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Risk and reward. Best games of these genre has a way to dig oneself into a hole for a bigger reward. Like previously said, I could leave a bunch of blocks out unpopped, but because popping basically means waiting for the right colour/number to come up, it feels one dimensional and has little to do with skill.

I think the player needs more agency or ability to forecast.

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Interesting and super polished, but the super random nature of what's next kinda makes it feel pretty arbitrary, and the lack of "comboy" mechanics hurts it somewhat. (Yes you can intentionally stack up a bigger chain to pop all at once but that doesn't feel clever, it feels more like you got the right piece before you got choked out more than you feel like you made a smart play).

Kinda wonder if the rules could be iterated a bit more. I think there's potential in changing the needing to choose one of x number of connections sometimes thing, that feels clunky and less interesting.

The game is only for Oculus Quest. It doesn't work on PC.

Thank you so much for all your constantly awesome work Jupi! Much much appreciate it!! 😊👍

Metaphorically Caribbeans :P But yes Thailand :)

Ahoy and avast! Thanks again for everything!

Wow, that was fast! I thought the 4 days for rating was when the deadline was supposed to be.

Thanks for hosting an amazing jam! One day I'll make it it to the Caribbeans to jam with you guys!!!! <3

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Maybe, but the moba genre relies on many different skills and a much bigger overview. This game has no focus on multiple skills and strategic maneuvering. It has one straightforward skill with a very small contact window and a pretty big delay. I really don't want to moba controls with these mechanics.

If you're trying to design a moba-like game, then start with moba-like premise in mind, I think.

And thanks! :)

Well the time limit is because it's a score attack. Get the highest score in the time limit. If you plant too much, you get overwhelmed before the time's over. So it's a balancing act between scoring and not dying. Now whether we got the balance  of the concept right is certainly in question! :)

Interesting concept, great art and presentation, but the gameplay itself needs some work,mostly in the UI department. The "switch view" button is unclear, and it feels annoying to have to switch between the two views. When a new bounty comes up, there should at least be a fraction of time to see who is behind the poster without having to switch. If it must be done, it feels like it's not really a challenge or interesting to do a rote action.

Other than that, there seems to be nothing preventing the game from getting 20 non-hits before hitting the right poster. So that's... Not great.

Other than that, I would love to see a more nuanced identity system!

GORGEOUS. Nice setup, it's a narrative game, it does it well. The lack of decisions/interactivity isn't my cup of tea, but the craft is GREAT <3

Thanks for your input! Sorry that the mouse cursor was implemented in a less than ideal way and we didn't fix it in the time we had :|

Seems like a few people have issues with varying mouse sensitivities :p

Oh man, I thought about Bounty Bars too, or at least I think that's what you're referring to :p

The "character designs" are lovely, and the idea of the thing seems like fun, but I really struggle to get to a point of "feeling" like fun. I think there are some issues that could be addressed:

  • The controls are difficult to internalise - games like this are like beat saber or any quicktime event type of game, that means you want to be able to intuitively do an input. Up/down/left/right are the most common type of intuitive inputs, but I guess it doesn't have to be. Imagine if in your game the 4 operations are bound to those around the central machine and the conveyor belt went around instead of straight, for example. An intuitive parsing is so important with games like this.
  • The variety of actions needed that are all one-button is both a boon and a curse! Maybe if it were ramped up to a full "orchestra" of different actions over levels or something.
  • It would be nice if it were bound to some kind of rhythm. I like the idea of doing factory work to the rhythm of music, that might make it feel good :)

Very atmospheric, GREAT juice on everything, guns, getting hit, etc. Well presented.

I dunno WHAT the deal is with the mouse sensitivity, no way to change it, I couldn't really aim at all. And the need to right click to draw seems... I get it, but it seems like an unknown barrier that could be solved with a left click to draw when you haven't got your gun up or somesuch.

Most of the fights seem impossible, so I guess the point of the game is to find the right fights that add up to the right numbers.

Love it, I wish I could control the thing better to feel like I have a shot at all.

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Thanks! Yeah I totally get you on the late build thing so it was marked as such. But there wasn't that much difference really.

