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Tartle Games

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I just used the import for my kickstarter backers using the CSV import and it produced the url for downloads for the emails on the table it created. The table that is generated doesn't include the backer name (third item in sheet "Backer Name") and it would be really, really helpful if it did. The key for my game on itch is just part of the reward, so I need to be able to easily identify who got emailed what or add extra stuff into those emails and Kickstarter's backer search on their site searches with Backer Name and not email. 

The woman told me she was conservative about porta potties. 5 stars.

I want to second this!

I would like to collaborate with other indies I know on smaller games for jams, but I don't like that only one of us will be the project owner. Right now you can add an admin to a project (the third bullet point above already exists) and set the admin user to "contributor" so that he or she appears on the details on the game page, but what I really need is the game to appear on my main profile page as one of my projects. Right now the only way I could find to force that to happen is for the dev that didn't upload the game to add it to a collection and have the collection displayed on the main profile page. This is not an ideal solution when you do a lot of work toward building a specific branding around your work.

The multiple payments solution would be an absolute godsend, but I suspect there are legal things involved. In my opinion, though, I would happily sign a disclaimer/waiver when setting it up for a collaboration project through itch because I want to be able to collaborate so bad. I view my gamedev work as more of an art gig, and artists ought to be able to work together from time to time.

I am planning on using it in Unity anyway so no problems!

Created a new topic Great set of pixel tiles

You get a lot to work with for the price! I also really like the pico-8 color palette. Great work :P

Just what I've been looking for.

I agree. This looks amazing. So good I'm inventing a new word for it. It is glemons.

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Yes. There are some small updates I am planning and eventually I want to make a sequel to continue the story.

I use LiceCap and I optimize the gif capture in Gimp to reduce the size:


My favorite is Sir Thomas More's Utopia (which is where the word comes from). It is such an ambiguous commentary on society that it is both funny and a horrifying at the same time. There are some nuggets in it that could be adapted to a game. I'm going to have to think about this.

One thing I do is after making a game or two I go through my projects and think about what was easy to work with and what was a pain to work with as far as my scripts go. I strip out the stuff specific to the project in those scripts and put them in an empty project that is ready to go for the next game. For the scripts that were a problem, I spend some time researching new ways to achieve whatever the script was supposed to do. Usually doing that ahead of time before I start a new project.

Do you have any methods or strategies for improving on your gamedev game? Be specific - cause I think any gamedev could say "make more games" and that would be true, but what do you do other than that?

I have a game that is an airplane riding simulator.

Warning. It takes a long time to play...

Created a new topic Thanks for participating

Still a few hours left so hopefully some more entries will get submitted. Thanks to everyone who participated. I am going to play through the games during this coming week. And if you started and didnt finish that is okay. But I encourage you to finish! No matter what you are working on, with every finished project we grow more experienced and better at making games. I know it is a lot of work and sometimes it feels like nobody notices, but it is who we are! I am honored to have jammed with all of you.

A bit more is done. I haven't gotten as much done during the week but tomorrow I'm going back at it.


oooh looks really good. I like that character. Reminds me a little of the Sword and Sorcery guy.

Last night I worked on getting the enemies moving around and attacking the player. Mostly got that done. I need to make more enemies though. Right now there is only a skeleton.

that is looking great so far. What are you using to build the game?

the link doesn't seem to be working. I used this program to capture gifs: http://www.cockos.com/licecap/

I have gotten started. Still a ton left to do but here is the menu screen. I posted some other gifs on my twitter.


Happy New Year!

Awesome! That was one of the goals of all this. We are a disconnected group. I wanted to try and help some of us connect a bit



All are welcome 😆

Cool! Can't wait to see what people make for the theme.

Super Game Droid did a video of the gameplay!

some gameplay footage

A lets play from a gamedev friend

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Video of gameplay

Oh god I feel like I'm in some sort of time warp or a Franz Kafka story. REally cool game. I want to keep playing it to see if it ever ends.


great work. It makes me wonder what those babies have been into that they can scale vertical surfaces like geckos!

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I will go first. Yes. I live a little below Birmingham. I make games. You can find me pretty much everywhere online. Twitter is a good place to find me. I have been making games for about two years using Unity. Still learning and it keeps me super busy but it is a lot of fun.

If I ever get my hands on an Oculus, this is going to be the first game I download.

very funny. Great work.

love the concept. Really great concept for the jam :D

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oh well. :( That is why the test is there!


this is the Tartle Wizard. A note on this test. If you do not see the final message saying Your keyboard is compatible then I have some bad news for you... Your keyboard is not compatible :(