issue with adding such a long store json in the mobile
#version of the app. But it works in the pc version.
for i in range(len(converted)):
    classes = converted[i]['classes']
    isGood = False
    for i in range(len(classes)):
        isGood = classes[i]['name'] == 'Wizard'
        d = AddItemToStore(converted[i])
        print('.', end='')
        store['store_items'].append(d) #assinging the item into the items list in the main dict
store['count'] = len( store['store_items'] )
print('imported ', store['count'], ' items')
final_string = json.dumps(store)
#print(final_string) #for the final product, this is huge and breaks python idle
f = open("spellListBagPlus5_v1.txt", 'w')
(Edited 2 times)

Also notice that the value of the scrolls isn't correct. I tried using a formula to calculate the value based on level, but the way the list read in, some spells didn't have a listed level because it varies by player class.

(Edited 1 time)

I wrote a converter in Python and made this list using this online thing. Unfortunately, this list is REALLY long (200 scrolls). I was successful in importing it in the PC version of Bag +5, but when testing on the mobile version, it was just too long. I think my Samsung device's clipboard cuts the content at some built in limit. You may have different results with a different mobile device.  The content is in a basic text file. I can't paste the full text content here in the community page because it too has a limit of 20480 characters. I am sharing the text file from google drive.


Awesome game. It gets pretty challenging once you get into those caves.

Does anybody know of an example of a company sponsored game jam event being used as a team-building exercise for its employees? 

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There are no ads on itch (unlike gamejolt). There wouldn't be any ad revenue to share.

Some recent change is messing with my new gif graphics for my Cover Images. I am not sure if it is intended or not. Could be a bug so I'm marking this post as a bug.

I have been making gifs for my games and I use Gimp to place a non-animated cover on the gif as the 1st frame. I've been doing this on itch since the change went in that on mouse hover would play the gif, but when not mouse hover it shows the 1st frame of the gif animation.

but starting a couple days ago, I uploaded a gif with a new 1st frame and on my profile page it shows up as an empty square. When I mouse hover I see the animation play through with my first frame.

for reference, if you view my page, take notice of my Cover Image for Bag +5, that's the one I updated and it has an empty square. I tested on multiple devices to make sure it wasn't a browser cache issue.

thanks :D

yes. I have only noticed it happening when logging in on a phone.

You might want to see a doctor about that.

Posted in The Auto Fails

The rule about drinking water??

Thank you for trying it out! :D

Yeah, it is not super interactive at the moment. It is kind of like a screensaver. I have some ideas on how to make it more interesting that I'm going to start working on after the jam's judging is done. I want it to be a weird thing you have on in the background, and over time the oozes grow and change.

I will extend the sale. I actually didn't realize that voting was going for that long.

 The one that has consistently been showing up in my stats has been: https://isthereanydeal.com
Another one I've been seeing is: steamcn.com/t357984-1-1

and http://gameshunt.pl/

itch.io Community » General · Created a new topic Deal websites

I have noticed recently that if I run a sale on itch for a paid project I get a spike in traffic from Russian and Chinese websites that link to games that go on sale for free. I guess it is nice that somebody is playing my games in those times, but I have also never gotten a tip.

I am curious on what other developers' thoughts are on these sites? Are they harmful? I worry a bit about where the downloads end up, as far as being repackaged or whatever.

I truly hope my game Stay In Your Seat can be included in this list. Until recently, it was incompatible with modern computer keyboards.

Greetings itchers,

My newest project is called Ooze Meadow. It was made for the #VirtualPetJam here on itch. My idea was to create sort of like a nature cam that was pointed at oozes that roam around like Roomba vacuum cleaners in a cave setting. The download is on sale for the first week.

I want to update this project some. I have a number of ideas that I didn't have time to take on during the jam weekend.

I was going for roomba the whole time. At one point I was using a sucking sound for the ooze as it roamed, but it sounded too chaotic once there was a group of them.

i love the style. Great work.

(Edited 1 time)

The submission page doesn't show it, but Ooze Meadow is on sale for a week the duration of voting for free.

I made another post in this thread to show where I have gotten so far. It's not exactly a "dungeon as a pet" but it is a dungeon with a slime cube.

I have been working for a while today and this is where I have gotten with my progress. This may look more impressive than it really is. It is in no way interactive yet, but I've got a slime cube moving around using a Unity Navigation Mesh. I made the torches with some particle systems and unity cylinders, and the cave floor is a Unity terrain with some stalagmite structures painted in. That little glowing wafer on the floor is a test of a gold coin.  To make the slime I used Blender and subdivided a cube object and stretched the bottom part a bit.

I am going to start working on allowing the player to feed coins to the slime.

I started today. I will show progress soon :)

great ideas. Thanks.

Created a new topic Need suggestions on an idea

I have a few ideas but have not decided on which one I will go with. I need suggestions on the one I am leaning towards.

I am considering a "dungeon as a pet" that one would display onto a tv set in a room while playing tabletop games with friends. It would add some atmosphere to the occasion similar to a digital fireplace. But I want it to be interactive in a passive way, such that the user occasionally feeds the dungeon or something inside the dungeon (Slime, mimic, etc).

Can anybody think of any random ideas to go along with this to make it interactive?

Created a new topic Classic Paint

I love the theme. I wanted to share a resource I know of that others might find useful. There is this javascript based clone of "classic ms paint" on github. So if you want to feel like you are using the really, really old version of paint, you still can :D

I have nothing to do with the development of this project on github. I just think it's really fun.


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Peaceful game. I love the music. At first I was confused on why the chef wouldn't take some of the fish. If others play, make sure you give him the fish that matches the color of the fish he needs.

Great interview. I can't agree more with most of the points. It's so frustrating to me that games are such an ignored medium for artistic personal stories. Too few creators taking on the challenge and speaking up for it and too few giving it the respect it deserves. Thanks for sharing your voice.