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Tabletop Selects Bundle Interest Check

A topic by SPNKr created Oct 31, 2019 Views: 2,363 Replies: 17
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UPDATE: The Interest Check is now closed! The response has been great (over 100 folks submitted games!) and I'm blown away by the community's enthusiasm. I'll be going through the responses and reaching out to selected developers in the next few days. 

Howdy Tabletop devs and fans!

I’m Spencer from, and I want your help. 

I’m working on an upcoming bundle (think something similar to the Halloween Bundle) but exclusively made of tabletop games. Because this is the first time we’re doing something like this, I wanted to come to the community for input. 

My goal is to get a survey of who’s interested in taking part in a bundle. If you want to join in, please fill out this Google Form but keep the following in mind:

  • Please respond with YOUR PROJECTS only. Don’t sign someone else’s game up that you think would be a good fit. 
  • Only respond with projects that you have the rights to distribute 
  • This is for tabletop projects only, this means no video games, soundtracks, or other content. Sorry! (Don’t worry, we’ll have another bundle for you soon)
  • There are limited spots available in this bundle, so not everyone who fills out the form will be included. 

We’re looking to run the bundle around the end of November, so we’ll leave the form up for around a week and then start contacting interested developers from there. 

If there are games from other developers you’d love to see in the bundle feel free to send them a link to this post or link their projects in a response below. 

If you have any questions or feedback you can email me directly at Spencer(AT) or respond directly to this post. 


My games are PWYW (I want to make my games accessible to people without much spare cash) - would that be applicable for tne bundle?


That’s a good question. I think for this bundle we’re going to be focusing on paid content offered at a discount. But if you have any alternate suggestions please leave a reply.

Don't really have an idea, I am ok sitting it out :)

Nevetheless - looking forward to the bundle!


May we submit multiple projects?


I would definitely like to contribute, but knowing how many projects we could submit is a big factor for me.


Feel free to submit as many projects as you like!


Is this only complete games, or are supplements also acceptable?


For this first bundle I'd prefer to keep things self-contained so customers won't have to have or buy outside content, but feel free to submit your supplement and I'll check it out.

We would definitely be interested in contributing. We are currently setting up some of our titles here on Itch

We have a game we'd like to include in future similar initiatives, however it won't be released until next year:

So please keep us in mind for that :)

Cool idea! For clarity, is it tabletop games as in printed, physical copies, or pdfs to be printed out? Are you expecting print-and-play boardgames with components that are cut and assembled, or tabletop rpg type games that are more like manuals?


Hey Steven

We're accepting tabletop games in either print-and-play or TTRPG format. So long as you have the rights to distribute the projects, and it doesn't require outside resources (like additional rulesets or proprietary dice) it's fair game.

Thank you for running this! Itchio has been a huge part of the indie RPG explosion this year and it's energizing to see support & promotion from Official Itchio channels!

I didn't realize that the email address I entered for my submission wasn't my Primary email, even though it is still attached to my account. Will this be an issue?


That shouldn't be an issue. As long as the email you gave is somehow associated with the account we can use it to verify that you're associated with the game.

oh! It appears I used the wrong email in my submission. I'll be sure to revise that!


Hey everyone!

The response so far has been awesome, but we've got to cut submissions off sometime.

I'll do one final export of the submissions at the end of business tomorrow (Thursday 11/7 Pacific Time) so please fill out the form if you're interested!

Submitted! Thanks for the opportunity.

Quick question:

I submitted our game a week ago but included an email that wasn't listed as our alternate. I just updated our account's profile to include that email - should I resubmit our game or will that be captured in the final export?