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I do plan on reading all of them, and writing little blurbs on them. At least two other people have been writing blurbs on them as they go. And I know Jared also reads them when can spare time.

Like I read all the entries in Troika Tarot Jam, Troika Background Jam, Goonhack Jam, Sad Mecha Jam.

This is so cool, I'm planning on checking out Macchiato Monsters now.

You might want to upload a .txt file for accessibility.

Bless this game machine.

Love it. Might actually try out a journal game because of this.

Oh dang. Yes.

In things it never occurred to me that would be things. This is sweet.

Hey y'all, I'm hosting a 2 month long game jam to write stuff for or hacks of, S-Jared's What's So Cool About Outer Space? It's a light tabletop rpg that I say is a cross between Tunnel Goons and Traveller. Jared himself says it's inspired by Sword and Backpack. 

So like hacks, splats, whatever are welcome barring egregious hateful shit. I don't even care if you submit a project from a prior jam. New projects are best, but even though I'm the host, I'm not your boss, so if you think some older project fits go for it.

are you gonna give me space rules for being in space with space ships?

Because I need that like I need a nemesis.


this game is a blast to gm.

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It just struck me that the "J" in "J1" is for "Jared."

Alright, so it looks like drivethru is back to pod cards, so i might start putting together a print file for the backgrounds already declared to be ok for inclusion. in the next week or so. If suddenly more folx jump up and say they are also cool AND/OR that collectively folx want some other printing option, we can deal with that later. I'll also make the print file available to everybody who get's included in it.

I was just thinking about how I thought I had hallucinated the possibility of Issue 2.

We need more malarkey like this being done to the ancient texts.


This is so good.

So good I keep thinking it is much longer than it is. It's like concentrated vaporwave.

I've had a physical copy of this for probably 5 years. It is beat to hell, and I don't how it became that way. I only just started playing it, as the GM, and on top of it being the only pbta game I've every played, it's one of my top rpgs.

How can I muster up enough clamoring by the people that will compel you to do more of this?

I was just all, "hrm interesting" then I saw "it was ME all along
 in the dragon mien table, almost spat my drink out and slammed BUY.

Jared. My friend. You have good graphic design. I feel forcibly hurled into a sci-fi future as seen in mid-80s magazine.

Thanks for pointing that out.

I love the way all these concepts from Arthuriana are incorporated. Vices, hubris, deals with the Devil.

Some of that good 90s computer feel. Maybe you need a retromage to do battle with Clipicus Maximus, Dread Helper.

I love the art and the border for the illo is lovely. It's got that inspired by the look of the Numinous Edition without being slavish to it and has its own flavor.


and I like the title font.

So good, I don't know if I need to bother with interplanetary travel rules for the rest of Aetherjack's Almanac.

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Whether you have this Unrecognizable Sports Legend 900 degree kickflip into a parallel world or there is a very important and lucrative EXTREME sport circuit, this is a background worth having a chance at your table.

<<And this background shall mean that skateboarding and possibly the xgames exist in a state of quantum uncertainty in Shardheim.>>

This background means I have to leave space in my setting to the possibility of VERY IMPORTANT chess tournaments, which obviously must exist.

Cosmic Science Fantasy Troika! Backgrounds is an stream of cosmic particles in 6 flavors. There is a lot of compact poetic setting building going on among them.

Extremely and totally Just Regular Troika Backgrounds.  Nothing HORRIFYING or QUESTIONABLE at all. Just a completely normal person and nothing abnormal about that cat...eating pasta...

I was eagerly awaiting these to be go live. They do not disappoint, and I hope that enough folx encourage my friend to keep doing this kind of stuff.

Instead of sad or scary or grim death; consider, happy death.

These are clearly someone kind of science fiction, that I think is mostly based on Star Trek, but with 19th century illustrations, and tbh that feels very Troika!

(although it turns out not all of them are, but I don't know how much I trust Jared)

Almost killed me with how good these are. I particularly love Fitness Instructor, Postal Enthusiast, and Courtroom Warrior.

This feels like someone got banished to the Shadow Realm and then Card Captored out of Hell, and wouldn't you want to have a chance to draw a card that lets you play a someone un-banished ala card captor sakura?

5 new backgrounds. Among them a revolutionary plastic princess and an old man on a drug trip so powerful he clipped into a whole new realm of existence

And wouldn't you want to have the chance to play someone on such a trip they ended up in a totally different reality?

A retiree of plumbing the depth of Hell using their skills to travel the much safer spheres of the Humpbacked Sky. What kind of horrors are in Hell that make traversing the Void safer?

I love the concept. I recommend redoing the text side to be scaled down and adjust the text size up. I have difficulty reading it.