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Consider. There is a Sword World that is a World With A Big Sword in it, and not just a bunch of worlds with space "vikings."

'Axes & Orcs' is premium DLC

More horrifically cyberpunk than most games I've read calling themselves cyberpunk.

More horrifically cyberpunk than most games I've read calling themselves cyberpunk.

A Crappy way to show the Crappiness of crappy suburbia, I assume. I've never lived in suburubia. I imagine probably like this based on television. Hey this is probably perfect as either a suburb for Troika! the city, and/or whatever Troikawave cities there are in Prismot (which might also be suburbs of Troika just more 80s). I guess Crapland is like 90s suburbia. Troikagrunge.

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Every time I look at this, I am both soothed by its chill and calming aesthetic, and enraged at how good it is.

A more streamlined and lighter take on traversing the Humpbacked Sky.

PROBABLY COMPATIBLE with Aetherjack's Almanac.

Brian Yaksha's "The Catlands Jazzband Gazeteer" is a setting book, intended specifically for Troika! but hey, its mostly tables about things and people and happenings. So you can use it for basically anything.

So you see the cover and it's got some cute cat pictures, most of the art is cute. This is gonna be cute and light hearted right? HAHA.

No. Catland not someplace you want to be; it's someplace you want to escape while you still have your human facilities. It feels like home, in as much as a soggy place can feel like my home which is all places to be from, and pass through, but not places to live lest you allow the place to truly work on you and change you to fit it, oh yes the desert may seem lovely but.....

Ahem, where was I....Oh yes.

Or not. You could become cattish, which not as good as being a cat. But probably better than not being any kind of cat.

Honestly, I want to go to Catland. I want to go there and see the cattish and the cats. I want to go there and look into the eyes of the cats so sure and smug of their superiority so that they might feel some inkling of how no matter what their station in the Catlands, they are a cat, a kitty cat.

But to visit the Catlands to become susceptible to the wiles and whims of these cats.

But who knows.

Every time I read this book, I see what may be different parts of Catland, or may be entirely different Catlands.

All of this being written, the book tells you want it's for, in as much as anything can be anything, and especially in as much as a cat be meant for anything. And to me it is very clear that Brian has known a great many cats.

Finally, and as much as this may pain our dear author, it is probably the most Ghibli inspired game thing I've ever read.

I feel like I got mugged by a wizrad, and they shoved a photocopy of their grimoire in my pocket.

It is purple with handwriting but sure


Love the game. I couldn't help but noticing there is no character sheet, so I took it upon myself to make one.

No one reads games.

Reminds me of several of notebooks and is a good use of the "oops coffee in my book" style rings

The Creek is where the Zed spell sends you.

He went home to his mother

(his mother is the creek)

RIP John Plane

Press F to Pay Respects

Fuck I think I need to reread this game.

Whenever I can get around to it, the last of them will be shipped to Spearwitch.

The physical zine has a very pleasing feel. I recommend getting it.

There will be a limited number available at Exalted Funeral sometime this month.

What I could be 100% on what I could compile is live on drive thru cards.

losing my damn mind


d one MILLION?!?!?!?!?!?!

Bless you. Now I don't have to do this myself.

I was wondering if you were considering submitting this to the What's So Cool About Jam?

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I do plan on reading all of them, and writing little blurbs on them. At least two other people have been writing blurbs on them as they go. And I know Jared also reads them when can spare time.

Like I read all the entries in Troika Tarot Jam, Troika Background Jam, Goonhack Jam, Sad Mecha Jam.

This is so cool, I'm planning on checking out Macchiato Monsters now.

You might want to upload a .txt file for accessibility.

Bless this game machine.

Love it. Might actually try out a journal game because of this.

Oh dang. Yes.

In things it never occurred to me that would be things. This is sweet.

Hey y'all, I'm hosting a 2 month long game jam to write stuff for or hacks of, S-Jared's What's So Cool About Outer Space? It's a light tabletop rpg that I say is a cross between Tunnel Goons and Traveller. Jared himself says it's inspired by Sword and Backpack. 

So like hacks, splats, whatever are welcome barring egregious hateful shit. I don't even care if you submit a project from a prior jam. New projects are best, but even though I'm the host, I'm not your boss, so if you think some older project fits go for it.

are you gonna give me space rules for being in space with space ships?

Because I need that like I need a nemesis.

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It just struck me that the "J" in "J1" is for "Jared."

Alright, so it looks like drivethru is back to pod cards, so i might start putting together a print file for the backgrounds already declared to be ok for inclusion. in the next week or so. If suddenly more folx jump up and say they are also cool AND/OR that collectively folx want some other printing option, we can deal with that later. I'll also make the print file available to everybody who get's included in it.

I was just thinking about how I thought I had hallucinated the possibility of Issue 2.

We need more malarkey like this being done to the ancient texts.