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Awesome work. I am excited to see the ripple effect.

Hmmm. Any of those ideas could work. If you did it on the island, what if you had vinyl records scattered about and a vinyl record player somewhere. If the player takes the record to the player it plays the audio.

I had an idea for something to add to dreamberry island. I am really curious about some of the dreams, like what is going on with those popcorn cows or those floating purple balls? What if you asked the gamedevs behind each dream sequence to record themselves talking about the dream in his or her actual voice. Then in the game while in that dream world, the voice plays.  I thought I'd share my idea. It would be really fun to hear other gamedev's voices in a project like this.

This is really great. Thanks for making this. Your daughter was right. Swimming around with the squidlings was the perfect idea.

This is trance inducing. One area I entered had almost no movement and the music was ommmmmmmmm. I just stopped and stared. This game is not to be played while driving a car or operating heavy machinery.

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Probably because a lot of games (and build updates) get uploaded without using the Butler tool. I know I'm guilty. I've been meaning to set butler up for ages now.

I want to say thanks to the developers behind itch. All of them.

I have used about every other game dev portal for uploading content and game builds now (Google Play, itunes, windows, mac, amazon, + others) and itch is by far the easiest to use. Like, it is not even a competition. If it were a 100 meter dash, itch would run past the competitors so fast that the competitors would die from a shockwave about half a meter from the starting line and itch would be at the finish line drinking a cup of lemonade and be like, "huh, wonder what happen over there?"

Seriously... I really appreciate it.

I agree. It is a really fun game concept but it is really difficult to avoid those spikes.

Great work. I am really glad you added the pop ups with the history of the characters. The card movement animations look good.

Hey itchers,

I just uploaded a new build of my game Vulcan Sacrifice and I want to talk about why this is different than most of my other projects. It is more than a new build. Originally, this game was made over a year ago for Vulcan Jam 1. Most that played it liked it and offered positive feedback. Vulcan Jam 2 ends today. My idea was to remake the game and improve it and add the final chapter. That is what I have uploaded today.

This game is about a character named Bart Waffles that seeks out Vulcan (The god of volcanoes, forges, and fire) to ask his aid in preventing a volcano from destroying his town. It is a platformer, five levels total and a boss fight.

There is more to it than that. I have made a lot of jam games now. And I have made a lot of games outside of jams, including some medium-sized projects that went on for months. I worked harder on this project and put more of myself into it to than I can really put into words. I don't expect many will buy it, because it's a jam game that has a price tag!? but yes, even though this is a jam game, it's one of my best games and I put my soul into it. I hope somebody gives it a chance beyond those that bought or got the original version during sales.

~ Tartle Wizard

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If you're visiting the page after the date of 8/22/2018, then the game has been rebuilt and expanded! Hope you like the changes.

awesome possum. Keep up the good work on these updates.

Day Two of my work. I've remade level two. In the original version, every level was the same, just with different enemies and colors. So, this isn't exactly a "remade" level, this is a completely new level. I also added spikes, bridges, have made some changes to how music and sound is mixed in the game, and other things. 

I had time today to wade in on my game. I am reworking my game from Vulcan Jam 1 and am adding the final chapter. There were some lessons learned after making the game the first time. This time, I am trying to correct those mistakes. Today, I got mostly through reconstructing the first level using Unity's tilemap system and added some nice effects. I removed the annoying blind drops from the original level design, I optimized some code, am working on a more pixel-perfect camera. And, maybe some other things.

Nice work :D. I was a little worried something was going to jump out of that coffee at me.

I jotted down many ideas over the last few weeks and I finally came to the conclusion that the most logical thing for me to work on was Chapter 2 of the game I made for last Vulcan Jam. Most people that played Vulcan Sacrifice seemed to enjoy it a lot, so I think if I rework the first levels and add the final chapter it might be good enough to put it on steam. At least, that's my goal. Not a tradition jam game, I guess, because it builds off an existing jam game, but that's what I'm planning.

I started sketching out some art tiles to try and get more ideas on what Chapter 2 is. I have some ideas, but it's not as formed as I'd like.

Talk about what you're planning\thinking\working on?

very specific but oddly enough, this would work perfectly for an idea I've been thinking about for a long while. If I ever get around to making that one I will definitely be coming back to this.

I'll check out the championship. The station this game is going on for the event I am setting it up at is a big touchscreen. Thanks for playing :D

I am working on another build that makes some adjustments.

Hey itchers,

I hit publish on a small, new game. It is called Get to 88. The inspiration should be obvious.

This was made for a local indie game arcade station I am helping set up for a scifi/fantasy festival event. The station is going to have a selection of games on it made by friends in a local gamedev group I meet up with monthly.

Hopefully somebody gets a kick out of this. Get to 88 MPH and get a surprise ending :D

I have now spent a good many hours playing the game and I love it. I'd say if you like the idea of a rogue-like mixed with an endless exploration of the weird then you ought to enjoy Moonquest a lot. You have limited lives and sometimes you get unlucky and it's game over, but within seconds you're back to exploring a completely new & weird world. That you have limited chances before you start into a new world is probably my favorite thing about the game. It's not an endless exploration of a single world, it's like sitting down to a completely new challenge every time.

thanks :D

Hey P4thog3n, can I include Vulcaan City Protector in a local game station for an event at the Hoover Library? I'm not sure if you saw the conversation in the slack group but we're putting something together.

hey Capella, There is an event happening at the Hoover Library  July 27th - 29th and I'm loading up a game station with some local games so that people can try them out. Can I include Sand Cat?

thank you for trying it out.

