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Steven Tu

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Replied to Racso in Orbits comments

Hey guys, yes I did but I must have mistakenly turned it off, turning it on now.

It's not gone, it was just originally only released as a Unity Webplayer version, so... I guess you're running Chrome and can't play it. Try Safari or another browser that can run the old Unity Webplayer to try it :)

I tried to but locally it wouldn't run on Chrome and I have no idea why... :(

Great! Thanks for playing! I wish I could understand what you were saying! >_<

Thanks Jupi! We'll remember to put words in so that you can actually sing to something :) I personally just went "NA NA NA NA NAAAAA" to the Phantom of the Opera remix track :P

Thanks man! Yeah I found myself singing along to the Phantom of the Opera tune the whole time :) It was a challenge to get the audio system working well enough, but a kareoke system would be great! First Person Singstar! :)

Thanks for your feedback! It looks like you got the game to work? I'm not currently planning on adding to the game in its current form, might revamp it in some way in the future, but it depends on a few things! Thanks again!

Hi there! Thanks for the feedback, can you tell me what the problem is? Are you using Xbox controllers?

Unfortunately yes, since it's mainly for a 4 player chaos I didn't have the time to make keyboard controls, and keyboard controls would input-clash anyway :(

Hey Geeky Juegos! Thanks very much for giving my game a shot! :D So glad you enjoyed it! Anything on your wishlist that you might want to add to the game? :)

Requires? Downloading out of curiosity, but if there are ONLY Move controls, well, I expect you won't be getting many plays at all :/