Anyway, thanks for the input! Wish there were time for balancing but really there wasn't haha, and as for the gun firing slowly, I don't really know where that comes from, did you play the web build? I suspect it might be a performance thing. Not sure! There isn't a system for constraining firing rate! :/

Thanks again! :D

An interesting game marred by less than great controls. Great character modeling.

  • The right click to move control scheme feels completely at odds with the gameplay. A usual wad movement would work much better.
  • The UI for what you have to get is textual when the information is coloured. What Nicole said is correct, it needs to be clearer and easily parsible.
  • The design of the game has a problem in that waiting around for the right colour of pirate to come up is pretty terrible when it just doesn't happen due to random chance. And then when you see the one you need come up and they're just walking next door and you know you have probably no chance of getting to them before they disappear... That sucks. The game  should be designed in such a way to create interactions.

Really feel like the base mechanic of running around with a puncher could be pretty fun if built more dynamically.

A nice collection of little games, wario-ware style. Great presentation, simple but cute graphics. Nice music.

  • The first two segments seemed too long for the type of engagement you get out of them.
  • The third game... I couldn't figure out what I was really supposed to do, and ironically this one felt too short because I didn't even get one success.
  • The bits between where you have to use your mouse when the rest of the game is played with keyboard is weird. Should try to let players stay on a single input paradigm.

I've gotta give it to you for a game feasibly made in an hour! Super cute :)

The production value is pretty good, good music, good art. But I have some bugbears about the design:

  • I don't like it that the primary skill it challenges here is memory.
  • I find it difficult to make a meaningful decision - I don't know how big the radius is, I don't know how far I can go from a potential item to still collect it.
  • I think the rotating scene detracts from that understanding even further.

I think this could make an interesting mobile casual game given it's really simple input, if there's a stronger incentive and loop!

Super polished, tight controls and game loop, straighforward and pretty good!

I would prefer a less floaty platform physics, and more of a progression system (seems like there wasn't one, but maybe I didn't pick up on it?). Great artstyle!

Very quake-esque, cool aesthetics, though not quite playable due to usability issues - the mouse pointer should be locked and turned off. I actually LIKED the flipping of the view upside down, but it's more  a bug than a feature :)

The ammo counter is not intuitive - I thought the dial on the gun might be one but it's really unclear.

Cool idea! For clarity, is it tabletop games as in printed, physical copies, or pdfs to be printed out? Are you expecting print-and-play boardgames with components that are cut and assembled, or tabletop rpg type games that are more like manuals?

Hey thanks for letting me know, I *thought* it was tagged, but it wasn't... NO IDEA WHY. Thanks again!

I've had publisher interest and so was asked to take the source offline. Sorry for that.

I've had publisher interest and so was asked to take the source offline. Sorry for that.

I've had publisher interest and so was asked to take the source offline. Sorry for that.

Hey guys, yes I did but I must have mistakenly turned it off, turning it on now.

It's not gone, it was just originally only released as a Unity Webplayer version, so... I guess you're running Chrome and can't play it. Try Safari or another browser that can run the old Unity Webplayer to try it :)

I tried to but locally it wouldn't run on Chrome and I have no idea why... :(

Great! Thanks for playing! I wish I could understand what you were saying! >_<

Thanks Jupi! We'll remember to put words in so that you can actually sing to something :) I personally just went "NA NA NA NA NAAAAA" to the Phantom of the Opera remix track :P

Thanks man! Yeah I found myself singing along to the Phantom of the Opera tune the whole time :) It was a challenge to get the audio system working well enough, but a kareoke system would be great! First Person Singstar! :)

Thanks for your feedback! It looks like you got the game to work? I'm not currently planning on adding to the game in its current form, might revamp it in some way in the future, but it depends on a few things! Thanks again!

Hi there! Thanks for the feedback, can you tell me what the problem is? Are you using Xbox controllers?

Unfortunately yes, since it's mainly for a 4 player chaos I didn't have the time to make keyboard controls, and keyboard controls would input-clash anyway :(

Hey Geeky Juegos! Thanks very much for giving my game a shot! :D So glad you enjoyed it! Anything on your wishlist that you might want to add to the game? :)

Requires? Downloading out of curiosity, but if there are ONLY Move controls, well, I expect you won't be getting many plays at all :/