Is that the royal we?

oops. Seems to be happening to me again too now.

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Hi. I go by Tartle these days. You can find my games here & you can follow me on Patreon or Twitter. I live in the greater Birmingham area.

This comment is WAY late, but Hero of Vulcan is a truly impressive creation for the Vulcan Jam, which was quite short. It really stood out to me and it definitely deserves more downloads.

the gif images on the page are gif captures using Licecap. The first frame I place in with gimp so that it has some cover art before you hover over the image.

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.game_grid_widget .game_cell .game_thumb .gif_overlay {
background-color: transparent !important;
-webkit-transition: opacity 0.2s ease;
-moz-transition: opacity 0s;
-ms-transition: opacity 0s;
transition: opacity 0s;
animation: wobble 1s;   display: none;
@-webkit-keyframes wobble  {
  0%  { -webkit-transform:  rotate(0deg); }
  20%  { -webkit-transform:  rotate(2deg); }
  50%  { -webkit-transform:  rotate(-2deg); }
  100%  { -webkit-transform:  rotate(0deg); }
@keyframes wobble  {
  0%  { transform:  rotate(0deg); }
  20%  {transform:  rotate(2deg); }
  50%  { transform:  rotate(-2deg); }
  100%  { transform:  rotate(0deg); }
.image_header :hover {
animation: wobble 1s;   }
.game_cell_data :hover {
animation: wobble 1s;   }
.game_grid_widget .game_cell .game_thumb {
   box-shadow: 0 0 0 3px white;
.game_grid_widget .game_cell .game_thumb :hover  {
   box-shadow: 1px 0px 5px 6px white;
.game_grid_widget .game_cell {
    text-align: center;

A little while back the itch staff put out a whole list of customized game pages that they liked. I can't find the link to that collection, but it had some great examples.

I've put a lot of work into most of mine:

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It truly is beautiful.

What majestic birds.

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I just reported some spam that had been on a game page for over a year. It gave me an idea.'s report system is easy to use, but are people using it as much as they could be?

My idea:

Itch Gold

If a user reports spam or abuse to the itch staff and the staff act on the tip, then the itch user gains a community point.  Perhaps other actions that are good for the itch community could also be rewarded with Itch points.

I have no idea what they would be used for but there are a lot of possibilities:

  • credits for games
  • achievements with itch's API
  • special badge on profile page or something.
  • ????

Is that because the feedback included the email address of the user?

I just backed the Kickstarter! Good luck. The game looks fantastic.

Weird in all the right ways.

Soooo cool. Love the art & the ambiance of the gallery. I like projects like this a lot.

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if you are interested in trying to adapt my python script to import other things here it is. This is in no way an easily reusable script. Good luck.

import json
''' not working
with open('JsonSpellListCleaned.json') as json_data:
    d = json.load(json_data)
    print("read this many ", len(d))
json_content = " content goes here "
converted = json.loads(json_content)
It is a json string.
title == the name of the custom store
count == the number of items in the store
id == needs to be "-"
store_items == is the list of items. There are two items in the example below.
store_items explained
t = name of the item
l = the description text of the item (that is a lower case L not and i)
n = the quantity that the item is sold in. Example, arrows are sold in batches of 20.
v = value of the item. How much it costs.
w = the weight of the item.
i = the item's icon name. see my other email for the complete list.
{"title":"Example Store","count":2,"id":"-","store_items":[{"t":"a thing","l":"a thingy - an item of some importance. Why else would you have put it in your bag?","n":1,"v":1,"w":1.0,"i":"Battle_axe"},{"t":"A Hammer","l":"lore text","n":1,"v":99875,"w":1.0,"i":"SilverHammer"}]}
store = {}
store['title'] = "The Rat Wizard's Spells"
store['id'] = '-'
store['store_items'] = [] #this will be the dictionary in the store that contains the items
def AddItemToStore(item):
    converted_item = {}
    converted_item['t'] = item['name']
    build_lore = item['desc'][0] + '\n'
    #build_lore += "at higher level " +item['higher_level'][0] + '\n' # this was causing a lot of issues
    build_lore += "range " + item['range'] + '\n'
    build_lore += "components " + json.dumps(str(item['components'])) + '\n'
    #build_lore += "material " + item['material'] + '\n' # this was causing a lot of issues
    build_lore += "duration " + item['duration'] + '\n'
    build_lore += "concentration " + item['concentration'] + '\n'
    build_lore += "casting time " + item['casting_time'] + '\n'
    build_lore += "level " + str(item['level']) + '\n'
    build_lore += "School " + item['school']['name']
    converted_item['l'] = build_lore
    converted_item['n'] = 1
    converted_item['v'] = item['level'] * 250 + 100 #guessing here
    converted_item['w'] = 0
    converted_item['i'] = "EnchantedScroll"
    return converted_item
#len(converted) for testing, I am only going to do 3 items
#there is an issue with adding such a long store json in the mobile
#version of the app. But it works in the pc version.
for i in range(len(converted)):
    classes = converted[i]['classes']
    isGood = False
    for i in range(len(classes)):
        isGood = classes[i]['name'] == 'Wizard'
        d = AddItemToStore(converted[i])
        print('.', end='')
        store['store_items'].append(d) #assinging the item into the items list in the main dict
store['count'] = len( store['store_items'] )
print('imported ', store['count'], ' items')
final_string = json.dumps(store)
#print(final_string) #for the final product, this is huge and breaks python idle
f = open("spellListBagPlus5_v1.txt", 'w')