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Tartle Games

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haha. I love the cut scene.

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If you find the game from the feed here, make sure you play it with sound. There is not much content and without the sound you will have no idea that anything even happened. And it is only in English.

There is not really anything to do except walk forward and listen to the narration. If you play without sound it will seem completely pointless :P

My game is posted.


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It is hard to know, but it kind of sounds to me like it might be the setting in your text components for vertical and horizontal overflow. Try setting those to Overflow instead of wrap and see if you get different results in the build. It could also be the anchor points. Make sure your Canvas Text objects have the anchor points set right at the corners of their bounding boxes. And make sure your canvas is set to scale with screensize.

Love the colors and style. The simplicity of the gameplay is great.

thanks :D

My game is heavy on the sound and ambient music to build the atmosphere I am going for. 

Here is what it looks like so far.

It is my first draft of test art, but I want to keep a glitched out look for the final version. I'll be working on that today.

game stuffs: C# / Unity

art stuffs: Pixly

audio & music: ???


My Particle Systems look amazing rendered in the grid space.

And I counted my pixels to make sure I had it EXACTLY at 64 units.

I like the concept.

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I have something that is only starting to take shape.
Below is a glimpse of what's running through my imagination. This is going to be a slightly interactive story,  not a traditional game.

Last night I spent time figuring out how to get Unity to render to the 64x64 grid (not pictured below but I got it working).

thanks for posting this guide and additional links in the comments :)

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Does anybody have suggestions on how to best configure the orthographic camera size in Unity for doing a 128x128 scaled window with the pixels-per unit equal to 64?

this is genius

this looks amazing. How do you do it?!

Love it! The cat's animations are really good. IS there a way to beat the Sand Guardian? I couldn't figure out how to get past it.

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I got it uploaded. Didn't end up having as much time to work on it as I wanted. The point calculations could be drastically improved. IT will have to do for now.

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Finishing this game is turning into a burger panic. I am close. 

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AAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaa Only a few days left! must work!

Played it last night for a while. I haven't gotten very far yet. I think I screwed myself over because I didn't buy potions and I'm in the temple with so low health that there's no way I can survive.

Great work. All it needs is a leaderboard and people will start competing.

Really funny idea and I like that you pulled in the history. The idea of the two player game on the same screen is pretty cool.

This is a great entry. Really creative and I love the art.

great work!

best game tagline I've ever seen on itch.

I will work on making it so you can speed up the dialogue :P

great work!I love the idea of the underwater viewfinder screen. I am failing miserably at catching fish though. I think I don't understand the rhythm of the timing for the arrow keys or something. Maybe it is just too fast.

good work. cool music. Took me a few tries to realize that tapping 'w' would make the line reel in faster.

I learned that I am bad at judging the angles/length for an arc. I guess I am not an angler...

Sorry. Bad bad pun. Great work. The water looks great. I did notice a typo on the end screen "tousch" :P

Ever since I heard that Europa had an ocean under the ice I've thought about a game like this, and you have made it! It's really cool and feels authentically retro. I couldn't figure out how to get the bubbles to hit the enemies? In your comment you said the collisions are turned off, do you mean for the bubbles?

That loud noise and text telling me I needed the rod of blood almost gave me a heart attack :O

Super strange game. Pretty cool though.

I like the music a lot. Did you make it? The art is beautiful too. Everything works together perfectly.

this is some serious scifi fishing! Took me a little bit to figure out the controls and what could shoot and what couldn't. Good work though. This has a lot of complexity to it for a jam game. :)

Where do those fish keep coming from! Great idea. At first I wasn't sure what the cat's arm was, and then I was like, oohhhhh catfisk-- I get it!

I love that wobbly effect. And the animations really are spot on. Good work!

great work! I never would have thought to make a fishing game into a puzzle like this.

woah, looks really cool